Netbattles and Chill

As the three navis listened, the eldest of the three was first to speak up, holding a free hand up. Ah, one of those chaos guys, eh? Nothin doin for ya in this instance, then. Guess we could always use an extra pair of hands from the Mafia...just don't go tellin nobody about this op and don't be expecting much, if you -do- get paid. He spoke simply, to the point, but seemed a little hesitant about Courseman, a feeling, but he couldn't stop himself from speaking. But you'd want to talk to the boss once you get towards the front of the caravan, Hevari herself is here on the front lines too...never seen a doctor fight like her before...she's peculiar to say the least. He continued, looking up at the skies, it seemed roughly late in the day so far, but still plenty of light out regardless. Yea, what he said. She was throwin flasks all over the place, like it was some kinda game to her. Even caught some of the guys in their radius, they were barely able to walk for a while, not that she seemed to care. Seemed like...ah...oh what's the word for her kind? the second firey heel navi started, rubbing his chin for a moment before the youngest spoke up. Oh! Plague Doctor! I remember! She was even wearin one of those funny masks that made her look like some sorta bird! Those flasks were somethin else, if they didn't explode to damage, they were sending out poison and shit. She coulda done this entire thing with little help, we're just meat shields to her! He would say, fearful of his words before shaking his head. Said her labs were in the rogues, too. Most of us wouldn't be able to follow her if that's the case, but if nothing else, she could put a good word in if we wanted to actually join the mafia. He continued, looking at the flickering flames of the fire near em. If ya wanna catch up, they were headed north and were gonna take a few stops along the way, hear there's more places like this up ahead fulla viruses. I wouldn't be surprised if they put out one or two of those "metaviruses" out along the way to screen for people trying to follow. Lotta elementalie- align- Ail- element charged heels in the group, like us, we even got some nice chips as a "down-payment" to make use of. I mean, most of them are trashy, like those stupid Guard and Shockwave chips, but we all got some in our elements. Might get something yourself if you can get a late sign-on bonus with her and her guards. The middle navi spoke again, pointing towards the north, faint footprints and tracks all going towards the north. They still hadn't caught on to what Courseman was planning, but all the same, they were still wound, almost itching to use those chips.

All while they were talking, Courseman had his plans in place, his trap cards set and ready to use if the need arose...and his Needler managing to slowly make it's way towards one of the burned out buildings nearest to the group, the machine's legs leaving tracks in the snow all the same, but thanks to the distraction, even as his bomb ticked down again, the three heels thought they heard something, but thankfully left it up to "that blasted machine" before too much longer. Seemed they were more alert than they had let on, but the machine had sounded out, dunking the BasherEX back into the drink and letting it drown just a little more all the same.

Fire-HeelA: 250 HP (Normal, roughly middle of the area with the other navis)
Fire-HeelB: 250 HP (Normal, Roughly middle of the area with the other navis)
HeelNaviA: 150 HP (Normal, roughly middle of the area with the other navis)
Basher EX: 150 HP (Sea)(Chained up, about a dodge distance away from the navis)(Hold)(Freeze)(Above Sea panel)(Will be submerged next turn)

--------Buccaneer (and friends)----------
Courser.EXE: 100 HP (About a movement away from navis, can still escape undetected for a different battle, at the farthest end of the field behind DestroyedBuildingC)(Accuracy down from this far away)(Snow)(Barrier40)(Casing10)(2 Hit Shield)(Fire+30 on next fire attack)[Trap: No Peeking][Trap:M&S]
MomograHP: 60
Damage: 15 + Backstab
Accuracy: B
Description: Creats a Momogra virus to aid you. Attacks with a shovel from behind, and has a constant Mole status that ignores terrain solidness when not attacking (unless the panel currently does not exist). Still affected by other effects of panels.
Element: Null
Special: Allied Virus: This virus has one action per turn, and is fully controllable by the summoner. If no orders are given, it will perform actions at random, but will never intentionally interfere with or damage the summoner or their allies. Deleting this virus will grant no additional rewards to either side.
Trader Rank: C
: 60 HP (Near encampment, about a feint's worth of distance away)(Burrowed)(Barrier40)(Not attacking)
Needler2HP: 80
Properties: Normal, Mobile
Object Damage: 80 Null + Impact + Break
Damage Method: Ramming attack, Telekinesis, Throw
Attack Damage: 40 Null x 2 hits x 3 Targets
Accuracy: A
Description: Summons a gun platform that attacks up to 3 separate targets each turn with its trio of double spike cannons. It can also perform a defense piercing kamikaze attack.
Duration: Until destroyed.
Element: Null
Special: This chip's accuracy cannot be boosted or reduced by any means, including RP quality.
- This object may ram a target instead of firing needles, but is instantly destroyed in exchange.
- This object may dodge by trying to ram nothing, but if it hits something in this way, it is still destroyed and deals object damage.
Trader Rank: C
: 80 HP (Behind Burned BuildingB)(Snow)(not attacking)(Barrier40)

45% Snow (Where Courseman is at, along other areas, mostly behind and around the unburned out buildings)
35% Normal (Around the navis and their "camp")
20% Sea (A couple patches around the area, including under the BasherEX)

Campfire: ??? HP (Middle of the area, where the navis are)(Normal)(FireBody)(Light)(Regen10 per action within a Nova3 area around it)
Destroyed BuildingA: 50 HP (Behind FireHeelA, middle of the area)(Snow)
Destroyed BuildingB: 50 HP (Further out, about half-way to the other side of the area)(Snow)
Destroyed BuildingC: 50 HP (Furthest out, you are behind this)(Snow)
Burned BuildingA: 10 HP (Towards the other half of the area)(Normal)
Burned BuildingB: 10 HP (Behind FireHeelB)(Normal)
Crane: ??? HP (next to BasherEX and the sea panel it's submerged in)
TimeBomb1HP: 100
Properties: Anchored
Object Damage: 50 + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis
Attack Damage: 100 + To-All-Clause (Enemies)
Accuracy: S
Description: Places a bomb on the field that will explode after two turns, damaging all enemies.
Duration: 2 turns or until destroyed.
Element: Null
Trader Rank: D
: 100 HP (Atop Needler2)(Count:1)
While this navis talked, Courser's clone nodded and folded his arms, listening along. While Courser himself focused on extending the misty shell of protection up the needler and over the ticking payload that it bore as well, the decoy watched the trio of heels. They'd given some information, but not entirely what he was hoping for. There was time for one more shot though, probably. They didn't seem to have relaxed as much as he'd hoped, but it would have to be enough. He chuckled softly and rolled his shoulders as they continued.

“Honestly lads, at this point I think I'd rather not. The good doctor is, well... let's say she's not known for taking good care of her collateral... which usually means the fresh hands are better off keepin' out of her way. Buggered if I know why they'd even bother to collaborate if they've got her on site to begin with. Doubt they're going to need me or mine for much by the sound of it, an' if she does, well, maybe they should have been more friendly about the details. No skin off my nose.” He smirked at them, shrugging once then turned back towards the ruined building where the real CourseMan was waiting. With an expansive wave, he called out towards to his hidden 'companion'.

