Seraphim ran into the realm of heat with a happy sigh, as most of the wetness almost completely and immediately evaporated. He almost lay down, but remembered his true objective, and stood waiting in front of the portal, waiting for his allies to come through.
"Ah... a heated environment!" MeleeMan sighed, smiling for just a moment. As he looked around, he returned his usual frown, then searched for his partner. "There's Seraphim. We'll be fighting together, as brothers united through combat!"

"Yup. And you'll need the support," Rania warned him. "The opponents here aren't exactly weak virii."

"Hmph. I know what I'm up against, but trust me; no one's soul is hotter than mine!" MeleeMan replied, releasing a quick spurt of smoke from his gauntlets. "Seraphim!" he called out, crashing his two heavy gauntlets into one another. "Are you ready to show your soul to the wild range of Netfrica?" he barked, crossing his arms and maintaining a stern expression.
"Yes!" The navi exclaimed raising his fist into the air as he drew his sword-mesh-gun with the other, and crying out, "We shall garner experience galore, and end the threat to the world once and for all!" With that said, he grinned, looking eagerly around for viruses.

"Er, sorry, my navi is just a bit eager." The girl said, coughing slightly as she looked at her navi, who was actually lifting up a hand to his brow to look better for viruses, pointing his sword-mesh-gun at practically everything except Meleeman.
"No, your navi is going into this battle with motivation!" MeleeMan defended, clenching his fists tightly at his side. "Righteous ambition can only contribute to our cause!"

"But... uh... isn't he being just a little naive?" Rania thought to herself. "MeleeMan," she spoke aloud, then stopped. She quivered with excitement; as much as she wanted to be rational, she had a hard time pulling away from idealistic heroism. Her eyes glew brightly, almost orange in color. "That's right MeleeMan! A warrior does whatever they can."

"Hmph. That's the right attitude," MeleeMan smirked, although it was unclear whether he generally appreciated Rania's opinion or was just glad that she submitted to his own for once.
"Na-vi? -" Seraphim was cut off by a sudden private link to his operator, what he thought as whispering.

"Navigater is what they call those that can use the gates and use them for the sake of ridding the world of viruses." She finished, almost panting. That had been close.

"Okay! Let us go!" Seraphim began to walk forward confidently, his sword-mesh-gun lay upon his shoulder, relaxed until the onslaught of viruses came.
This party's missing a white mage.


Seraphim: 140
Meleeman: 100

A piercing black light slammed into the ground, leaving a humanoid black mass in its wake. The beam was followed closely by four colored lights that spiraled and crashed into the fluidlike form... reveal Rass' panicked looking face, frantically looking around and trying to comprehend the sudden change in scenery. He fumbled with his helmet to establish communications with his netOp. "S-Suien!" he yelled, "I-I'm in a really w-weird new place and I-I don't know what to..."

Suien's face appeared on a nearby screen as the dark-haired netOp adjusted his glasses and sighed. "Don't fret about it Rass, I sent you here via a remote link through the PET," he said, "I'm here with another netOp whose navi is near your location. I want you to gather some data on his configuration and relay it back to me."

Rass cocked his head to one side. "Gather data?" he asked, somewhat confused, "but Suien, I'm no good at..."

He means me, you moron, hissed Tem, a patch of blue appearing on Rass' left torso. Both of Tem's eyes appeared as she addressed Suien curtly, I can take care of it without any problems, but for what reason are you having us do this? Is this navi a possible opponent later on?

Suien shook his head. "I'm just... curious as to his capabilities. It appears as though studying his capabilities and routines will be useful toward upgrading your own systems. I'll send you a rockcube for now, so make good use of it."

Tem blinked twice as though she were going to say something but thought better of it. Whatever you say, Suien~ she said, winking as she withdrew into her gemstone, I'll activate the scanner as soon as Rass realizes we walked straight into a combat zone.

