Into the Woods

Red and Myun popped down onto the foresty net of Yumland, glancing around in awe at the terrain. Well, Red was at least, Myun was kind of starting to wake up from her nap earlier.

"Wow Shin, this place looks great! But what are we doing here anyway?" Red exclaimed.

"Well, Red, that's a good question," Shin replied, deep in thought as he took another bite of his toast. "Why don't we find some corn?" the ace suggested.

"Corn?" the crimson crusader inquired, confused. Myun stretched and blinked her eyes and glanced around during this exchange.

"Right! Corn! Like those Cornshots we used in the tournament!" Shin affirmed, striking a cool looking pose.

"But why here?" the childish navi wondered, staring thoughtfully at the terrain.

"Well, Yumland is full of grass, right? And those Cornshot chips were Wood-based, right? So..." Shin started, his navi catching on.

"There should be viruses that give out Cornshots here!...if we beat it out of them hard enough!" Red concluded, pumping her fist into the air.

"That's the spirit! Alright, go get 'em, Red!" Shin cheered.

"Woohoo!" Red yelped, dashing into the recesses of the net.

Myun, grumbling, bounced along behind her.

[Red: 210 HP]
[Myun: 90 HP]
[Battle 1]
Rather than finding corn, Red found her self Skeeters...lots and lots of em. There isn't a particular reason why they're so many of them, they just like to travel in groups...big groups. Just behind the horde of Skeeters, Honeybombers gently floated in air and watched.

SkeeterA: 30
SkeeterB: 30
SkeeterC: 30
SkeeterD: 30
SkeeterE: 30
SkeeterF: 30
SkeeterG: 30
SkeeterH: 30
SkeeterI: 30
SkeeterJ: 30
HoneybomberA: 110
HoneybomberB: 110
HoneybomberC: 110
HoneybomberD: 110

Terrain: 100% Grass

Red: 210
Myun: 90

"Wow! That's a lot of them!" Red exclaimed, counting the swarms of skeeters in groups of 3. "There's three... six... nine... holy hotdogs on a rotweiler! There's 30 of those little bat guys!"

"Beh, they're weak, we can take 'em," Myun grunted, putting her fists up and hopping side-to-side.

"Um, you're not counting the Honeybombers, are you?" Shin inquired, sweatdropping, fiddling with three chips.

"I'll think of how we can deal with them later. For now, let's get rid of these batty things. They look kind of cute, doing that *squeek, squeek, squeek* thing," Red giggled.

"Alright, Myun can handle one of them, you take care of the rest. Wideshots and Boomerang coming up," Shin ordered, sending the chips in. "Go for it."

"Roger!" the red-caped wonder and her support program shouted in unison. Myun made her way to the Skeeter on the far right with quick boxing steps. Pulling her fist back, the rabbit grinned sadistically before sending a powerful right straight at the Skeeter. Not missing a beat, Myun slammed her ears into the next Skeeter, trying to deal a fair amount of damage to the group of bats.

Building up natural energy, Red took deep breaths and let them in and out. When she determined the amount was right, she released it.

Slamming both hands on the ground, a blue-colored chinese character for "Water" appeared under each palm and two mighty dragons composed of water swirled upward and towered menacingly over the Skeeters. Their mouths 3 viruses wide, with the beckoning of their mistress, the beasts dove, a ferocious roar was all that could be heard when they impacted and sunk their jaws on something.

Going for a slightly comical approach, Red drew out a Boomerang from her picnic basket. Sticking her tongue out at the viruses, the forest-bred fighter imbued some of her own energy into the boomerang, before tossing it playfully at the viruses. The wooden implement sounded a devastating whirr as it soared across the battlefield, its aim, more viruses.

"Now, how are we going to-" Shin started, but Red whipped out a metal canister before he could finish his sentence. Slamming the container into the ground, the crimson crusader had hands of caramel erupt from the ground and snatch at three of the Honeybomber. With all their might, the hands tried dragging the viruses down to the ground, as well as restrict their movements.
"-deal with the Honeybombers... Ok, that works," Shin finished, sending in two of their most powerful chips.

Producing what seemed like a bowling ball from her basket, the fairy-tale fighter grinned at the Honeybomber she hadn't targeted and aimed hard at the virus.