“Oi! Riptide! We're all clear here! Come and say hello, you anti-social bastard!” The decoy turned back to the others, raising one hand in an easing gesture as Courser followed his own cue, surfing out into the open and moving closer to the group. He nodded to the heels, and offered lazy salute; they'd be able to see that the two Coursemen were completely identical in appearance at this stage, but neither seemed to act with any obvious deference or control towards the other; Courser himself focused a little more on his clone self, making sure its behaviour remained fully animate and convincing, even if his own body language ended up being a little bit surly in response.

“Mild virus activity in the area, but not much. What've we got?” Courser glanced past his decoy at the Basher that was getting dunked beyond, and spared individual appraising glances for the other navis. The clone shook his head and crouched down by the fire in a more relaxed way.

“It's Hevari. Another one of her experiments. I don't even know why the bleedin' hades they'd send us in now.” The decoy made a face like he wanted to spit, but decided against it. Courser snorted and glanced back at the other navis.

“You guys might've dodged a bullet here. Last time the good doctor did a round up, she burned through every non-family member she took with her and wrote it off as 'research data'.” He glanced across to his clone without making eye contact, but raised an eyebrow. “We sitting on this one?” The decoy nodded and glanced back to the other navis once more, raising an eyebrow and grinning. “Mind if we just kick it with you gents for a while? I've got no interest in having an argument with Hevari over this. At least not until she fucks up enough to make it funny. And hey, if she goes and digs up another cybeast at least we'll have the fun of hauling her arse out of the ice to dangle over her later, am I right?”

Courser restrained a chuckle, but let out just enough of it to show his amusement at the decoy's comments. After a second or two, he glanced around the damaged space.

“So what was all this then, anyway? No public records of a settlement here. It's not family, if she left you to torch it. What'd you find? Navi Sanctuary? Private military base? Looks like you did a number on it...” In his head, Courser counted down the seconds, letting them answer and talk for as long as he could. Just a little longer...

After he'd given them as much time to answer as he could, Courser gave the mental command to his smallest ally to being the show. He nodded to the other navis.

“Fair enough... but you said before, she's been splicing Metas together now... Have you seen any of the... – What the-!” The mole virus was ready and waiting, and so was CourseMan; It burrowed and popped up from the ground amidst the camp, but of all places, it appeared behind CourseMan himself, swinging its shovel wildly. Courser sun and ducked to the side, ready to avoid the incoming attack – although there was every possibility that the eager critter was quicker than even he anticipated; it it was, and clipped him, then that would just add more credibility anyway.

“Looks like you missed some stragglers lads! Oi Wavecreast! I thought you said you'd scanned!” Courser flung an accusation at his clone as the mole chattered in its best approximation of aggression. The decoy was laughing, slapping his leg in obvious mirth.

“Yeah, I did, its just trivial stuff, grow up!”
“Wavecrest!! You useless sod! Look, there's another one over there!” Courser pointed to where the Needler had just revved its engine in a threatening way; the timebomb on its top had just clicked down to zero, its last few moments of fuse about to end any second. “I'll scan myself. You owe me a drink, you hear?” Courser cast a withering glance to his doppelganger, who was still laughing to himself in an entirely unbothered manner, and swiftly reached into his coat and pulled out a small silver sphere, throwing it out into the space just beyond the fire.

It landed in the snow part way between the Needler and the campfire, but then unfolded the top sections and began to emit a slim blue laser light that cut back across the field, passing through the middle of the camp, though it wasn't interrupted by any individual body initially.

“Ah. That... might not have been my field scanner. Nobody move!” The clone's laughter redoubled as Courser held up his hands to the other navis. The decoy rolled onto his back, barely able to talk from his mirth.

“Hah, you are such a nonce, Riptide! How many times have I told you to label your gear!”
“It's not my fault they all look the same!” Seemingly embarrassed, cloying shadows raced up Courser's form and partially obscured him from sight, though his image still seemed focused on berating his decoy, rather than dealing with the viruses. The mole seemed gleeful at the confusion while the Needler had begun to spin up its muzzle and take aim. “Hang on, hang on... I can shut if off, just give me... Here...”

The Needler began to fire now, peppering the three navis around with a double salvo of needles as CourseMan pulled something else out of his coat. Another small silver sphere. This one immediately slipped form his hand and landed on the ground with a heavy thump, before expanding into a very large, very volatile-looking explosive. Directly in front of Courser, it had also landed directly across the Dynamite's trip line.

Courser attempted to throw genial arms around the two nearest navis, grinning all the while. The dynamite beeped.

“Ah... Sorry lads... that might not have been my defuser...” Unable to help himself, Courser winked at them.


C*) ((TrapMaster: Courser is aware of any traps present in the situation and their triggering conditions, and denies their ability to activate on him or his clones))
C*) Decoy: Continue chatting, reassuring while it probes for information
C*) Fast Barrier: (40Hp Barrier, on TimeBomb)
C1) Movement (Come to the fire, open and peacefully, if more serious than his clone is acting)
C2) Talk and listen to the navis answer, assisting decoy in information gathering.
C3) Prepared Dodge, take the time to hear them out.

C*) Momogra: (15 Backstab, B) Attacking Courser (He's ready for it though)
C*) Trapmaster: Courser chooses NOT to have Mist and Shadow Trap trigger on this attack
C3) Dynamite1HP: 100
Properties: Light
Object Damage: 100 Null + Blast2
Damage Method: Throw, Knockback, Microburst, Telekinesis, Gust
Attack Damage: 100 Null + Blast2 + Line Attack + Seeking
Accuracy: D (thrown) / A (trigger)
Description: Sets a lightweight laser trip bomb. When something crosses the sensor beam, the bomb detonates a shaped charge that blasts an entire line. It can see through Invisibility. This weapon is very dangerous to use, caution is advised.
Duration: Until destroyed or until it attacks.
Element: Null
Special: Laser TAG: Attack triggers when something moves through the targeting laser beam, no matter who or what that may be.
Trader Rank: D
(thrown out to in front of the Needler, but facing inwards, so the trip line crosses through the 'camp' directly, though not on anyone immediately)
C4) Murky Deception (Shadow self, 2 turns)
C*) Needler: (40, x2 shots, on 3 targets, A) (on the three heel navis)
C5) Throw arms about the shoulders of as many heel navi friends as he can, in the sense of friendship and camaraderie, and not letting them run away.
C6) BoyBomb1HP: 100
Properties: Normal
Object Damage: 220 + Blast3
Damage Method: Throw, Knockback, Microburst, Pull, Gravity, Telekinesis
Attack Damage: 220 + Blast3
Accuracy: Not Applicable
Description: Creates a BoyBomb1 on the field directly before you. The bomb may be pushed around until the end of the turn. The bomb will explode at the beginning of the following turn, dealing extremely heavy damage to anything nearby. Be somewhere else when that happens....
Duration: Until destroyed or the beginning of next turn.
Element: Null
Special: If enough damage is dealt to this object to destroy it, it will immediately explode instead.
Trader Rank: D
(placed directly onto Dynamite's laser line, breaking the beam.)
Courseman, walking up to the group slowly, his clone making sure they weren't about to attack...though they gripped their weapons pretty quickly at the appearance of what seemed to be a clone to them. Their bit between the two of them causing the three to think they were, IN FACT, related to one another or at the very least partners. This, under normal curcomstances, would have raised red flags for the group of navis in front of them, but with a shrug and whatever few moments they had left before the plan went off, they would begin to relax once more, watching the two's bickering...until Courseman's little buddy managed to jump up and, despite his best efforts, took the hit from the digital mole, his barrier flickering from the damage, but otherwise the navi was unharmed.

