Protecting the Forge!

A flash of light illuminated the area near the given location for the mission followed quickly by a heavy thud and grinding metal. Once the light vanished and the smoke cleared, 213 was shown crouching in the center of the impact point. She had her wings spread outwards, holding low to the ground. They were the first things to rotate as the mechanical angel of the machine rose to her feet. She blank eyes and face scouted the area, gazing through the steam made from her own wings. While she looked Fredrick talked to her as Uriel.

"M.Angel.213.EXE, the machine has given you another target to protect. This subject is of high priority to the machine and is too be protected. This is a careful mission. You were chosen for this due to the high success that you had with your previous assignment, Arc.EXE. You protected her far past the machines plan and carefully cared for her, a true angelic warrior." Fredrick was rambling at this point and adding too much spare info. 213's wings dropped in both suspicion and interest as to why Uriel was dragging out this explanation.

"The navi is named Forgeman.EXE," With that Fredrick stopped speaking and took careful notes on the reaction to his rant.

213 lowered her wings to her side and walked forwards, loud pistons and gears giving away her advance, searching for the navi. Her steam output was high, but from the overall heat of the net a little more was barely noticeable.
M-Angel.213 spotted a navi nearby a statue of himself giving a thumbs up. He was chipping away at it with a chisel and an oversized hammer. Judging by the quality of the sculpture, the navi was clearly a skilled artisan. His most outstanting feature was his wavy red hair that looked like a flickering flame. Overall, he looked a little too scrawny to be wielding such a large mallet. The large leather gloves he wore didn't seem to detract from his ability, though if they did, he was even a better craftsman than he let on.

He noticed M-Angel.213's approach and waved at her. He was wearing a matching brown leather apron and wore a set of goggles on his forehead. From the clean goggle-shaped marking over his eyes that starkly contrasted the soot on the rest of his face, he probably worked with a lot of coal or fire. He was also wearing some kind of knapsack.

"Hey! Are you the guys who took up my request?" he asked, "My name's ForgeMan! Looking forward to working with you!"

He was about to shake M-Angel.213's hand but noticed how dirty his glove was and quickly removed it. Sadly, his hand was just as dirty so he opted to simply strike a pose with his new statue, giving a thumbs up with a big grin.
As 213 approached, various thoughts quickly raced through her mind. The for most being why the machine has such an interest in such a pretentious navi. The statue he was crafting, although very well done, was of a thumbs up none the less. The second thought through her head was how he was wielding such a large weapon while being so tiny and fleshly. Finally 213 approached fully, her wings fully extended as he was greeted by Forgeman.

"I am the guardian that was sent. Nice to meet you ForgeMan, I am M-Angel.213.EXE," 213 gave a simple head bow accompanied by the gesture of the machine; a circular hand motion followed by a X drawn across the center and ending with a turn of the wrist in the center of the circle. "But you may call me 213." She raised her blank face back and looked up at the statue. "Impressive sculpting. How did you get this skilled?"

Fredrick was shifting through the data presented to by by 213's subconscious thoughts. He was scribbling like a man man as the thoughts of Forgeman being pretentious flooded the screen. Fredrick found it rather unnerving that an innate sense of religious undertones came into 213's thoughts, without prior knowledge or a basic idea. The thought that such an idea was unusual. Fredrick took a second look at the data while 213 interacted.
"Oh this?" he said, pointing to the figure, "Yeah, that's just how I pass the time when I get bored. It's not really all that great, hahaha"

He looked like he was blushing a bit and tried to hide his face and change the subject, "So hey! You're here for the job! Great! Lemme explain what's up: I come to Hades Net to mine some rare, naturally-forming data structures that appear here for my operator's projects. We found it totally by accident but it's some really interesting stuff! It's just lately there have been a lot more viruses in the area and I've been harassed so much I couldn't even get to the place, let alone spend the time to mine it free!"

Reaching into his knapsack, he retrieved a map and unravelled it for M-Angel.213's convenience, "See, this is where we are and over here..." he said, trailing his finger along a red path, "...Is where the data is. You just gotta help me get there in one piece and cover me while I mine. After I've got enough, we can just jack-out and leave. Sound good? Pretty straightforward."

