Name: QuestMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: QuestMan has a relatively simple appearance for a customized Navi: he is modeled as a young man of average height and build, clad in a blue-green Navi-suit with little in the way of decoration or adornment besides a darker blue pattern in the shape of a vest at the chest, a bit past the wrists out, and a bit over the feet down. All of those adornments are covered by a simple brown sleeveless tunic, ending a short bit below the waist and bound by laced stitches at the neck, as well as short brown gloves and boots, all of thick and clumpy brown material like leather. Among all this, perhaps his only stand-out feature is a brown, wooden helmet he wears, featuring two curved ivory horns, although one is broken off about halfway from where the tip would otherwise be. The helmet features iron binding with rivets, including a portion which travels down to guard the bridge of the nose, two iron ear-guards, and a chin strap. On his ear-guards, his Navi symbol can be seen, a golden hilt of a sword with a purple gem at the center on a dark blue background. He also normally wears a hide belt with a pouch on his right hip and a dark sheath on his left. Both, notably, are empty.
The helmet does not cover the entire back of the head, so his rough blue-black hair can be seen around the edges, ending just over the back of his neck. His ethnicity is a non-descript mix of Electopian and Netopian features, fair skinned but with a bit of an outdoors tan. His facial features are somewhat plain, but young and unblemished, with intense features belied a bit by his wide and easy grin.
Personality: QuestMan is modeled on the hero of Kelsy’s favorite video game series, Trial of Tutoria, a classic fantasy role-playing game. He is programmed with an understanding that he is to fit that role. As such, he does his best to play a plucky, do-gooding, hot-blooded hero with a can-do spirit. Truth be told, QuestMan often has doubts about his own ability, and can be plagued by negative emotions or impulses as much as anybody else. To the maximum extent possible, he tries to quash those and keep them to himself: he is a hero first and an impulsive young man second. He likes to show off and won’t miss any opportunity to demonstrate his abilities, but hates to admit there is anything he can’t do.
Because he was also programmed to handle Kelsy’s day to day operations (although he normally does this unseen, as his actual basis is intended to remain a secret), he is surprisingly adept at handling the technical aspects required of a Navi and the deeply complex operations of LiveLeg Software. In fact, he is a natural hand at all sorts of tasks and chores. Less charitably, he is the type of Navi who can hardly ever say “no” when given a task. He has been programmed with very little in the way of personal hobbies, legitimately taking pleasure in jobs well done or daily training, and thus is consistently out of his element when faced with the situations most would consider leisure or downtime.
Background: QuestMan was created as an homage to Kelsy’s favorite series, Trials of Tutoria, on a relatively recent impulse, made possible by a hefty sum and a backroom deal with the creator of the series. The Navi now handles of her day-to-day planning and serves as a user interface for her to interact with the business’s computers. In what she considers a stroke of genius, Kelsy modeled QuestMan based on her interpretation of the level 1 hero from the very first game, before the series became big, something QuestMan will probably always regret but has already learned never to complain about. This means QuestMan does not have access to any of the tools his character is famous for and only vaguely matches the appearance anyone would recognize. As such, the Navi eagerly submits himself to his operator’s whims, doing whatever it takes to gain strength and repair his legendary demon blade.
Custom Weapon: QuestMan fights with his broken demon saber, Maguffr. Without projecting any energy, the blade is basically a misshapen golden knife with an overqualified misty purple gemstone, and watching him fight with it can be cringe-inducing. The demon blade occasionally speaks to him, but is only programmed with a basic personality and rarely has much useful to say. This basic programming actually makes the blade a bit more level-headed than its wielder, and Maguffr will sometimes deliver unvarnished opinions QuestMan keeps to himself.
Starting Set: HeatShot x1, HP +50 x1
Sig Attacks (80/80):
SLASH: A burst of golden energy projects from Maguffr’s hilt as its gemstone flashes, allowing QuestMan to briefly tap into its power and deliver a slash with the sword at its full length.
60 Null Slashing Melee attack, 60 points, 2 TCD
EQUIP SHIELD: QuestMan equips a “sturdy” oak shield, a fancy way of saying he has strapped some chopped lumber together and wields it in a desperate bid to block an attack. As much pride as QuestMan takes in his craftsmanship, this defense is makeshift, and can only take one hit before it has to be repaired.
1-hit Shield, 20 points, 1 TCD

Operator: Kelsy Porter