Royal Reaper.GMO

Name: Royal Reaper.GMO

GMO #: 1 (LV.0)

Style and Appearance: Empress's black clothing starts to tare away as the edges become more poitned and triangulated. The longer skirt touches the ground and drags in a spooky fashion as he walks across the area not even showing her feet. Yellow stripes run down the four sides of her intermediate directions. Her hair becoming a dakrer violet color that is mostly a faded mysterious color. Her back being cloaked with a purple shroud cape while nestled between that and her dress's back is a Scythe that isn't too long of a handle or two large of a blade. It's mostly for decor up until she uses a battlechip that uses sword type attacks.

Her head is growned with a golden hat that was like her maid cap, but has a dragon design imbedded into it. The dress barely touches her figure making it difficult to notice leg and body movement behind her dress and herself almost seems as if she's floating as the dress's triangulated edges seem to sway and not bounce when she walks and approaches.
Fair enough. I take it when you get a sword chip, you'll start using the scythe for it? Either way, this seems fine. Approved.