Scientist Rescue Mission

Voltman jacked into the brightly colored net, shielding his eyes against a particularly garish advertisement that popped up in his face.
A netpolice research headquarters HERE? That's got to be one of the most twisted things I've ever heard of! "Here's Netvegas, the biggest place in the world for gambling, reckless fun, and the like. Now sit inside and do research!" Voltman commented, miming out the conversation he was pretending by pointing to nearby casinos and other such virtual activities.
That may be true, Voltman, but it's also a great place to hide the facility. Far away from the suspected Scilab or Internet City areas, in the last place one would look for it, actually. Shigeru commented, pulling up a small sheet of specs regarding the mission that he'd been sent shortly before Spool's transmission had been cut off.l
And yet, some day, a very drunk navi is going to find their way into the research facility. It has to happen, really.
As Voltman looked for the location of the runaway scientist might be, (as Spool remarkedly had not given much hints or even clues as to location,) He saw a plume of smoke suddenly rising to the west. Not quite the easiest thing to spot out, but against the lighted background of the casino websites and their

"Well, must be a lover's *hic* a lover's uh, quarrel," said a drunken navi as he stumbled out of a net casino. Must be filled with nasty viruses. Not even a wonder he was this out of it.

Another smoke plume rose up, and off in the distance a billboard toppled over. (Shortly accompanied by the small building the accompanied it. A large tremor went through the floor of the net. Whoever was doing the fighting appeared to have a lot of firepower, and certaintly wasn't afraid to use it.
Voltman wandered out of a nearby casino, pushing aside a group of drunks crowding the doorway. Netvegas was bustling, navis on every side engaged in the atmosphere of the unique area. Some made fortunes, some didn't, and some just came to get drunk. Voltman was none of them.
Still nothing. Again. You'd think that our correspondent might be a little easier to find if he were in as much trouble as he said. Voltman remarked, kicking a stray can into a throng of people, where it was quickly trampled underfoot. A few curses, muffled among the group, caused Voltman to grin slightly despite his current frustration.
A small screen appeared on Voltman's visor as Shigeru opened his side of the communications channel. Well, that might be so, Voltman. Or we might already be too late. Shigeru said, idly flipping the energybomb he'd received from Soryu between his fingers. With a final flick of his thumb, the battlechip flew into the air, spun twice, and fell into his outstretched palm with a deafening explosion. Shigeru dropped the chip and fell backwards over the bench he was sitting on. Getting back up, he saw that the explosion had, in fact, come from an audio scan on his PET.

Voltman had started looking around the net with even greater care as soon as the PET picked up the sound of the explosion, faint though it was, and his searching was soon rewarded. A small column of smoke was present in the background, visible only as a slight dimming of the absurd amounts of neon present in the area. A small hiccup from the casino exit behind Voltman attracted his attention. Just another drunk... Voltman thought to himself as the navi dismissed the smoke as a lover's quarrel.
In Netvegas, the drunk's probably right, Voltman. You should just let it g- Shigeru was interrupted by two things. One, a billboard crashed into the net amidst a second plume of smoke. And two, Voltman was already gone.

Pedestrians found themselves shoved aside by what could most accurately be described as a yellow blur as Voltman ran to the scene. But from Voltman's perspective, the pedestrians were hardly even there. A minor annoyance. As he pushed his way through a large crowd of drunks, another object crashed to earth. Shigeru's face appeared on Voltman's visor.
Another billboard? Voltman shook his head and provided a visual of his visor's view. Shigeru could only stare as an entire building crashed to the ground.
Still think that's not our guy?
There was nothing but smoke there, and then it cleared as something clad in red went flying past into another casino. On the other side of the street, there was a bang and a large cloud of smoke.