"Strike!" she yelled as she released the heavy-weighted object with force that one wouldn't expect from the body of the small-child, making the Cannonball sail across the battlefield toward the Honeybombers destination.

Twirling dramatically around, Red hit the ground once more, a large red circle containing the chinese character for "Fire" appeared and converged in front of her, creating a towering pillar of magma that erupted noisily out of the ground. Shaking the ground with power, the flaming columns marched across the field toward the destination of the three Honeybombers that were targeted with Red's Caramel Stickiness attack. The flames crackled maniacally, bringing a threat of imminent destruction toward Red's foes.

Red did cartwheels in the air to dodge, while Myun kind of bounced around for the same purpose.

Turn summary:
1. Wideshot1 to SkeeterA,B,C [60 Aqua DMG]
2. Wideshot1 to SkeeterD,E,F [60 Aqua DMG]
3. Boomerang1 to SkeeterG,H,I [60 +10 (Elemental Bonus) Wood DMG =70 Wood DMG]
4. Caramel Stickiness to HoneyBomberB,C,D [Stun]
5. Cannonball to HoneyBomberA [150 Break DMG]
6. FireTower1 to HoneyBomberB,C,D [100 Fire DMG x2(Elemental Weakness)+100%(Grass) =300 Fire DMG]
*Gust: Dodge

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to get in Melee Range of SkeeterJ
1. Attack SkeeterJ [40 DMG]
*Rhythm Boxing to SkeeterI [2x10 DMG]
2. Dodge
3. Dodge
Red quickly leaped into action at the sight of the swarm of viruses ahead of her. As she prepared her watery barrage, Myun bounced towards the Skeeter swarm and bashed one out of the air with a wicked punch, and spun around to smack the adjacent Skeeter with its ears. The agile SP leaped out of the way as a pair of wide walls of water washed over the group of Skeeters and washed 2/3rds of them away.

Red sent a boomerang spinning towards them, and one of the Skeeters managed to sustain only a grazing hit, but the combination of Myun's rhythm boxing and the boomerang finished it off. With all of the smaller viruses destroyed, Red sent out a trio of hand-like tendrils made of caramel. They wrapped around the viruses and the added weight started to pull them to the ground below. The trio of disabled viruses could only watch as the 4th was smashed by a cannonball, and then watched as several pillars of flame streaked towards them. In a water/fire 1-2 punch, Red and Myun managed to clear away a large group of viruses before they even had the chance to retaliate.


HoneybomberA: DELETED
HoneybomberB: DELETED
HoneybomberC: DELETED
HoneybomberD: DELETED

Terrain: 80% Grass, 10% Normal

Red: 210
Myun: 90
Rewards: Drain1, 250z, 44 BugFrags
"Alright! That's game!" Red cheered as Myun gobbled up the bugfrags dropped by the viruses.

"Some zenny, bugfrags, and... whoa, a new chip! This looks useful... NOT," Shin cackled, tossing the chip into his extra folder.

"Hehe! Yeah! Compared to our folder that... what does it do anyway?" the crimson crusader inquired, midway through a dramatic proclamation.

"Really slow... drain, or something. I think I need to buy another Areagrab soon, or something," Shin mused, looking over the chip data.

"Well! Isn't that fancy? Alright! Let's goooo!" Red proclaimed, dashing off into the distance. Myun sighed and hopped behind her.

((Waiting on Grim, then a battle 1))
((From Outside Colosseum))

[Preparing launch procedures.]
[[i]Avionics: Online. Attitude Gyros: Online. Fuel Lines: Clear. Engine Temperature: Nominal.[/i]]

As Machman went over the checklist, Aera sat quietly in the darkened cockpit, her face barely illuminated by small lights on the instrument panel ahead. She started to activate the internal systems; lights came on and the cockpit display started to activate.

Life Support: Online. Com-Link: Online. Cockpit Gyros: Online. Targeting Relay: Active. External Cameras: Online. HUD: Active. Radar Systems: All green.

[[i]Checking control surfaces. Throttling up. All systems go![/i]]

High above the Net floor, a large rectangular shape started to glow in the air. The glowing rectangle then formed into a large metallic door. The door swung down and stopped parallel to the ground. Two green rays of light shot out from either side of the door, creating a floating set of runway lights in the air. The sleek blue and orange MachFighter was bathed in light as it shone through the open doorway.

