Information Inquiry

Rhea gracefully swung open the door to the HQ, approaching the reception with a very serious look (but not enough to murder people upon sight). Noticing that there was a bell for her to ring, Rhea tapped on it to announce her arrival.

"Excuse me. I would like to seek information on an organisation. To which department shall I refer to?" Rhea spoke loudly and clearly, as if she wanted more people to hear her.

On the other hand... Harley waited outside with all the other bikes, cars and/or steeds, not wanting to break anything inside the HQ.
"Hello, visitor," one of the many NP HQ desk workers greeted Rhea. The navi was clad in a black undersuit with white armor, fitting the typical image of an NP standard navi. Judging by his words, he didn't seem to know who Rhea was or have any means of identifying her as an officer. "Since you mention a department, I'd imagine you're looking for more information than I have available. We can move you to a video conference room if that will suit your purposes, or, depending on the question, I may have the means to answer you here," he offered. "If you're looking to join one of our departments, we also have digital brochures available."
Rhea nodded at the desk worker, digging into her pouch to retrieve her NP identification card to state herself as a new recruit to the Prosecutions department. "I understand and appreciate your general assistance; however, I would like to seek specific information on the new, uprising faction, the Neo Shogunates. Your referral to the appropriate department which holds knowledge of this organisation is much appreciated," Rhea said politely, repeating her own request in a much clearer and specific manner.
"Ah, an officer! Excuse me, I didn't recognize you. I'd imagine there's someone from Investigations willing to help you. Investigations has been very busy researching the activities of several groups of interest, including the movements of the recently formed Neo-Shogun Empire," the police navi suggested, bringing out a data key. "I'll call one of them into video conference with you. Please head into that room and take a seat," he offered. The desk man's extended finger pointed towards a door close-by to the right.

Rhea found that the door opened using the key given to her in the data packet. Inside sat a long white couch, a black table, and a giant viewscreen. Besides those articles, the room was sterile and dull white, a little more towards gray than the couch.

Once the door closed behind her, a navi's face appeared on screen. For a moment, she could have certainly felt as though they'd routed her a horror movie rather than an actual NP officer; the navi on screen was dressed in a white cloak like a ghost, standing alone in a dim-lit room with black walls and floors, marked all over in white ink. Similar to the walls, her cloak was covered in markings of an inverted color: black instead of white, so as to show up. Her eyes were obscured more by her long, crazy black hair than by her hood. She leaned in close towards the screen and extended her unpainted lips into a huge, eerie smile once she got a look at Rhea.

"You're almost as colorful as I am monotone, Officer Rhea!" she giggled, moving away from the screen slightly. With a casual motion, she uncapped a black marker and began writing on a free section of her cloak. "I hear you're looking for information on the Neo-Shogun Empire. You're a Prosecutions officer, hm? I guess maybe you're looking to make arrests? That's none of my business, forget I asked... Or maybe you just like to be in the know? I like people who like to be in the know! So, what kind of knowledge do you wish to be in the know of, hm? Any specific questions? I don't specialize in Neo-Shoguns, but I'm probably still likely to give you better information than a lot of the folks around here are!"

Rhea nodded in acknowledgement at the police navi's recognition, looking slightly proud of her achievement. If anything, she was rather... enthused by the thought of engaging with another fellow officer from the Net Police. As she headed into the video conference room, Rhea realised that it was modelled after a real world equivalent, though there was no actual need to do so. It almost signified that the scripters and programmers behind the HQ server were either too talented, or had too much time and resources.

Rhea plopped herself down the couch, bouncing once or twice before settling. It was awfully cushy, as Rhea was almost sunk in halfway into the cushions (totally not because of her weight). Nevertheless, it was deemed 'comfortable' and Rhea did not seem bothered by it.

She did, however, expressed surprise and shock from the appearance of the ghostly Navi on-screen. Much like a child, Rhea took a thumb up to put in her mouth, looking ready to bite off imaginary fingernails from the frightful appearance.