As Voltman watched, the red-clad thing climbed out, revealed to be a man clad in wrapped thread and red scarf. Coughing for a moment, he suddenly looked straight at Voltman. "Just a show for the cameras, folks. Sorry about that. The director wanted complete and total realistic reactions. There he is now![font=optima][/font]" He raises a hand to point directly at someone who looks like he came to check the damage out. The mob almost does an about face and begins to swarm for the indicated navi. He gives Voltman a slight grin before his face settles into a neutral but far more serious expression. The man jerks his head toward one of the more secluded alleyways before vanishing. Not with invis, but simply melting into the crowd as if he had just gone with the flow.
Voltman arrived on the scene just in time to see the last remnants of the building fall to the ground as rubble. A partially destroyed neon sign identified the unfortunate building as "Leo's Bar and Pub and Drinking Establishment." As for what differentiated between the three, Voltman had no idea, but his attention was drawn away as a red blur crashed into yet another casino. Several people came to investigate aside Voltman, and he soon found himself surrounded by civilians crowding to investigate the unusual event. A bang and another cloud of smoke from the other side of the street prompted most of the innocent navis to duck with their hands over their heads.
That wasn't an attack... he, or she, just made their getaway. But what about... Voltman looked to the casino that now sported a second, less tidy main entrance. A red navi walked out of the wreckage, string and cloth hanging from his body. All of it red, none of it tidy, but none of it even seemed to be singed by the massive explosion.
Voltman had several ideas as to what the navi would do next, but none of them proved accurate as he walked forward, coughed, and addressed the crowd. Just a show for the cameras, folks. Sorry about that. The director wanted complete and total realistic reactions. There he is now! The crowd turned to look where the strangely-clad navi was pointing. Or most of the crowd, anyways. Voltman was still staring straight at Spool, who hadn't taken his eyes off of Voltman since he began speaking. A small grin and an almost imperceptible tilt of the head, and the navi was gone as quickly as he'd arrived.

Well, for someone so garishly dressed, he sure knows how to blend in. Shigeru noted, taking a bite out of yet another hot dog. What was that all about, though?
Voltman skirted the edge of the mass of navis crowding the "director," heading from street merchant to street merchant as he made his way towards a particular alley that looked just like all the others. He threw a few slot tokens ahead and to the side, distracting a few errant drunks and clearing his path. Once he was out of the crowd, Voltman could respond.
It was a really good move, actually. Everyone's seen that kind of crap in movies, but no one ever sees it outside of a movie. Set up some poor sap as the director, and by the time everyone's figured out you lied, it's too late. A flash of red further down the alley attracted Voltman's attention. A small sheathed ElecKnife appeared at Voltman's waist, but he didn't draw the weapon. This was the man that gave him the mission, but he'd be an idiot if he didn't go in armed.
"Took your time getting here. Although, I didn't think that they would be that gullible. Hm. Hurry.[font=optima][/font]" A few threads wrap around Voltman's arm and he's jerked into the air. "Let me get you up here and I can tell you this before we get moving.[font=optima][/font]"

As Voltman is pulled up by the threads, he sees his contact now almost completely wrapped in the scarves and thread. It seems a bit thicker now, resembling light armor and concealing his face. "Alright.[font=optima][/font]" Is a quick confirmation as he looks over Voltman before grabbing the threads and tossing him onto the top of the roof. The threads unwind and slink back into the wrapped scarves.

"Our target has moved. We'll need to go to...[font=optima][/font]" He waves a wrapped hand, and a holographic diagram depicting the area and a few highlighted dots. Lowering his hand, it revolves to depict a better vantage point.

"We're up here..[font=optima][/font]" He indicates a point on top of a low roof with a few threads, then at least fifty threads indicate a general area of about four to five blocks. It's an urban area with a lot of skyscrapers. "This is the area where our target will probably be. (Along with her pursuers.) She had to break for it. She probably won't be trusting of me after we were ah, interrupted.[font=optima][/font]"

He pauses.

"You, however, are a completely different matter. She's being chased by at least three people. We need her alive and well. Another team is currently working on one of her sisters. What are your thoughts?[font=optima][/font]"
Voltman listened silently throughout Spool's explanation, all the while examining his ally. He seemed to control the scarves and thread that composed his... clothing? Armor? Whatever it was, the threads were strong enough that they could easily lift Voltman to the top of the building, and they can be deployed at will from the scarves. I wonder how efficient they are in combat... He mused, before turning his attention back to the mission at hand.

As he listened, he began to like their odds less and less. So one was on the run, a team was after one of the others, and the third sister hadn't even been mentioned. He looked at the hologram, observing their location and the approximate location of their target. Okay, I'll think of something. Just... give me a second. Absentmindedly, Voltman pulled out the sheathed knife and began to throw it into the air, where it would flip two to three times before he would grab the tip of the knife and repeat the toss. Fifteen seconds passed in silence (save for the sound of the knife) before Voltman opened his eyes again and began to speak.

