Secret asian man

Right then, time for my first GMO. I felt a more Japanese approach would help balance out his more mage-like appearance.

GMO name: Summer clothes

Description: During more casual times when he is allowed to relax after a big mission, Kenji likes to don a more loose fitting garb than his usual skin tight attire. After a little tweaking with his pet, Keito was able to program in a very stylish indigo blue yukata. It carries the same decal of a dragon fighting a tiger, with a white kamon in the shape of a hitodama over his heart. He still retains the bandages over his arms, but the sandals on his feet turn into a pair of iron getas. His weapon of choice is replaced with a long katana strapped across his back, and an old ordnance pistol across his waist. Impossible as it seems, a faint trace of stubble is evident on his chin, Keito tried hard to give him a somewhat masculine appearance, but his programming seemed to defy him at every turn. Go figure.
Everything seems in check. Approved.