The three sitting back up, getting to their feet, they began to look about for the mole that harmed their supposed comrade, snow crinkling beneath their feet as they looked for a moment...only to stop as Courseman threw out the Dynamite, their feet barely not clipping the line of sight. "Wait a god damn min-" One began to say, before the three of them, peppered by needles from afar from the Needler, he had managed to put two and two together finally, graduating to the head of the class...for about five seconds. The entire scene going in all but slow motion before everything settled, the navis squirming away from Courseman's "hug", or trying to at least, as the BoyBomb immediately set off the Dynamite, causing both of them to explode in glorious fashion, utterly decimating the camp area as the TimeBomb exploded shortly afterwards, decimating literally everything else in the area.

Bugfrags scattered all across the area the battle raged in, nothing left but a few giant soot marks on the field and the basest foundations from where the buildings stood. Zenny mixed in with the bugfrags...and, more curiously, chip data...seemed the word about them getting chips for their work as a down payment was true...


--------Buccaneer (and friends)----------
Courser.EXE: 100 HP (About a movement away from navis, can still escape undetected for a different battle, at the farthest end of the field behind DestroyedBuildingC)(Accuracy down from this far away)(Snow)(Barrier40)(Casing10)(2 Hit Shield)(Fire+30 on next fire attack)[Trap: No Peeking][Trap:M&S]
MomograHP: 60
Damage: 15 + Backstab
Accuracy: B
Description: Creats a Momogra virus to aid you. Attacks with a shovel from behind, and has a constant Mole status that ignores terrain solidness when not attacking (unless the panel currently does not exist). Still affected by other effects of panels.
Element: Null
Special: Allied Virus: This virus has one action per turn, and is fully controllable by the summoner. If no orders are given, it will perform actions at random, but will never intentionally interfere with or damage the summoner or their allies. Deleting this virus will grant no additional rewards to either side.
Trader Rank: C
: 60 HP (Near encampment, about a feint's worth of distance away)(Burrowed)(Barrier40)(Not attacking)
Needler2HP: 80
Properties: Normal, Mobile
Object Damage: 80 Null + Impact + Break
Damage Method: Ramming attack, Telekinesis, Throw
Attack Damage: 40 Null x 2 hits x 3 Targets
Accuracy: A
Description: Summons a gun platform that attacks up to 3 separate targets each turn with its trio of double spike cannons. It can also perform a defense piercing kamikaze attack.
Duration: Until destroyed.
Element: Null
Special: This chip's accuracy cannot be boosted or reduced by any means, including RP quality.
- This object may ram a target instead of firing needles, but is instantly destroyed in exchange.
- This object may dodge by trying to ram nothing, but if it hits something in this way, it is still destroyed and deals object damage.
Trader Rank: C
: 80 HP (Behind Burned BuildingB)(Snow)(not attacking)(Barrier40)

45% Snow (Where Courseman is at, along other areas, mostly behind and around the unburned out buildings)
35% Normal (Around the navis and their "camp")
20% Sea (A couple patches around the area, including under the BasherEX)


Battle 12: WIN!

Rewards: 12 Bugfrags, 4900z, +1 Basher Bounty, FireBurner1Damage: 50 + Line Attack(3)
Accuracy: A
Description: Looses a stream of fire that can penetrate enemies and keep going.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Special: Line Attack(3): Attacks up to 3 targets in a straight line.
Trader Rank: D
As the hanging moment became a cacophony of destructive explosions, Jenny's entire view of the situation was engulfed in billowing smoke, debris and conflagration. Her heart lurched and seized in a moment of shock.

“Courser!” The shriek drew eyes in the cafe while she was hunched over her PET, gripping it tight... but attention drifted away again just as quickly. The sight of a young net battler and their navi getting in over their head wasn't exactly an alien sight around the communal places of SciLab. The smoke cleared gradually and gave way to a silhouette, which resolved further into her navi, bearing his usual roguish, cocky smirk as the shadows around him dropped away.

“Easy there, Jen. Nothing to worry about. I told you, I've got this under control...” He winked but she hid her relief behind a tight frown, never mind that the tension in her body melted out and she slumped back in her seat – he didn't have to see that. She felt tired just watching him and taking care of the operation side of things, but Courser himself only seemed to be getting more energetic the longer they went on.

“Got what under control? That's what I want to know. You said you wanted to get some fresh head space, clean air, all of that. But you're just getting more and more risky! You didn't need to do that! They were just going to talk! You didn't even find out what you wanted to, did you?” On her screen, Courser at least had the decency to look briefly guilty, rolling his shoulders and glancing aside.

Net-side, Courser glanced around the wreckage. Not far away, a clone slipped out of the clearing smoke, looking over the broken remains of the chained up Basher. The scent of smoke wasn't just coming from their own work, and it would linger for a while; the remains of the destroyed buildings looked even less salvageable now, but Courser glanced towards his decoy and whipped one finger about the area over his head.

“Search for survivors. See if there's anything worthwhile left.” With a mutual nod, they began to scan the wreckage, though it didn't seem like there was going to be too much of anything left behind now. As he sifted the ruins, Courser sighed, then spoke aloud.

“If there were folks her, Jen, the heels didn't leave them alive. I gave them a chance to cough up some information, but they didn't seem like they were going to spill the details on the important stuff. It sounds like Hevari is Mafia, and is doing some kind of experiment here... So... I should probably avoid stepping on too many more toes where I can. I just didn't want to let these ones go with whatever they'd done here.”

“An' besides... it's not like boss has any real respect for anyone that'd sign up with the mafia, right?” Searching with more hands now, a second decoy had parted from the shadows nearby to help, but called out over his shoulder with a mocking twist to his words. Courser glanced back at it sharply, then regretted the action as his eyes met the clone's and the visual feedback made him wince and cover his eyes for a few seconds. He waved a hand, dispersing the decoy with a sharp, irritated gesture and tried to focus on his search. They continued in silence for a minute or two, sifting the rubble.

“So, is it time for another shop run? After that, you've got... a little over fourteen thousand for upgrades.” Jenny sounded like she'd moved on already but Courser could guess that she wasn't going to let her concern sit forever. He shook his head, stopping to stretch and glance around the snow.

“Not yet. Here, one second...” Mentally he directed a small shopping list broken up by individual purchases in order back to her view screen. “That's what I'm thinking, if I can keep going that long. Maybe after the next tussle though, if I do well.” He heard his operator ordering another snack of some sort and a small pot of tea instead of her usual drink, before she answered.

“Okay, well, I've got some other things I can work on while we're here. Just... Courser, I can see you're fine, on my screen, but don't over do it. I'm starting to worry that you're not telling me something. I mean... more than the 'work' that you don't want me involved in. What's actually wrong?” He could hear the hesitation in the question; she wasn't sure if she should really ask, and he let himself take advantage of that, giving the wreckage one last look as he got ready to move on.

“I'll tell you as soon as I know, Jen. I promise.” Her response was a non-committal hum but he shrugged and kicked off, pushing deeper into the snows in the direction that the heel navis had pointed. He didn't exactly want to catch up with or get involved in any other Mafia business right now, but there might still be interesting bits and pieces on whatever route they were taking.

