Changes to Bard.exe

Bard.exe was orginially a Normal/nothing type. I would like to add recover to her, and since none of the elements make since for her to have she is staying normal.

I would also like to add another musical instrument to her. This is a showy profile change that adds nothing to any attacks or anything, but the instrument must be summoned and later will be used for higher power sig attacks. Instrument is a dark colored harp.

Also, I see an error in the wording of her familiar. I would like to slightly change this to reflect how Bard's personilaty and style is.

Here is the profile for the familiar.

Crow Familiar: Whenever bard uses a chip, the data in displayed to her as notes and words for her to sing and play. The notes and words form the spell data, which is sent to her Crow Familiar. The crow familiar is simply the focus point for her chip data, and counts as one of her hands. The crow familiar can't deal damage, other than the chip, can't be hit, can't move on its own, can't even pick up zenny data.

The last line is where I would like to change it to, the crow can move on its on and may pick up zenny and chips for Bard. bard doesn't like to move much and thus wouldn't want to get up for the chips. The crow simply sends the data to the PET, just as bard once. The familiar cannont steal chips, zenny, or anything of the sort.

Also, I would like to change the Familiar to a Raven instead of a crow.

Lastly, I would like to add a new line to Bard's Profile and it is about how she walks normally.

Bard and Walking: Bard is very lazy and most of the time would rather sit down and play her instruments instead of get up and walk, plus she would have a lot to carry is she did walk. So whenever Bard is moving at a walking pace to explore the netways, she instead glides on a small summoned hovering disk. The disk places her on the ground durning a battle and while she is on the disk cannont use any offensive spells.

-Recover type added.
-Dark Harp instrument, must be summoned. Simply appearance. Summoning counts as a free action.
- Familiar May pick up data for bard to send to the PET to reflect her lazy and laided back nature.
-Familiar changed from Crow to Raven.
-Bard hovers on disk to walk.
This is all just fine. Make it so.