Seraphim S.U.

Name: (Currently Un-named.)

Seraphim's Support Unit takes the form of his clothing, armor and weapons. It produces his weapons, which are enhanced into new forms. The following will be a description of the form it actually takes. Seraphim has an oversized black collar which extends out and flops around quite a bit. Its outside is outlined with runic symbols, which pulse every time the support program makes an action. From there on out, he doesn't have real shoulder-pads, but the shoulders of the suit are hard and creased at the edges, lending a form of bracing to the navi's movement. The sleeves of the suit stop right after the elbow, but the tops has what looks to be a rectangular piece of it taken out near the shoulder, while the bottom has a similar piece taken out, displaying Seraphim's skin. The rims of the sleeves are also outlined in runic symbols. The chest seperates about halfway down into a white half-cloak which falls down to two sides, with an undershirt beneath that which falls similarly, but covers Seraphim's abdomen more effectively. Both are lined with faintly glowing runic symbols. Slightly oversized black leather gauntlets cover the hands up to the elbows and slightly beyond them, with a metal plate covering the top of his hand and segmented metal finger guards. Around the waist is two belts, loose enough to indicate that they're there for decoration rather than to hold the incredibly baggy pants which gather at the top and partially cover the boots. The black boots are slightly segmented, differing in design at joint marks by allowing for more easy joint movement. They also have slight metal protection to protect the shins and the top of his feet. The boot soles are made of rubber and metal, both for effectiveness and for melodramatic skidding with sparks.

Instead of attacking, the support unit allows Seraphim to "attack faster", allowing it to strike for its share of the damage once in a while, in order to land hits upon an enemy. The Blocks of the support unit can consist of the armor taking the hit for him in the stead of his data, or simply blocking with a weapon. Seraphim is not currently aware of the existence of his support program, and simply refers to his armor as leveled upgrade that he's received from his battles. The core of the support program is curently assimilating itself with Seraphim's base core data. If his armor is dismissed, per-say, the runes merely stop glowing at all until it is resummoned. If Seraphim takes on another appearance, say a cross, His S.U. models to that graphics change, changing itself to fit the occasion.

Hit Points: 40

Attack: 10

Sub-Type: Wind


*Runs from Shur who's chasing him for stealing his meme*