((Ready for Battle 13))
As Courseman continued along his path, the navi would soon hear the crunching noises of snow underfoot despite the howling winds, a group of navis began to approach from afar, visions obscured by the snow and wind slowly approaching, cautiously as they looked on the navi and his clones with interest. Moments later, one disappeared...only to teleport in the path of the navi, likely with a signature or battle chip...a grass green Normal Navi...battered, bruised, and missing their left arm at the shoulder, causing Courseman to stop in his tracks.

We saw what you did with those heels. It began, a feminine voice sounding out as she(?) began to look over Courseman, her exterior having seen a lot of combat in the past from the telltale signs of deep looking nicks that had never healed properly, a sickly dark green surrounding them. Meanwhile, the other navis began to approach, slowly but surely, their features coming into view as they were much the same as the navi in front of him. It's a shame our small town was wrecked like it was, but's just better to rebuild. She continued, the other navis...many having missing eyes, arms...even legs, hobbling over on metal staves one step at a time, being supported by varitable differently colored navis, all of them seemingly normal navis from different years, slight differences in their makes and models, though the younger they were...the less brutally beaten and battered they were, the shinier their exteriors, the less scuffed and damaged they were. Some of the oldest commercial models, however...they were missing the covers to their navicores. Some wearing a thick see-through mesh, seeing the essential "heart" of a navi beating in their chest...sparkling with little care...others still were wearing what seemed to be melted met-helmets over the core, the yellow and green clashing immensely against their designated colors, along with a messy hackjob of putting it over their cores.

If you'll excuse us, we were watching your battle from afar. You utterly decimated those three and the virus they had been torturing for the last few hours. We would...humbly...request your aid. Our elders, they wish to speak with you. They're not too far away in a building much like the ones that were ruined in your fight. She continued, bowing to him. We...were also monitoring your comms. Sorry. But, mister...Coursier, was it? You are correct, our little town you saw was a sanctuary. rolled in here with a small army of navis, mostly Heels, and decimated our town...whoever didn't manage to escape...was deleted or captured. We even have some information you may wish to hear if you go with us. Please, we beg you, please help us. She's not even part of her sect of the mafia anymore, as we had a pact with them, the police and even those Neo Shogunites. We will tell you more if you come with us, please! She spoke, hurridly, obviously distraught as the others had circled around Courseman, though his clones may have managed to stay outside. In the far off distance he could see distinctly Heelnavi-like figures, whatever he chose to do would likely determine what he would be fighting further on...he could do all sorts of things here, but it was a crapshoot either way how things could pan out.

(Go with navis?)
(Fight through?)
One decoy was quick to clock the new figures approaching and Courser drew up, stopping the water eddy and sliding to a small skid as he appraised them and his decoys spread out slightly. Perhaps 'new' wasn't the right word to use at all... On instinct, one of his decoys raised a water shield while courser himself let his wave whips unfurl when the lead navi moved more obviously to intercept, but he watched the collection with multiple sets of eyes and obvious caution as she spoke.

Lasting damage; long term things. Most of it would be past healing signatures, probably, but direct code restores from chips might help, possibly. Unoperated then, most likely... The more of the newcomers that he saw, the rougher their situation seemed. He nodded eventually.

“I worried it might be something like that. Alright, let's hear you out... but somewhere away from here, before we get more company.” He spoke through his left hand decoy for the time being, though it and courser himself continued watching the group. His right decoy was looking past them at the new figures in the distance.

“Too late, boss-man. Another clean-up crew, by the look of it. Get moving if you're going.” Both other CourseMen nodded, then turned attention back to the leader of the injured navis.

“Lead the way... just give me a second to give us a bit more cover before they get here...” With one hand raised for caution, Courser moved to the side past the group and peppered a wide spread of the open snow between them and the distant heel figures with the few different fire shots he had available, kicking up a misty fog cloud in short order. Within the cloud, behind one of the remaining snow banks, a small patch of shadow swirled and too the shape of a slim silver detonator that cast a laser line low to the ground across the fog clouds. He glanced across in the rough direction of one of his clones.

“Stay hidden and keep an eye on them as long as you can. If they're more of the same, make sure they get a nice present.” The decoy gave a lazy salute, and ducked back into the mist, hiding amidst the snow as best it could while Courser returned his attention to the leader

“Okay, let's move then.” Provided they got going, he quickly fell in with following them to whatever safe haven still remained. As they moved, Jenny piped up over the line, a curious frown lingering in her voice.

“Hang on... Did she just say they had a deal with the Mafia, and the net police? How does that make sense? Wouldn't the mafia just want to trash places like this for profit? I thought that's what they were all about? Isn't it, like, the mafia that they need protection from?” Courser winced and rolled his shoulders, casting a side glance to the female navi to make sure he was speaking correctly as he answered.

“Ah... it's not quite that simple, Jen... Sanctuaries for navis and other programs are in a tricky spot. They needs shelter and protection from predators – virus and navi alike, but it's never as black and white as 'police good, mafia bad'. The police want to protect everyone – even the ones that don't really want or need protection. They feel that laws and restrictions are the best way to do that, to create stability. That works for most, but just as many don't like the idea of being told what they can and can't do, even if they're not hurting anyone. Mafia's more about... I guess, the freedom to live as you want. At least, that's part of it. That's what a lot of them stand for. In that sense, these kind of navi sanctuaries are very much on their radar for people worth protecting. Haven't you ever seen the holiday drives that Holly does? Raising charity for unoperated navis and other lost and dispossessed is the main thrust of what she does.” He looked again at the navi he was travelling with.

“Most sanctuaries that aren't officially resource protected by the GNA directly rely on secrecy and alliances to keep themselves safe. For them, having as many friends as you can, while keeping your actual location and status as secret as you can, is the best they can do. They rely on their alliances to help reach out to navis in need, because they can't go advertising their location all over the net.”

Here, Jenny cut in again, in between what sounded like a mouthful of some kind of pastry. Courser could practically hear the furrow in her brow as she thought it over.

“You said before they were mostly hidden, but, if there's GNA protected ones that are official, can't they all just go there?” Courser rubbed at the back of his neck as he kept an eye out on where they were heading.

“No, they can't... The GNA sanctuaries do their best, but they only have so much space. Jen... The number of unoperated navis and abandoned programs grows exponentially every day. We don't die, as long as we have an emergency line, but we do get replaced. I'm not the first navigator you've owned, am I?” There was radio silence for a few moments, before a very quiet, subdued answer came across the line.

“No... I just hadn't ever really thought...” She trailed off, and Courser didn't say anything else in response, but continued to follow the other damaged navis.

Back in the snows behind them, Courser's main decoy remained hidden as long as it could, watching for the approaching group in case it could learn anything more about who they were or their purpose; if they were more of Hevari's heels, then it made no move to stop them crossing the disguised trip line. Hopefully Courser and the others would be long gone by the time anything happened anyway.

((Follow navis and cover tracks))
((Create fog cloud on the snow between them and hide a new dynamite trip line in it))
((Decoy hides near the trap to wait and listen to the approaching heels))
I am much appreciative of your cooperation in this dire matter. I assue you, we do have ways of compensating you for your time and efforts. The navi would speak simply and swiftly, bowing to Courseman as the other navis looked about, a mix of calm and happiness on their faces, mangled or otherwise. Please, if you can cover our tracks, the better for everyone. She spoke again as the navis looked onto the horizon, they were greeted with the sight of the shadows of heelnavis in the distance, just as Courseman's shadow had warned, and with a quick peppering of the freshly laid snow, they had enough of a way out. The navis hurriedly rushing Courseman with them, but not before he laid down a trap should they approach towards their location.

