Yo yo yo, if you're looking for the e-mail of Cassiel Garbner, big Trials of Tutoria fan, one of the OGs, reach out to me here. Navi runs the whole thing so I'll see your e-mail if I see it. Peace.

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Cassiel Garbner
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SUBJECT: Happy Giveaway!
Happy holidays! Please enjoy your new chip. Remember Soryu's for your next chip purchase!


Attached: WaveArm1Damage: 80 + Piercing + Ground Attack + Chain(2)
Accuracy: B
Description: A special shock wave that can automatically adjust its path to hit up to three enemies.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Chain: This attack will adjust it's path to hit multiple enemies, but it cannot chain-target a previously struck target. If a target manages to get hit more than once by this effect, it is not because the attack targeted it more than once, but due to some other series of events.
Trader Rank: D