So I’ve recently gotten back into writing. I’m not 100% sure where I want to take this writing, but I have a few different paths in my head, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna push myself to give one a try. I’m posting here, in hopes that y’all will read this first or second chapter, and just give me your thoughts, and opinions on it. How’s the quality, does it entertain you? Am I not descriptive enough, etc.... Thanks in advance for anybody who takes the time to read it!

Chapter 1, or 2, haven’t quite decided yet.
Edit: I apologize, I have proofread multiple times, but it seems I still haven’t flushed out all the mistakes, I’ve never been the best proofreader, so bare with the mistakes please, they will be removed upon any final release that happens.

Akira stepped from the grassy pass, and walked into the bustling city or Shi-gan. It was the biggest city she had ever seen. Bricks stretched on front of her laying streets that symmetrically divided the tall, towering buildings. Either places of residency, or business, She did not know.

She took a deep breath, a moment to gather herself, as she attempted to grasp everything around her. However the more she scanned the streets around, the more amazed she became. This was the nations capital, as such a deep accent of orange could be seen all over, artistically placed, it’s brightness seemed to breath extra life into Shi-Gan. The sun was out, yet lights on every corner assured there wasn’t much shadow lingering.

Down the pathway directly in front of her she seen what looked to be a carriage. Something familiar, as horse driven carriages made their way through her village from time to time, yet there was no horse attached to this particular cart. A man, who seemed to be a samurai clothed in orange casual wear, a katana rested on his side. She took notice of his hair, it was as silver as hers, dropping into a long ponytail.

He opened the door for a beautiful, long black haired Asain women, dressed in an orange Chinese dress. She carried what looked like some kind of staff like weapon with her. A spear? Halberd maybe? It’s true nature was hidden by a large white cloth.

Wind breezed quickly by Akira, as she realized she was staring at the two. The man must have realized, because he locked his gaze with hers. A feeling of unease poured poured over soured her thoughts, yet she could not look away. It was something about the two that had her intrigued, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Akira could faintly catch, “Babe, come on, what are you waiting on. We’re gonna be late.” The woman’s voice floated out the carriage.

“It’s nothing, you’re right.” He responded, turned, and stepped into the vehicle. To Akira’s amazement, as soon as the door was closed, the carriage lifted off the ground, on its on, and floated forward down the street.

“That’s so cool!” Akira’s voice rang out with excitement. She dashed off in the same direction. Doing her best to take in the city as she ran. She ran fast, weaving her way around all passerby, keeping her distance from the carriage, but making sure not to lose sight of its.

It wasn’t very long till the carriage floated up to a more open area of the city. Buildings were smaller, and had more or a historical appearance. The brick turned to dirty. The vehicle stopped. Just outside an inn. A big sign stood outside.

Beat our champion, and receive a week of free nights, food included as a prize.

Just outside the inn, there was a make shit arena drawn in the dirt. A circle, surrounded by a small mob of onlookers. A man stood in the center of the circle. Short spiky, icy blue hair, tan skin. He was shirtless, charcoal fleece sweats covered his legs. He held a wooden katana in his left hand. Another man was laying on the ground grasping at an injury to his shoulder.

“Who’s next. That’s five in a row today. Bringing young Hiruta’s record to twenty-nine wins, and zero loses. He’s been our champions he last four weeks. Nobody has touched him yet. Do we have any more challengers in the crowd today!” A loud excited voice rang about all around the inn, and arena.

Akira located the origin of the voice, it was a man, but he was speaking into a small black box that seemed to project his voice all around. Yet another object that grabbed at her intrigue.

“Come on now, there’s gotta be somebody!” The voice spread once again. The doors of the carriage opened, the two warriors from earlier stepped out, and headed into the crowd. Akira thought they were going to compete, however, the people split, and made a path, allowing them to take front row viewing of the competition.

