Three large, comfortable cloth-covered red recliners with lacy white seat-backs are positioned around a low coffee table, with a fireplace lit just behind the ensemble, across from the camera's viewpoint, as a scene fades in from blackness. Three stockings are hung above the fireplace on a mantle, reading the names "Holly," "Yasu," and "Novelty." Although the room bares the appearance of a cozy living room, it is actually only complete on three sides, with the rest being a stage setting. Cookies are piled high on a tray near the center, seeming somewhat empty on the left and right side of the plate, but untouched near the center, creating an odd vertical stack.

Seated in the leftmost chair is the familiar hostess of the gathering, Holly, dressed in her festive red Santa cap, tube top, skirt, gloves, and boots, each adorned with white fluff at the hems. Bells jingle on the wrists of each glove and on a choker around the neck. Her slender waist is wrapped with a black leather belt, with a large gold buckle on the front. She wears this outfit for all charitable events, regardless of the season. Her hair is chocolate brown, her skin is a rosy shade, and her eyes are big, green, and inviting. By her side is a large burlap sack, presumably full of toys or chip data; it's a toss-up as to which.

In the seat across from camera, a woman is seated with her arms folded. The lady's hair is long, wavy, and a wooden-brown color; her skin is traced with old battle scars and somewhat tan, nearly matching the same hue. Her musculature is so intense that one might think she was a man at first glance, were it not for features of her wardrobe. Her outfit includes a green, sleeveless turtle-neck sweater, woolen, and tight across her chest, with a message across the front: "NEO-SHOGUN EMPIRE", with the shape of a half-red, half-white smiling oni mask between the words. The size of her bosom makes the words stand out. The sweater ends shortly below her waist, with her long legs completely bare except for red and white wrapped bandages, which match the ones around her knuckles, making her look slightly oddly dressed for Christmas, as though she was torn between preparing for a fight or a Christmas party. One eye is covered by a wrapped, green eye-patch, the band partially hidden by her hair. Her eyes one visible eye is a brighter green than Holly's, but narrow and suspicious, while a stern frown makes her look less than charitable.

The last figure is a girl leaning on one side of the chair. Her skin is pale, her eyes are a bright brown-orange color, and her hair is black, done in a simple bob. Her outfit is comprised of a white t-shirt, extending all the way to the knees, with green-and-red striped leggings underneath and short black boots. A picture of a Rubix cube with alternating red and green colors is printed on the center of the chest, making her seem like a bit of a nerd. Her proportions are slim and somewhat modestly filled out compared to the hostess or the buff newcomer. Most notably, her one arm that is slung over the side of the chair ends by disappearing behind an awkwardly placed tree, behind which a figure in shiny black armor is awkwardly placed, his features too heavily obscured to offer clues as to his identity.

"Hello, everyone!" the hostess began, smiling and waving to the camera as the lady in the black glared and the girl across from her whispered irritably to whoever was hidden behind the tree. "Welcome to our factional get-together. We're going to be keeping things simple this year," Holly continued, gesturing to the modest decor, "because, wouldn't you know it, I've already completed my toy-distribution to tikes all around the net! We hope you're happy with what you got! For the second year in a row, Suitachi's store has decided to forego matching our chip donations... last time they distributed those on their own and... this year I believe they've thrown in with AuctionMan. But that's just fine! Plenty of chips were still distributed to needy navis. All that's left is for us gals to celebrate and get comfy~ Let's start with introductions. I'm Holly!"

"Hmph. You need a tighter reign on this. From what I understand, that grotesque man has been making quite a spectacle of himself and performing utterly indecent acts in the name of his 'Netiday' giveaway," the woman in the back grunted. "I am, of course, First General Yasu of the Neo-Shogun Empire. It reflects poorly on every faction to be left out of the most prestigious donation drive, Holly, and to be upstaged by a disgusting pervert like that." She recrossed her almost completely bare legs again, while the camera shifted slightly to the side to be more at an angle with her, rather than facing her full-on. "You there! Aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

"Oh, sure," the last of the three spoke up, breaking away from her conversation with the hidden figure. "I'm Novelty, with Netpolice Prosecutions Department. I'm just an officer, not one of the ranked numbers. This crook back here is... uh... let's call him 'Santa.' Yes, Santa. He won't be getting involved in tonight's festivities, though. Anyways, it's a pleasure to be here, enjoying your cookies and egg-nog, Holly," she smiled, being polite as possible as her arm began tugging behind the tree, as if the hidden, black-armored "Santa" there was pestering her for something. She handed a cookie backwards to placate him, which was grabbed by a clawed, black, metallic hand. The sounds of an iron bear-trap clamping up and down with shocking volume followed, causing Holly to jump a bit.

