Hi ho Silver! Away!

Name: RuneSteed (Official Designation/Tentative name until I come up with something better)

Sex: Male

Appearance: A large, pure black stallion that resembles a Percheron, the RuneSteed is of the finest of Medieval war horses. Zan designed barding, armor, specifically for RuneSteed, even going to so far as to engrave it with various runes for added protection. The barding is a near complete set; including the champron, criniere, croupiere, flanchard and peytral, though excluding the caparisons which would impede RneSteed's movements in battle. The barding is crafted from a dark blue metal and engraved with several runes that match those that adorn Runeknight's own armor. The various pieces protect RuneSteed's head, neck, chest, hind and flank while still allowing a wide range of motion and flexability. RuneSteed has a saddle of black leather embroidered with a series of silvery runes around the edges and along the reins. For the most part, RuneSteed resembles a normal, though magnificent, stallion. However, in battle, gouts of cobalt flame spring up from the area around his hooves, adding a further level of intimidation to any creature standing in his path.

Personality: RuneSteed is loyal to a fault, design to protect and aid Runeknight in battle. He is quite intelligent, able to understand any of Runeknight's commands and can identify the various dangers on a battlefield. He is very protective of his master, using his body as a shield to prevent harm from coming to Runeknight. In battle, he can be fierce, striking out with his fiery hooves or trampling a lone virus that stands in his way.

Element: Null

Subtype: Break