Without warning, he took a hammer to his statue, smashing it apart instantly. "Can't have my eyesores lying around all over the place, am I right? I'm good to go whenever you are!"
213 observed and recorded the map into her memory as he traced the red line along the map. 213 didn't know the area very well, so just about anything seemed to be good for her. She would keep this navi protected as well, as the machine asked. "Sounds good," she said in response. As he put the map away and smashed the statue she gawked at the destruction of the sculpture, although the expression wasn't visible one her blank face, but was very obvious in her body language. She really wanted to see the works that he himself considered to be impressive.

213 checked her systems quickly before saying, "I am ready. Let's head out. Stay behind me and direct me, just in case I incorrectly remembered the map." With that 213 turned around, a loud expulsion of steam supporting her fast movement. Her wings were in a relaxed position, trailing slightly behind her own movements, the steam giving a slight bit of a haze where she once was.

{Ready for battle 1}
The path was clear for about a quarter of the way there until something appeared on the horizon. It looked like a wide wave of fire was burning across the sky. It soon became apparent that they were viruses - four firephoenixes, each carrying a payload of some kind. They dropped their cargo of large, red-speckled, brown, scaly eggs on the sandy terrain and began to circle about overhead. The eggs, only partially damaged from their fall, were able to move by shooting out jets of flame from the cracks in their shells. Some of the cracks were large enough to see inside, revealing infantile reptillian creatures lurking within.

ForgeMan didn't seem too worried about the fight and only sighed, "Hope you're up for this..."

FirephoenixA: 110 HP [flying]
FirephoenixB: 110 HP [flying]
FirephoenixC: 110 HP [flying]
FirephoenixD: 110 HP [flying]
CreggA: 90 HP [fire-element hardbody] [sand]
CreggB: 90 HP [fire-element hardbody] [sand]
CreggC: 90 HP [fire-element hardbody] [sand]
CreggD: 90 HP [fire-element hardbody] [sand]

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Sand

M-Angel.213.EXE: 175 HP
ForgeMan.EXE: 250 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
The first part of the trip was very uneventful with 213 leading the way and ForgeMan stationed behind her. She didn't say much or talk to him, her presence made fully known only by the grinding and turning of her metal form. As the wave of viruses approached she stopped in her tracks and spread her wings out wide to keep ForgeMan behind her. She threw her arm up to further stop his advance as the reptile eggs dived bombed from the sky. She quickly assessed the situation, the eggs before her reading a high defense level. She wouldn't be able to hurt them enough. As she quickly processed the fight Fredrick was writing in the background.

He was scribbling more on the subject of 213's perception of the navi trying to decode where she got the notion from. He took a brief moment to raise his head and look at the wall of fire now hovering above his experiment. Distressed he gathered the small bundle of chips he owned and prepared to send in whichever it was that 213 would need. The pings quickly came in and just as quickly Fredrick responded with slotting in the data. He really needed to get on making the automatic chip retrieval for 213.

She looked to her teammate seeing the calm expression on his face. Choosing not to say anything in response to his comment she instead started off the fight by building her own defenses. She started by mentally preparing herself to take incoming hits and braced her body to the future attacks. Next, she lowered her head and repeated the same hand gestures she used while greeting him and lowered her wings. In doing so this time the ground around her peeled up and formed into a metal casing around her, each new joint and gear interlocking perfectly with her own. With a larger casing of armor around her torso 213 was ready to take some hits.

The targets in the air were the only ones that she could reliably delete in one attack, the defense of the eggs too much for a strong attack to follow. That's when 213 uploaded the sonicboom chip. She grabbed for the sword on her side, pulling the long blade off and routing the data into it, causing the blade to morph to the specifications of the chip. She tilted her head to the skies and stepped forwards with her right foot. Her wings followed through with her stance, covering her body, and they also followed her slash and she pulled the blade across her body and upwards. A large wave of energy flew from her blade towards the skywards targets.