"No, thank you for joining me!" Holly giggled, trying not to look too affected by whatever was happening. "For today's celebration, I thought we'd try to do something nice, safe, and most importantly, in the spirit of wholesome charity. You know, things have a tendency to get... a little out of hand during these broadcasts. This time, I'd like to reign it in and keep things clean," she nodded, then winked at the camera. "I hope you all won't be too disappointed! For now, we're going with this theme: the people closest to you! When we planned this get-together, I asked each of you to bring the person closest to you. We'll be speaking to each of them and ideally making their holidays as cheerful as possible! Why don't we all talk about who we've brought today?" she encouraged them. "My guest this time is Zazz, who's a big fan of these get-togethers! She's always so eager to help me with all of my event planning. We're practically joined at the hip! She's working special effects and also the camera today. Let's give the camera a spin so Zazz can say hi!"

The camera spun around to reveal a crazed looking girl, shorter than any of the others, with orange hair sticking out wildly from a Santa cap. Otherwise, she was dressed in a half-yellow, half-red navi-suit, separated at the waist by a zig-zagged pattern, with alternating yellow gloves, red boots, and yellow shoulder-armor. Her pupils were beady, her eyes huge, with black bags underneath as though she hadn't slept recently. She gave a big grin into the camera and seemed to be all enthusiasm besides. Still, she didn't linger long, and swung it back around.

Yasu stood up and pressed one fist to her chest. "For me, it is, of course, the Shogun herself. Hime has agreed to grace us all with her presence," the First General informed them all, before lowering herself to one knee, having just enough space behind the coffee table.

Another navi stepped into frame, bundled heavily in white, cloth wrapping. Two yellow, gleaming eyes stared out from a slit near the face. None of the rest of her body was visible. "Greetings," the Shogun spoke simply to all of those assembled.

Novelty coughed into her free fist, then spoke up next. "The person I've spent the most time with is, uh... 'Santa', the guest hiding behind this tree. 'Santa' is pretty shy so... he can't step out here," she informed them all, an awkward smile tugging at the side of her mouth as she seemed to regret that the ominous figure hidden back there was the one she had spent the most time with this year.

"G-Great!" Holly clapped. "Wow! 'Santa'... Okay, um, let's keep going. So, now that we're all together, we are going to go around in a circle and each of our friends is going to tell you what they want for Christmas, then you're going to do the best to give it to them-!" the hostess explained, only to be interrupted by a sudden, jarring cough, like a sick and dying inpatient, bellowing from behind some kind of mask. The voice came from behind the tree. "Um... Novelty, why don't you and 'Santa' start?"

"Wait, really? He gets to ask for something?" Novelty complained, making it clear that she and the hidden mystery man were not exactly trusting friends. "Okay, fine... Tra- er, 'Santa...' what do you want for Christmas. What's that? Nothing, because you're Santa?" she asked, trying to speak quickly so that he couldn't get words in over her.

Instead, a loud, raspy, metallic voice began to emit from behind the tree. "I just want to watch! Nothing give me more of aaah GAAAHACK-!" the voice coughed noisily, sputtering and slobbering, before recovering itself. "A warm, fuzzy feeling than watching love between others."

"Aw! That's kind of sweet, 'Santa!'" Holly giggled, seeming slightly surprised.

"So I was thinking, it'd be best if you and Zazz got on the table and made out, while undressing each-other since you're such good gal-pals, keheheheHRRRRRK-!"

Holly's smile waned a bit, as her eyes shot over to the camera again. The camera's viewpoint briefly swung about wildly, as though someone had bumped it, while Zazz nearly tripped over herself running onto frame. "Charity drive joy and all that! I guess what he says we gotta do! Yep yep yep!" she insisted, practically knocking over the egg-nog mugs as she scrambled to move the tray of cookies off the table. She popped one into her mouth while she finished clearing the table, then flopped onto it on her back, seeming eager. "Like this? Or... maybe it's better on our sides!" she offered, shifting up onto her side as she did.

"M-Maybe..." Holly agreed, smiling as best as she could. "Um... before we continue... maybe you could tell me your wish, Zazz? Since... this wasn't actually your wish, of course."

"It wasn't? Oh, right! It wasn't!" the orange-haired camera-lady concurred. "Okay, well I'm gonna go with my back-up! Wear this .GMO I made you!" she cheered, presenting a data packet. Holly accepted it gingerly, while Zazz beamed. "I wasn't sure how much I could get away with... I mean, I wasn't sure how much uh, joy we were gonna spread! But I prepared it just in case!"

The hostess activated her .GMO and crossed her arms preemptively, finding her whole ensemble replaced with Christmas red-and-gold Christmas wrapping, covering her body in a less-than-modest way, with the breasts and just the center points of the lower body covered, including a big bow at the center of the chest. It was a familiar type of festive garb for those in the know about such things. Her hair also held a present-bow in similar colors, on a discrete pin. "Oh, you... like this sort of thing, huh, Zazz?" she asked, still sounding cheerful, even if it was a little put-on.

"D-Don't look at me with those disappointed eyes! We're supposed to be friends making out!" Zazz gasped, looking wounded. Holly sighed and nodded, then took her place awkwardly upon the table. "Oh, we'd better do you on bottom and me on top after all! The camera won't get us both otherwise, and I'm way too egotistical not to be on camera!"

