Name: Kelsy Porter
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kelsy is a woman of mixed Electopian and Netopian descent, average of height and fit in build. She typically keeps her brown hair in a short bob with nearly flat front bangs, kept meticulously trimmed to maintain its appearance. Her face is slightly round, with dark, almond-shaped eyes, trimmed eyebrows, and a resting smile on lightly painted lips. Her eyes are normally obscured by rectangular, rimless glasses.
Kelsy’s outfit varies according to her tasks for the day, and she is known to keep multiple in her office to change in the same day. Most of her meetings are accomplished in a grey pantsuit with a thin black belt, a white button-up beneath, and smart black heels. On the other hand, when she is exercising (which is frequently, even in her office) she is normally found with black sweatpants and a plain grey sports bra, and white athletic sneakers. All of her outfits seem to fit her perfectly and show of her well-kept figure. Although her outfits are typically conservative, her hips and legs can turn heads.
Despite her obsession with the Trials of Tutoria gaming series, she owns very little memorabilia related to it, and the only part of her fandom she wears is quite literally on her sleeve: an expensive silver watch which was actually a collector’s item, bearing a metallic black representation of the hero in his block 8-bit form behind the glass and watch hands.
Personality: Most know Kelsy as an unknowable force, a whirlwind that blows through the office managing managers at her company, Living Legend (LiveLeg) Software. She is the type to shake hands, learn names, and remember all those hands and names. She is a comfortable communicator, diligent, and an incredibly hard worker, things which have enabled her to carve out a wedge of the video game market for her company and keep it there, to the point where its indie focus has necessarily shifted to mainstream to keep up with a ravenous audience. Nonetheless, she is consistently up to the challenge, a seemingly endless well of energy, creativity, and capability.
That said, while Kelsy aims to be friendly with everyone, she has few true, close connections, and all of her employees know her as a boss first and a friend second. Because she makes decisions quickly and doesn’t share every aspect of her thinking, many employees live in secret fear of having a last-minute project “she knows they can handle” dropped on their desk. She is used to dealing with people who can match her outward enthusiasm and work ethic, and expects as much from everyone.
Kelsy’s second most defining trait is one few actually know of: her immense fandom of the Trials of Tutoria classic role-playing game series. Most moments she spends not working, working out, eating, or sleeping are spent on her interaction with the games or nerding out with the fan community. It isn’t as though she denies her fandom, but she tends to downplay it, believing that giving a window into just how deeply she cares for the series would make her appear less stable or less professional. Though she doesn’t acknowledge it, another reason is that she feels she must keep that aspect of her life separate from the work, lest she taint the purity and enjoyment of her hobby by mixing it with her daily grind. When she does have the chance to talk on her favorite hobby, sometimes she can’t help but let her enthusiasm spill out.
PET Modifications: Kelsy’s PET is a cutting edge model, bright silver and displaying the LiveLeg logo on the back, and utilizing a wireless connection. She appreciates the retro models more, but the secret pleasure of having the hero of Trials of Titania living inside her PET makes the disappointment bearable.