213 uploaded the next chip and ran up on one of the eggs in the line. She went to one of the ends and pulled her arm back while standing above the egg. She lowered her arm down with power and force, the pistons and cranks in her pushing harder as the piledriver chip kicked in. Her fist was held strong and it drove downwards before reloading itself and pushing downwards again on the egg. She back off afterwards waiting to see if her attacks connected.

*Free Action: Refined Metal: Passive Damage Reduction 3
1) Machines Shield to Self -40 HP Casing-
2) Sonicboom to Firephoenix A,B, C (120 + Slashing + Wide Attack + Shot Eraser)
3) Piledriver to Cregg D (40 x 2 Melee Attack + Impact + Break + Knockback) Special: If the first hit connects with knockback, the second will do double damage, if it connects
While M-Angel.213 bulked up her defenses, ForgeMan pulled out some scrap from his knapsack and started welding it together... With his breath.

"I'll be done in a sec!" he said.

She had no time to admire his handiwork and slashed at the Firephoenixes with her Sonicboom. They weren't exactly lined up perfectly, but that didn't stop the arc from cutting down two fiery projectiles and deleting two of the viruses. The other two Firephoenixes had attacked as well, releasing equally large waves of fire upon ForgeMan. Fortunately, he had finished his project and was now donning a large suit of metal armour that looked almost three times as durable as what M-Angel.213 was wearing. The armour endured one of the fiery shots (30) with ease, the other attack landing a little too far off.

Meanwhile, the Creggs began to wreath themselves in flames and rocketed towards the navis. M-Angel.213 successfully deleted one of them with her jackhammer. The other three simply zoomed past her, heading directly for their primary target: Forgeman. Though bulky looking, his armour didn't restrict his movement in the slightest as he batted away one of the viruses with his Hammer, sending it flying away before it shattered into junk data.

"Haha! Take THAT!" he cried out in victory.

The other two slipped past a fumbled swing and slammed into him, one after the other (20)(20). His armour continued to hold up under the assault, but it couldn't take much more than that.

The two remaining Creggs and Firephoenixes continued to circle ForgeMan, almost paying no heed to M-Angel.213 at all, despite her aggression towards them.

FirephoenixA: 110 HP [flying]
FirephoenixB: 110 HP [flying]
FirephoenixC: DELETED
FirephoenixD: DELETED
CreggB: 90 HP [fire-element hardbody]
CreggC: 90 HP [fire-element hardbody]

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Sand

M-Angel.213.EXE: 175 HP [40 HP Casing]
ForgeMan.EXE: 250 HP [45 HP Equipped Object] [Hammer: 1 use]
It didn't take 213 long to determine that she was not a threat to the viruses of this area like ForgeMan was. It was all too apparent when they rushed right by her, after she blatantly deleted three of them, just to attack ForgeMan. He had done something here that has left an everlasting impression on the viral creatures in this area. It must have something to do with the data that they were after.

"Oh. Well this is an interesting development," Fredrick noted while reading the outputs of 213's thinking. This little encounter could change a lot within 213 depending on what Forgeman had done to be so hated, and what the truth behind all this was. Fredrick was very excited at this and curled down into a more comfortable position as he watched, pen and paper at the ready.

She didn't have the time to think about it now however, as much as the questions were pressing in the back of her mind. She was in this either way for the time being, and for now the viruses were an issue. She sent over two ping requests to Uriel and pushed off from her current spot rushing towards ForgeMan. His armor was strong but it couldn't take another assault like that one. Unfortunately 213 couldn't crack any of the eggs or knock a bird from the sky with one chip. That's where the requests she made came into play. She pulled up her sword from her hip and rerouted the data from the skully chip to it. The large slab of metal that made her sword began to gain even more bulk and became a large solid mass. She pulled the block back with ease and threw it into the air giving it a great spin along the way.

213 had gotten to the egg group and jumped between ForgeMan and the viruses that were attacking him. She spread her wings out wide and braced her form for any impacts that may be coming. With her hands she crossed them across her chest and got ready to counter attack any of the viruses who directed an attack towards ForgeMan. She was both trying to make her presence more known on the battlefield, and to keep ForgeMan's armor safe and sound until she could give it a boost herself. She didn't have as much to help delete them all, so she was banking on his help at the moment.