"C-c-c-combat zone?!" Rass stammered as he whirled around in surprise. Sure enough, seven viruses were staring directly at him through sinister red eyes as they slowly advanced. Rass nearly fell on his backside in shock as he backpedaled frantically, bumping into a large imposing figure on his way back. Looking upward, he found himself face-to-metal-masked-face with MeleeMan. The pugilistic navi looked like he was ready to pound the nearest moving object into the ground, and Rass wasn't at all interested in filling that role. "Ah... g-good to s-see you again, MeleeMan," he said quickly, hoping that MeleeMan would recognize him from earlier. Rass adjusted his scarf as he struggled to his feet, looking around. As he got his bearings and assumed an awkward fighting position, he heard a sigh from one of his subsystems. A large patch of blue appeared around Rass' neck as eyes formed on each of his shoulders.

Absolutely pathetic, said Tem as blue light radiated outward, scanning the field and transferring the data to the central processing unit, Get your head in the game, will you?

Before Rass had a chance to respond, he felt his hand rising upward and ball itself into a fist. Just watch, said Tem, I doubt you've ever seen one of these before, dearie, so I'll walk you through it. Rass' fist slammed down onto the ground and a massive cube rose out a few inches in front of the impact point. See? Load and pound — that's all there is to it.

Rass whimpered in response, holding his hand gingerly as he stared up at the large cube that his tactical system had somehow materialized. I admit it's pretty interesting, he thought, but... what do I do with it, Tem?

0: Tem Scanner (+5 to all attacks, boosted accuracy, any kills made increase chance for chip and RP reward factor by 1 rank)
1: Create Rockcube (200 HP)
-----turn splice------
"Huh? Who're you? Are you a mini-boss? Are you a fo-" The navi exclaimed, pointing at the new navi, slightly shorter than himself, pink and black in design, with a strange visor, with... gemstones? Was that a patch of blue appearing? However and whatever was happening was cut off in mid speech by his operator, who quickly silenced any further cries with five words, which enchanted the navi's soul with a blazing fury, somewhat like a large dose of caffiene and sugar combined.

"He's part of your party." The words echoed through Seraphim's head as the navi processed them, then his expression brightened from that of of a nervous, but happy navi to a such complete and total hyperactivity that it would bowl over most of the worst attention deficit disordered persons alive. And some dead ones as well.

"Yes, Oh gods, now we have a party of three! Perfect party! Loot! Money! Stealing the stuff of thousands of monsters, and leveling up! What party role do you fufill, what class are you? Are you a Cleric-type healy person? Are you another fist-fighter? Are you a barbaric fighter? Are you a heavy bladesman? Are you a all around fighter, are you a sniper?" He finished with a happy stare, his mouth slightly open in expectant smile as he swiftly turned about, pointing at the viruses.

"Those are our foes at this time, do what you will, Mr. Unkown-class-man!" The navi grinned, then turned to Meleeman with an exclamation, "See, Now we have three party members! We can defeat these foes with the best fight possible, three for me, and two for each of you!" The navi nodded happily, then ran off toward the magtects, the blade on his weapon extended as he yelled out the name of his spell, grinning happily now that he had filled out his party with... with... um... pink. A white mage!

Erin sighed, nodding slightly at Suien before picking up chips from the bed beside her and slowly picking up the PET from the side of the bed where Suien had apparently returned it, slotting in multiple chips, one after the other, then finishing as the last chip fell in with a final "click", the girl smiling quietly with satisfaction, hoping her navi would successfully attack with the multiple chips that she had given, although the navi would probably only be able to take out about two of the enemies with his given strength at the moment, he might take out two at max, and damage another seriously.

"Rag Eclaw!" He yelled, fisting at the monsterly magtect with the "rag eclaw", trying to knock it into one of its allies and rolling so he was positioned in front of it and the attempted knock into the target, grinning and calling out the name of another spell, his hair flopping over his eyes as he "cast the spell", the weapon glowing a second before the chip activated, the weapon recognizing the chip, processing it, and blasting out.

