Alone once again.

"So what, you want to investigate what happened? That's unli- Oh, I get it, it's a side-quest Well, I hope I meet allies on the way. I heard this place could be dangerous." Seraphim looked around. He was not entirely recovered from his previous venture, but didn't remember details about it. He shook his head, trying to clear the video game dust, and blew into his hands, despite the heat, he felt a bit cold. He began to walk into the heated parts of Netfrica's wide and monster-infested area.
Side quests have annoying battles that are ultimately meaningless... that is, of course, unless you're interested in getting the ultimate weapons. In which case you will fight, and fight, and fight, and fight, until you realize that you wasted all your time getting a weapon that was in no way relevant toward beating the final opponent.


...fortunately, this isn't one of those games.

Battle Routine Set! Execute!

MagtectA: 90
MagtectB: 90
MagtectC: 90
SpikeyEXA: 100
SpikeyEXB: 100
BoomerEXA: 100
BoomerEXB: 100

Seraphim: 140
Seraphim looked about at the monsters, but something seemed wrong. Was there really supposed to be this many of the things? He was only one hero, after all. There were supposed to be six max, right? Not seven. It must be a bug, he silently decided, nodding. Maybe that was the entire point of this sidequest, to realize his true powers in this world by defying its laws and becoming a dramatic emo-but-cheerful outlaw. On the other hand, it could just be a bug. Decisions decisions. The navi swiftly concluded incorrectly the former rather than the more logical latter, but since when had the navi Seraphim gone with the word "logic" or the silly "reasoning" that most people seemed to have been using over the various centuries? Or not, in some cases. But the narrator was going off on a tangent, while the navi sheathed the sword-mesh-gun, the weapon disappearing in a swift spiraling circle of light seeming to engulf the weapon into nothing, at which point it simply disappeared. The navi wiggled his fingers, like a gunfighter ready to go to his death, ready to draw his last gun, as he tried... to crack his knuckles unsuccessfully.

Well, as the navi finished prying at his fingers, he reached over his right shoulder, and drew forth from nothing and light a weapon of gigantic porportions, seeming too large for a human, even bigger, possibly than one. Seraphim let it slam into the ground with a significant crack, the sound ricocheting from the PET like a train hitting a penny on the tracks. Erin flinched, then stared at the PET irritably, taking a quick look at the holo-screen, and assessing the situation quickly. She sent forth the largest sigh that she could muster to attempt to convey her current state to her navi, who just stared at the enemy, bobbing slightly on his knees in the most idiotic way. She slipped forth a chip, giving a larger, more meaningful sigh as a last-ditch attempt as she slammed the chip into the PET with a gnash of her teeth, and the navi himself flinched, looking up with a nervous grin as chain-blades sprouted on the giant blade, and revved into action. Seraphim blinked, then spun, thinking the enemy was leaping into action, then noticed the revving blade in his hands, starting as he did so, then yelling out the words to the spell, as the blades began sparking with a fury.

"Wide Sword!"

The words seemed insignificant until the naviran forward, dragging the blade behind him, the weapon simply dragging itself through the ground with pure brute force and destruction, the navi's arms bringing the weapon up with what seemed more will than strength, as the weapon was obviously too big and heavy for any being smaller than 16 feet in good muscular fitness. The weapon threw up a wave of sparks itself as it slashed, and the navi temporarily closed his eyes to protect himself from the spray, as the weapon plunged deeply into the ground, but Seraphim brought it in full circle, making a horrible screeching noise and bringing Erin's ears more pain as the navi lifted the blade up with a titanic effort and threw the thing, launching it in a spectacular attack against his woody foes.

"Whoops. A- I didn't think I could do that." The navi nervously said, grinning slightly as he went for his backup weapon, or rather, his primary one which he had put away just a few seconds ago. It emerged from its extradimensional shelter in a shower of contained light, aiming at what looked to be the final enemy, and firing. With the shout of "Corn Shot!" Which after could be heard the muttering of Erin over what a stupid name that was, and the inserting of a chip with a click, launching two explosive kernels- of precarious doom.