Managing to break out of the area with little difficulty, they had managed to escape for the time being and while not RUSHING, the navis were quick on their feet despite their various disabilities, some carried others on either side of their bodies, while others still made extremely great strides despite the lack of two functioning legs. All the while, the navi that met with Courseman was quick to explain what was happening. I will skip the preamble mister Coursir, we have all been abandoned by our operators or we lost contact one day with them. We are all just trying to live our best lives, despite the circumstances of how or why we were lost to our operators. She began almost immediately, before Courseman could speak with his operator. We DO have a few custom navis in our midst, some recent abandons or losses to their operators, but our elders are comprised entirely of customs, and with them and the viruses we manage to befriend...well, we have managed a symbiosis of sorts with those same viruses, as well as protected ourselves and tame others still. Our elders can tell you more when we arrive. She continued before Courseman could converse with his operator.

Meanwhile, Courseman's clones had been waiting patiently for the Heels to come down, and come down they did. They were quick to let out explitive fueled rants at one another, claiming the other was an "incompetent moron" to put as nicely as possible. UGH! I knew we shoulda gone faster! That custom navi in their midst...think that's the guy who got the other three! A standard heel exclaimed, painted a cyan blue, whilst sporting multiple water tanks full of frothy cyberwater, the ends of his arms and legs acting as secondary tanks and looking as though they were standard bubbler weaponry. No shit sherlock! Those damn unoperated navis couldn't have so much as hurt a metool, let alone a trio of Heels! The other exclaimed back, colored a woody green and brown as he summoned and chucked a large log of cyberwood at the distance in front of him, back where Courseman had come from, kicking snow up as it crashed onto the ground. The two looking around as they tried to figure out which way Courseman had cone with the group, they began to think about where to go from here.

We gotta radio this in, if there's a navi getting involved, we gotta see what Hevari thinks of the situation. If this mission goes tits up, that's it for us. The aquatic navi spoke simply, to the point after a few moments. We may have lost their trail for now, but I get the feeling we'll see that motherfucker again. All we can do is raise awareness of the situation, those three idiots couldn't handle one navi, but a group should. He continued, pulling out a walkie talkie from thin air, placing it to his ear. I'll see if he left anything, maybe we can figure out what his plan is going with them. The woodsy navi spoke, snapping his fingers as he began to survey the immediate area. Yo, it's Group DZ. Mind patchin me into the boss? I'd suggest getting out of the room afterwards, she ain't gonna like what we have to report. The aquatic navi spoke, simply and to the point.

Back to Courseman's group, after Courseman and his operator had their discussion, their envoy would speak up again. You're quite correct, mister Courseman. Police and Mafia always want something to be "incentivized" to help... She practically spat, a lingering hatered on her voice. The police and mafia have their oddballs, their outsiders despite being part of the group. Unfortunately, the police can be just as corrupt as the mafia can if given the right reasonings and mental gymnastics. But even then, the Mafia can have their kind hearted souls. Some only joined the mafia because they wanted a little power, some ability to do what they INTENDED to do, but the police has too many rules and regulations at times...hampers do-gooding in most circumstances. As long as you're a mafioso and do as told, you have some freedoms...and with those freedoms...the bosses of smaller sects within the groups can reach out and help as long as the group itself is willing to cooperate with one another. She continued on, though it seemed she had some history of both groups, she wasn't about to say one way or another. We're coming up on the secondary settlement, mister Coursier, not much farther now. I can probably answer some more questions before we get there...I was asked to be your envoy, so the others may not be very talkative right now...we've had more than a few incidents of backstabbing and most don't want to get too close outside our group. I hope you'll understand.
From the far side of the gradually settling cloud of snow fog, Courser's decoy received what would likely be the last refresh of energy before Courser himself was too far away from it to maintain, but it watched and listened the new navis approach and start searching. When it had heard enough, it stood out slightly, letting its silhouette show through the mists briefly before ducking back towards a snow bank.

“Oi, that's far enough, lads. I wouldn't recommend coming any closer. Might be bad for your health. Now what's it you want with this bunch anyhow, huh?” It mostly hid itself on the far side of the disguised trip line, but if he was lucky the new group might contain a talker and a rusher – that would be ideal. Either way, he was hoping for more information, more explosions, or at a pinch if it went badly, they might just attack and think they'd taken care of him when the clone was destroyed.

Elsewhere, Courser himself listened as they trekked, though he and Jenny both kept mostly silent, save the occasional nod of acknowledgement.

“Ay, that's fair enough, lady. I wouldn't recommend over-trusting any either... Might be bad for your health... So, what is it you want with me anyhow, huh?” From nearby, Jenny's voice spoke up again, faintly scolding

“That's a bit rude, Courser... you could at least ask their names.” As she reprimanded him, Courser ducked his head and blinked, closing his eyes for an extra second as he focused.

“Sorry. Two conversations... Right. No real questions other than that, I'm sure your elders will want to tell the full story. Ah, but yeah, sorry for not asking when we met... I'm CourseMan, but friends call me Courser.” His introduction was the sort that came across as a polite request for reciprocation, though he wasn't going to push it if she deflected.

“I'm holding up the second group for a bit, we'll see how it goes. Might not occupy them for too long, but it should at least throw them off the trail. Listen, if you're all short on advanced navis, I'm guessing that means you're low on code repair and standard healing and restoring options. I've got a we've got a couple of chips and signature programs that might be able to help out while we're here, if it's needed, but not much – not really my area.” He put the offer forward as they approached, but otherwise let his guide lead them on to whoever was in charge.
The two navis immediately turned to the clone that appeared in the fog, raising their arms against him in the same motion, a warning bubbler shot going wide of the clone's head and exploding frothily behind him. [color=ADFF2F]What the boss does with these viruses and navis ain't fer you to know, copper.[color] The green one immediately spoke, thinking Courseman to be of the police faction. [color=7FFF00]What happens to them ain't none of our business.[color] The aqua one spoke in turn, another warning shot closer to the clone's face this time and exploding just a little bit over from where the last landed. [color=ADFF2F]I saw what she do with them. You'd lose yer stomach ifn'ya saw. Summa the experiments ain't even classified as viruses or navis...they's abominations, ya.[color] The green one spoke simply, raising an arm up as he took aim at Courseman. A single log in the shape of a spike flying out and skewering through the clone's chest, crashing into the snow behind it as it was forcefully destroyed. The blue heel bringing the walkie talkie back up to his head as it crackled to life, a feminine (and currently extremely short) voice sounding out, it was hard to tell much beyond that as it was kinda muffled on the other end, as Courseman could get bits and pieces whilst his connection began to dissipate. Wh.t .. it? he..! [color=7FFF00]Int..lop.. ki.... .... i. ru..[color]

Back to Courseman and group, the female navi let out a relieved sigh at his words. [color=7FFF00]Then, you need a name to refer me to as well...please, call me Penny.[color] She spoke simply as a large group of igloos and hastily built homes for the displaced navis began to come into focus. [color=7FFF00]If you wish to use those on us, then please, hold onto them for our wounded. We are far beyond proper restoration in this group, but whilst our repairers are doing everything they can, they lack proper healing to stabilize everyone. If you could do that after meeting with our leaders, we would all be appreciative.[color] Penny spoke, simply and to the point again, but despite that, Courser was getting side eyed by a few of the navis in the group, a few appreciative nods and what seemed to be smiles from the group.

