Just realized I forgot to update Vasilia's appearance to match her artwork , whoops. Edited a bit so it read clearer, same with her custom weapon.

Vasilia looks only barely humanoid these days. For a head she has a sphere of black walnut wood, with her emblem of a closed green bud from a plant set where a face would normally be. Atop of her head sitis her hat, a wide-brimmed witch’s hat with an extra curly top and a wide ribbon around the base. Lacking a neck, or indeed any other sort of attachment, her head floats above the top of a curvy, hourglass figure with a ribbon tied around the middle. Floating to either side are her hands: three fingered white gloves with pointed fingertips and swirly, stylized 6’s for fingerprints. They change size at whim, and constantly trail tiny streams of what looks like blue fragmented data from the wrist. Below the hourglass shape are what appear to be a pair of short boots with ridiculous heels and extremely curly toes. These too constantly emit a trail of blue glowing fragments from their tops where normally legs would meet them. The blue of the fragmented data is the same shade as her magic takes.

Vasilia's shadow is home to a rather interesting phenomenon. A multitude of ghostly, malformed hands with fingers ranging from two to five to six or more appear to push against the tiles of the Net, attempting to escape. Typically Vasilia's shadow only appears wavy or flickers oddly, when she uses signature attacks that make use of the hands, the hands become easily spotted. They're creepy enough that Vasilia would rather not have anything to deal with them.

Custom Weapon:
Her broom, her magic, the hands, and herself. She works her magic through sigils she creates, either the sigil itself does something or it acts as the target for something else. Her magic is always a brightly glowing green.

Vasilia is a wooden witch-puppet reminiscent of a marionette. All portions of her body take damage when hit and the various pieces act as if attached by invisible threads.

Her body is a hourglass shape bisected by a wide ribbon that's secured by a bow in the back. Above this ribbon in the chest section iis her emblem: a blue sigil on a black field. The sigil appears as a stylized fourleaf clover that's bisected both vertically and horizontally by straight lines that end in short, curved line segments.

Above her body floats Vasilia's head: a sphere with natural wood coloring. Sitting atop her head is her wide-brimmed witch's hat with floppy pointed top that curls at the end.

To either side of her torso floats her gloves. The three fingers and thumb all have a backwards bent to them and a small point to the tips. Each part of her hand has an open ended swirl as a fingerprint in the rough shape of a six.

Benath her body are her high heeled boots. Short above the ankle this fashionable footwear has an exagerrated swirl at each tip. There's a band across the top of each boot in the same color as the ribbon around her 'waist', below the band are the yellow laces.

Vasila's hands and feet all have a curious visual effect: where one would expect openings for hands or feet to slip into there is instead 'pools' of glowing blue, the same as her sigil, that constantly emits a small stream of glowing particles. These particles tend to drift upwards at rest, but in movement they trail behind her like ribbons.

In Vasilia's shadow there is a multitude of mishappen hands with variable numbers of fingers. Crooked and bent, when visible they are a smokey dark-grey in coloration.

Custom Weapon:
Vasilia summons a broom to her hand for melee attacks. For more long ranged attacks she tends to use her magic, typically by drawing sigils in bright blue. Occasionally her spells cause the weird hands in her shadow to become visible, typically when they interact with other entities in the area.