[MachFighter, Launch!]

((Here we go!))

All four of Machman's engines went to full afterburner as soon as Mazer ordered the launch. The nose of the MachFighter rose as it rapidly accelarated down the relatively short runway. Aera watched as the rectangle of light at the end of the tunnel got larger and larger at an increasingly faster pace. Mach burst from the end of the runway, his wheels now a good 50 feet above the net floor. His landing gear folded up into his fuselage as he shot forward like a bullet and left 4 long, thin white contrails behind him.

[[i]Launch complete. I'm moving in to search for viruses.[/i]]
Aera noticed a blip on the radar, and after scanning the area closely, noticed it was a pair of small radar signatures, both on the ground.
Mach, we have two mobile objects at 11 O'clock low.
Confirmed, lets move in to visual range.

Machman eased back on his throttles and slowed to a cruising pace. He needed to move slow enough to positively identify the objects below. He softly banked right and dropped in altitude. He set himself on a course that should have him pass on the objects' right side. As he approached, Aera opened a zoom window on the inside of the cockpit display, and locked it on the two small figures below. She adjusted the focus and smiled as she saw a little navi in a red cloak and an even smaller orange/red rabbit in hot pursuit.

Looks like its a Navi, and possibly a SP.
[[i]Doesn't look like she's lost, especially with the amount of viral wreckage in her wake.[/i]]
Aera was surprised by Mach's statement and looked back. Sure enough, there were multiple scorch marks in the grassy floor and bits of viruses laying everywhere. Guess having two sets of eyes is better than just one.
[[i]Lets move down and say hello.[/i]]

Machman angled upwards and climbed up and over in a large loop. He continued through the large loop and ended up back where he was, but a good 50 feet or so behind the Navi and SP. Machman's engines swung downwards in their housings and provided enough thrust to stay airborne as Mach slowed down enough to match speed with the small Navi. As he pulled up next to the Navi, about 15 feet off to the Navi's right side, the cockpit slid open and Aera popped her head out. She looked over at the Navi and SP and smiled as she waved towards them.
"Into the woods we goo-woah!" Red hummed, before Machman and Aera abruptly appeared, swinging down into motion as a greeting.

"Hey! You almost blew up my skirt! Is what I'd like to say! But hey! Wassup?" Red greeted the two, trying to mimick the lingo of a fridge person she met a while ago.

"Are you seriously imitating that person? Kids these days," Shin grumbled, drinking some soda.

"Hehe! Well, anyway, I'm Red_Riding_Hood.exe! And this is my partner, Myun!" Red said, introducing herself and her support program as she got closer to them. "What brings you two here? Are you both navis? Are you engaged~?" Red started questioning, putting her hands to her cheeks dreamily as she asked that last question. "Ah~ Romance is so nice," the red-caped wonder sighed, blushing.

"What a rude question, they're clearly engaged anyway," Shin commented, coughing as he popped up in a holoscreen.

"Really? Oh wow, Congratulations~" the crimson crusader said. "But Shin, why would they come all the way to Yumland? Could they be-?"

"Oh! You're catching on! These two must be trying to figure out wedding places! Places with little or no viruses! And Yumland has gorgeous scenery, if I do say so myself," Shin commented, jumping to conclusions and stroking his chin in amusement. "So my little two friends, I'm Fujiwara Shin, now self-proclaimed wedding planner. My assistants, Red and Myun here will definitely help you two find the perfect wedding spot," the ace commented, winking.

"Oh wow, Shin! You didn't tell me you were a wedding planner! This is great! Come on you two, let's go! What are your names? Do you have any preferences for the design theme? What's your ceremony going to be like? Are you...." Red babbled, dragging Aera along while Myun strongarmed Machman deeper into the net.

Well, nice to meet you, Red! We were ju- Engaged?

Mach's thrusters almost completely died off and dropped them to the ground, but Mach managed to keep his altitude. Aera looked up the word: "Engaged" before she started to blush, as did Mazer. Mach would have blushed as well, but... he's a jet.

Um... we're... um.
Aera felt surrounded as Red's operator added his statement that they were no doubt engaged. She had a confused smile and a red face as she tried to get a word in, but was blocked out by the combination of Red's questions and Shin's bold statements.

