Mission: Tough Words

Splitman connected in on the edge of the network. If simulated nerves could fray, his would have undone right then and there like some sort of ancient piece of rope. This place was far outside of his estimated sphere of efficient activities.

No matter though, he was a better supporter than a fighter, and he was here to support.

Knowing this he took the first few steps toward the linked coordinates. Surely it wouldn't be anything too dangerous. It was just a training exercise, right?
In the far rim of the busy, futuristic neighborhood of NAXA, the ever-so-usual shady street was present, complete with few thuggish navis standing by as watches. Giving dirty, sharp looks at everyone that passes by, the watchers have kept the street mostly void of any civilian navis.

The coordination was pinpointed at this shady street, the only problem was to get by these vigilant watchers, but they seemed to know who SplitMan was and allowed him into the street. At the end was a dull, metal door with more dents and cracks than anyone could count up in one sitting.


A hoarse voice came from the other side of the door, silently waiting for SplitMan's response.

"You know the password or what?"
Splitman looked blankly at the man defending the doorway. A monotone reply fumbled out of his mouth with a level of apparent confidence it did not entirely deserve.

"There is no password currently established for use in this mission"
"If this is a problem I can wait outside, but I won't be waiting around here all day. We have things to get done"

This might end poorly, but there is no way in hell he would be the first to strike. After pausing a second he added -".. so no. I don't know the password" Not that it would really change anything, but it was polite to actually answer the man's questions.
"...You're humbler than what I thought. Come on in."

The door opened for SplitMan and a Heelnavi came out from within, waving his hands towards inside. "Come on in, greenhorn. Libra is waiting for you inside."

There was a long stairway down underground, but the two continued on till they came across a door that was better off than the first door SplitMan came through. The Heelnavi stopped, giving SplitMan a gentle tap over his shoulder before he made his way up the stairs and look over the upper door once more. "Don't get on his bad side..." the navi whispered.

Inside was, not-so-surprisingly, a bar with a moody red interior. With cigarette smokes and rattles of ice and drinks filling up the room, all that was needed was some good ol' jazz. Everyone inside didn't mind any attention towards SplitMan, except for one particular navi at the far outer table.

"...Come over here, young Mafioso."

A large, armored navi, divided in two colors right across the center called SplitMan over. One side was a dull, metallic blue while the other was tarnished gold, making the navi's appearance a "bit" strange to get a proper look. To make things even stranger, there was a large scale, colored differently like the navi himself, tipping over his shoulder as it waved back and forth even as the navi was sitting still. "I understand that you're here to take on some job?"

He looked up at SplitMan with his...split-colored face, but suddenly, the scale on his back tipped completely over to the gold side and the navi's color changed completely to gold! "Oh! What are my manners! You may call me Libra. Code name, 'The Tipping Scale'. I made that name up, you like it?" His sudden change in personality seemed...normal, seeing how everyone else in the bar was barely phased by Libra's change. Nonetheless, the navi seemed kind enough to pull out a chair for SplitMan to take a seat along with his table...
Splitman eyed the shifting nave suspiciously, but didn't have much of import to say. He had seen stranger things on the net - hell, this guy was comparable to himself in terms of strangeness.

Splitman watched as his superior eyed him expectantly. Clearly he was actually going to need to respond at this point "I suppose it is an interesting enough title, though it does not function very well as a code-name as they tend to be more inclined towards the pragmatic. " He hesitated a second, neither wishing to back down or invoke this man's wrath "Libra -The Tipping Scale, does however have a nice ring to it when taken as a full name and title"

Splitman gazed awkwardly for a bit at his contact. His eyes drifting from side to side, wandering around the features of the room and his potential partner before finally locking on to Libra's eyes. In a mixture of frustration and conscious composure, Splitman managed to get back on point. "I am, however, here to take on a Job. I don't know the job as it was indicated fairly heavily that I would be informed about it here. He added

"I assume this means that my job is up to you"

Splitman's realized that he had begun pacing back and fourth an a low hunch as he spoke to the Mafioso. Like a predator in a cage he unconsciously moved from side to side as he wished for a more even situation. In the back of his mind he acknowledged that he might even be able to kill this Navi, just take him be surprised with several sharp blows. Kill him before defenses could be prepared. Not many people could take the amount of concentrated firepower he could put out.. if worst came to worse...

Splitman's eye-contact broke, shattering that train of thought. The a pulse of red faded in the background of his eyes, like an echo, but was little enough that it was unlikely to be seen. On the plus side, at least he had stopped pacing.

"So... what I am saying is...
What do you need done?
Libra had a small smile on his dull gold face as he watched SplitMan teeter back and forth, but at the same time, everyone else in the bar seemed to glare at the navi's back with not-so-good intentions. "First, take a seat." The navi continued to smile as he reached out for his drink. "...You sure you joined the right family, Splitty? That was some murderous intent you were giving off. It would fit right into Bloodhound if you ask me~." It seemed like every mafia-navis in the bar also took notice of it, but they quickly backed down and continued whatever they were doing.

After taking a sip into his drink, the scale tipped back to the center and Libra changed back to his split-color, along with his mundane personality. "...The job is simple. We're going to extort the shops here." With the tap of his finger on the table, a holographic map of one of the NAXA netsquares appeared. "NAXA network just opened up for the public recently, so that means us NetMafias need to plant some influence around. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but it is something we do to keep our recruits and other people in check."

Libra pointed his finger at one section of the map, pointing out to a small plaza of shops. "Since you were so eager to help in leading the job, I thought I would give you a chance. Take a small group of Heelnavi recruits and head on over here." The scales on his back tipped once more, towards the metallic blue this time around, and change the navi's color and personality one more time. "If you got balls to do the job, you better show it now. Don't you dare think that this is so mundane, piece of shit job. Dirt like you need to learn to do what you're told before you tell others what to do first, got it?! Now go, go go!" Once more, everyone else in the bar didn't pay any attention to Libra's mood swing, but three Heelnavis walked up behind SplitMan in a uniform line, ready to be lead. "You want to do this job or not, or are you just gonna stand there like some retard?!"