1] Switch to sword
2] Widesword [80+20] [Magtects]
3] Throw Widesword [80+20] [Spikies and boomerEXa]
4] Cornshot [50*2] [Boomerexb]
5] Prepped dodge
The Magtects go down in a flurry of swooshing goodness, their magnetized remaints clumping together in a mass of junk data before fading away into the network. Without skipping a beat, Seraphim's well-aimed (though unintentionally so) Widesword impales deep into the offending Boomer virus, causing the wood-type denizen of the network to sputter, spark, and explode. Unfortunately, one of the explosive kernels of precarious doom flew wide, hitting the spikey instead of the intended boomer.

The Spikeys look stunned at this latest development. One fires, butSeraphim's graceful dodging causes it to miss completely.

MagtectA: Deleted
MagtectB: Deleted
MagtectC: Deleted
SpikeyEXA: 50
SpikeyEXB: 100
BoomerEXA: Deleted
BoomerEXB: 50

Seraphim: 140
Seraphim whirled around, surprised to see enemies remaining standing as he looked to the enemies, pulled his gun up and shouted out the words to the art with a couple... extra words.

"They still aren't over with yet? Take this! Shot gun!" The navi shouted out, focusing on his enemies with his weapon, and the weapon seemingly flaring as it locked onto its twin targets and blasted away, sending a swarm of energy at the two foes he had targeted, and looked about his enemies. That would probably not have- He spotted his sword, at nearly the other side of the field. Could he make it? Maybe. Maybe not. There was only one solution.

Sheathing his weapon into air, he raised his arms for a second, then brought them down to his feet, stretching for a moment before making a rush for his foes. Yelling out wildly, he yelled something that resembled his name, along with the words "Let's go!" as he ran and dodged for his sword, avoiding as many of the viruses as he could, and finally grasping the sword, at which Erin pumped her fist in celebration, sliding in a chip which caused the giant chain-blade-sword to burst into flames, as Seraphim drew it from the ground and cried out the proper words.

"Fire Sword!"

The rest was unneeded. The navi charged at the viruses, slashing as he passed them with a roar of the blade and a series of sparks flying off, and came to a halt, swinging the weapon in a full circle around the ground to reduce its momentum.

1] Shotgun (Enhanced with type bonus) (Spikey EXA BoomerEXB)
2] Run for Sword (Switch)
3] Firesword (Remaining Viruses) (100Fire)
4] Firesword (Remaining Viruses) (100fire)
5] prepped dodge
Seraphim smacks down the viruses.

MagtectA: Deleted
MagtectB: Deleted
MagtectC: Deleted
SpikeyEXA: Deleted
SpikeyEXB: Deleted
BoomerEXA: Deleted
BoomerEXB: Deleted

Seraphim: 140

MagBolt1, 900 Zenny

Seraphim nodded his head knowingly, nothing like a random encounter to delay a hero, but it wouldn't even pause his progress.
Virus Attack!

VolgearEXA: 120
VolgearEXB: 120
VolgearEXC: 120
VolgearEXD: 120
NinetailsA: 150
NinetailsB: 150
TubyA: 100
TubyB: 100

Seraphim: 140

Battle 2 Start!
Seraphim stared at the multitude of viruses, hauling up the gigantic blade and resting it on his shoulder for a split second before hastily taking it off, discovering that keeping a gigantic chainblade on one's body is not beneficial to the status of "no broken bones". The navi let the weapon slam once more into the ground, further irritating his operator, but she held it in, sighing and picking up a quad of chips, one of which she had just obtained, and prepared to slot them in. She looked at her options, or rather those of her navi's but, stared at them all the same. Hard. She quickly discerned that each of the viruses were too strong to be taken ouot in one shot, but rather could only be taken out with perhaps... She quickly calculated, these viruses were common knowledge, and she knew these ones, quite well. There was a chip that one could acquire from those, but she couldn't quite recall its name. Nonetheless, she'd focus her assault on those, and see what occured, and possibly she could harvest the data from- Dammit.

The cause of the swearing was rather obvious, her navi didn't wait, being notoriously, or rather stupidly impatient. His bar was full, as he referred to it, and it was his turn. He couldn't wait for the enemy and their bars to fill, it'd be a free hit against him. That's what he indreculously said just a few days ago, in that other battle. Well, this was a new day, and She had to slot in these chips before the navi got there. Somehow, he managed to recognize the chips while on their way subconciously, and call out those words to "activate" the chips. It was a mental manipulation, she supposed, but it was necessary for the illusion. She sighed, the laughed at her analytical view of her navi. He was made for her to have fun, nothing else, nothing less, no matter how annoying he might be at any point in time, he was her creation, and her fault, her miracle. She slid in the first chips with a laugh, watching her navi spring into the air, and cry out those words.