Finally finishing their walk, the group immediately dissolved as they began to go back to what they needed to do for the time being. As far as the eye could see, a bunch of recently made Igloos and tear-down huts made out of cyber-leather and cyber-wood, each colored just a little differently from a typical brown-on-brown had been erected in this area, several medical looking navis practically diving into one of the huts with a red and white color scheme, others still seemingly differently colored. All the while, pins had been erected across the area housing various families of virus, be they Bashers, Spikey, Metool or other such viruses from other networks, they all seemed to be content with the spikies in particular demonstrating behaviors that domesticated dogs would, and once they spotted Courser, began to let out various growls and barks at the navi, Bashers immediately trained on the custom-made navi and others still freezing in place or readying themselves to attack. [color=00FFFF]Please, this way. Our elders are waiting for you.[color] She spoke, seemingly unphased, guiding Courser towards a larger, more well made hut in the center of the make-shift town.

With the wooden door swung open, Courser was slowly brought into a much warmer area, a carpet seemingly hand-made covering the entire hut's floor as a trio of older looking, but custom-made navis sitting on simple chairs in a half-circle arrangement, beds of straw next to each chair with simple blankets and pillows. As he was drawn to the middle of the room by his guide, she was waved away simply by the male navi in the middle. With a bow, Penny was quick to disappear out the door and Courser was left to deal with a trio of elder navis. In the semi-circle the trio of custom made navis sat, two female looking figures on either side and one male in the middle.

The female on Courser's left was dressed much in the way a typical female shaman was, a massive web of white hair atop her head in a dirty-bun look, whist hairs covered the entire circumference of her head including her eyes. Dressed in a native-american-like robe, lines of green, blue and yellow all interspersed like a chaotic pattern all across the garb, all the while her feet and hands looked gnarled and warn, claws on each and every digit she sported in an ivory white color as she sported a grizzly looking grin on her face as she eyed Courser from top to bottom, gripping a gnarled wooden staff in her left hand tightly, adorned with red spikey fur and wings from various viruses large and small. So...this is the one? Quite young...and handsome~ She murmured under her breath, letting out a deep cackle, showing off her very much sharp teeth as she seemed ready to pounce Corser and give him far beyond what he was here for.

The one on Courser's right, however, sported a heavy frown on her face, she was quite obviously the youngest of the three, sporting curves that would give even the youngest custom navis a run for their money. Dressed head to toe in a deep sapphire blue, the woman's skin was a nice shade of cyan, sporting slate colored eyes and a head of steel-grey hair. Her features were much more supple and tight as she crossed her legs, even going so far to wear high heels upon her feet as she stirred in her chair, ice blue lips pursed in a perpetual frown, turning to a scowl as she looked him up and down before leaning forward a bit, elbows on either side of her chair and placing the sides of her face in her hands. This is the runt? Really? He barely looks like he can handle himself in a proper fight... She spoke under her breath with disdain for Courser, a haughty and deep feminine voice.

And finally, the man in the middle began to stand, audible creaks and cracks in his frame sounding out as he did. A man dressed head to toe in gold, he had ancient looking adornments all across his frame, from his neck holding a large necklace with a hand-carved depiction of the sun, to the staff he himself gripped in his thin and frail looking fingers. The man was barely Courser's height as his body creaked and fought back against him moving, even beneath a bright yellow robe depicting ancient civilizations and the great golden helm he wore atop his head, he seemed to be more kindly than the woman to his right. Welcome, good sir. I presume you to be the one who anihilated those ruffians who stayed behind in our city's ruins. My name is ElDorado.exe. To your left, she is Babayaga.exe, her bite is much worse than her bark, I assure you. Hehehehe! Nice to meet you, handsome! And, to your right... Penelope.EXE, tch, you BETTER have been worth getting in contact with. We thank you for coming all this way to meet with us. If you have any questions, please, don't be afraid to ask them. But, please, introduce yourself to us and if they want, your operator. We have questions for you as well, and thankfully, we have plenty of time to play Q and A, as well as any help you want to give us here. That villainous Hevari is likely to be resting on her laurels for the time being as I doubt she'll be in any hurry to escape the Normal Net if I know any better.
Courser Blinked a few more times, solidifying his consciousness again as the split ended for now; he'd learned a little more, but it wold wait to be seen if any of them strayed over the explosive present he'd left behind. Oh well. Greetings were being given and introductions made, and he focused back on the other navis in the space with him.

At the various side comments, Courser bowed in return with a flourish that saw him glide forward just enough to cast a side-long wink at the shamanistically-clad navi, though he didn't quite attempt to kiss any hands, given her nature.

“A pleasure, CourseMan is my formal name, but friends call me Courser, usually. Thanks for having me.”

As he made a show of presenting himself properly, shadows coiled around the back and to one side of the one identified as Penelope, giving way to a second Courser phasing into sight, slouching with a lazy lack of concern on the side of her chair.

“If it's any comfort to you, Boss-man could level this whole place and everyone in it without taking a scratch, if he wanted. He just prefers bein' a right dandy instead...” The clone shrugged with a careless disregard for its words and winked at the colder of three, smirking.

“Oi, manners, you!” Courser himself stood upright and gestured with one hand, banishing the decoy back into shadows. “Sorry.... Sometimes I get away from myself.” He nodded once more and divided his attention between the trio as respectfully as he could. “As for my operator, Jenny is watching on, but I wasn't intending to make a big deal of it. We were just doing something of a little warm up game and a testing exercise when we came across the situation here, but if Mafia are involved, I'd rather involve her little as possible.

“I think I have an understanding of what's going on here. I left a spy back where the fighting happened, and it sounds like the secondary clean-up crew are talking to their boss. I don't think she sounded too invested in their failures, though. From what I learned, Hevari has her own experiments to run up here, but the nastiest stuff is in labs down deeper. So...” Here, Courser took a small step back so that he could spread his hands to either side and incline his head again to all three.

“I'm in the net today to test a few tricks, hunt a few low grade bounties – there's a plague of hostile bashers popping up here on the sharo normals recently and they seemed a good choice; worth looking into.... maybe do a little light side-training; I'm here to fight... What do you want to know, and how can I help?” Mentally, he checked his folder refresh to see if the dynamite had detonated yet, but otherwise raised one eyebrow with a helpful grin and open palms towards the settlement's elders.
Grinning at the playful display by the navi in her presence BabaYaga was practically exstatic and all the while fighting the urge to punce the dandy man where he stood. Penelope, on the other hand, gave a disgusted growl at the clone that popped up next to her, even as she listened to his words she had to fight off the urge to give Courseman a lesson in not invading other's spaces, even as the clone walked away back to Courseman she tried to swat at him and failing to do so. And ElDorodo let out a hearty laugh at the antics all the while, sitting back with a playful grin on his face.