“Anybody, anybody at all want to give it a chance. Our chefs are cooking up a rare fire quail for tonight’s feast.” The announcer spoke once more.

Akira’s stomach gave a loud growl. She hadn’t had a bite to eat since she roasted the imp she caught in the pass two nights ago. Her clothes were dirty, her stockings had rips in them. Without anymore hesitation she walked to the announcer’s desk saying, “I want to challenge him.”

“Look at that folks, we have ourselves a new challenger. A rather dirty one it would seem.” He spoke into the box, giving her a dirty look as he did so. “Very well, leave your sword here, go grab a wooden replica from the pile over there, and head to the circle.” He pointed to the other side of the desk.

She ignored the insult, and did as she was told. She handed him her katana, and walked over to the pile of wooden weapons. Akira was surprised to see all an assortment of weapons. She rustled through then and found one shaped like a katana, then stepped into the circle.

“Looks like she’s ready. We know Hiruta stays ready. So let’s begin with a breakdown of the rules. This is a friendly competition. No killing allowed, if you have mastery over magic or an elemental ability we ask that you refrain from using it. You lose if you admit defeat, or are knocked out of the drawn circle. Now let’s begin!”

Akira stood on her side of the sand drawn circle. The crowd was small, yet noisy, excited to see the fight. She calmed her breathing first, then her mind, easily drowning out the surrounding sounds. This allowed her to focus her vision, and see the aura of every surrounding person. Everyone watching had an aura no different then that of a regular human.

The announcer had stated that her opponent has been the winning warrior five weeks in a row now, though his aura was brighter and expanded more so then the viewers but, even he didn’t seem like anything special to her. No more time wasted, the match had started, Hirtua dashed forward. His speed might have caught an amateur slipping, but not her. His movements were clear as day, he pulled the wooden sword from his belt, lifted it above his head, and brought it down swiftly.

Akira stepped aside, easily avoiding the slash. He stepped towards her again, this time swinging the wooden blade horizontally towards her, but again she avoided it with ease by ducking this time.

Frustration showed on his face, as it tinted red with a splash of anger. “Fight me, stop running scared.” He grunted, lifting the sword high again, and preparing another overhead attack.

“Fight you? This can hardly be called a contest.” She finally pulled her substitute weapon from her belt, placed her left hand on the blunt side and pushed the curved edge purposely into her opponent’s attack. Effortlessly she returned his power three fold by parrying his sword strike, sending his arms flying above his head.

It was at that moment, he knew he fucked up. Without even a moments chance to regain his own momentum, Akira made her move. Faster then most could see, she brought the wooden weapon down to her side, twisted her body, horizontally running the weapon into the mans left rib cage. She could hear the bones crack just before his body was sent flying outside the circle, with a loud thud he hit the ground, and rolled a few feet further.

“WOWWWW!” The announcer blurted out. “Looks like she challenger isn’t as dirty as I thought!” He backtracked, “looks like we have ourselves a new champion. Is there anybody who wishes to make an attempt before we finish up for the day!.”

The samurai from earlier stood, and clapped. The lady at his side tugged the sleeve of his top, and said, “Babe, must you do this?.”

“That’s our student, we must save face.” He pulled away gently, and began to clap. “I will challenge her. Bravo miss, looks like you’re quite the swordswomen

“Oh looks like we have a special treat today. Kentaro, the Cirocu Samurai is once again blessing us with a performance.” The announcer did his thing, and the crowd went crazy with cheers, and claps of their own.

Akira’s new opponent stepped into the circle and claimed his side. “Hirtua, throw me your weapon please.” Upon catching the wooden sword he gave it a few test swings. They were fast, faster then Akira’s strike from earlier.

Similar to their stare down from earlier, she could feel the wind picking up. Her unease returned, because now she realized, it wasn’t just wind... it was the pressure of a massive aura being repressed. She could see it clearly now. The small subtle expansion his aura did, stretching and pushing outwards in various places, much like water trying to break through a rubbery prison.