"Fire Sword!" The navi yelled, "causing" the blade to burst into flame, the weapon having taken on a flame element, a powerful weapon she seemed to be giving him, as it pounded into the foes, all three of them, none of them the targets she had wanted to specify, none of them the ones she had wanted him to attack first. She supposed it would help to have a summoned unit, she could remember that a tubelike thing had spawned a tube-prog ally or summat, but it had seemed to help in the lowering of the accuracy of the enemy, and giving them another target to fire at, which would be extremely useful in a solo campaign. Look at her, thinking like her navi now. She slapped in the second chip as her navi made another strike against the foes, this time including one of the targets she had actually wanted him to hit, and as he spun about, pulling the blade closer, it lost its flames and the navi brought the blade to a halt, raising it above his head to shout out its name, as the blade developed chain-blades along its length, a dangerous weapon in any case, having all the properties of the previous weapon, simply lacking its fiery edge.

"Wide Sword!" The navi called out, letting the weapon come down with a smash, breaking the ground and sending it shattering in all direction, showering the enemies in large chunks of panels off the net floor. He pounded a foot into still intact ground, bringing the massive blade around and setting it revving, the chain-blades seeming to have an oily glint as the navi concentrated, but didn't say anything, power flowing through the blade, channeling various energies through it, the actual blade cutting through all in its path as it slashed at those enemies once more. The navi brought the oversized weapon up, as erin slapped one last chip into her PET, which seemed battered from various overuse, and stared mournfully at the final chip in her hand, her navi had ruined her strategy beyond belief. She'd have to keep this if any survived, which hopefully was unlikely. She hoped. Well, the navi let out his cry of "Mag Bolt!" As the chains flowed with electricity, he brought it down with a smashing crack upon his final foes. The navi also thought to the tune of wanting loot and hoping random battles were over.

1] Firesword [80+20] [Tuby A, B, Ninetails B]
2] Firesword [80+20] [VolgearEX D, Ninetails A, B]
3] Widesword [80+20] [Random Viruses]
*] Elemental Madness (Water)[Widesword]
4]Widesword [2(80+20+5)] [Volgear EX A, B, C]
5] Magbolt [90] [Volgear EX D]
Seraphim's firey sword melts the Tubys with relative ease, but the Ninetails catches the blade in its mouth, snapping down on it and shattering the burning blade into several pieces. It doesn't really matter, however, because a true hero always carries a spare. Withdrawing his widesword easily from its holster, Seraphim quickly uses it to dispatch the remaining viruses with ease. The aquatic energy coursed through the blade, vaporizing two of the three volgears in a single blow. In retaliation, the remaining Volgear fires off a stream of fire, though the Elemental-infused blade manages to absorb some of the attack (25)

The remaining Ninetails attacks but misses, apparently dazed from the navi's previous assault.

VolgearEXA: 120
NinetailsA: 50
NinetailsB: DELETED

Seraphim: 115
Seraphim took the flat of his blade to his face like a pro. Well, not a pro. Maybe a man. Well, maybe not a man. Like... A video game man. Yes. Exactly. He took it to the face and "flinched", going plummeting into the ground with a smack as he looked up, rather woozily, one of his eyes half closed as he swayed, trying to raise himself to his feet. His operator just sighed and watched her poor, poor, foolish navi get his ass kicked, then slowly rise, slapping in a simple chip in response to all this, it was really all she could do besides yell disgusting waves of encouragement. She refused to do this, and thus pressed depressingly at her PET's buttons, trying in a futile manner to hack into her navi and make him efficient. Shrugging, she gave up, slotting in a series of two additional chips, firing words at her navi to begin the assault on the- She knew her navi had already begun his assault, she just wanted to play... some sort of role. Her brain sparking with an idea, she pulled open the .gmo window and looked at her "free" .gmo. She hadn't been able to think up something until now, but... perhaps. Perhaps this would work.