As he made his intentions known, ElDorodo would nod knowingly, giving the man a smile all the while. Hohoho. I see we may have the man for our job then. It is, as you say it is, Hevari is a bit deeper down in the rogue networks, and she is using the normals to gather up test subjects as it is much more populated. We know she is making MetaViruses, but there's a bit more to that...she's trying to make sentient viruses. ElDorodo would speak, simply as his smile turned to a frown, letting out a sigh and shake of his head. As far as anyone on the nets today know, viruses are more...feral...animalistic than anything. Even humanoid viruses never grow to speak on par with a netnavi. Hevari, in her insanity, thinks that fusing viruses or metas with a netnavi will allow for that sort of thing to become reality and she broke off from the Mafia as of recent to further those goals. As we understand it...all the process creates are..."failures", abominations that for one reason or another, have not self-deleted. He continued on, a worried look on his face as he let out a sigh, before Penelope took over.

Long story short, we have sent in a priority request to the GNA to gather navis willing to take on such a threat as Hevari. Unfortunately, we have yet to get any feedback on this and despite a number of us moonlighting with the GNA for a bit of crumbs from their hoity toity asses, they are still trying to find someone to stop her. She spoke, leaning back with a groan, massaging her blue temples with equally as blue nails. We don't expect anything from you...well, -I- don't. The other two seem to have higher intrests in your "prowess", though from the sounds of it, Hevari's men are gonna be on high alert going forward. And since they probably know about your little mitosis problem now... She continued on, looking Courser up and down again, examining him again with one eye open. It's safe to say, you won't be able to get any real info out of them...let alone be able to toy with them like you did before.

So, big boy, we'd like you to try and help free any captives you find! As well, there are viruses we have branded, this includes some of those big ol bashers you've been hunting! Unfortunately, we're fuzzy on how many total they managed to capture, navi and virus. BabaYaga continued, letting out another cackle at Courseman. Courseboy, we ain't gonna ask the world of ya. You just continue on your virus busting as usual, if they don't start harassing you of course. But, we ask you try and direct any unoperated navis out towards us. Tell them the elders sent you to help them, it should convince them to calm down if they're manic.

In addition, if you do somehow manage to take out Hevari, we can offer you the bounty on her head we have set aside for the mission. Though I ask you not to get yourself hurt or worse on our behalf if you don't think you can do it, we just wish for you to save the navis, if the viruses are still alive and unaltered, they should be in cages and easy to release should you get to Hevari. ElDorodo would speak again before tossing a small packet wrapped in twine at Couseman's feet. Inside, if he opened it, a "link" would be found in a small envelope, a way to find the settlement again should he leave the network and come back later. In addition, a packet of similar letters were inside, likely for any other navis that Courseman would find on his way. A way to return to us, as well as teleportation for any unoperated navis you find, should they be injured and unable to make it out to us on their own. If you wish to help, then this will be the best way to do so. We will also open communications with you and your operator if you are willing, just PM us and we will respond ASAP. There is much to gain for you, young man, but if you're ejected from the network before you contact us, we'll have to leave the mission request open and you won't be able to collect on it yourself. Of course, what navis you send to us and viruses you free, we'll let you collect on later, the more the better, but don't get yourself killed while doing such. And as much as the viruses are our companions, and cattle to some degree, we have enough to survive with should you not be able to rescue any.

(Accept offered job?)
Courser listened with half an ear and half an eye as he nodded along and turned other thoughts over in his mind. It sounded like a Mafia free agent doing independent work, and as far as he knew, clashes like that outside of direct family enterprises were free game, so he wasn't likely to get in any trouble with any of his other more regular contacts. In the back of his mind he was aware that the dynamite chip hadn't refreshed itself yet, which most likely meant the scouts hadn't triggered it after all. Pity. He nodded more firmly as they seemed to wind around to the meat of their request.

“Right, keep my eyes open for more of your folks along the way, and send as many as I can back safely. I can do that. I'm guessing you'd rather I didn't damage any of the viruses you've marked? I don't know about taking Hevari out properly. She'll have contingencies.”

“Aye, but if she's cocky, she'll try one of their jack-out barriers on you. Goes both ways, that stuff.” Off to one side, one of Courser's decoys slipped from the shadows of the room, this time leaning on Baba's chair to call out a thought to Courser himself. He glanced in its direction.

“If it comes to that. I don't have their barrier tech myself, but I'll bet she does.” The clone shrugged, unconcerned as Courser reached out to let a coil of water stretch from his fingertips to retrieve the packet and tuck it away into his sleeve.

“I'll keep my eyes open and see what I can find.” He nodded to each of them and gave a formal bow to the room, one foot ahead of the other and his hand sweeping low, before turning to leave.

Outside, Courser glanced about the make-shift settlement, looking for his original guide. Two clones slipped into space beside him and started glancing about.

“See if you can pick out the ones who have injuries we can still fix, we've got a few minutes. If either of you spot Penny before me, let her know.” The decoys each gave lazy, irreverent salutes, then wandered off in different directions while courser began to search.

Many of the navis' injuries were long term damage that had had time to degrade without proper repairs. Unconsciously, Courser found himself totalling up what the bill from the navi shop would be for running full restorations one each of the damaged and hurt individuals he passed, but over the next handful of minutes he worked as best he could to give chip-aided healing and refactoring to the injuries and damages that were still receptive to it. Before too much longer, however, he'd done as much as he could and found himself at the entrance to the secret hide-away giving a last tip of his fingers to whichever navis were still about.

“Well, with any luck I'll get more of your folks back in one piece, but either way, stay safe, you lot.” He turned and stepped forward, onto a fresh rise of rushing water and kicked off, skating out over the ice and snow in the direction he'd been pointed.

“Hey, Courser...” A minute or two into his silent travel, Jenny spoke up. She sounded curious, but her voice was softer than usual. “You seemed really serious back there. I haven't seen you like that before. What's wrong?” Courser looked out over the snow, scanning for signs of the trail he was following. First one clone, then a second split off, widening his arc. After a moment he answered.

“There's not much any one of us can do, and the problem only gets bigger every year. It's up to humans to help fix this, in the end. Their the only ones with the power and the resources to do it. It's just sobering, Jen.”

“I guess... We're always taught to think of our navis as people, and to treat them properly... But if they're people too, and you look at something like that, how do we justify it?” She sounded conflicted, and he could hear her drumming her fingernails on the edge of the table. Courser rolled his shoulders.

“Most people? Like you were. By not thinking about it.”
“I... hey! That's not fair!” Jenny's voice came across more hurt than offended, and Courser winced despite himself.
“Sorry. Maybe give a donation to Holly's charity stream this year, hmm?”
“That's the one that mum and dad always tell me I shouldn't watch.” He could practically hear the pout in her voice and CourseMan briefly considered her response, and then Holly's charity drives, and the way they had a tendency to go.

“Ah... well, I can't blame them, but you're your own young woman now, Jen, aren't you? Besides...” He shrugged and muttered in a slightly more sulky tone. “They censor it for the networks if it gets too naughty anyway...” When his answer drew the hoped-for giggled from his operator, Courser allowed himself a small smirk of victory and pressed on.

((Still looking for Battle 13 (Yes, Request Accepted)))
(Courser get: Location.DAT and Contingency Letters, FXP to be determined later)

Lending aid to the navis that he could, Courser would set off onto the net again, leaving the village behind him before long, though not without the feeling of being followed, likely Penny or another of the unoperated navis trailing far behind him to keep an eye on him. Either way, his treck into Sharo's networks would be met with an unusual sight...a lone heelnavi with an aqua-based color scheme, tanks all along it's body filled to the brim with frothy cyberwater and likely ready to throw down at a moment's notice.