When she realised that it was no ghost, but rather the Investigations officer that she herself had requested for, she immediately put down her thumb and placed both hands on her own lap.

"Indeed I am," Rhea started, being direct and straight to the point. "I have an acquaintance that was lured into joining their cause-- and have given praise to the Neo-Shoguns, though I myself had conflicting experience with the organisation."

"I wish to seek clarifications in terms of their objectives and motives, as well as whether you are informed on their assault on Yoka Net from a while back."
Rhea cleverly left out the detail that she was part of the 5-man team in charge of dealing with the army, just to see the other officer's response.
Enjoying Rhea's reactions, Cabal smiled and leaned in closer, grabbing the viewscreen to keep her face centered. "I wouldn't be very good at my job if I didn't know that, would I? Yes, I'm quite familiar with that botched invasion, as well as the officers involved. You were there, weren't you? Several others who went on to become officers also quelled the invasion, although, at that time, they were under the banner of the GNA," she mused. "Don't think I was in the bushes spying on you! There were simply witnesses that provided testimony I managed to piece together later. With what the Neo-Shogun Empire has become, it's not surprising that those with footage of the incident were eager to see what they could get for it."

"I hate to break it to you, Rhea, but the stated goals of the NS include the disestablishment of the Mafia AND the NetPolice! They're looking to unify the net: that's a fancy way of saying they want everything under their banner. Maybe they just want to replace the GNA? It's hard to tell... Regardless, I say all of this without worry of damning your friend for this reason: nobody joins the NS, to my knowledge, with the intent of completing net unification," she explained further, wagging one finger for emphasis like an elementary school teacher. "You know why most people join the NS? You saw the generals during that battle, didn't you? People join that faction just to be closer to women! The sex appeal is seriously what's dragging people in! It's somewhat baffling, because we've had sexy officers for a long time now... it's just the amount of media attention they're getting. Their odd mannerisms also net them a lot of attention," she laughed, as if there was nothing out of the ordinary about her own.

"Really, you want to know another reason your ally likely joined the NS? The guys are desperate! The NS is a place where people feel needed by scantily clad, powerful women... But beyond that, just needed! The NP doesn't even have a family designed for recruitment. Internal Affairs and Public Safety handle all of our PR," she sighed. "It's like, when people join the Neo-Shogun, they get all of the rebellious lifestyle of the Mafia without being a mafioso! A little less pinstripe-suit and cement shoes, a little more mini-skirt and public bathhouse. So in conclusion, why did your friend join the army? Either he's a womanizer, he's a bleeding heart who can't stand to see women get hurt, he's going with the only faction that asked him to give a damn, or maybe, just maaaaybe he's actually in it for the unification thing. They also encourage their subordinates to try to bring in other members, so there's the possibility he just got dragged along. Think about what you know about him and try to decide which sounds the most likely."
"So it was a well-documented incident," Rhea muttered to herself, a thumb and finger on her chin in thought. Rhea looked back up to the screen in alarm as the woman mentioned of her involvement-- and apparently, had knowledge of the other Navis as well. The petite's eyes remained fixated on the screen in all it's wide, googly goodness though she visibly relaxed after the woman mentioned of informers supplying her with the information.

Rhea figured that such was the powers of an Investigations officer, and made note to behave herself to prevent further embarrassment in the future. Watching the way the other was observing herself by grabbing the viewscreen made her slightly uncomfortable, even for deadpan Rhea.

The petite Navi's expression turned grim at the mention of the NeoShogun's goal, as if clicking with the suspected motives that Rhea had in her mind in connection with the Yoka Net invasion.

What she didn't understand, however, was how the idea of 'sex appeal' being a feasible way of retaining members within their ranks. "I do not comprehend," Rhea said, a hand raised like an elementary school student asking the teacher a question in return. "We are programs. We do not have the capability of processing such irrational beliefs of man," she said bluntly, the raised hand lowering to scratch at her own head before continuing, "I, for one, do not think that it will create such a strong impact to retain members with them. At least, I will not."