Seraphim ducked and dodged, all rather clumsily, then slammed his blade at the general direction off the ninetails, watching as the electrical rays engulfed its general area, the mag bolt spell was apparently still in effect, fortunately for him. Or rather, the second chip had activated, but the navi didn't know that. He kept to his attack, pressing forward and sheathing the gigantic blade, before aiming carefully with the newly drawn gun-mesh-sword, and blasting with a swarm of energy bullets, which passed through the fragmented data of the area the ninetails occupied, directly going for its secondary target, the final other virus, which Seraphim leveled his gun-mesh sword at while leaping into the air.

"Dual Art:Corn shot Gun!" He yelled out, the stupid sounding chant making a not so funny-attack, sending two giant projectiles at the hopefully already weakened enemy as Seraphim launched his second assault. Finishing up, he slid a foot to the side, aimed the weapon straight up, and fired a bolt into the sky with one last "attack", this one simply being beneficial. "Energizing shot!"

1] Magbolt [Ninetails 90]
2] Switch to Sword
3] Shotgun [ninetails, volgearexA 50]
4] Cornbomb [Volgearex 50*2]
5] Energizing shot [Recov:24]
The magbolt slams into the Ninetails and it twitches a bit before falling over on its side, its data breaking apart and blowing away. He then peppers the Volgear with bullets... Corn..... and more corn to finally end the battle, though he recovers a bit before a victory tune can play.

NinetailsA: DELETED!
NinetailsB: DELETED

Seraphim: 139

Rewards: Varitail, 800z
Seraphim panted for a moment, lifting up his weapon and presenting it in a victory pose before sheathing it and lifting his hands up in the air to receive his reward data.
VIrus Attack!

FirepheonixA: 110
FirepheonixB: 110
FirepheonixC: 110
BagwormA: 150
BagwormB: 150
BagwormC: 150
TeddyA: 140
TeddyB: 140
TeddyC: 140

Seraphim: 139

Battle 3? Start!
"!!--- Wide Sword!" Seraphim's reaction was a jerk of the head, spitting out words, then a swinging of the blade he held to his side, horizontal to the body. It wasn't quite a martial stance, more like the stance of one who only knew his reference from video games and comic books. Swinging it slightly back, the naive navi took hold of it with both hands, bringing it forward again as he roared forward, his legs pounding into the ground as if it were his enemy and the navi was trying to kick it into submission. The assault did nothing to harm the ground, except perhaps leave scuff marks, but propelled the navi in a crooked line as the swinging of the giant blade drew him from side to side, then finally smashing the blade at the collection of fiery birds, calling out the name of his little blade, or- Little blade would be quite the understatement of what the tremendously large blade formed itself into. Its form became that of a giant chain-blade sword, where the chains on the already tremendous blade were replaced with index finger length curved blades. The blade rended and tored through everything in its way in a blur, blasting like it was supposed to, a giant engine of destruction. The only sound to described what happened when the blade connected with the ground would be a great groaning noise as the panel of the ground stood up to the blade for a slight instant, then the blade quite appropriately chewed through the ground, as the naviused the momentum to eventually draw it out, swinging it back once more with an impact to make on the flaming birds, an impact he doubted they'd forget.

"Hahhh.... Hahhh..." The navi panted out, bringing the sword into the ground with that same ripping, chewing nosie, as the blade shut down. Seraphim hoped that had been enough to destroy those particular monsters, the navi wasn't experienced in the matters of those, but they seemed formidable opponents in this particular random battle. The navi slowly lifted the overly large blade, bringing it with what was expected to be a gigantic smack into something behind him, but instead, it disappeared as it got closer and closer to his back, sparks and spirals of light emanating from the point that it slowly disappeared at. Erin smiled at this point, picking up one more chip from a small tower she'd been making with them. She had looked at the opposition and had already decided her navi couldn't possibly destroy them all in one turn. It would have to be slowly but steadily. She fitted the chip into its slot with a small "click", where it shot into the innards of the PET, where who knows what happened to it. It didn't really matter what, she got the chip back anyway. Always. As the navi drew out his gun-mesh-sword, she stared at the weapon. It was a pretty weapon, fancy with its blade, which seemingly separated the barrels in two, bisecting it all the way down the barrel. It could be used as both a sight and a weapon, the blade actually separating down the barrel, it would be quite a problem to fire a bullet into the end of a blade, of course. All sorts of troublesome things could occur, along with it simply being...

...Stupid. Like her navi.

