Boldly go where no Navi has gone before.

((I'm probably gonna regret this...))

Machman was first to warp in, and materialized over the portal on the darkened Undernet panel floor. His head immediately went on a swivel as he tried to get a good survey of his surroundings. The sky was dark, with interspersed areas of dark purple, cyan, and red. The floor was also a dark array of colors, and looked in very poor shape. There were three small pillars in a semi-circle around the portal, which were alight with pink-ish purple flames.

Machman immediately felt uneasy, and he instinctively activated his buster. He stood his ground and continued to scan the area as Aera and Vector warped in. Aera hurriedly walked over to Mach's side and grabbed onto his arm, while Vector stood at Mach's left.

I don't like this place, Mach...

Vector, who had been quiet ever since the last battle, actually spoke up.

I feel great evil radiating from this place. I too, am uneasy.

Machman could also feel this odd, almost suffocating aura of darkness emanating from the area, but wanted to learn more about this strange new network.

Stay close, and keep your eyes open. We don't want anything sneaking up from behind us.

The trio cautiously started to venture away from the portal and steered clear of the cracked, broken, and abnormal-looking panels along the way.

((Ready for Battle #1! Bring on the Virus Hell!))

Machman and company found their endeavors to avoid the worst of the terrain to be pretty much an exercise in futility. No matter where they looked, no matter which way they turned, the landscape was a hellish mix of panel types. They did manage to at least steer clear of the worst of the terrain, but no matter where they went, it was clear that field conditions were going to generally suck. This was the Undernet, it didn't get any more hostile than this.

... Or did it?

A dark colored lump rested directly in the group's path. That lump was the color of gun-metal, and painted with a blue stripe. It was a... strangely colored Metool's helmet. And a quick glance around revealed two more of them to be nearby, but widely spaced from each other. If the group planned to progress any further, they would have to cross this stretch of land inhabited by the palette swapped Mets... It was that, or turn back... unless the group really wanted to chance the poison sea to their left or the cursed desert to their right.

What would they do?

----Brave Souls----
Machman.EXE: Alive
Aera.SP: Alive
Vector.SP: Alive

IceSpireA: 200 HP (Anchored) [Northwest Corner (5)]
IceSpireB: 200 HP (Anchored) [Southwest Corner (4)]
IceSpireC: 200 HP (Anchored) [Northeast Corner (15)]
IceSpireD: 200 HP (Anchored) [Southeast Corner (14)]
BoulderA: 600 HP (Heavy) [Sitting in the middle of the Poison Lake (5)]
GMD: 1 HP [Far side of the field, next to Ice SpireD (13)]

----Enemies---- (Widely dispersed)
MetoolOmegaA: 300 HP (Guard) [Directly Ahead (8)]
MetoolOmegaB: 300 HP (Guard) [Ahead (5) and to the left (3)]
MetoolOmegaC: 300 HP (Guard) [Ahead (4) and to the right (4)]

Terrain: (10x10)
Poison 10% (large bubbling lake in the center)
Poison 5% (patches here and there)
Cracked 8% (patches here and there)
Broken 2% (a couple of craters)
Cursed 10% (patches here and there)
Ice 65% (everything else)
The trio stopped in their tracks as they saw the three Metools under their helmets. Aera's entire body was shaking, and that was only making Mach more and more worried. Mazer sent them a text-only message:

[I don't like this, Mach. Not one bit. We have absolutely 0 information about this area, and there is likely a reason why nobody comes here. I don't think we should press our luck.]

Machman sent back a text-only message to Mazer, and to his two SPs.

[[i]I agree. Though I really want to test out my new abilities, we should have a more controlled and familiar environment. We're pulling out. Everyone, grab on to me, and we're going back to the portal.[/i]]

Aera's and Vector became more at ease as they read the message. Machman lifted Aera into his arms as Vector silently started to attach his body plates to Mach's body. Mach's omnishoes activated and lifted him a foot or two off the ground, and he swiveled around and tilted his body forward as he attempted to slip away undetected, and without risk of tripping over something or falling through the marred terrain. His wings were silent, but they were ready to get them out in a hurry if need be.

He attempted to float towards the portal, and entered before warping out of the area and back into the NetSquare.

((To InternetCity))
((Flee attempt successful.))