Who likes holiday events? Who likes gambles with really good odds? Who likes giving MagicCereal a way to get the chips to fill up Sabrina's chip library?

If you respond to any of these criteria, the holiday chip trader event is for you! This is the one time of the year where Soryu trades everybody chips in a desperate attempt to get them into his shop instead of Suitachi's.

To quote the great Kemix:


Send him one chip of your choosing from your navi/op pair with a short message and an e-mail he can reach your pair at and you get a chip back! No chance to roll a chip tier lower (Eg: Hi-Cannon can't go down to Cannon, but it can go up to M-Cannon if you're lucky enough)!

To add to that, you can enter with all the character teams you want! Ready to get rolling?

Click here and read instructions to get entered!