As Courser continued to bring things into perspective...a small cage with a wooden top could be seen, small enough to be handled by just about anyone with one hand and a curious pair of occupants...a Spikey with a Metool atop it's back, pacing back and forth in the small enclosement and to it's side...a battered navi, an older commercial model with a missing eye and a scared helmet tied up and practically frozen in place and completely unconcious, whilst the spikey attempted to nuzzle into the navi, a light singe mark eventually shone in the Spikey's fur and on the side of the Metool's helmet...they were obviously from the village. And right behind the cage...a blue mystery data sparkling and turning slowly.

Figures I find a mystery data on my way back...can't risk openin it without a subchip though...lousy operator bein cheap... The navi mumbled as he wiped the sweat from his brow. And before Courser could escape his eyes, of course, he turned to see him. Blinking once or twice before hollering out. BWAAAAH!? SHIT! FUCK! I'M SPOTTED! He hollered out out of surprise, throwing a group of capsules into the air and running forwards jumping over a missing panel and coming to a stop near Courser, all the while a trio of viruses popped out of thin air, a Basher right behind both cage and BMD, an upgraded Aqua-Swordy, wielding a blade made entirely out of water...and unfortunately for Courser...a Metavirus.

Standing tall atop a wheeled chasis with the top half of the basher family grafted onto the chasis and a massive shield, facing forward at all times with a hinge to bring up and over it's body. Slow and bulky, the metavirus seemed to be able to turn immensely quickly as a way of defense. All the while the three viruses seemed interconnected to one another, with the meta in the middle of it all. Awright! Get ova here ya damn pirate so I can blast a cannonball up yer ass!

-- Viruses --
MagnumGuard V2MagnumGuard V2 (MagnumGuard)

MagnumGuards are a combination of the Basher, Gunner, and IronShield viruses. For the most part, they simply look like a Basher's upper turret mounted on a heavily armored catterpillar drive with an extra set of armatures that hold an IronShield in place before the turret. The shield faces in whatever direction the turret faces, allowing the virus to move in one direction while attacking and defending in another. The Basher's signature secondary cannon arms are able to reach out far enough to shoot while the shield is down, and the main cannons fire when the shield is up.

Area: All

HP: 400
Element: Fire

Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 90 Fire + Break + Panel Break x3 Targets, 1 Action Charge
Primary Attack Accuracy: A
Primary Attack Description: The virus selects up to 3 targets, and spends an action charging up the main cannons. It then fires a Magnum blast that reduces most Network constructs to ashes with a single shot; usually leaving a blast crater where they once stood. It may target empty panels and objects as well as enemies.

Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Fire x 9 Shots + Spray Fire + Double Attack
Secondary Attack Accuracy: D
Secondary Attack Description: Sprays the enemy with a hail of machine cannon fire from each cannon arm.

Tertiary Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Fire + Break + Panel Break x 3 Targets + Double Attack
Tertiary Attack Accuracy: C
Tertiary Attack Description: Fires a spread of flaming cannonballs from each cannon arm.

Special: SuperArmor: Immunity to Knockback, Microburst, Pull, Gravity, and similar effects.
-- The virus may raise its shield over it's body to ward off aerial attacks as a free action. However, once the shield is raised, it must remain raised for 1 turn.
-- The virus may lower its shield from the raised position to guard against frontal attacks as a free action. However, once the shield is lowered, it must remain lowered for 1 turn.
-- This virus can move, but it's size and slow pace makes dodging impossible. It can turn quickly, however.

Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Magnum1, MachineGun1, 3-Way, Wrecker, IronShield1, Zenny
: 400 HP (Guarding Captured Navi and Virus Cage, a couple panels in front of them)(Normal)
Swordy-A EXSwordy-A EX (Swordy-A)

Area: Yoka, Sharo

HP: 120
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 30 Aqua + Long Range Attack + Slashing
Primary Attack Accuracy: B
Primary Attack Description: When this virus is 2 panels away from the target, or its enemies are 2-deep, it will attack with Aqua Blade.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Aqua + Wide Range Attack + Slashing
Secondary Attack Accuracy: B
Secondary Attack Description: When this virus is standing directly adjacent to its target, or diagonally from it, it will attack with Aqua Sword.
Element: Aqua
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): AquaKnife, Zenny
Special: Swordy-A's are immune to Freeze Status.
Special: Uses Area Grab to get into attack range.
: 120 HP (Standing guard right next to encampment)(Normal)
Aqua-Heel: 250 HP (One Feint away from Courseman, lined up with him, in front of Missing)(Ice)
BasherBasher (Basher)

Basher viruses are the top-tier of the stationary gunnery viruses with an unmatched single-shot damage output among the normal viruses. They are also the rarest of their class, and appear only after battle 5. They also never appear in large numbers in a normal battle, meaning the ratio of total viruses to Bashers should be at least 4 to 1. The attack cycle of Bashers is 2 actions long, regardless of which attack they use. The first attack requires one action to charge before firing, and the second attack executes twice in succession. If they are stunned, they resume their attack cycle where it was halted once the stun wears off. They don't move, and don't dodge.

Area: Sharo

HP: 120
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 60 Fire + Break + Panel Break x3 Targets, 1 Action Charge
Primary Attack Accuracy: A
Primary Attack Description: The virus selects up to 3 targets, and spends an action charging up the main cannons. It then fires a Magnum blast that reduces most Network constructs to ashes with a single shot, usually leaving a blast crater where they once stood. It may target empty panels and objects as well as enemies.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Fire x3 Targets + Double Attack
Secondary Attack Accuracy: A
Secondary Attack Description: Fires a 3-shot spread from the left arm cannon, then follows up with an identical attack from the right arm cannon just after. Each cannon shot requires an action, and both attacks must occur one after the other.
Element: Fire
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Magnum1 (Rare), Zenny
Special: Immobile
- Main attack destroys panels, reducing enemy evasion by 1 Rank.
: 120 HP (Situated behind BMD/VirusCage)(Normal)

-- Navis --
Courseman.EXE: 100 HP (Out in the open, a Feint away from Aqua-Heel)(Ice)

-- Terrain --
5% Missing
  • Permanent bottomless hole.
  • Doubles dodge penalties for bad RP.
  • EJO if you fall in.
(Dead center of the battlefield)
15% Cracked
  • Changes to Broken when stepped on, chance to fall in when triggered.
  • Burrow: Change terrain to Broken, Null 50 to burrower.
  • Panel Crack attacks, >100 Damage Break/Impact/Drop attacks: Change terrain hit to Broken.
  • PanelShot: Splash1.
(In random patches on the field)
55% Ice
  • +10% Evasion to all. Non-Aqua Elementals get -20% Accuracy.
  • Aqua attacks: 25% Freeze chance, change terrain hit to Normal if triggered. Boost chance to 100% if Ice-type.
  • Elec attacks: +100% Source Damage.
  • Fire attacks: Change terrain hit to Sea.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Aqua + Freeze1.
(Majority of the terrain)
25% Normal
  • No effects.
(Area around and under MagnumGuard V2 encampment)

-- Objects --
BMD: 20 HP (Behind of VirusCage)(Normal)
VirusCage: 40 HP (Contains Spikey and Metool viruses at full HP, can be released with an action)(One movement away)(Normal)
Captured Navi: 40/100 HP (Behind MagnumGuard V2, to the left of VirusCage)(Bound)(Frozen)

Battle Mode: Elite! Delete the meta-virus to win!

-- Battle 13 Ready? Start!! --