Lowering her hand back to her lap, Rhea gave the woman's words a little thought. Mach, with the short duration that she was with him, was a friendly person; it was very possible that he got dragged into the organisation by a peer of sorts. Rhea nodded and concluded her assumption, but kept it mum from the other Navi across the screen.

Since she was here, she might as well inquire on the NetPolice's planned actions, as well. "Are you informed of any measures that the NetPolice have in place to address this issue? Or perhaps to curb the Neo Shoguns from being our organisation's existential threat?" Rhea probed further.
"Only time will tell! Of course, any one could see that one of the critical weaknesses of this strategy is that it alienates those who are either uncomfortable around women in skimpy clothing or otherwise think it's stupid to dress that way," Cabal chuckled, then shrugged. "Nobody can please every audience, of course. You'd be wrong to assume that you understand the reasoning of all programs, however. While you may not feel it, perhaps by design, there's a lot of programs out there who were designed to feel the same way humans do... Carnal urges and all," she sighed, having a difficult time explaining the birds and the bees, or perhaps the Fishies and the Elebees, to Rhea.

Cabal laughed a bit more genuinely as Rhea continued. "Yes, the NP are monitoring NS outposts, but calling them an existential threat is a bit much! The NS isn't anywhere near the size of the NP and we don't feel as though many of our would-be supporters are lost to them. From a political standpoint, we've actually come out pretty well from the whole ordeal, since they pull some of the Mafia's member base. They're really just a goofy special interests group that gets a bit out of hand at times and needs to be taught a lesson," she suggested. "Still, if you come across what you perceive as threatening behavior from NS agents, you should be sure to take measures against it: reporting it or stepping in yourself if need be."

Busily, Cabal continued scrawling tiny letters across her cloak with her marker pen. "Is there anything else, my friend?"
Upon Cabal's mentioning of program reasonings, the vehicle parking lot shook slightly from a gigantic horse's sneezing. "Damned it to hell if this is from someone trying to get the lassy to learn on Fishies and the Elebees," Harley snorted a few times, his tail swinging furiously even as his exhaust pipes emitted smoke incessantly-- ruining the shiny patrol cars to be less shiny and more dull, no doubt.

Rhea, however, accepting the woman's explanation, did not offer much rebuttal as she simply nodded at the statement.

Rhea continued to give affirmative responses as Cabal continued to talk about the NS, nodding as she took in information on the relative size of the NP. If that army was small when compared to NP, she wondered the actual militarian and organisational force that the NP's structure actually had as a whole. Not a faction to mess with, to be sure.

"Very well. I will give my best in aiding the NetPolice in their endeavours of dealing with the NeoShoguns," Rhea said, lifting herself off of the couch, leaving a few things behind-- a creaking couch, and a couch with a problem of returning to it's original shape after a bike-like weight compressed on it's cushions.

"Thank you for your time, madam ...?" Rhea noted, curious on the woman's name after such an in-depth briefing. "Should you require any help in the future, I would be more than willing to repay your favor." Rhea then looked around the video conference room, as if seeing if anyone else was within earshot before continuing in a lower tone.

"I would also like to inquire as to where I can obtain representative uniforms of our organisation," Rhea added in a whisper.
"My name's Cabal. I should be the one thanking you for your time, Rhea! If my job is all collecting and conveying threads, then I'd say you've helped me do my job just by speaking with me," the witch-like navi responded. "So if you really want to thank me, just keep me in the loop any time you're involved in something juicy... especially if I'm not supposed to know about it!"

She crossed her hands beneath her chin and leaned in closer to the screen to hear Rhea's final question. "A uniform? I know somebody who'd be sure to give you something and, conveniently enough, he's right outside the office. I think you're about to be used for PR! Isn't it exciting? They never put me on camera for sooome strange reason," she cackled, grinning more widely and clenching her hands together. "Take care!"


