SP: Freija

Name: Freija
Sex: Female
Appearance: Freija is 6'3" with long straight and golden blonde hair. Her eyes are deep green and her face is soft set and sweet looking. She is buxom, with a 38CC chest and a firm behind. She wears a grass green Tunic that covers her down to about half her thigh with a dark brown belt wrapped around her waist. Her Boots are armored, emerald green with Yellow Topaz set in the plates on them. She has no armor on her arms from the shoulders down, and wields twin swords of her own design. In her hair are small plumes of berries, leaves and snowdrops.

Personality: She is very kind, loving and sweet, but also a horrible flirt. She does not actually lust after each person she flirts with, but gets a kick out of playing around with her looks effects on people. She can always appreciate an attractive person, and has a very intrusive way of letting them know. She can make friends easily, and is very caring about them. In battle, she fights much like Gungnir, trying to maintain a level head and a stern way about her. She has disciplines, but knows how to have fun as well.

Weapons: Twin Swords

Element: Wood

Subtype: Sword