"Okay... Wait, what's the idiot doing now?" She wuestioned softly, it was meant to be a rhetorical question, as she expected her navi to behave in at least a slightly logical way. The navi strode to the right, leveling the weapon at the enemy with a crooked grin on his face, both hands on the weapon, one to steady the gun-mesh-sword so the fool didn't brain himself, at least Seraphim did have some form of common sense, then there was the annoyance known as "logic" which the navi dismissed at every single turn. Like he was doing now as he yelled out the names of several attacks while taking potshots at the bagworm viruses, which would... They did something like hiding. Ceiling. That's all she remembered. Well, they certainly weren't hiding or anywhere near the sky at the moment. Well, it wasn't really mattering at the moment. She clicked in another chip, then another, as the navi wasted the chip she had sent him. Seraphim was...


Placing her head delicately in her free hand while she tossed a chip lightly in her hand, she let out a large sigh, then pushed the final chip reluctantly into the PET. It was too much to hope, obviously, that her navi would go for the most logical strategy, slicing the bagworms in the most efficient way, with the same sword she had given him in the first place. Or even the fire sword. Was it possible he was saving it or something? The navi hadn't even mentioned its name at all. She drew in a breath, then let it out through her teeth, and began watching, once again.

"Shot Gun! Heat Shot! Fire... Baru Kan!" The navi shouted out, letting a stream of blasts out at the two bagworm monsters he was targeting, the rifle in his hands jerking as it first fired off the wave of shots that the shot gun lent, then the Heat shot, which emerged as a fireball, splashing at one bagworm as well as threatening to engulf another. The shotgun did so as well, but much more subtly. The fire played around the gun-mesh-sword for a split second as the navi let out a far less subtle wave of attacks, the weapon firing as if it was a minigun for a split second, pelting the enemy with a series of quick, brutal attacks. If one looked closely, they could even see that the bullets... Were not made of metal as they rocketed by at subsonic speeds, they were made of white pellets of heat, bursting into flames as soon as they even touched their target, the bullets had changed, and as fire burned in the navi's eyes, the monsters of the net did as well this day.

"Alright! Do you think I finished them all off?" The navi asked to Erin as he waved at the small monsters seeming tame and resembling small plush animals in their form. He smiled at the little things and bent down, looking at them. Putting his weapon away, he wondered why the victory music hadn't started yet... Maybe these little guys were... Musicians! They were to sing for him! A unique battle and a prize and a cutscene afterward! He had obviously fufilled an objective of the main quest! He stood up himself and began dancing himself, humming happily.

1] Widesword [80 FirephoenixABC]
2] Widesword [80 FirephoenixABC]
3] Shotgun [50 BagwormA->B]
4] Heatshot [2(40) BagwormA->B]
*Arc Energize Fire-Vulcan
5] Vulcan [2(10) BagwormA] [2(10) BagwormB] [2(10) Air]
Seraphim's first slash hits all three firephoenixes, severely damaging them, but his second slash only reaches two. His triple blast at the Bagworms goes almost without a hitch as well, except for the fact that the Vulcan shot missed the second Bagworm.
However, it luckily, and stupidly, dodged right into the stray shot. Genius.
And lucky, lucky Seraphim got slashed by one of the "musicians". Guess they aren't on his side, after all.

FirepheonixA: DELETED
FirepheonixB: DELETED
FirepheonixC: 30 HP
BagwormC: 150 HP
TeddyA: 140 HP
TeddyB: 140 HP
TeddyC: 140 HP

Seraphim: 129 HP
The navi was in a foul mood, despite his usually light temperament. The musicians had attacked him, leaving slight scratches on his face. The naïve navi's operator was snickering, struggling to hold in full fledged giggles of laughter from rolling out. From a minute ago, the navi had stepped up to the viruses, ready to receive his music and conduct the little bears, bending down close to them and grinning wide, the navi's perfect face in a state of glee- Just in time to receive several bear claws drawn in a diagonal line across his face. In an overdramatic styling of spurts of blood coming from the not-so-large wound, the navi panicked, clutching at his face and rolling about on the ground, hurt and betrayed what he had considered dear friends, ally in his fight against the forces of evil, betrayed by everything the navi had considered- Wait, not time for that yet. One hand on his face, the navi's eyebrows arced downward toward his eyes, which were a turmoil of feelings.