"Shot... Gun!" he blasted the two point blank, crouching, flipping back and a smirk appeared on his face for an instant as he dashed to the side and strafed the two viruses, blasting them with a series of shots, then leapt back, glancing briefly around and taking stock of the situation, becoming leaderly and main protaganistic for a couple seconds, directing his allies with a voice that sounded overly melodramatic as well as slightly funny.

"Mister Fighterly man, who uses his fists to great expertise, could you focus on the flammable thingies? They look like they want to burn with your soul's fire." Seraphim gave a smile as he said this completely without any hint of anger or sadistic tone, then redirected his voice to the pinkish navi, speaking.

"Um. I don't know what your specialties are, mister pinky-black man, do you think you could choose for yourself? I'll direct you like the protaganist should when I learn your skills and stuffs! Maybe you'll grow a level this battle, and then get all your skills! Then I'd know a couple!" The navi stopped, remembering where he was with a "Oh, Let me do something, now!" He exclaimed, directing his weapon to hit various foes, causing chaos among the enemy as he yelled out the words to the certain "spell", namely...

"Baru Kan!" He yelled, targeting those twin foes he had been harassing with his assault earlier, blasting the viruses in a general radius, strafing them as best he couls with the rapid vibrating shots that made the weapon jitter in his hands with the recoil, barely able to be controlled and still fired, but he specialized in guns, and would handle it.

1] Rageclaw [MagtectA into MagtectB] [0]
2] Shotgun [MagtectA, MagtectB] [60]
3] Vulcan [MagtectA] [20*3]
4] Vulcan [MagtectB] [20*3]
MeleeMan drew back one fist sharply in preperation for a punch as the scarfed navi surprised him by popping up to his right, but then relaxed his muscles as he recognized the navi's demeanor. "Huh? Is that... it is! Rass, my good brother!" MeleeMan laughed, spreading his arms as if he was coming in for a hug. Instead, he recrossed his arms, returning his face to its usual grim countenance. "You've come to help us fight? Most excellent," he smirked, looking to the navis. "These little wimps have no fists to speak of! They're not like you and the three of us, with our mighty knuckles and fine, dexterous fingers. Our sweating palms waiting for the heat accompanying the opening blitz!"

"Uh, MeleeMan, maybe you should stop fetishizing your hand for your allies for a moment and concentrate on your battle?" Rania groaned. "These viruses aren't so weak. We don't want to be taken out this early, so you'll have to be at your best, even now." Rania shifted one of her legs, finding that standing was getting a bit tiring. She sat down on a bench near an elderly man who was pitching bread to a few hungry pigeons. "There, that's better. So, what sort of strategies are your friends using?"

"Well, uh..." MeleeMan mumbled, his mouth lowering stupidly. He obviously didn't have the capacity to comprehend what any of their real strategies might be. "Seraphim over there has a butt load of guns, as well as a claw. Rass appears to be using... a cube of some kind," he muttered, squinting and rubbing his chin. "I see! He wants me to punch it into the group of viruses!" the navi cried out, running for the cube in a blaze of heroism, his elbow drawn tightly back like a spring.

"No, MeleeMan!" Rania shouted, stopping the navi just before he attempted the punch. "He's probably got an airshot or something; that's what many people do with Rockcubes! If you hit the thing, you'll just break it, lunkhead!"

"H-Hey! That's not fair. It's a natural urge for those with spirits that burn as mine do to wish to crush large, stone objects. It's what we do, okay?" MeleeMan grumbled, retreating just a bit from his position by the cube. "What should I do instead then, huh?"

Rania rubbed one arm up and down her flannel jacket, pondering the situation. It looks like Seraphim's handling the first two magnet viruses. I can't tell what Rass plans to do at this point... For the sake of efficiency, we should probably attack the final magnet-fisted enemy..., she thought to herself, watching Seraphim's assault from her PET's monitor. "MeleeMan, you should-"

"Hold on, Seraphim's telling me something," MeleeMan grunted, listening to the young navi, just barely audible over the sound of his own roaring gunfire. "He says he wants me to go for the cactuses. I think it makes sense; my fires will make short work of something as feeble as an immobilized plant. Not that any of these opponents promise much of a challenge."

