Name: Kemix.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Shield (Sturdy Defense (Undershirt on Undamaged Casings and Barriers, barring elemental weaknesses and defense breakers)/Overcoat (Add Level+10 HP to barriers and casings once per turn)

Appearance: Having gone through revision after revision, year after year, the navi has seen every possible idea before his operator would finally settle on something, leaving him finally able to settle into a design that best represented him. Kemix himself stands at 7'9, with a weight to match his bulk, roughly putting him to 300 pounds, give or take, not including the armor that encases his mamoth body. His body underneath his armor is clad in a black one-piece navisuit that reaches all across his upper and lower body as well as his shoulders, his arms and hands like giant hammers in how much muscle and sinew they contain, his legs much the same to carry his massive body and weight around. His skin a dark-brown from head to toe, eyes a piercing yellow color and his hair a light-greyish color and braided behind his head down to his neck.

He typically wears a large grey helmet and visor combo with matching armor that plates itself across his muscular and heavy body, a chain skirt going down to his knees to cover his legs and a pair of knee high plated boots to cover his feet. On the outsides of his armor, a pair of large gourds can be seen attached to either side of his body holding water to create attacks or defenses with, a spear holster crossed along his back and multiple small points where technology can be seen imbedded into his armor, allowing Kemix to create hard-light energy constructs, functional weapons and armor with it. On his chest is an empty cravase the size and shape of a navi emblem, he seemed to have taken it out over the years. Where his emblem is at is unknown, but he can seemingly function perfectly without it.

Personality: The navi has had a long, sordid history, having been pawned off on multiple people for the last several years until finally ending up with his current netop. As such, he is typically closed off and quiet around most folks, little to say out loud and mostly communicates with grunts and nods if not through a text on his then current PET. He isn't unable to form any sort of relationship with someone, but when he does speak it is typically very straight forward and typically with no regard to the feelings of another. It is clear he is suppressing or deleting any feelings he has, if not for his own benefit, then for Ava's so she doesn't decide to scrap him later on, have to be a good little soldier for the big boss lady.

Custom Weapon: Hard-Light Spear and Energy Shield
Signature Attacks (120 points total due to rebirth)

Gourd Drink: Grabbing one of the gourds on his waist, Kemix takes a quick chug from it, his body absorbing the water to use in his next attack. (1 Aqua Imbue, 1TCD) (20SP)

Energy Shield: Using the generators on his armor, Kemix creates a fragile shield to block an attack with. (1-hit Shield, 1TCD) (20 SP)

Energy Barrier: Creating a hardlight barrier around him or another, he can protect against attacks to absorb ire. (20 HP Barrier, 1TCD) (20 SP)

Energy Case: Using the hard-light generators attached along his armor, Kemix can create a casing along his (or another's) body to absorb punishment, redirecting the ire of enemy attacks. (20 HP Casing, 1TCD) (20SP)

Spear Shot: Kemix readies a spear in one of his hands and throws it like a bullet, the spear tip cutting through shadowy figures. (40 Aqua, Shot and Slashing, 1 TCD) (40SP)