After much consternation, apathy, and Rai's attempting to herd cats over the months, the overhaul of RERN's battle system is now complete and implemented! Changes included but are not limited to:

  • Removal of speed upgrades, and standardizing of Navi, SP, and virus action counts

  • Reorganized difficulty of Net Areas, such that all 5 elements now have an easy, normal, and hard Net tier

  • Standardized virus counts in battles, and introduction of different battle modes

  • New distribution models for zenny, FXP, and Bugfrags

  • Removal of passive signatures, and a buff to buster damage formulas

Peruse the rules for more thorough explanations. The removed speed upgrades for Navis and SPs will be refunded, by way of this topic.

Given the scope of the changes, it is mandatory that you apply for your refund at earliest convenience (you must be out of battle to throw away your speed upgrades, yes). A free full signature edit is also issued for all characters due to the removal of passive sigs. Battle counts will be reset due to the changes in battle progression even if you do not jack out.