1) Skully1 to FirePhoenix B (100 + Homing + Confusion)
2) Tactical move to protect Forgeman
3) Counter1 (1-Hit I-Field(broken by impact))(Status Guard) + (Counter(70 + Impact + Break): On-Hit)
M-Angel.213 tossed up a swordbone at one of the Firephoenixes, knocking it in the head, dizzying it, but not before it sent another wave of fire at both navis. It heavily damaged their armour but didn't break anything (30)(30). A second wave of fire from the other phoenix only hit ForgeMan, finally breaking apart his protective suit. He pulled a set of knives from his apron pocket, quickly polishing the blades before throwing them at his aggressor. Two of the three managed to hit their mark (30)(30).

Meanwhile, the Creggs had circled enough and attacked Forgeman from both sides. He smashed his hammer down on the Cregg in front of him, instantly deleting it while M-Angel.213 intercepted the other one after activating her Counter. However, the impact of the blow made it impossible for her to successfully trigger her counterattack and instead, it blew away the rest of her armour and veered off while ForgeMan tried unsuccessfully to bash it to pieces.

"GET BACK HERE!!" he cried, whiffing repeatedly with his mallet.

FirephoenixA: 50 HP [flying]
FirephoenixB: 10 HP [flying] [confused]
FirephoenixC: DELETED
FirephoenixD: DELETED
CreggC: 90 HP [fire-element hardbody]

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Sand

M-Angel.213.EXE: 175 HP
ForgeMan.EXE: 250 HP [Hammer: 1 use]
213's head turned to view the distinct sound of metal being broken apart by attacks. It was a sound she was all too familiar with. ForgeMan hadn't taken any damage yet, and from the looks of it he would soon. The viruses weren't concerned with 213 at all, and it was her duty from the machine to protect this navi. She turned to him and started to summon up her armor around him. The panel he was on started to be torn up in tiny bits, each one changing in property to a cooper and steel color. The casing wrapped around his torso, guarding him further.

Her attention was back to the battle. Forgeman was safe and secure, giving her the freedom to attack all the targets. The two in the air could be handled perfectly by the one of her weapons, but the hardbody egg not so much. She sent a ping request to Fredrick, who was still trying to wrap his brain around the concept of 213 finding this navi pretentious and where that connection came from. He slotted in the chips without breaking his train of though, and went back to flipping through his notes and shifting through her thoughts.

She turned to the target on the ground first, giving it damage would only allow Forgeman to drop it that much faster. She squared her body off to the right and raised her left hand to the egg. With her wings spread out wide and her head up, she diverted the power of the chip into her palm, which unleashed a powerful blast of energy towards the egg. The ball of sparking and twisting electricity flew with lighting speed and precision.

Finally she turned her hand to the sky, trying to line the two birds up between her fingers. The power from the next chip was sparking and bubbling from her palm, eager to be fired. Once the birds were in the best position possible for her shot she unleashed the shotgun. A wad of small arc and pellets launched from her hand and towards the targets. Hopefully they would be close enogh together to both be clipped by the attack. She turned her attention back to ForgeMan, making sure he wasn't in any danger.

1) Machine's Shield to ForgeMan (40 HP Casing)
2) Tankcannon to Cregg C (80 + A Accuracy)
3) Shotgun to FirePhoenix A (50 + Splash1 (Aimed towards Firephoenix B))
After ForgeMan's hammer made one final missed swing, it seemed to revert in shape and form. The battlechip infusing it had apparently run its course.

"Damnit!" He cursed.

M-Angel.213 created a protective casing for ForgeMan, much to his surprise. He nodded to her in thanks but turned his attention back to the Cregg. He raised his hand to spawn a Totem ahead that instantly belched out a long line of fire at the egg virus (50). It resisted the attack, rocketing its way straight towards him but was deleted by a TankCannon (40). The Firephoenixes seemed to be in a state of disarray as the confused one began to interfere with its ally. They became involved in some kind of aerial scuffle, which was perfect for M-Angel.213 who was able to delete them both with her Shotgun.

