Sub-type change for R-kid

Anyways, because my NAVI Rainbowkid is 'Rainbowkid' instead of the elementkid I listed in my first bio, I'd like to change his sub-type. This is because the -awsome element combo with scope len- will not work without the 'element' part. So I would like to change his sub-type to recover. I may change his type later as well, but thats another story.


Type: Normal/Recover
Kind of need a reason to switch the type. What makes R-kid Recovery oriented?
From the books I read,

Elemental= Awsome hero of great justice/ Good/ God/ Power/ Elemental Wars. In other words, Power. (Break/ Cursor/ Normal).

Rainbow= The gift of light that shines down to all good/ fairy/ light of good that keeps a warrior going/ Unicorn/ Gold/ Combination of powers that lead to great health. In other words, heal. (Recover).

Air/ Lightning/ Clouds= Symbols of the sky, Thunderstorm, Tornado. In other words, wind. (Wind)

Brute Force: Pure power of force. In other words, muscle. (Break/Normal)

Army dudes= Master of weapons and aim along with melee. In other words, perfect force. (Cursor/Normal)

Medic related: Recover, duh.

Ninja, warlord, swordsmen, etc: I'm not done reading these books yet cause I am taking more trips to the mall, but so far it is (Sword/Normal/Break).
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Ah, I thought the NVM post thing meant you changed your mind again or something. Approved.