"Alright, I think we can work that in. MeleeMan, I'm sending you a RageClaw and a Shotgun. Use your fist to take out one of the cactuses, then take out the red magnet virus that Seraphim seems not to be focusing on. See him?" she pointed out, moving her finger across her own PET screen without considering that he had no way to witness the display. "He's right there."

"Of course. I'll teach you vegetables how to bob and weave! Hmph! Ho!" he gasped, moving in with ducking motions towards the cactuses.

"What are you doing? You do realize that if they attack, it will be by rolling their heads? Ducking won't do any good," Rania criticized him, wagging one finger knowingly.

"I-I know that! I'm just showing Rass and Seraphim what I'm capable of!" he defended, looking offended.

"By making an idiot out of yourself?" she scoffed, clutching her PET tightly. "You've got to concede a point every now and then, MeleeMan. Can't win them all!"

"Ha! I'll show you!" he shouted, finally reaching his target. "Raaaah!" he roared, rocketing his fist under the Cacty's head. With an arc of his arm, he attempted to send its head flighing sky high like a clubbed volleyball. "Soul Fist Uppercut!" Immediately upon finishing, he rolled to the right, creating a shotgun as he did. "You're not going to make it out of this either, chump," he threatened the Magtect, aiming the shotgun up to him at close range and firing it off in a loud burst. "You're not getting away unless it's dragging on the ground, hanging skewered on my claw!" he cried out, transforming the shotgun into a large bear paw. He thrust his arm forward for the Magtech's face with his teeth clenched tightly, sweat dripping as he waited for collision. He felt like he was burning up with the rapid exertion, but it was a feeling he loved. He had his course of action pre-visualized. If he managed to skewer the Magtect, he would sling its carcass into the crowd of onlooking cactuses.

"You guys can take em! Fight hard! Sock em in the kisser, MeleeMan!" Rania cheered, swiping the air with expert jabs. The elderly man next to her smiled obliviously at her, then went on feeding the animals.

1) Move in and dodge
2) Soul Fist Uppercut to Cacty D [80 elemental damage]
3) Shotgun to Magtect C [50 and splash]
4) RageClaw to Magtect C [40]
((Rageclaw does 20 damage to each, Aim.))

Tem's voice took on a disbelieving tone as she tried to keep her temper under control. You mean to tell me, she said, that you have absolutely no inkling as to what a rockcube is capable of? Was your designer drunk when he programmed you, or are you just naturally ignorant? She scoffed as Rass opened his mouth to speak, You know what, don't answer that. That was rhetorical. Ishamel, I feel two shotguns coming on, and they've got your name on them!

As a flash of red erupted from Rass' garnet, flowing across his body into the palms of his hands, Ishamel's voice rang out in a harsh tone that caused the black-and-pink navi to flinch. TEM IS CORRECT! he shouted triumphantly, INITIATING THE BATTLE ROUTINE! SHOTGUNS LOADED! Rass arms glowed with a bright white light as he leaped on top of the cube, scanning the area with his enhanced eyesight and searching for the optimal angle of attack. The black-and-pink navi saw Ishamel's calculations in his viewfinder, several trajectories drawing themselves out as the targeting system designated and calculated the maximum damage potential. THE RPG OTAKU AND FIST MAN HAVE NULLIFIED THE ELECTRIC THREAT! shouted Ishamel, TARGETS SIGHTED! COMMENCING FIRING!

Two brilliant lances of light tore from Rass' palms, lighting up the battlefield as they streaked toward the hapless cacti-like viruses. The blasts detonated on impact, sending bursts of smoke into the air and preventing any possible confirmation of the hits. Without skipping a beat, however, Ishamel retreated back into his gemstone, yelling as he did so, IT IS UP TO YOU, TEM! UTILIZE YOUR TACTICAL ABILITIES TO GRASP VICTORY!