"Ah thanks for the assist," ForgeMan said with a sigh of relief, "I'm no good at fighting from afar. More of a melee man, myself."

He wiped his forehead and added, "Phew! And that's just the beginning! It's only going to get harder from here on out. Do you still think you can handle it?"

FirephoenixA: DELETED
FirephoenixB: DELETED
FirephoenixC: DELETED
FirephoenixD: DELETED

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Sand

M-Angel.213.EXE: 175 HP [40 HP Casing]
ForgeMan.EXE: 250 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

M-Angel.213 Get: 800z + 4 ForgeMan FXP
213 returned her weapon to her side as the last of the flying fire viruses fell to her attacks. She looked to her employer and partner and made mental note of how strong he was. The chip selection that he had at his disposal, along with the armor he could fasten for himself was rather impressive. Protecting him while he is not fighting will prove to be a challenge, but one that she is ready to meet. As she was thinking this as ForgeMan addressed her. She titled her head to the side slightly and lowered it, along with raising her wings to a powerful position.

"I have been sent by the machine to protect you and I will not fail. Even if I fall you will make it out of here with your materials. I am ready to move onwards."

With that she took the point once more and started to walk down the path. A couple of steps into her stride she turned to ask, "Why are the viruses only attacking you? We must be getting something incredibly valuable for them to protect it so." 213 Stiffened her body after saying those words, and turned to walk forwards again. "Its not my place to ask," She said as she marched onwards.

{Battle 2}
"I don't know what to tell you," ForgeMan replied, "The truth is that me and my operator don't know all that much about the data we found here or where it came from. This is the first time I've come here with someone else so I haven't noticed anything really weird about the virus attacks. Now that you mention it, they were more interested in attacking me than you..."

ForgeMan shrugged it off and continued along the path until they came up against their next obstacle: a sheer rock face that they were going to have to climb. There were enough ledges and handholds to proceed but the area looked unstable with occasional light tremors and a few sparse volcanic jets. At the base of the climbing wall lay a bed of sharp rocks - a reminder of the price of failure. There was no way around it so the only way to go was up.

"Gonna assume you can't teleport over this so let's suit up and start our climb." ForgeMan said, preparing his armour.

Quote ()

- The wall is 20 units high.  Navis start at unit 0 and finish at unit 20.  Both navis must reach unit 20 to win.
- You may dedicate a single action to "Climb" to move up one unit.
- If your unit space is below ForgeMan, you can catch him if he falls, placing him one unit below yourself and vice versa (he can save you).
- If your unit space is above ForgeMan, you can defend him from enemies and falling rocks and vice versa (he can protect you).
- Being at the same level offers no bonuses.
- Using Rageclaw gives you 6 passive "Climb" actions (total, not per turn).
- Sustaining 2 hits in a single turn causes you to fall.
- If a navi falls, they take superpiercing 10 damage x the unit number they fell from.

-Cracked Units - Turns to lava next turn.  Ending your turn on this unit causes you to take 20 fire damage and auto-fall at the beginning of next turn.
-Broken Unit - Anchor point, cannot fall.
-Lava Units - Turns to normal next turn.  10 fire damage moving onto it for non-fire elementals.
-Normal Units - May turn to cracked.

Vertical Terrain: 70% Normal, 10% Cracked, [6][12], 10% Lava [8][16], 10% Broken [10][15]

M-Angel.213.EXE: 175 HP [0]
ForgeMan.EXE: 250 HP [0]

Quote ()

ForgeMan action summary
1 - Action Charge
2 - Armour Up (90 HP equip object)
* - Masterwork: +25 HP to Armour Up
3 - Climb
4 - Climb

[Encounter 2 - Begin!]
As ForgeMan answered her questions she began to get more and more curious about the data she was helping to mine out of this network. She decided that the best way to find out what it was, was to get ForgeMan to it. With a large sheer wall before her and inactive wings she would have to climb up by hand, just like her companion. The downwards fall was going to be the real threat to them both, for once they got higher up the damage would be fatal for her. As ForgeMan began to create his own armor, so too did she. Protection from viruses raining attacks down or from the heat of the area would be very nice.

