Request for mission

Hello! People say I am too small and weak for important missions, but that's not true! I am stealthy, clever, and a magnificent marksman with my gun!

I would love to go on any mission which might reward me with treasure, preferably lots of zenny!

I am tough, resilient, and not afraid of anything! Don't be fooled by my deceptively cute appearance. However, I am also a beginner so please, nothing difficult! 

Yours truly,

Welcome to Internet City, Aisling. We have received a request we believe matches well to your posted skill-set. Please peruse the message, and reply back regarding whether you choose to accept it.


Well hello~ there Aisling! I'm very pleased to be matched to your request, and do I ever have the perfect job for you!

So there's this party, you see. A real full gala-type ordeal: you've got your full formal requirement, invitation only, dancing and an emulated bar, money flying everywhere, shady security types at every exit...maybe even a couple of would-be cons running in the background! The guys who organised the shindig bought out a whole server bank to host it; it's ever so slightly a big deal. 

So, you have this massive party, right? Now imagine your father hosted it, in your honour. Imagine you're gonna have a whole mansion full of people making moves on you, wanting your time and attention, when you have your own friends you want to spend time with, and, perhaps, business of your own to attend to. You'd probably wish for, say, a convenient body-double that could pose for you for little bits while you slip off to do what you really wanted to do that night. 

You ahead of me yet? Yes, Aisling, I want this double to be you. We'll have a disguise prepared for your arrival, and I'll be in your ear the whole night, feeding you information. We'll swap places a couple of times, you take my place on the dance floor and so on while I slip away to run my errands, and we'll have you out of there in a jiffy. You will, of course, be compensated based on your performance, but I'm sure we can find a figure you're happy with.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

-Global Network Administration