It has come to my attention that i've been playing by the old rules for quite some time, and would like to change to the more recent set. Also, i'll take this opportunity to update my profiles and sig attacks(in another topic, yarr).

NetNavi: Bugman.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: N/A

Type: Recovery

Appearance: Chest height compared to your average NormalNavi. His fluctuating green hue describes his mood for all to see. As far as clothes go, he wears darkish blue gloves and boots for his stumpy arms and legs. A permanently cheery face hides his true emotion, betrayed only by his skin. Up top, a green spyglass stands on a strong, plastic-like plating that runs down his back, keeping his six, paper-thin wings from being damaged when not in use. Bugman's symbol is displayed on his back.

Based upon a battlefield HealProg design, Bugman has abilities based upon manipulating and repairing physical data. The spyglass attachment was created to root out bugs and cracks in coding, turning them into useable programs, and also to reach the problem from a distance. He stands up for the progs as a team of hardworking individuals.

Personality: Loyal and light-hearted. Childish acts of making up words and being air-headed is a mask for a ferocious, dark entity. Pain brings to mind the suffering of others, which gets his data boiling. Otherwise, mostly serious. Prefers to be told what to do and have pre-battle tactics for combos.

Hit: Helping

Miss: Being alone

Custom Weapon: Green Greens Cutter- The left and right curved platings can be used as a boomarang-type throwing weapon.