Name: Cassiel Garbner

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Cassiel is a young, black man with the lean but tough frame of a guy who was always good at sports, always eager to hang out at the gym, and never spent a lot of time indoors, contrasting his status as a video game designer. He frequents the barber and keeps his hair down to nearly buzzed off, but not all the way, but ironically has a tendency to let his face get a stubble regardless. His eyes are deep brown and tend to have an intense look in them that make him seem a little dangerous or a little wild, neither of which he particularly is. Cassiel is decent at bluffing when he wants to be, but otherwise, his mouth tends to reflect impatience and a general feeling of being fed up with trying.

Cassiel's policy of trying just as little as he can manage to skate by continues to his manner of dress, which is very casual, even in the office. He's fond of wearing things that make him look wealthy, including, but not limited to: expensive shoes, chains, and tech gadgets, but he will avoid springing for things that take a lot of effort to upkeep, like a dress shirt, suit, or tie. He cleans up well when he tries to.

Personality: Cassiel's motivations are not complex: he wants to make money, get girls, play all he wants, and not work too hard, with special emphasis on the last part. He misjudged video game design as a field that make his work synonymous with his play; that turned out not to be the case, and he has struggled ever since. Too unmotivated to go back to school for another field and too lazy/inept to get far in video game design, he is currently looking for an avenue to protect his job and avoid getting fired, ideally while cheating his way up the ladder if he can manage.

Ironically, Cassiel finds games pretty stupid, and his favorites are mostly mainstream games that he can play with his bros. The genre he understands the least is the oldschool fantasy RPG, which makes his interactions with his navi, who is an elf-like wizard, and his boss, who is a secret RPG fan, especially awkward. He gets annoyed by try-hards, by those who are too goody-goody, and by those who are too much smarter than he is. He's always convinced his next big break is just around the corner. Right now, he's convinced he can use Tutoria in a scheme to get in good with his boss and propel himself up the corporate ladder, but he's just as nervous about getting fired as he is motivated to move up. He is determined to twist Tutoria's hairbrained ideas into polished gems so that he can keep up his charade. To a great extent, he lacks empathy for the people who might get caught in the crossfire of Tutoria's decisions.

Cassiel lives alone in a small apartment; he is having a hard time getting the funds he needs to move to a bigger pad, though it's high on his list of priorities. Also high on his list of priorities is getting a real classy girlfriend, but he doesn't have the type of personality that attracts a lot of girls. His plan is to compensate by getting a lot of money and reel one in that way. His views on women are pretty chauvinistic and his preferences are very classic.

PET Modifications: Cassiel's PET speaks only to his character and nothing of his navi's. It's an expensive model in black with white accents that was purchased mostly because it was purchased. If it looks brand new, it's only because for a long time he didn't use it at all, only carried it around.