This .GMO was made in honor of Advancing the storyline, so it has to be related to Requiem's new theme.

Name: BlackRose.GMO
Description: Red's hair becomes black, and her hairband adorning her hair turns from Red to Dark Blue. Her blue eyes turn forest green. The navi takes a black bandanna and wraps it around her head, covering the top part of her face, above her nose, and has two eyeholes so she can see.
Her red caped hoodie has dissappeared entirely and tied to her shoulders is a flowing black cape. On her arms are black sleeves that go to her elbows and her main body is on a black one-piece swimsuit with the Requiem symbol on her chest, a gravestone with a music note on it. Her pants are black shorts, and she wears black sneakers.
Custom Buster: Red pulls out a Black Colored Rose and fires rose petals from it.
Charge shot: Red throws her black rose at the enemy, stem first, and it explodes on contact.
Works as far as I can tell. Approved.

From the title I was worried you were... er... forget it. Don't worry about it. XD
You thought I was going to make Red wear the dot hack BlackRose clothes right?
Ewwwwww.... I don't want her to become a Ganguro DX. Even IF it's a sexy ganguro.
Thanks anyway.