Name: Juno
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Summon
Appearance: For all intents and purposes, Juno appears to be a rather normal female Navi. A white bodysuit with the occasional orange highlights, and a black protective covering over her upper chest and arms. Built to be a Navi who worked on the maintenance and upkeep of space-age technology, a helmet also dons her head that can easily be sealed airtight by closing its visor. Paired with this, a simple toolbelt rests around her waist, with a few various digital tools for tinkering.

Beneath the helmet reveals a tanned face with short brown hair that’s almost always an utter mess due to wearing a helmet all the time. A short, skinny individual, Juno was never built to stand out. Despite that, she stands as tall as she can at almost any given time, mostly due to the feeling of being the odd one out amongst a series of increasingly unique-looking Navi’s built for virus busting. Adapting to busting viruses as best she can, a small pack rests on her back like a battery, with solar panels that can be extended when needed to recharge.

Personality: Juno is always thinking and overthinking the situation, whether it comes to emotions, her blueprints, or even netbattling, she believes everything is as much a mental struggle as it is a physical one. Sometimes thinking of a superior plan can outwit an opponent much stronger than them, or at least in theory. What more often happens is they get so confident in their plan, that when it fails they end up almost lost. Scrounging for the metaphorical ground to stand on, unsure what to do or think. Logic is her best friend, and when it fails she’s clueless.

However, despite her reliance on logic, she’s often prone to bouts of excitement and other “irrational” emotions. Despite her shy and overall aloof personality, Juno gets a huge thrill out of talking to people, figuring them out, and in essence trying to figure out how they tick. It’s almost contradictory, completely quiet only until she meets someone new or a close friend, and lights up almost like a lightbulb even if it brings her great embarrassment.

Custom Weapon: Juno’s buster is fueled by solar energy from the device on her back. Plugged straight into her arm, she can fire simple laser beams from her buster, or charge it up for a more damaging attack.

Signature Attack:
The Atlas: Juno summons a small personal craft akin to a spaceship that can protect her from attacks. However, it’s movement has to be fueled from her own solar power and only hovers just off the ground. (40 HP + Equippable Object = 60) Two turn cooldown.

Quick-Fix: By taking the time to do so, Juno can quickly repair herself or another in the midst of a fight with her maintenance expertise. (15 Healing) One turn cooldown.