Training in the jungle

In the midlle of a big jungle, Rave is sitting on one of the trees. But it is not a normal tree. It's a emergency tree for of someone get's lost in the jungle. Rave picks up his PET and jacks into the tree. As soon as Angé is into the net, he starts to talk to Rave.
Rave, whats up? Are you still worried about losing that signal? Rave repleid with a soft 'uhu'. Angé looked at the ground for a while, to think of something to say. Then, when he got something, he lifted his head and started speaking again.
Look, Rave, you just have to see the last battle from a different angle. Maybe it was just meant to happen, so we could learn from it and start training here. Like we are now.
Rave's face turned into a small smile, and said. You know Angé, I was just thinking the same thing. it sure is handy that one of the balancers is a top chief of a PET company. If he wasn't part of the team, we wouldn't be able to travel around the world like this, training and pursuing evil people.
Ya, I'm very gratefull for that to Angé replied. And I'm also very gratefull towards you, for creating me. because of you I got to meet so many different Navi's, and even have some as my friends. And to show you my gratitude, let's have a training battle shall we? I'll go look for some virusses.
Rave's smile turned bigger, and he replied..
'You sure know how to turn bad things into good ones don't you Angé?
But your right, we should train indeed. I'll get my chips ready, you go look for the virus.
Virus Attack!

BillyA: 50
BillyB: 50
SpikeyEX: 100

Rave: 100

Battle 1 Start!
Ok Angé, let's learn from our mistakes and not mess up this time!! Here we go, sword chip, sot in!!
Angé's sword started to glow. he emediatly knew it was the effect of the sword chip that was slotted in.
That spikey EXE is a tough one, let's take him out first Angé.
Roger that. Angé replied, without showing any emotion.
Angé sprinted towards the Spikey, but as soon as the spikey was in range, he backflipped and leaped towards the Spikey, in order to confuse it. Angé knew that spikey's were fast and not such easy targets for sword users, so in order to defeat it he had to trick it, and it seemed it worked.
After the slash on the Spikey, Angé jumped over it and slashed it again. He had to be carefull in his attacks, not to get in range of the Billy's. After the dual attack on the wolf-like virus, Angé flew up into the air and landed a safe distance away from the virusses, spying on every one of them, waiting for them to make a move.

1)SpikeyEX:sword (90)
2)SpikeyEX:sword (90)
The first slash connected with its confused target, but the Spikey was smart enough not to let it happen again. Instead of pursuing onward, he quickly jumped back, realizing he'd have a ranged advantage, and sent a fireball forward that Ange just barely managed to dodge.

BillyA: 50
BillyB: 50
SpikeyEX: 10

Rave: 100
Ok Angé, Let's try something new. Since your a sword type, your sword won't dissappear when a new chip is inserted, here goes!!!
Rageclaw chip, slot in!!
On the left hand of Angé, a slim metal hand appeared, creating slim needle-like vingers.
Ok Angé, jump into the air, slash with the rageclaw and attack with the sword!!
Angé smiled. Your really getting good at this, you already made up a combo!!
Rave msiled back. I call it 'the beastblade combo'
Angé jumped high into the air, aiming at the BillyA. About 10 meters above the Billy, he swung his claw horizontaly, creating 3 sonic waves, one from each vinger. Then, he slashed with his sword verticaly against all the 3 sonic waves,and pushing against them. Still flying towards his enemy. Seconds before impact, Angé shouted the name of the attack.When the dust fades away, Angé is visible, pulling his sword out of the ground. But as soon as he did, he jumped backwards,trying to dodge any incoming atacks.

1)Beastblade@ BillyB: 140(sword (90) and Rageclaw(50)
2)Pulling the blade out (Beastblade)

Note: The combo is just awsomely cool. As you can see, it still takes 2 turns executing it, just like it whould when you use a sword and rageclaw seperatly.
The Billy is destroyed. However, as he pulls the attack out, the Spikey nails him with massive damage.

BillyA: 50
SpikeyEX: 10

Rave: 40
Ok Angé. let's finish this thing! Signture attack, now!!!

Angé started colecting metal in his hand, and smashed it into the ground, creating a barrier against any attack, after that, he pulls out his sword, and re-absorbs the metal again. For his first attack, he aimed at the spikey, slashing at it, firing a metal projectile at it. After that, the three other metal slashed were send towards the Billy, in the hope creating some destructive damage.
Angé, were not done yet!!Attack the Billy with your rageclaw, now that your covered by the metal slashes!!
While the slashes where still flying towards the billy, Angé ran after them, impaling the Billy with his three sharp needles.

Ok Angé, great job!!

2)SigAttack @ SpikeyA (10)
SigAttack @ BillyA (30)
3) Rageclaw @ BillyA (40)
((Summery, please.))
Sorry, I forgot.
The last enemies are defeated.


Rave: 40

Rewards: Thunder, 250z
Wew, that was some good training Angé. It's getting dark, so let's head back to the hotel. maybe locus wants a netbattle!!! he came with us after all.

Angé, jack out!!