=== Operator ===
Name: Eric Bauersox
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: A man of lean build. A period of neglect has left Eric with a body lacking muscular build, which combined with his lack of body fat does not bode well for his larger-than-normal height (193cm, or 6'4"), weighing in at only 72 kilograms (158 pounds). Eric is a redhead (red-orange variety) which is kept at a normal length (no longer than 5cm/2" from the scalp). There is a large faint scar that runs from the right collar bone to the ear's edge of his right cheek bone. His eyes are hazel coloured, and his eyes seem to appear larger than that of the normal human. His preference of clothing is usually anything in the cool colour spectrum (green, blue, purple) as well as dark colours (grey and black) but most times of the day you'll see him in a dark teal polo shirt with navy blue chinos, and an old black analogue watch, which is not considered normal wear for the digital times he lives in. Eric always seems to have a 5-o'clock-shadow, despite shaving every day.
Personality: Eric can be ignorant to activities around him. Combined with a shorter attention span, it can be hard to keep his attention focused on topics he's not interested in. He's been referred to as a "gentle giant" as he has little regards to aggressive and condescending speech, which has been a problem for his own personal development. Eric would rather keep silent than prove someone wrong, just to keep the peace.
PET Modifications: Eric's PET was gifted to him. It is a compact handheld model with deployable arms on both sides for two-handed complex operations. The main screen fills the front of the PET, and the two arms sit behind this. They deploy to the left and right, with keys for programmable directions on the lower half of both arms, and more information panels on the top half of each arm (predominantly for handing off navigation and communication functions whilst operating). The PET can be operated from both standard mode (arms withdrawn) and technical mode (arms deployed). The PET itself is violet in appearance, with cyan button and white edgings around the button consoles and screen edges. The back bears its navi's emblem (see more below).

*excerpt from Amity.EXE description*
On top of this sits her emblem; a six-petal flower that sits atop a large circle, with all six petals reaching equally to the edges of the outer circle, with a core in the centre. Inside the core are two small lines that run parallel to each other and extend from the lower third of the upper third; the length of the lines is the same distance between the lines themselves and the top and bottom edges of the core's edge. The outer circle is violet, the petals are cyan, the core is white and the lines are violet.