Kentaro released his repression, and wind blasted in all directions, silencing the crowd. They had seen it before, but it had been such a long time. They couldn’t see the aura, but they could feel it, and the pressure that came with it.

Akira took a step back, as if she was swayed by the Kentaro’s aura, yet he spoke, “Do not fear, challenge me, fight me with the same strength you used to crush my pupils’s ribs.” He tossed his real katana over to the lady he had arrived with, and replaced it with the wooden one. He took a stance, holding the weapon’s hilt in one hand, ready for a counter attack. “You make the first move.”

No more hesitation, he wanted redemption for his student, she wanted the prize. She dashed to the left, lifted the sword like she was gonna strike. That was a fake out, Akira stepped to the right and completed the slash this time.

Kentaro seen through her deception. Pulled the wooden katana up from his belt just enough to block the slash. He rotated smoothly around her, drew the sword completely, lifted it high, and brought it down before she could even blink.

The attack was fast, but seeable got her. She knew there was nothing she could do. It was aimed right at the top of her skull, a knockout blow with the wooden weapon, a death blow had they been fighting for real. To her amazement he stopped the attack just above her head. She collapsed, her forehead doused in sweat. “Why... why show mercy?”

“Well that’s it folks! Kentaro takes the match in quick fashion. With that we are wrapping up today!” The announcer blurted out, and the crowd began to disperse and continue on with their daily activities.

“Do not be mistaken. I’m merely teaching you that a master knows restraint. The prize is mine, and in turn will be returned to my pupil over there.” Kentaro pointed at Hirtua.

Akira’s stomach let out a ferocious growl, as if the loss of the prize made her even hungrier. This caused Kentaro to look down at her. He smiled with amusement. “Hmmm, however, seeing as my student lost fair and square, I might consider giving the prize back to you.”

“KENTARO, What do you mean back to her!?”The woman from earlier stood in opposition.

“Relax Manami. What’s your name girl?”

“It’s Akira...”

“Well Akira, you’re talented, I’ll give you that. I’m in need of someone to go on a quest for me. Upon completion of the quest I’ll give a prize of equal value to the one you just lost.” Kentaro extended his hand and offered to help Akira back to her feet. She allowed it “The quest is not an easy one, I require the assistance of a powerful mage. She lives in the swamp just outside the pass. She dosen’t n’t play nice when it comes to unexpected guest.”

“She will die...” Manami said calmly, making her way to the center of the circle. “Is a week’s worth of a bed and food worth your life.”

“You know nothing of me. I came here to find a purpose for my blade, if this quest is the beginning of that purpose.... so be it.” She shrugged, “If this was a real battle, I’d be dead anyways”

“A purpose huh?” Kentaro questioned, then turned to the announcer, “Her sword please.”
He obliged and tossed it to the winner. The sheath was olive with gold, and cream accents. The handle was also mostly cream colored, with golden trim. He unsheathed the blade just enough to examine it. “This sword... has taken many lives. We’re you the one who wielded it?”

“I have killed, but barley, and only when necessary. It has been passed down in my teacher’s family for generations... how can you tell but just looking at it?” Akira responded.

“Much like living things, weapons develop their own aura over time, your eyes haven’t reached their potential if you can’t see it. Go get this mage for me, if you return I’ll see to it that I pick your training up, where your last master failed you.”

Manami Had a sour look on her face as she starred at Kentaro. “Really... another student. A girl at that.”

“You said she was gonna die right? Put it to the test then. Akira, go get me that mage.” He handed her the sword, and pointed back towards the pass. “You have till this time tomorrow.”

“I will return, no matter what.” Akira didn’t really understand why she took him up on the quest. She didn’t owe him a thing, but something about the two drew her in. Was it Kentaro’s strength? She didn’t really know, but she would do her best to complete the task given to her. With that said, slide the katana through her belt, turned, and headed back towards the pass.