Voltman was silent for a few moments, as he considered their situation. However, there is a matter I'd like your input on. So far as I know, there isn't a particularly unpopular part of NetVegas net, so anywhere we go there will be civilians nearby. And though the false director got us out of one scrape, it won't explain if we start fights with the groups following the other two. He moved over to the hologram, pointing out a few non-skyscraper buildings within the indicated area. These might provide good sniping points, but if the pursuers start getting sniped, they might just cut the chase of the girl and proceed to the execution. Not the best choice, all things considered, especially given that I'm more of a "hands-on" kind of fighter. Voltman motioned to the sheath at his waist.

But... Voltman looked at the hologram again. The crowds might be able to help us. Just another navi having a good time in NetVegas, until the situation calls for us to be otherwise. Best case scenario, I get AHEAD of the girl and her pursuers, and Areagrab her to a safe position before her pursuers know what-the-fuck. Voltman indicated several nearby alleyways, rooftops, and side streets to the pursuit area. And the third option is to fight. But in such a crowded area, that might attract more attention than we want. It all depends on who our enemies are. At last, he finished speaking, turning his attention to Spool. I'm open to suggestions. The basic concept should be sound, though: You go after one, I go after the other, we get the third, and we're out of here. Though, as he waited for Spool's response, Voltman couldn't help thinking that it wasn't going to be nearly that simple.
"They were very clear in that they want every single sister alive or the deal is off. However, these three have quite a bit of knowledge on their hands. It wouldn't be too far off to think that they've made some sort of failsafe just in case one of them gets caught or killed. Especially if they're sister units. Your plan has benefits, but also detriments. If one of us starts with sniper fire, it'll cause a panic. The chaos would likely cause us to lose her in the first place and for this to become quite quickly out of control. This isn't only a mission, this is also damage control, politically and ethically. If we can get the sisters, it would be a great opportunity to show off a little bit of the underside of the Netpolice. On the other side of the coin, if we rip up half of Netvegas- well, let's just say I'll be in for a scolding. You- I doubt your position could survive that.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" Spool pauses. "The enemy also doesn't know you. That's the advantage to being a newbie. That's one of the reasons I put up a request. If you could get to the sister undetected, you could use your little areagrabtrick. Worst case scenario, you'd end up getting into a safer and more discreet zone to fight. On the other hand, we could go for their agent first. That would end up taking him out, and we'd be able to re-establish contact and move on to the next one.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]"

The hologram disappears, replaced with a vague diagram of something that looks like an area from scilabs net, then that too vanishes. "Well? I'm reasonable. Since you're taking most of the risk here, you can decide.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]"
All credit to Spool, his eyes barely flickered downwards as the hologram showed a new area. He knew what was going on, which was all the better for mission planning. A decision.
You said that you're working with me because they don't know me? In that case, it would be better to keep things that way. I'll take the stealthy approach, if at all possible. I'll make my way to the target using the crowds, and get her away from the pursuers. The knife at Voltman's waist dematerialized, on standby until it needed to be called into action. There are two things I'd request, and then I'll be on my way. One, the location of the target. Two, a description of her appearance. A picture would be ideal, but I realize that this may not be the case. He looked out over the rooftops, or at least, what he could see of it. This was certainly proving to be an interesting day.
"She's a brunette custom navi with some slight armor. I doubt she was prepared for this, though. One of her arms got blown off during the fight. She's probably healed it by now. Lab coat. She was wearing a lab coat. She had a tracer that probably got detected and well, traced. Must have gotten red-flagged somewhere. I threw a piece of this-[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" He waves his hand, clearly indicating the various red cloth covering him. "It's a short-range tracker that works by pulling me closer to them. Easy and much less detectable than most things. I'll redesignate it to target you. Too bad her GMO got detected prior to this. [font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]"

Voltman felt a pull to the north and up, literally sliding a bit along the roof. "Just don't go sliding off any high-rise buildings, would you? Had to clean up the last guy who did that particular feat.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" From his wry tone, it's impossible to tell if he's joking or not.
Voltman flinched as Spool transmitted the data to him. He expected a feeling like a single line, from the way Spool described the connection, but it felt more like a magnetic pull. Weak, but definitely there.
Alright. I'll deactivate the tracer when I get to her. I'm sure you'll have some way of finding us. If your friend earlier was any example, you'll probably just have to follow the trails of smoke and explosions. Voltman joked, before the pull got slightly stronger. The target was moving away. Giving a slight nod to the higher ranked navi, Voltman activated his Hyperspeed subroutine, and sped off across the roofs of NetVegas.

