Red Support Unit

Name: Myun

Description: Myun takes the appearance of a rabbit about half the size of Red_Riding_Hood.exe, and is always standing upright on her giant feet. Her coat of fur is an orangish-red and her eyes are cute black dots. Unlike normal rabbits, he ears have fist at the end of them and are equipped with red boxing gloves. Myun's front paws are also adorned with the same red boxing gloves found on her ears. On her behind is a short red tail used for balance. She has the ability to communicate freely with Red and her operator, Shin. Myun's personality is very gung-ho and is always ready for a battle, she usually says cheesy lines like, "I will punch you with my fist full of my burning soul!"

HP: 40

ATK: 10

Subtype: Break

Of course, the first pets are un-epic things like this...

*Cries in a corner*