Holly nodded, then smiled, calming herself. "Um... as far as undressing... I'm already undressed, so let's just work on yours, okay?" she persuaded her friend, clasping her hands behind Zazz's narrow shoulders. "Just relax..."

"I'm toooootally relaxed!" Zazz boldly lied, seeming so jittery she was likely to knock them both off the table.

As Holly got to work undressing the camera-lady, Hime's yellow eyes turned into sympathetically smiling crescents. She faced Yasu and spoke quietly. "This is quite something you've gotten involved in," she offered her general.

"Hmph. Indeed. Well, at least it's not perverted like that other show. Except for 'Santa' over there," Yasu cringed, as though there weren't two girls making out on a coffee table in front of her. "He's ruining our festivities. Now, Hime-"

"Oh, I think it's quite alright if we wait until the others are done before you ask me what I'd like," Hime muttered awkwardly, perhaps waiting to formulate some kind of idea that wouldn't be too much of a disappointment but also wouldn't involve making out with anyone.

"Ha! As if we need the time," the First General smirked. "We share a bond of general and shogun! I know what you're thinking as soon as you've thought of it, and you rely on me as much for strategy as I do you for leadership. It was clear to me in the first place that you wanted me to use this platform to advertise for our message. For that reason, I've come clad in this sweatshirt, advertising the empire, while also showing off my physique. I believe it's important that those who work hard to maintain their personal fitness, which is also a mark of discipline, display the fruits of those efforts," she insisted at length.

"Y-Yes... That's quite a job you've done. You predicted my wishes so accurately," Hime applauded Yasu, perhaps seeing a chance to end their roles in this early. "Good work."

"Ha! I am thankful for your praise, Shogun, but you praise me too early! Behold, for I have only begun!" Yasu announced, practically beaming, nearly out of character for those who knew her, as she reached beneath the hem of her single garment and lifted it off over her head in one practiced motion. Underneath, she wore an... interestingly designed one-piece, bright green in color, covering in a sling-shot style. The style showed off an impressive rack of abs, as well as the definition in her back, collar, and her wide hips. The words "NOW" were written down one strap in white, with "RECRUITING" running down from the other strap to the groin. She paused for a moment to flex, turning her back to the camera, where one line ran from the center of the buttocks up to the shoulders in an obscene Y-strap. "That's right! The Neo-Shogun Empire is now recruiting! We need active soldiers with pride in their work and their bodies, just like I take in mine!"

"... Y-Yasu... Are you certain you are not a pervert?" Hime asked, backing up slightly.

The First General turned around with a confused expression. "What do you mean?" she asked dumbly, arching one eyebrow. "This is my pride, Shogun, in my toned and sculpted body. This isn't some lecherous display like you might see from Dee or one of her boy-toys..."

"... You don't understand how they're similar?" Hime asked, lowering her eyebrows behind the veil.

While Yasu and Hime wrestled with that, Zazz was doing wrestling of her own on the table, digging both hands into Holly's buttocks as the two locked lips. Somehow, Zazz had ended up on the bottom now, and it looked like she was doing more of the work, as far as the tongue-tying went. With all of the easy pieces removed from Zazz's wardrobe, Holly had sort of slowed to a crawl in doing her duty. "You gotta tear it!" Zazz giggled, giving Holly a playful swat on the bum that solicited a small gasp.

"M-Maybe we could go ahead and wrap-" Holly suggested, sounding slightly out of breath.

"Oh, yeah! We can do that too!" Zazz agreed, pushing Holly's shoulders up so that the other girl was sitting upright. She reached out and quickly snatched the bow at the center of Holly's chest, so that the whole ensemble fell apart, allowing her to tug off the ribbon between Holly's legs.

Both the sudden nakedness and the feeling of the tugging between her legs caused Holly to squeak girlishly. "Zazz, we're on TV!" Holly complained, crossing her arms across her chest and looking at the neglected camera.

"No, no, it's good! See, look!" Zazz protested, dragging Holly's arms off her breasts, one to each side. It became apparent that each breast was covered with a small, red gift bow, likely taped on, but not looking terribly secure. "See! I got you. There's also one down here-!" Zazz further ensured her companion, helping her friend to stand up and face the camera, revealing another small bow with ribbons hanging down to barely conceal between the legs. Holly stared red-faced and babbling into the camera, while Zazz inspected the ensemble. "Hmmm... Oh right! There's nothing on the back though."

"BRRRRRHRRRK-!" a loud cough came from behind the tree, as the whole thing shook, as though the 'Santa' behind it had nearly fallen over and was struggling to steady himself. The whole thing fell over with a loud metallic clatter.

Hime walked towards the camera with a vexed expression, as Yasu reached out one hand after her, seeming deeply affected by whatever conversation the two of them had just had during the chaos. "I think this would be a good time to sign off, everyone. Please keep us in mind for next year, and a blessed evening to you and whoever is closest to you," she finished, before holding out one hand to cover the camera, blacking it out before the feed was suddenly cut off.