(Hyperspeed used as fluff, I'll take the in-battle cooldown penalty should the occasion arrive, but as for now, just a faster way to get to the target)
As Voltman jumped across the roofs, he discovered that the pull looked like it was coming from one of the larger skyscrapers, and evidence of destruction from down below was also quite prominent in the area.

There's not much left in the surrounding area, the skyscraper must be surprisingly sturdy. In comparison to the other buildings, anyhow.

Three somewhat more seedy buildings have been laid to the ground, with significant damage to a fourth.

The skyscraper is almost pearly, with a mirror-like sheen as it reflects everything, essentially looking like something straight out of the real world.
Voltman slowed as he neared the navi, doing what he could to suppress the pull of the tracer program. It was hardly necessary at this point anyways, the destruction of a relatively clean city was something hard to miss. He was about to head straight for the target, when an unexpected sound caught his attention.
You've got Mail! A computerized voice notified from the PET, startling Shigeru and piquing his Navi's interest. He opened up the mail and started reading, chuckling slightly.

So? What is it? Voltman inquired, as a copy of the mail appeared on his visor. He read in silence, letting out a small laugh every now and again as well. So... our benefactors have seen fit to give us a little bit of identity protection. I'm all for it. How's the download going?
Shigeru opened the window showing the progress bar, idly flipping his stylus through his fingers. Seventy percent. Just what is this thing, anyways? He could see something about a Jacket and Scarf in the receipt, but five thousand zenny wasn't pocket change, and it seemed... well, convenient. He had no doubt the mafia was behind the purchase, but why?

Download complete. The voice chimed. Shigeru looked at the next instructions and scrolled through his PET's graphics menu. Wireframes of both Voltman and Watt appeared along the side of the screen, which he ignored in favor of the small Sounds tab. 5feed... 5feed... ah, here we are. He activated the file, and waited to see just what was going on.
"Right, then. Let's see here. You followed some decently confusing instructions, great. [font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" The voice came from the scarf now wrapped around Voltman's neck. "This is a more utility ability. It'll serve as a protection device as well as an easy way to get in contact with me. The 'jacket' is an airburst unit made for this mission. It's fragile and one-use, but the use will give you the ability to essentially make like a bat outta hell. Just don't come complaining to me about the G-Forces cracking some virtual ribs or a concussion or whatever. It'll hurt. But when you use it, what's inside it will go flying of. Use it to exfiltrate out if you like, or just to get up that skyscraper. Try to look inconspicuous if you can, though. There is an elevator in there as well, if you want to go that way. You could try to scale the building. Other options are there if you like. That's only the two most obvious.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]"

The voice cuts out, and the scarf coils around Voltman's neck, where it alters to an orange color. The jacket was a simpler matter, looking something like a strange bomber jacket custom-made for Voltman, with three thick metal circles on the back.
Voltman nodded, staying silent as Spool explained the new device. So it was a one-time escape plan. Or entrance route, depending on what he chose. The tug on the tracer program only added to the urgency already accompanying this mission. Voltman had a choice. He could risk being noticed straightaway, if he walked in the front door. Or he could risk using the escape jacket, and hope that it wouldn't impede his combat abilities later.
Shigeru, I'm going to have to ask you to do something for me...

The shining building shot straight upright in Netvegas, dwarfing the buildings that surrounded it, or rather, the rubble that used to be the buildings surrounded it. Voltman walked through the front doors confidently, generating an air of importance around himself as he attempted to remain as powerful-appearing as he could. The scarf trailed dramatically behind him, only sinking downwards as he stopped at the receptionist's desk.
Hello, ma'am. I won't do you the courtesy of my name, so you won't have to waste my time with yours. He turned his head slightly downwards, looking at the receptionist only briefly before looking around to scan the room, and with a "tch", the collapsed buildings beyond.
Now, here is how things are, and how they're about to happen. You have a convict loose in your offices, my officers are currently after her, and the situation is bad enough with the buildings outside currently reduced to their base components.
His eyes flared as he turned to look at the unfortunate navi on duty behind the counter. And that's just the GOOD news. The bad news is that this is currently an Internal Affairs NIGHTMARE, and the wet dream of every lawyer in Netvegas. He plowed on with his speech, too engrossed in the persona of the offensive Netpolice officer to even hope to stop at this point. Now, there are two ways this play out. In one, you open that damn elevator, get me to the floor with the convict, I catch her, get out of here, and you get to keep your job. He paused for a moment, just to allow the navi a brief window to consider the other possibilities.

