Name: Tutoria.EXE

Gender: Female

Element: Elec

Subtype: Team

Appearance: The navi is typically clad in a heavy green robe, with gilded gold adornments, including a chain-link collar with jagged edges, designed to look like intertwining lightning bolts. The robe's sleeves have long but narrow openings. The garment is relatively shapeless, apart from at the waist, where it is secured by a brown, leather belt, with a plate containing her emblem: an open book in white with a lightning bolt in yellow against the darkness behind it. The robe's hood is very large, with the bottom laps folding to rest at the neck and shoulders of the main garment. Beneath that robe is a very elaborate outfit. Her headgear consists of a silver circlet and connected earpieces. The circlet does not connect at the forehead, and instead stops just at her brows, forming zig-zagging lightning shapes that don't quite touch. They tend to give her a somewhat severe expression, since they hide her actual eyebrows. The earguards hide her pointed ears; in addition to the circular shape containing her navi-emblem, they also continue out in points, again with a jagged, silver lightning motif at the tips. Beyond that, a brown skinsuit is visible, traced with golden lines that disappear beneath the robe. Thick gloves and short boots of darker green cloth can also be seen at the hems of her robe. 

Bits of her face are the only part of her pale skin that show through, with a slight touch of pink. Despite the apparent age in her words and her longevity on the net, she appears very young underneath all the wizard gear. Her hair is golden blond and very straight, held away from her forehead and tied into a tight braid by a silver band designed to look like forked lightning, which is hidden by her hood. Her eyes are a piercing, bright green color and flash white when she has a "flash of inspiration". Her ordinary expression is somewhat severe, but she is capable of expressions of kindness, compassion, and downright prettiness as well. Her overall physique is slender and while she is tall at just under 6 feet, she is otherwise very petite, with a thin body and, frankly, lacking much along the way of womanly assets.

Personality: Tutoria is singularly focused with supporting the hero navi she sees it as her destiny to guide. She will cast aside anything, even her operator's own selfish directions, to that end. She is typically no-nonsense and acts as a strict mentor, however, she has a softer side that is happy to see her hero succeed and celebrates his victories. Even apart from the hero, she is the unselfish type who likes to help those in need; she has little patience for what she sees as evil, laziness, or general poor character, however. Tutoria's greatest failing is that, due to her operator's negligence, she was not transferred with the "wisdom" she is supposed to have. While she feels intelligent, the truth is there are great gaps in that intelligence; worse, she has a tendency to rely on "bolts of inspiration," which occur when lightning flashes over her head, unprompted. When this occurs, she generally imparts "wisdom" upon others, however, that wisdom is all nonsense parceled together from missing and mangled code, and usually ends up counterproductive. She is still quite confident of the wisdom, believing it matches her internal logic, and only under very severe scrutiny will admit to it being mistaken. She takes the approach that it will make sense later.

Tutoria also enjoys role-playing games and fantasy with something of a passion, but she keeps those hobbies mostly to herself, as well as anything else that would make her seem immature. She does not self-identify as an "elf" and finds it slightly annoying when people typecast her as one... even though, or perhaps because, she fits most of the stereotypes pretty closely.

Background: For years, Tutoria has served as a back-up navi to great heroes across the net, as they accomplish phenomenal deeds and help others. She lent her service to others in that capacity and was popular for her helpfulness, her charm and good manners, and most of all, for her powers as a support navi. All of that came to an end when Cassiel came to request her service, looking for a wizard navi that could work along with his boss's hero navi and make a good impression. Tutoria's service required her to transfer from a server to one's PET, including her net form, her personality, her knowledge, and her abilities. When Cassiel paid her modest fee for service, he did so in the cheapest way possible: namely, a bootleg payment program, designed to cheat other programs into seeing payment and later redact that. It was more bootleg than he figured, and Tutoria's data ended up fragmented, losing much of the knowledge and power that had made her so sought after.

Cassiel feels some amount of guilt over that, but more so, he feels fear over being found out. As such, he has hidden this history from Tutoria, and proclaims to his boss that she is still that great wizard and support navi. For the most part, Tutoria is none the wiser, save the rare occasion she nearly manages to catch on to just how much of her former programming is missing, or to suspect that these "bolts of inspiration," which didn't exist at all previously, feel out of place.

Custom Weapon: Tutoria fires a small bolt from her book, casting Lv. 0 BOLT. Without charging it, no one would expect it to do much damage, compared to once of her chanted spells. 

Sig Attacks (80/80):

Lv. 1 BOLT: Lightning gathers about Tutoria's book as she chants, then releases in a fast, crackling bolt of electricity. The simplest of spells.
40 elec shot attack, 40 points, 1 TCD

Lv. 1 HEAL: After a brief incantation, Tutoria raises her book and light gathers around it. White wisps move outward from its pages and towards one ally, restoring their vitality and healing wounds.
30 heal, 40 points, 1 TCD