Outside, Suien smiled apologetically toward Erin as every one of Ishamel's words came blaring from his PET speaker. He quickly turned down the volume and grasped the final chip in the sequence. "Airshot, coming your way! Tem, you know what to do!"

Absolutely, Suien, cooed Tem, reappearing on the arm of a very confused Rass, I'm going to teach the core system how a real tactician fights... If the tactical subsystem had a face, Rass swore it would be smirking in self-assuredness and confidence. Placing Rass' now blue hand on the side of the rockcube, Tem began charging a powerful gust of compressed air from the palm-mounted buster unit. As the winds swirled tempestuously, Rass felt his hand being torn apart from the inside. As he opened his mouth to complain, however, Tem released the energy in one fell swoop, sending the imposing cube barreling toward the target. ...Oh... thought Rass, putting his fingers up by his mouth in surprise, I... I guess that is... pretty useful...

2: Shotgun (50+5, Splash) CactiC and MagtectC
3: Shotgun (50+5, Splash) CactiA and CactiB
4: Airshot Rockcube (200+5) CactiB and maybe possibly CactiA
Seraphim's arcane arsenal got the job done as he swept up the viruses he'd targeted in a flurry of shots.

MeleeMan one-hit K.O'd the poor Cacty. His other two attacks collectively defeated the Magtect.

Tem and Ishmael show em' how it's done, deleting a wave of Cacties with their combined tactics.


Seraphim: 140
Meleeman: 100
Rass: 100

Seraphim: 400 zenny, Magbolt1
MeleeMan: 400 zenny, Magbolt1
Rass: 460 zenny, Cactball1
Seraphim whistled a smal tune happily, sounding like a triumphant tune as he bobbed his head in tune with it, grinning happily that the makeshift party had won.

"We won, and onto the next battle, friends, for this is what we have come here for, to rid the world of these monsterly beings, and triumph over evil!" The delusional navi spoke out, grinning at the end with his eyes closed, then turning about, marching off into netfrica.
"Seraphim's kind of cute, really," Rania remarked casually, looking over the Magbolt data that had just been written onto a small chip. "Listen to his fanfare! It's just like in the video games!"

Nothing about the comment seemed to sit well with MeleeMan. "Cute? Fanfare? Video games!? Are you trying to make me ballistic?!" he roared, pumping smoke from his gauntlets as the RageClaw left his arm.

"No, no! I was just commenting!" Rania cried, waving her hands in dismay. "You don't have to take everything so personally!"

"Hmph," MeleeMan grunted, looking back to his allies as he walked on. He smiled confidently for a moment. "You two are real warriors. We cleaned those virii like clockwork. With our combined might, these puny, fistless weaklings are powerless to stop us."
Hmph... I hope you were listening, Rass. Perhaps next time you might actually do something useful, chirped Tem as she fluidly withdrew back into her sapphire containment unit, But then again, I somehow doubt that.

Rass sighed as he walked alongside MeleeMan and Seraphim, positioned slightly behind the two other fighters. That other navi said that we were a "party," thought Rass, looking to the side as his comrades boisterously charged into the network, But I'm certainly not having fun...
The party's just getting started!

BoomerEXA: 100
BoomerEXB: 100
BoomerEXC: 100
BoomerEXD: 100
NinetailsA: 150
NinetailsB: 150
Tuby: 100 (behind BoomerA)

Seraphim: 140
Meleeman: 100
Rass: 100

Battle 2 Start!
"M-More of them?!" whined Rass, burying his face in his hands, "This is s-seriously the worst party ever!"

Oh shut yer damn trap, Rasshole! growled Argo, Yer pissing me off with your whining. Besides, nothing like a good challenge, right Suien?