You'll never KNOW about the other way, because it's not going to HAPPEN. Now open the damned elevator, keep all your staff out of my way, and I'll do my best to see that you and your entire goddamn building aren't removed from NetVegas when I'm done. A small sheath appeared at Voltman's waist, and he pulled out a small knife, twirling it around his fingers once before sliding it back into the sheath. Now, you were about to tell me which floor the convict is currently on?
"Sir, floors 13-48 are made up of legal navis. I would say that we are covered. If you're with the Netpolice squad unit, please proceed up to floor 20. That's where they're convening, if you haven't been listening to your uplink feed. The intruder is-- " Her eyes flash blue as a visor appears, numbers and figures scrolling. "On floors 53, 54, and 55."

She cocks her head, then taps out a sequence of keys, out of touch with the world once again. "The elevators are now online for emergency services use. You may proceed." The receptionist gestures toward the rows of elevators.

"...I am required to inform you under the jurisdiction of Statute 112b that a jackout barrier has been deployed around this building for security reasons concerning the intruder inside. If you continue, you will possibly face permanent deletion if you, the navi, suffer damage sufficient to otherwise cause an emergency jack-out. Statute 95 has been referenced here." She resumes typing.

"Well, it's time to put up or shut up, kid. What're you going to do?[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" Spool's voice is ambiguous as he makes the comment.
Voltman's confidence, his disguise, and his resolve all faltered briefly as the secretary spoke. The words seemed to echo in his ears. Permanent deletion... There wasn't much time to act. The girl was on some of the highest floors of the building, and the Netpolice had her cornered unless she had a miracle...
Or possibly a savior.
Voltman shook himself out of his reverie, turning his attention back to the secretary. Good to see someone around here knows how to follow orders... And a building full of lawyers, eh? Can't imagine they'd find much sadness in this situation. Just keep the bloodsuckers off our backs, and the decent sorts out of the way. With exaggerated pompousness that he'd observed from Dog, Voltman strode confidently into the elevator. Not moments after the doors closed, he started frantically talking to the scarf.
Spool, the stakes are even higher, and there are still no puns to be found. I have the target's location, and the location of the Netpolice operatives. What I need to know is who, or what, I'm up against. If they're weak enough, I could try to take them out first and then head up to the target. If not, getting to the target and making just like a bat out of hell would be a much better idea. I need to know what you know, and I only have... He checked the floor count, and pressed a few intermediate buttons. Ten floors and change before I have to decide what I'm going to do. He stood directly in front of the elevator door, staring down an unfortunate clerk who happened to be waiting for a trip upwards. A slight shake of his head, and Voltman managed to convey just how bad an idea stepping into the elevator with him might be.
The navi backed off.
Voltman proceeded to continue stressing.
"I thi-...[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" Spool's voice cuts off abruptly, as if considering something. Then his voice cuts back in, frantic. "GET THE HELL O-[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" The rest of the statement was just a blur of background noise against the screeching that followed as the elevator stopped. Voltman could almost feel the tension in the air for a split second before all hell broke loose, in that complete sense of the word.

A raspy voice spoke, coming from directly above, starting out low and coherent. That quickly changed."I didn't ask for any more people. And here you are, Spool. In another of your little disguises. Look a little different, but you'll DIEALLTHESAME." The final words were said in almost a babble, the last four were said in a frantic screech.

The elevator's roof simply peeled off under severe protest with the gentle persuasion of a network of metal blades ripping through it and rending the surface and supports of the virtual titanium alloy. With that, Voltman caught a slight glimpse of the face of his assaulter as he plummeted. It was a grey and pale face, with four weapons floating about him, each changing with the passing moment into wildly different forms. He hopped off and started falling toward Voltman.

???: ???


