Hallowe'en 2020 Event!

It's a special time of the year when many perfectly self-respecting people devise strange costumes and brave the health-risks of far, far too much sugar.

Since not all navigators can get in on that part of it, and because it doesn't do to leave a business opportunity hanging, it's also an occasion when a certain chip shop owner invites everyone to come trick-or-treating for chips, handing in their cast-offs in the hopes of getting something shinier.

This year's event is being run in conjunction with a number of charity groups hoping to gain visibility – each chip exchanged will see a matched donation sent to support participating worthy causes (one entry per registered navigator/operator pair)! Just step up to the door, ring the bell and have your spookiest face ready!

Chips and Candy!


((Normal chip trade rules apply: one trade per pair, shelved pairs allowed. Chips will never drop a grade, but may improve.))
((Entries for this even have now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated, and enjoy your new chips!))