As Rhea came outside, she was greeted by a navi in bright orange, almost plastic-like armor, worn over a baggy black undersuit. Two silver sci-fi pistols gleamed at his yellow belt buckle, almost as brightly as the grin beneath his shiny black visor. Behind him, several News Server navis stood armed with recording devices. "Officer Rhea here is a member of our Prosecutions Department. She's come here today to request information by her own volition so that she can be a better officer! That kind of dedication from a rookie is inspiring, urging all of us to stay vigilant in our duties!" he announced, placing one arm around her shoulder familiarly. She was probably the one person he'd met in recent history who was short enough for him to do that with any degree of comfort.

It seemed as though he was speaking more to the cameras up till that point; as they all turned to speak amongst each other, he placed his hands on his hips and looked back to Rhea, keeping his same grin. "You might think I'm overreacting, but this is just the thing we need from a PR standpoint! Dedicated, upstanding officers willing to go the extra mile for the force. An enthusiasm for your craft and genuine interest in justice will take you far, Rhea, mark my words!" he assured her. "To help you commemorate the day, I've got a .GMO here that's undergone some last-minute customization to be just perfect for you. It was designed for one of my apprentices a long time ago, but times have changed... I think you deserve to wear it."

((Received NetPoliceUniform.GMO))

"Cabal's the one who let me know you were here. I know about what you did for the net, fighting those Shogun girls even before you were part of the NetPolice! I'm sure your career's going to be spectacular, especially with me, DimensionMan, in your corner!" the orange-armored navi reassured her again, giving her a handshake while simultaneously waving to the camera people and urging her to do the same. "If you're ever around the Public Safety offices, give me a shout!"

With that, he disappeared in a flurry of camera flashes and activity, leaving her standing in the lobby with her new data packet and no time to respond.
Rhea gave a thumbs up to Cabal, an eyebrow raised at the convenience of someone being right outside the office to obtain a cool representative uniform...

... but nothing could've prepared Rhea for PR and unexpected camera exposure.

Blinking and squinting at the bright-colored Navi, as well as the News Server navis, Rhea looked rightfully confused as the leading Navi, looking appropriately dressed like a cheesy character from a sci-fi movie, approached her and blabbered like a motormouth. "How do you know my-" Rhea started, but was cut off when the Navi placed an arm around her shoulder like they knew each other and were good friends. She furrowed her brow in further confusion.

"I do not know if I can be classified as enthusia-" Rhea attempted to continue as the News staff turned away, looking at the sci-fi-ish Navi with a tilted head and an utterly, cutely confused look. Once again, she was cut off by the sheer enthusiasm dripping from his tone, and offered her a .GMO in return.

She squinted slightly at his statement, wondering whether she should take the "times have changed" uniform as a compliment or an insult. Rhea decided on the former.

Holding onto the data packet, and finally being informed of his name-- DimensionMan from Public Safety-- she shook his hand as she watched him flutter off, the camera crew following in his wake. "...He still hadn't told me how he knew about me," Rhea commented to herself, her face slowly returning to her normal poker face.

Regardless, she obtained a uniform. Might as well try it on. Rhea walked to locate an area with a large mirror, or at least glass, and unraveled the data packet like a little girl opening a christmas present under the tree.

What she held in her arms was a pair of genuinely classic-looking police uniform, resembling those ye olde styles of the real world's police officers. A little old fashioned, but she figured that it was plausible and she was cool with wearing it. Rhea snapped her fingers and digitally (magically) placed them on, looking at the mirror as she adjusted her new hat and uniform. She expressed slight amazement and excitement as she decided to suddenly make a run or patrol through the HQ grounds with the uniform on.

Trying hard not to look like a giddy little schoolgirl, Rhea walked-- the flurry of her purple hair and knee-length skirt following her, along with a surprisingly not-threatening-looking sword scabbard. It was hard, however, for bystanders to not notice the childish grin stuck on her childlike face.
((Rhea gets 5 Cabal FXP and 2 DimensionMan FXP))