Suien, who had been watching the entire scene unfold via his PET, said nothing at first, instead opting to draw a quartet of chips from his folder. "I don't think you're going to be disappointed, Argo," he said, "The entire enemy party is showing HP readings of 100 or more... that, and we're up against a quartet of EX-class Boomer viruses. I'm sending you the data now for processing."

Argo laughed as he read the viral specifications. AH HAH! he shouted happily, a green patch with a pair of eyeballs appearing on Rass' shoulder, Looks like we've got ourselves a pretty fair challenge here, Rasshole! Suien! Send us that sword battlechip of ours and...

"Oh no you don't," interrupted Suien, a serious look on his face, "We're playing this safe, Argo. Tem, activate scanners. I know you're not at full operating capacity from your previous battle, so Rass is going to have to try to compensate. Rockcube, Airshot, slot in!"

Right away, Suien! chirped Tem as the battlefield was once again washed in a deep blue light, Okay Rass, let's see if you actually gained anything from my lesson. It's an extremely elementary maneuver, so don't think too hard about it.

Rass looked uneasily at his hand as it suddenly became very heavy with the stone data his netOp had sent. It's just like Tem said, he thought, Just pound the ground and... wait... where should I put it?! Rass looked from side to side frantically and, finally deciding on using it to temporarily guard his allies, settled on placing it directly in front of MeleeMan. The small black-and-pink navi hobbled as he lunged, creating a gigantic cube in front of his puglistic partner. "W-whoops," he said, staggering to his feet. Rass awkwardly turned away from Meleeman and facing the cube, he placed both palms against it, compressed air charging into his palmbuster units and swirling around within his body.

"H-here it goes!" he shouted to nobody in particular, "AIR-"

0: Tem Scanner (+5 to all attacks, boosted accuracy, any kills made increase chance for chip and RP reward factor by 1 rank)
1: Rockcube (200 HP Rockcube)
2: Airsh... wait, what?!

(turn splice for great justice!)

( for...!)
((Melee men? I'm one of those! : D))

MeleeMan grumbled as the huge block appeared in front of him, obstructing his vision. Almost without thinking, he reared back his fist in preperation to punch the obstacle into dust.

"No, MeleeMan! Stop! Don't break that cube!" Rania warned him, flailing her arms madly in all directions. "Rass made that!"

"What? Well, it's in my way! MeleeMan shouted, grasping on to the cube firmly with two hands. He grunted, struggling to heave it up and move it from its place in front of himself. "Hrgh! Grr! Oorgh! This is going to take some real muscle power!" he grunted, clutching the sides of the rockcube tightly. Out of the corner of his eye, he just barely manged to catch a glimpse of Rass' airshot, his jaw dropping just a bit.

"Let go of the rock!" Rania shouted, her eyes widening as she realized it was too late to stop the course of action. The rock would go plummeting into the crowd, taking MeleeMan with it.

Surely enough, Rass fired a blast of wind into the cube, sending MeleeMan rocketing breakneck into the crowd. His lips flapped around his tightly clenched teeth as he felt the wind being torn asunder around him. He let out a yell, falling to the ground as he tumbled off of the cube towards the viruses. His recovery was amazingly quick, however, and he rocketed back up to his feet with one fist glowing brightly. "Huraaah! Soul Fist Uppercut!" he shouted, bringing his fist under one of the Boomers in an attempt to rocket it into the sky. "Ha ha ha! Don't think I'm through with you!" he called out, attempting to plunge his RageClaw into its center when he caught site of it again, then fling it into the trumpet virus. Realizing he was now in the center of the viruses, he prepared for some fancy footwork in case he was assaulted from many sides.

1) Grab hold tightly to RockCube for transportation
2) Soul Fist Uppercut to BoomerEX A [80 elemental bonus and lowered accuracy]
3) RageClaw to BoomerEX A [20] in to Tuby [20]
4) Dodge
"Oh. That's a lot of monsters!" The navi commented with a slight wince as he again spoke, "They're not supposed to gang us like this!" Completely and totally ignoring the fact that they were ganging on the viruses themselves as a party of three, he watched Rass closely, then his face brightened, as he realized something that was apparently incredibly important, looking at the navi with an ecstatic expression on his face, running over to the navi and slapping him hard on the back.

