The Apartment

Finally returning from their busting run, finally coming back to her apartment. Stephine pushed the door open and began to slowly push aside take-out containers, push away candy and junk food wrappers and containers, she was one bad accident away from having to quarantine her apartment with how much junk and garbage was on the floor. Sparsely decorated, bed and computer rig in the corner nearest to her door, posters of net battle tournaments from years past and albums of bands that she bought into over the years, with the rest of her living space kind of...fragmented, a bathroom in similar disarray from negligence and sloth.

Moving over to her PC and turning it on, she looked down at her PET, the PUs fully integrated in Jazz's programming and the updates to his signature attacks slowly going through.

You sure you've rested enough? Stephine asked simply as she began to start her PC up. I'm sure she'd understand- She continued before being interrupted. Ah'll be fine. I can barely feel the cold anymore. Not to mention I'll be with Prose if things get hairy...something tells me she's a lot stronger than she lets on, but I'm not gonna push nothin. Jazz replied, curling his toes and fingers for the time being, a briskness of cold going up his spine briefly before he shook it away. With a sigh, Stephine shook her head as her PC came to a password screen, quickly typing it in and getting to her front page.

Alright...but I'll be watching every step you take this time. Plus I have a feeling you might see some rogue-net tier viruses. The updates to your signatures should be done before you get into a fight at least, so there's that. I made the changes you wanted and requested, a bit unorthodox, but I'm not the one risking my life out there. getting eaten by human centipede monsters this time, alright. She spoke, with a twinge of playful prodding at Jazz's luck. No promises. Alright, off to...NAXA?! Ugh, I can feel myself getting motion sickness already. Jazz commented before jacking in. Damn rabbit...need to get some bookmarks and sneakruns if the funds present themselves next time I'm at Soryu's...shame the previous owner had to "retire" though...
Letting out a sigh as she returned home, Stephine slowly sunk in her PC chair as she began to sort through the chips she had, slowly but surely beginning to build a folder for Jazz in the interim. The hare, meanwhile, had finished his preparations on his end. After having binge watched a ton of videos he could find on people being dumb enough to fight the Cybeast head on, without any real preperation, a single video showed where no matter what, Riccio could not touch the navi in long as they had a shadow up...but even then, the fight ended in failure on their part due to not being able to keep it up for long...

You sure you want to do this, Jazz? There's no way what you saw was a proper show of power from Riccio, for all we know, the beast has ways to tear away shadow, last I checked, you wind up with nearsightedness with it up, some of those long range attacks don't exactly make their mark when you're trying to see through an inky black shadow. Stephine spoke, simply and to the point for Jazz, the hare making a grunt as he looked up at her. The beast tried a lot of stuff from what I saw...still, it's stupid for navis and operators to do a "Cybeast Challenge" if they are less than prepared...I think I am...I modified my signatures to work together and if my plans are right...I -should- be taking more damage from my own signatures than from the beast itself.I'm sorry, did you say you "SHOULD" be taking more damage from your own signatures than the beast!?Alright, time to head back to Naxa. Worst case scenario, I get EJOed and come back a little worse for wear. I need power, felling a Cybeast should get me that boost I need. So long as the Emergency Jack Out works, I should be fine.You realize if you die, Prose is gonna fucking have my head, right?I'm too stupid to die.OH REALLY!?YES I AM!

The two argued for a while, before Jazz finally jacked into the nets, he was not about to be denied a chance at actually defeating one of the annoyances of the net, ones that needed to be taken down a peg or two.