Terrain: 10% Metal (Elevator) 10% Missing (Elevator Shaft), 80% Metal (Elevator Shaft Walls)

Special: Terrain changes each round.
Voltman waited quietly while Spool looked up the data. Or, presumably looked up the data. In truth, he had no idea why the superior Mafiosi had gone silent. He remained hopeful that he would retain tactical superiority, but his hopes were dashed upon Spool's frantic communication. GET THE HELL O- Voltman was already reaching for the Elevator Stop button when the situation went to hell.
The force of the sudden stop threw Voltman against the ground, where he scrambled momentarily to get up before a voice came from above the elevator. The voice was cool, calm, collected... and rapidly losing all three characteristics. I didn't ask for any more people. And here you are, Spool. In another of your little disguises. Look a little different but you'll DIEALLTHESAME. Voltman froze. The few words had revealed several key things about the navi above him. Things he could use. The most obvious was that he thought Voltman was Spool in a disguise. The second, less useful fact was that he was completely unstable.
A cacophony of screeches filled the air as metal blades scythed through the top of the elevator, proceeding to peel the top off as easily as if it were a can of sardines, giving Voltman his third piece of information: The navi was damned powerful. Powerful, psychotic, and with a vendetta against the person he thinks I am. I'm in an enclosed space, in freefall, with said psychotic falling after me. I'm rapidly losing distance from the target, and the only way to the target right now is through the guy with all the weapons. Voltman considered the situation carefully. It didn't bode well. For the moment, he was in the tactically inferior position. Attacking would be tantamount to suicide, considering he'd be assaulting a Netpolice Officer in an area crawling with reinforcements.

Finally, Voltman opted for a course of action. Before the navi arrived, he needed a defense set up. The armor around his wrist expanded to form a large gray shield as he activated his recently acquired Navi Customizer program. He would need more than one defense, however, so he summoned up his reserves of power, forming a barrier around his armor and a pool of energy that he could use to heal himself later.
Without other options, for the moment, he attempted to extract information from his opponent. Whoever you are, you're mistaken! I am not this... "Spool," I'm merely a civilian navi! I was in NetVegas for relaxation when I saw what was going on, and being a veteran of the Great Net War, I chose to lend my hand again to the side of the Police! I'll admit, I deceived the receptionist to gain entry, but I had only the best intentions in doing so! I have nothing against you, or your operatives! Voltman gathered his thoughts briefly before continuing his speech. Truth be told, I have no idea who you are, apart from someone who is attempting to delete me! Please, I beg you to reconsider your choice to delete me! Voltman huddled behind his shield, waiting for the attacks that could begin at any time. He needed a new plan, but for the time, he'd play the situation conservatively.

Shigeru had his own work cut out for him. From the moment the navi had ripped the top off of the elevator, he'd been trying to get a scan of the opponent's HP, appearance, and weapons. All without success. He kept the scan on standby, watching for the opponent to appear...

<Siphon (40 HP Barrier)>
<Dynamo (30 HP Heal, reserved for if I take damage)>
1. Shield NCP (Block one attack)
2. Attempt to speak to ???
3. Attempt to scan ??? (Get reading of HP, what kinds of weapons he has, what he looks like)
4-6. Dodge
"What." It's said in a short guttural rasp, barely coherent, and the elevator stops moving with a jerk, causing Voltman to fall on his ass. With a slight moment of pausing, Voltman hears some clicking as the navi hovers slightly above Voltman, only a couple feet away from him. There is a clicking that comes from chitinous plates on the navi's body, which appear to be constantly shifting and moving in their position to allow for better mobility. They make a grinding noise as the navi considers Voltman.

" I can cut him off, you'll be able to make a silent kill if you prep something up your sleeve. With slightly more finesse than he made his entrance.[font=optima][size=75][/font][/size][font=optima][/font]" The wry and vicious comment from Spool is easy to tell the intention of, and if it were any more obvious, Voltman would probably see a smile being formed on the scarf or something bizarre.

"You have his scarf." It's a statement, an accusation as the face comes into a better view. It's a mass of plating just like the body, constantly shifting and revealing the mouth when it needs to speak. "Who are you."

Wall.exe: 240 [Casing: 100]
-Weapon.SP: 100 [Sword]
-Weapon.SP: 120 [Shield]
-Weapon.SP: 60 [Sickle]
-Weapon.SP: 80 [Spear]


Terrain: 10% Metal (Elevator) 10% Missing (Elevator Shaft), 80% Metal (Elevator Shaft Walls)

Special: Terrain changes each round.