I've noticed that having Cheshire's left arm totally limp breaks my RPing stride to some extent, so I'm looking to have that changed. Since I haven't made any allusion to the fact that her arm doesn't work (as opposed to her just not using it,) it should pass without much of a plothole.

Changes are bold. Friends are gold. Cheese grows mold when it gets old.

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Cheshire, at first glance, is exceedingly odd, even with the variety of navi seen nowadays. This impression continues at the second glance, the third, and everything else proceeding in that fashion until one grows used to her, which is difficult to do. The first thing one notices is the emblem on her chest; though unconstrained by the metallic ring-pedestal that the conventional navi's emblem is mounted upon, one can only guess that it truly does represent her. However, it is an odd representation, and an abstract one; A red crescent become a stylized arch, with three spines protruding from the top of the arch at clockwise angles to the arch itself. The odd symbol is emblazoned upon a loose black shirt with the sleeves missing. Certain parts of this shirt seem haphazardly sewn together, with thick white thread, no less! Her pants are a little more suiting of a navi, tight and seamless, in the same black aside from a single white band circling the right thigh. A thick industrial chain, possibly of silver or steel, winds around her waist, falling loosely in the back somewhat like a tail. In fact, if one is observant, one notices that the chain can even move like a tail, mimicking Cheshire's mood. Her pants abruptly halt at the knee, revealing bare legs and feet -- another oddity for a navi. Her arms bear many bracelets, nearly covering half her forearm. Her left arm bears a strange marking: a red zigzag pattern down its length, impaled with a constant red line. She tends not to use this arm, except for less strenuous applications and to back up the actions of the right arm. A large watch on a black leather band rests around her neck, with the clock face positioned on the back of her neck. It seems to keep impeccable time. Jaw-length silver hair nestles a pair of black-furred ears, like those of a cat or a wolf.