This form mimics that of the classical Western dragon; four legs, two wings, a long, reptilian tail, and a head atop a long, curved neck. From the ground to the top of the head, it's only slightly taller than Basilisk; however, it's rather long due to the neck and tail. The pelt consists of varying shades of forest green. The wings grow from just below the shoulder blades, and are bat-like, with a khaki colored membrane. The legs are like those of a cat, although instead of paws, the hind legs have four clawed feet, and the front legs have five clawed 'hands', capable of rough manipulation. A long line of frills runs along the spine, starting from the center of the forehead and shrinking away as they reach the base of the tail, and also have khaki membranes. About halfway along the tail, a mass of purple fur comes to be, growing longest at the tip and shortest towards the start of it. The head has a rather canine look to it, with a rounded snout and distinct forehead, as well as a mouth full of sharp teeth. Two rabbit-like ears emerge from the sides where human ears would emerge(if it were a human head). The eyes are purple and have nothing special about them.
Basilisk's Navi symbol has remained intact, resting on the center of the 'chest' where it is easily visible, and retains her shoulder armor. This is to help distinguish her from viruses, since dragon-like viruses do exist.

Attacks in this form are adapted for a more draconic feel; shooting attacks are shot from the mouth, and enveloped with a blue fire visual effect. Physical attacks are executed using the four limbs and tail. The wings, while certainly looking impressive, have no significant flight value(They wouldn't generate enough lift), but retain the same purpose of storing and utilizing energy that Basilisk's original wings have.