"You're a support-type class! You're Mister Clericky man! Buffy-supporty-from-the-sidey-type class!" The navi finished his tirade, grinning happily and looking at the viruses with his blade-mesh gun out to the side, then looked at his operator, asking a very specific question with general arm movements that made him look slightly insane, without any regard for Rass, whom he nearly decapitated several times with his motions with the sword-mesh-gun.

"Did I get any new skills from that previous battles, plot exposition person?" he asked, his eyes gleaming with a slightly lustful glow for those beautiful damaging chips which harmed the fateful monsters which threatened the world he knew and loved. Those randomly showing up viruses would never be forgiven. He cocked his head to the side, waiting for a reply from his operator, or as he called her, plot-exposition person.

"Um... Let me check your menu." The girl quickly looked at the new chip that had fallen into place upon the bed, picking it up with a frail arm, and staring it down for a couple seconds before answering her navi with the "name" of the spell, and what it did, her expression frankly whimsical as she spoke, a slight smirk on her face as she nodded to the two men that were inside the room, then raised a small glass of water from the counter beside the bed, sipping at it before finishing up the answer.

"It's called Mag Bolt. It drags the monster towards yourself using magnetic forces on the blade ends of your sword-gun-thing, and both shocks the poor thing as well as pierces it on the ends of the blades, dealing a massive amount of damage within a short period of time, in exact terms of the damage meter, it would be ninety in all, enough to destroy almost any virus alive. Although that bonus is a bit negated with the fact that every single virus here has over ninety hit points, you may be able to use these bonuses to kill one of those. Do you see any of them looks like they're watery?" The firl finished her dragging out speech with a sigh and a quick intake of breath until she calmed down a bit.

"Um. I- WOW, MISTER FIGHTER-MAN CAN FLY!" The navi yelled out, pointing at the airborne Meleeman before realizing what Meleeman was flying toward to, and what Meleeman was holding. Of course, he came to the conclusion that; "Wow, Mister fighter monk man must be really Strong in order to hold onto a rockcube while flying, don't you think, Mister Supporty-clericky?" The navi turned to Rass, and noticed that the navi seemed to be slightly in shock.

"You're so amazed at Mister Fighter-guy's feat of flying that you can't move?" The navi nodded, understanding Rass' predicament while he held his weapon out, aiming at one of the viruses, wanting to test out his new skill. He focused his energy into the blade prong-like extensions on the blade-mesh-gun and yelling out the name to this particular spell:

"Mag Bolt!" He yelled out, feeling the tug of the sword-mesh-gun and smiling confidently as he waited for the monster to be dragged toward him. He skidded a bit before he was forced forward a step, then another, then another, then he was forced into a walk by the increasingly growing powerful chip, into a jog, then finally into a full out run as he screamed , unwilling to let go of the sword-mesh-gun and basically finally, the weapon went too fast for him to keep up, the navi stumbled, and then was just dragged along by the weapon, which refused to fall from its height and clatter on the ground, the weapon went as if it were possessed, finally stopping as the prongs found their target, and the electricity discharged, the weapon finally nearly clattered to the ground, if it weren't for the unseen white-knuckled grip that was being kept upon it by the rattled Seraphim.

"Th-th-ha-that wus-wasn' wha you said it'd be!' The navi spoke, horrified and traumatized by the horrible experienced of being abused by his own attack, collapsed to his knees after he raised himself up, looking at all the monsters around him and nervously waving a hand at them, then quickly hopping to his feet and then his expression hardened slightly at the deadly monsters, taking careful aim and beginning to pick the monsters off like flies, attacking them with rapid-fire attacks, blasting them again and again. He'd try running later, but running would end this particular fight way too soon. He might lose this fight, but his ally the Mister Healy-man would resurrect him.