"Seraaaaph. Hehahahah-mmmff... Get in gear-ahahahahah!" The girl silenced herself, unable to continue without breaking out completely, slapping her hands over her mouth until she was in further control, sliding in one simple chip to end the virus attack. It would suffice. The chip they had gotten from that deadly fight with the beast of fire, known widely on the net as the "Dragon of Flames", the "Inferno Beast", or simply by its status name, Drauchen. It had nearly destroyed them all, or at least it would have, if Seraphim, the randomly useful navi came up with an idea converting elements, and formed his weapons into deadly tools of ice, dealing great damage to the beast, along with his allies, protecting each other and decimating the threat evident to them all and leaving behind iridescent scales as it sloughed off its form. She brought up the image on the screen, the sparkling scale capturing her attention while her navi launched his assault on the viruses, his own blade, crackling with the shining flames, the same flames broiling within the scale.

"Yaaaaaah! Fire Blade!" The navi brought the blade back as he yelled its name, conjuring the crackling flames referred to by Erin, and making a gigantic slash at the two wooden viruses, sending out a wave of fire to engulf the two, that should be enough to conquer that wave of monsters. The navi backed up slightly, holding the blade as best he could, this would be much easier if he'd had his friends at this battle. He wouldn't have to handle everything himself, perhaps maybe 4-5 of the gargantuan viruses, his allies could fend off stuff they knew more about, like those cruel teddies. The navi referenced the thought of the deadly things yet again, whimpering as he remembered the claws drawn across his face in a deliberate hostile act. How could such cute things be so cruel? Sighing as he made his attacks at the little horrible beasts, he slashed with his giant blade, attacking them one after another, in a wave of quick, fierce attacks, all he could do to end the horrible threat of cuteness. They were like killer seals!

1] Switch to Blade form.
2] Firesword [2(80+20)][Bagworms]
3] Firesword [80+20] [Teddies]
4] Firesword [80+20] [Teddies]
5] Firesword [80+20] [Teddies]
Seraphim's mad rampage manages to take out EVERY LAST ONE of its targets!

Unfortunately, he didn't bother to notice the Firephoenix! It looses a heated blast, dealing severe damage to Seraphim.

FirepheonixA: DELETED
FirepheonixB: DELETED
FirepheonixC: 30 HP

Seraphim: 99 HP
Simply put, the navi was blasted from his feet, leaving the sword to fall to the ground with a "thunk", slicing into it at an angle itself, to leave a mark on the ground as if it was the sword of legend placed within a hunk of stone. Unfortunately, this was not such a legend. The navi slowly lifted himself up, shaking off the burn with flakes of ash flowing off him as if he was an anti-stick pan which- things... didn't.... stick to. Yeah. Just like that. Well, in any case, Seraphim simply reached behind his back, to draw the gunner weapon and coughed, letting out a small cloud of blackened breath, more evidence of the burn. The gun-mesh-sword was raised into the air, with a hacking out of-

"Energized shot," with a whole bit more of hacking and coughing, with a couple stutters thrown in for good measure. The navi hadn't even seen the blast coughing, yet there were ashes all the way down his esophagus. The blast arced down, hitting upon the navi and removing most of the flame-inspired grime. While He shook himself off, looking like a new navi, the navi raised his weapon. The final foe of this random battle. The final enemy.

"Okay Seraph, lessee. We got... Mark Ka Non." She said, looking at her remaining chips, she picked up the one that hadn't been used in a while, one she knew would be utterly accurate, it said so in its name, after all. She had remembered to speak in his "game" terminology, thank the gods. It would have been a nightmare trying to explain why she had called his precious Ka Non a Cannon, of all things. Anyway, this chips should end it, at the very least. If it didn't, and it was because of the general incompetence of her navi, she would be a very pissed little lady.

"Okay, okay, here we go, Mark Ka Non!" The navi yelled, a sight appearing on the gun-mesh-sword for a swift second, the navi targeting the flaming bird and firing. That would end this particular battle with a bang, as the blast of energy hit what he had aimed at, and the battle came to a close.

1] Switch to gunner
2] Energizing Shot [48 Healed]
3] MarkCannon [70 Only target left]
4] Dodge
5] Dodge
Seraphim heals to full before taking out the final virus.

FirepheonixA: DELETED
FirepheonixB: DELETED
FirepheonixC: DELETED

Seraphim: 140 HP

Prizes: Phoenixshot, 800z