BIG update

Alright, Shigeru and Voltman haven't changed much since I first made them. Still the little-description, basic personality op and navi.


Name: Shigeru Yamada
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing at 5'11" tall and weighing 130 pounds, Shigeru is quite slim. His clothing usually consists of a pair of jeans, a t-shirt that reads "Netbattles or (Virus) Bust", and a black sweatshirt emblazoned with the image of a lightning bolt in the center of the chest. His hair is deep brown, almost black, and is fairly short on all sides, except for the back of his hair which reaches down almost to his neck. He has extremely poor eyesight, and wears his eyeglasses at all times except to clean them or to sleep. A small grin can almost always be found on his face, his brown eyes matching the energy given away by his ever-pleasant expression.
Personality: Shigeru is always one to make light of the situation, whether it be in casual conversation or in a netbattle. His bright, cheery personality is usually infectious to everyone he comes in contact with, leaving a trail of good mood wherever he has been. A battle changes his outlook very little, usually leaving the tactical details to Voltman, occassionally offering a small insight of strategy or enemy strength. He is almost as much of a big brother to Watt as Voltman is, taking care of him and giving encouragement and guidance where needed. The one thing he cannot stand, however, is those who take advantage of others, and he always steps in to help those being manipulated.
PET Modifications: Built to withstand electric shocks better than other PETs due to Voltman's obsession with electric pulses, and colored black. This PET also has a holoscreen feature, granting Shigeru advanced and specific controls over his PET. (See details here)

Name: Voltman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Sword
Description: A small navi, Voltman is the approximate size of a chibi. His head's big, his arms/legs/torso are small, and his eyes are way too big for his head. His armor is yellow and black, and although it resembles that of a normalnavi it feels like cloth to the touch. He has a visor that can come down from his helmet, allowing him to view the enemies even in obscured view. He can make small spears, and can charge them with electricity. His endurance is that of a child, and he can consume nearly endless amounts of food, so long as he sleeps afterwards. He is also capable of performing cartoonish feats, such as running on water and his stomach expanding when he has had a lot of food.

Personality: Voltman, while having the physical appearance of a child, is not merely a child. While it is true that he has a child's mind, loving to play, eat, and question life in general, his mind also houses that of an adult Voltman. His adult mind his highly tactical, analyzing situations as soon as battles begins, and calculating the best strategy to achieve victory. However, it is difficult for either mind to take control when not in their form. To simplify, Voltman only comes out in times of stress or when he's in Adult.GMO, and Watt only comes out when not under the effects of Adult.GMO or in times of irresistible hunger.

Custom Weapon: A spear, roughly 6' long, made of a durable metal and tipped with a steel head.

Appearance: Altered from the design of a low-customization normalnavi, Voltman's innate electric programming has caused those areas that were previously green to turn yellow, those that were yellow to become black. Wearing his emblem proudly on his chest, Voltman also has the ability to conjure seemingly unlimited amounts of spears, throwing them or altering them to use as weapons. He stands at 5'6" in height, and is not the bulkiest navi, but what he lacks in physical strength he more than makes up for with his control over electricity.
Hallo? Any mod can approve this, yarr?

That giant spear is totally going to squash Chibi-Volt flat.

Er... thanks for reminding me of that, EN. Quick add:

Custom Weapon: A spear, roughly 6' long normally, made of a durable metal and tipped with a steel head. Due to the fact that Voltman shifts sizes almost constantly, the spear can also be enlargened or shrunk at will.
Awright at that, too.