Upon further observation she got an idea for how to tie together one of her gifts with this rock wall face and sent in a ping request to Fredrick, who was busy not paying much attention to this portion of the mission. He already knew that 213 could puzzle solve, as could almost any navi, and merely slotted in the chip before slipping back into the comfort of his own notes and writings. While ForgeMan was unsure about why he was hated, Fredrick was determined to find out. While thinking of the different possibilities and outcomes his eyes drifted to the faith meter on the side of 213's PET display, which still held true for the time being.

Instead of her normal bit with changing the sword into a hooked in, 213 loaded up the granted weapon upon her own hand, giving her a large red mechanical brace. The brace locked into her own gears and joints, twisting itself unto her hand with a loud screwing noise. Two large bladed fingers protruded from the top of the claw and one under slung finger did the same. Tucking her wings in and moving closer to the wall, 213 grabbed on and started her climb up.

1) Machine's Shield -40 Hp Casing-
2) Activate RageClaw (6 Passive Climb Remaining)
3) Climb
M-Angel.213.EXE allowed ForgeMan to go on ahead in order to support him from behind. His rock climbing technique seemed very refined as he went from ledge to ledge with a practiced ease, even while donning his bulky looking armour. It soon became apparent that his pace was also steadily increasing. Her Rageclaw would probably come in handy soon if she wanted to keep the distance between them to a minimum.

The cracked panels much higher up erupted with jets of lava that spewed out. A few patches along the wall, including one directly ahead of ForgeMan, began to crack and show signs of glowing red stress. Meanwhile, pre-existing lava geysers cooled down to tolerable levels, hardening back into stable rock. ForgeMan didn't seem at all bothered by the volatile nature of their climb and headed straight for the fresh lava jet that was dying down in intensity.

Vertical Terrain: 65% Normal, 15% Cracked [3][14][17], 10% Lava [6][12], 10% Broken [10][15]

M-Angel.213.EXE: 175 HP [40 HP Casing] [Passive Climb Remaining: 6] [1]
ForgeMan.EXE: 250 HP [115 HP equipped object] [2]

Quote ()

ForgeMan action summary
1 - Climb
2 - Climb
3 - Climb
4 - Climb
213 looked up at ForgeMan as he easily scaled the wall, which he had clearly scaled many many times. She was going to be left i the dust if she wasn't careful, which would give neither of them a helping hand. She was supposed to be protecting him, which she was, but that duty would be made easier if he wasn't moving along so quickly. Good thing she had thought of using the RageClaw chip. She pressed upwards on the rock face more, finding the most study of the hand grips she could. She kept her wings in tight as she moved upwards on the rocks.

Fredrick watched her climb and kept a note on her mental activities, writing down snippets about ForgeMan, her duty, the amount of protection he would need, and how she would keep up with this climb. He was tracking her observations of the rock faces, trying to choose which ones would be the best to put her weight upon.

213 reached out her rageclaw into the next hand hold and hoisted herself up one higher, to remain behind ForgeMan. She said nothing about his pace and just simply chose to keep up for the time being. If any viruses discovered them she would need to be right behind him either way, for protection.

1) Climb
2) Climb
3) Climb
Passive: Rageclaw: Climb
The navis were making good time on their climb. ForgeMan looked up to their goal and saw two Mettfires peeking back over the edge at them. They quickly retreated behind the safety of the cliff before he could attack. They were out of sight but not out of mind.

"This is bad." ForgeMan said, "Mettfires; two of them at the top of the cliff. I don't think I can delete them both before they start 'makin it rain'. Not too big on indirect combat, but I CAN use a Flameline and Shockwave to mayyyyybe reach them. I hope. That's about all my operator's got in his folder. Other than that, I don't exactly have any great plans over here..."

With the added threat of the hidden viruses, three new fissures burst open with lava jets from the previously cracked spots, while the existing lava pools cooled down rather quickly. Several new cracks formed along the wall, one directly above ForgeMan. He noticed it forming and cursed, "Shoot! I'm gonna need to get past this before it blows."

