Sunshine in Netfrica (EVENT!)

The trail leads off through the Netfrican digital savannah... The heat's almost unbearable.
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Tenshi appeared in a flutter of feathers before standing up full length, sword in two hands. Suddenly he groaned "UGHHHH SOOOO HOTTTTT!!!" Chuckles alerted him to Gaeherris "Just keep moving! We've got chips to rescue!" Tenshi ran off into the net searching for his targets...
Ozho appears out of the portal, and sees some navi running around with a sword in his hands. Ozho just sighs, and gets agrovated at the heat. He stays near the gate, so he can see who his allies would be.
Voltman sped into Netfrica at full speed, looking for Tenshi. When he spotted him, he skipped over, oblivious to the heat.
Hi! It's me again! Let's look for that sunshine!
Looking around, Voltman couldn't see anything at first glance, but ran around looking for anything else suspicious.

(Are we waiting for anyone else?)
After seeing one more come from the portal, Ozho says in a intersted voice "Yo, who are you two?"
Stryder materializes as she warps in. She looks around for the blue robed navi, Ohzo. Suddenly she hears a voice. Stryder scans aound in her immediate area, only to find the blue robed navi. "I'm Stryder, and this is my operator, Alexia. We were sent here by a man named Alexander. Do you know him? And are you Ohzo?"
I'm Voltman! Nice to meet'cha!
Voltman walked up to the new navi.
I'm Voltman! Nice to meet'cha!

(First post to Ozho, second to Stryder.)
After hearing this...Stryder say his name AND his operator's. He pulls his coller some, and steam came out. He goes "Ya, I'm Ozho, guess it's nice to meet you, god it's way to hot here, and voltman was it, nice to meet you also."
Tenshi stopped walking, which had really just been a attempt to get cool by flapping his wings a lot. Winching them in he walked over to voltman "Good to see you here" Looking over at the two new arrivals Tenshi grimly nodded his head "Name's Tenshi Op's Gaeherris fraid I can't tell you more than that."

Slamming the sword into the ground, it shattered the data streaming back to whatever net it came from. "As you can probably tell, I'm not like other navi's"
The savannah suddenly bursts into life, as a coil of flame worms its way across the grassland at the arrivals!
"Great", in a dull, but annoyed tone, "It's going to get hotter." He turn to Stryder and asks "How you know mine and my net op's name, am I suppose to know you from somewhere?"
Voltman nodded as Tenshi spoke, before shaking his head at the last comment.
Nope. Actually, I've dreampt of a lot weirder navis! One was a teethy person, that ate a windbox, and another was riding in an invisible air car propelled by another windbox! And navis were going crazy... and fighting... (Just in memoriam of that battle, for any RECN members.)
Then, shaking his head, he turned to the field in front of him, before seeing a spark in the distance. It quickly grew into a line of fire, swerving towards them.
Oh no! The grass is on fire! Quick, grass, Stop Drop and Roll!
Then, hiding behind Tenshi, Voltman asked him,
Can you use wind to put out the fire? Please?
Then, forgetting he had even just asked Tenshi to try, he got out his buster and started blasting at the fire, in case it was a navi.
(Will post, but I accidentially deleted all the words So I just got discouraged... just so ya know, Falling feathers and charged wind attack=possibly bigger fire... that's my plan though feel free to talk me outa it)
(Meh. Point. But I think it's just pre-battle fluff anyways. Do what you will.)
"Great, the fire is getting closer, I have no way to put it out," said Ozho in a dull voice, he pulls his coller again, and more steam came out "and I don't want to die from heat stoke or something like that." He sighs, then in a dull and agrovated voice goes "I normaly don't do this, but I need to cool down."

Ozho then takes his robe off.....of corse he has no shirt on due to him never really needing one. As he takes it off, steam comes off his body, but it starts to stop slowly. "Still hot, but at least I'm not boiling now" Ozho claims.
((oo; Whoa, inactives?))

The blazing Flameline barrels right through the pitiful buster shots, spreading larger and larger as it approaches, now only a mere few yards from the Navis!

In the charred landscape left behind, a HeelNavi charges heedless to personal safety, leading a flaming legion!



HeelNavi: 300

Stryder: 100 (You don't seem to have a HP+50. Fix, please.)

Battle start!
(Meh. I had an all-day Saturday event.)

Voltman watched the flames carefully as they approached, pelting them with buster shots. But even as he watched the flames, he realized that they erupted from a wall about 30 meters away. He stopped firing at the flames, and warned his companions.
Careful! That's a Flameline! I don't know what level, but any are dangerous!
Then, turning back to the flames, he looked for a way out. There wasn't one. The flames were practically a wall in front of them. Voltman saw no way out, unless...
Voltman's arms grew into giant claws, which he used to dig up the grass to expose the dirt beneath, and tossed the flaming grass aside. He repeated this process with the area to either side, and continued on making the dirt path thicker and longer. Pretty soon, the area in front of the navis was only upturned dirt, while on the other side a wildfire burned.
No burning if there's nothing to burn. Smart.
Thanks. Now, anything we should know?
No... wait. Yes. Hostiles.
How many?
Eight, by the looks of it.
Any EX class viruses?
No. But there's a Heelnavi. PET says he has 300 HP.
Voltman shook his head. If the enemy had 300 HP, it would be tough to fight him and the viruses at the same time. This would take some strategy...
Shigeru. Don't send anything. My rageclaw will be enough. 'Kay?~ He finished, shifting back to his child persona.
Shigeru was taken aback by the change. This seemed to be becoming too easy for Voltman...
But he dismissed the idea with a shake of his head, and focused on the battle. What could Voltman's plan be?
Using his rageclaw to dig under the burning turf and throw it to the side, Voltman steadily created a path through the flames. Reaching the other side, he activated a small visor, using it to lock onto the Heelnavi through the smoke.
He charged up electric energy from the surrounding net, focusing it in the points of his claws. When the blast was fully charged, he let it fly. The electric bolt flew through the air, arcing toward the Heelnavi. But the flames flared as the bolt would have hit. Voltman couldn't tell the outcome. He shook his head, retreating past the flames. He shouted to his companions as he got near, pointing to the path through the flames.
You! Two ground navis! Go through there! The leader is stunned, so let him be! We'll deal with him later! Hit the viruses hard, and hit them fast!
He turned to Tenshi
You can fly over, right? Go over there and take out as many as you can from the sky!
He setteled into a dodging pose, exhausted from the digging, but still aware of his surroundings.

1. Create a "no flame zone" in front of the navis to block the Flameline.
2. Dig a path through the flames.
3. Electric Blaze to Heelnavi (40, stun, elec)
4. Retreat/give orders/dodge
"Well, looks like it time to move", and with that said Ozho leaps into the air, going over the wall of flames. After landing, Ozho looks ahead and sees the good number of virii, and with a grin says in a entertained voice "Great, looks like the numbers are going to have to be thined some."

Alexander says "First chip, wideshot in" and with that, he slots in a chip. Then, as if on command, he rasie his arm forword, where a blue pentagram appears. "Blau Schrägstrich" shouts Ozho, followed by what appears to be a blue guiliten blade shots out of the pentagram right at the left flank of the virii line. Then perpares to evade what ever is thrown at him...

(Well, I'll bug whitey about the hp thing, and to tell him that he sould not be inative at this time....also the turn summery.
1 dodge the fireline
2 wideshot the left flank, whom probly would be the spikeys
3 dodge)
(Dunno if you saw my post, but you don't have to dodge the fire. Change if it will help your battle plan. Also, what is the "left flank"? Specify in the overview which virii you're attacking.)