Level0 GMO

Name: Ira

Description: Shinokami's build becomes noticeable more muscular and emanates a feral presence. His clothing changes to that of a long black jacket/cloak combination, shredded almost to tatters. His black pants are also shredded and his boots have been removed completely, the black-clawed feet only adding to the feral look. Around his wrists and ankles are heavy-duty manacles, the chains of which have been broken a foot from the manacles themselves. Shinokami's wings are still attatched, but his hair has been replaced with very long bright-red hair. As an after effect, he can, if he wishes, give off a powerful black-flame aura. Being a personification of Wrath in this form, Shinokami's personality changes to that of a crazed psychopathic murderer.

Custom Weapon Change: Irkalla and Kafziel are not wielded by Ira. Instead, Ira uses his claws to rend the enemy apart.

Alright. So he ditched the scythes for beastiality.

... Checks out on my side. Approved. Post in whereever necessary.