MettfireA: 100 HP [hiding behind cliff edge]
MettfireB: 100 HP [hiding behind cliff edge]

Vertical Terrain: 55% Normal, 20% Cracked [2][7][9][11], 15% Lava [3][14][17], 10% Broken [10][15]

M-Angel.213.EXE: 175 HP [40 HP Casing] [Passive Climb Remaining: 5] [5]
ForgeMan.EXE: 250 HP [115 HP equipped object] [6]

Quote ()

ForgeMan action summary
1 - Climb
2 - Climb
3 - Flameline1 MettfireA, MettfireB (70 damage)
4 - Shockwave MettfireB (40 damage) + 20 passive strengthen
213's attention was being split between holding unto the sheer rock wall, keeping tabs on ForgeMan, and watching the terrain before her to insure that none of it changed to anything dangerous. To say that this would be a test of her mental strength and abilities was an understatement. She tracked the movement of the viruses as best she could when they arrived, not sure what blessings she had that could reach them at all. As ForgeMan made the next steps of his climb the ground around them was starting to fall apart, as he pointed out. She could manage to get above him and take any incoming hits, or she could stay put and throw some attacks their way.

Neither plan fit what she needed well enough. She would have to combine the actions. She sent a ping to Fredrick, who was biting his nails and sitting on the edge of his seat, for a chip. He slotted it in before settling back down into his position; which made him look like he was watching a suspenseful movie.

M.Angel.213 loaded the chip into her sword on her side. With the large red rageclaw she grasped the side of the rock face tightly, clamping into her spot as she reached for her sword with the other hand. She grabbed it by the handle and pulled the blade back far. With a powerful grunt she threw it in a board arc to her side, trying to send the attack upwards unto the ledge, hopefully hitting one of the mets. She locked her other hand back unto the rock face, and started her long climb to the top. She couldn't get directly under Forgeman again, seeing as he had just cleared cracking terrain, putting herself there would be an instant danger. Choosing not to risk it she climbed as many times as she could on her own strength and then dug in deep with the rageclaw and pulled herself up even further in the hand holds on the wall. Not once, but twice she climbed.

1) Skully1 to MettFireA (100 + Homing + Confusion)
2) Climb
3) Climb
Passive Action: RageClaw: Climb
Passive Action: RageClaw: Climb
After advancing higher, ForgeMan channeled some chip data through the mountainous wall and caused the area beneath the Mettfires to erupt in flames. Only one of them was caught in the attack (70). He followed up by pounding the wall with his hammer, sending up a Shockwave to finish the job (60). M-Angel.213 didn't have a clear line of sight to the remaining Mettfire but released a homing bonemerang to circle around the cliff before ambitiously scaling past ForgeMan and taking a breather on some crumbling rocks. She knew she had miscalculated when the panel beneath her exploded with lava (20), blasting her off her the wall. A gloved hand grasped her forearm before she fell out of reach.

"WHOA! I GOTCHA!" ForgeMan shouted, dropping her harshly into the fresh river of lava under him (10). M-Angel.213's armour was holding up against the environmental strain though it was on the verge of falling apart.

The surviving Mettfire added to the stress by dropping a cluster of random meteors from the sky. One of them struck ForgeMan hard, causing his grip to loosen (30) though he was quick to recover. All around them, the terrestrial conditions continued to worsen. To add insult to injury, two Cattacks rolled in to investigate the rumbling.

"Well... Crap." ForgeMan said, "There's a large gap up ahead. I'm going to hunker down up there and drop a rock on our new arrivals."

MettfireA: 100 HP [hiding behind cliff edge] [homing skully1]
MettfireB: DELETED
CattackA: 120 HP
CattackB: 120 HP

Vertical Terrain: 45% Normal, 25% Cracked [2][6][13][14][17], 20% Lava [2][7][9][11], 10% Broken [10][15]

M-Angel.213.EXE: 175 HP [10 HP Casing] [Passive Climb Remaining: 3] [7]
ForgeMan.EXE: 250 HP [85 HP equipped object] [8]

Quote ()

ForgeMan action summary
1 - Climb
2 - Climb
3 - Take Aim
4 - RockCube
* - Mobilize (passive movement) Rockcube to land on CattackA