"Baru Kan! Shot... Gun! Za Pring!" He yelled out, one after the other as his operator complied with his demands, the chips loading and clicking, for Seraphim, the spells coming into place in his mind and firing out, blasting the foes again and again, once after another time, his attack upon the enemy rapid and unyielding, hoping to keep from becoming disabled from the current combat, for the might of the many viruses would certainly harm him beyond all belief possible, possibly even reducing him below fifty hitpoints. The navi hoped freverently that that would not happen.

1] Magbolt [80] [BoomerEXC]
2] Vulcan1 [20] [BoomerEXC] [40] [BoomerEXB]
3] Shotgun [60] [BoomerEXB]
4] Zapring [50] [BoomerEXB]
"-SHOT!" shouted Rass, sending a massive shockwave out of his palms as the rockcube flew toward the trumpet-like virus. Rass happily pumped his fist into the air, clearly estatic that his first attempt at utilizing the tactical subsystems without Tem had been such a success...

...until he realized, jaw dropping in horror, that MeleeMan was being carried by the flying chunk of rock. As Seraphim sidled up alongside him and bantered about being "Mister Supporty-Clericky," Rass didn't respond, praying silently to himself. It wasn't so much that he was worried that MeleeMan wouldn't survive the ordeal - No, that's not at it at all, thought Rass, When MeleeMan comes back after that...

...You're so going to get it! taunted Argo, quickly appearing in a flash of green light on Rass' right hand, You really screwed that one up, Rasshole! Man, I'm glad I'm not the core system. That guy's probably going to pound you so hard, you'll be BEGGING Tem to take the system administrator position.

"Argo, shut it!" shouted Suien, sliding two more chips into the PET tray, "and focus! It's your turn to fight. Sword and Minibomb coming your way, Rass. Let Argo do his thing!"

Finally! growled Argo, a small, blue bomb appearing in the palm of Rass' right hand, I was getting tired of waiting! Setting sword to standby, activate it on my signal! You ready for this, Rasshole? Rass shook his head nervously, Good, cause away we GO!

Tearing straight down the path of his rockcube, Rass found himself closing in on the last remaining boomerang virus. Pivoting on his back foot and spinning in mid-air, he leaped nimbly skyward, dropping the small blue explosive as he did so. The minibomb exploded in a great plume of dark smoke that quickly spread across the battlefield. Rass coughed as Argo laughed, the long green blade materializing on their right hand. Your fistfighter pal over there would love this! shouted Argo, as he brought the sword around in a brilliant green arc, briefly illuminating the darkened clouds. The sword hummed and sang as it crashed into the ground, sending a shower of sparks up into the air. Argo laughed maniacally, clearly enjoying himself.

Rass, however, had little reason to laugh. With all the smoke that obscured any vision, he thought back to Meleeman's earlier comment back at the netsquare festivities.

"In a street fight, it doesn't matter who your opponent is... and you can never tell who you're pounding once you've entered the fray."

((TemScan Active))

2: RockBoarding technique: Airshot Rockcube w/ Meleeman toward Tuby (200 +5)
3: Minibomb (60+5) BoomerEXD, attempt to generate smoke and reduce enemy accuracy
4: Sword (80+5) BoomerEXD
The assault works fairly well, Melee taking measures to save himself as an attack approaches, while Rass askewed some of the virii's vision before wiping them out. Seraphim hits with perfect accuracy, though it's clear he was unpolished with the magnet as the boomer almost got away. The ninetails retaliate, one striking Seraphim, then grew a new tail each...

BoomerEXA: Deleted
BoomerEXB: Deleted
BoomerEXC: Deleted
BoomerEXD: 20
NinetailsA: 150(Tail 2)
NinetailsB: 150(Tail 2)
Tuby: Deleted

Seraphim: 130
Meleeman: 100
Rass: 100