Alright, this won't be used for a while, but I figure I'd get it approved.

Corrupted.GMO ~ A series of corrupted data strains lodged in the programming of a BattleChip have spread and corrupted Runeknight's core programming. Runeknight's body becomes twisted and deformed in response to the corruption while his mind decays into that of a madman. His left arm, that which houses the BattleChip, elongates and increases in mass and muscle. The jet black armor splinters and shatters to reveal a mammoth arm of deformed blackened muscle and long, serrated juts of ivory bone that form talons where there were once fingers. To support the oversized arm, Runeknight stands hunched over, the clawed appendage hanging inches from the ground. His armor seems dull, lifeless, and tarnished as bolts of crimson energy dance all along his frame. His visor is cracked and shattered at places, revealing one of his eyes and part of his mouth. The eye is open wide is a crazed stare while a series of fangs sprout from the slightly open mouth. His cape, once long and magestic, is torn and tattered with scorch marks adorning it in several areas. In this form, Runeknight uses no weapons, instead relying on his claws to rend his opponents limb from limb. He becomes consumed by a strange bloodlust that drives him to kill anything in sight.

((Yes, I know that GMOs do not affect personality, but this is for subplot advancement.))
Do recall that the "corrupted BattleChip data" is absolutely and totally fluff.