Mazer couldn't help but laugh as he heard this all go down, he managed to stifle some of it, but quickly lost control and almost fell over laughing. Machman replied with a stern voice.
[[i]You're not helping, Mazer.[/i]]
"*heeheehee* Sorry, but the imagery I keep getting in my head *snrk* is leaving me in stitches!"
Mazer opens up a window next to Mach and Aera after he wiped the tears from his eyes.
[Hi, I'm Mazer Patrovski. And the two lovebirds here Machman and Aera.]

[Thanks for helping us out in trying to find these two a nice place to get married! We've been looking for a long time for the perfect place, but the job just seemed too daunting for just the 3 of us!]

If Mazer weren't separated from Mach and Aera by the digital and real world, he'd have a barrage of 30mm armor-piercing rounds and electrical bolts screaming towards him.


((Ready for Battle #1))
Suddenly, a three-virus squad of Genin appear over the horizon, along with a Zemon trailing along close behind. One enthusiastically charges forth, while the rest look among each other and follow shortly behind. As if on cue, two BagWorms dropped down from the sky, announcing their presence.

BagWormA: 80
BagWormB: 80
GeninA: 60
GeninB: 60
GeninC: 60
Zemon: 100

Terrain: 100% Grass

Machman: 100
Red: 210
Aera: 50
Myun: 90

"... and the chapel will be big and white and... Oh my!" Red blabbered on as she and Myun dragged Machman and Aera deeper into Yumland Net. Her stop was the indication that she took notice of the viruses. Putting her hands on her hips and pouting, Red shook her hand, crying, "No no no, this will not do! We must have a virus free area for the wedding! And what are they doing, rushing forward like that?"

"Well, if you wipe 'em all out, then its a virus free area, right?" Shin commented.

"Ooh~ That's an idea! Alright Mr. Machman and Ms. Aera, let's wipe out all the viruses in this network! Then we can get to your wedding!" Red yelled, pumping her fist in the air, eyes shining excitedly.

"Sorry about earlier guys. Well, why don't we have some fun? Alright Red, let's go with those Genins first. They seem to be tricky, but we can handle them," Shin suggested, taking out two chips.

"They're ninjas right? So we have to think like a ninja, nin nin," Red said, feigning seriousness while holding two fingers up.

"Right! Well, actually thinking like Pianissimo would be a good idea too, don't you think?" the ace suggested.

"Right, nin! Pianissimo-san's a ninja too, nin! So let's get started, nin!" the crimson crusader replied.

"Alright, Mazer, I guess you can take care of everything else while we handle the ninjas, nin," Shin commented amusedly.

"Hey, nin! That's my line, nin!" the red-caped wonder pouted as her operator chuckled, sending down two chips.

"Ha ha ha, well, do your best, nin. He's almost right on you," Shin suggested, pointing to the Genin that was coming ever closer.

"Oh shoot, nin! Guess I'll have to get started, nin!" Red exclaimed, holding onto the top of her hood as she swirled around to confirm the Genin's position. Springing into action, the fairy tale fighter drew a sword out of the depths of her picnic basket and aimed a low slash at the Genin, but this was really a feint. Her real plan was...

"You've activated my Trap Card!" the wind navi announced, raising her hand to the sky and forming a barrier made of multiple honeycombs around herself. Invisible bees were ready to swarm the enemy the instant the barrier was shattered, if the Genin had taken the bait, that is.

Myun hurried toward the Genin's location with quick boxing steps, pulled her fist back, and sent a whamming right hammer fist at the virus, hoping to delete it for good. She landed without a hitch and turned her attention to the other Genins.

"One... two... that's all? I guess I'll have to make do," Red shrugged after counting the chips Shin had sent her. Snapping her fingers, the natural maiden whisked herself away to backs of the two other Genin she hadn't targeted. Giggling mischievously, the kiddy-themed navi whipped out a metal canister that she promptly slammed into the ground, forcing giant hands of caramel to snatch at the two Genins, and the Zemon if it could, trying to stun them in their current positions.

Switching her sword to her left hand, Red let out a short breath as she drew another sword out of her basket. This one had a sparkling blade made out of plasma, threatening crackles of lightning ran across its surface as the red-caped wonder brandished the sword threateningly at the Genin viruses.

"MEIN!" Red cried, bringing the sword up to her shoulder, stepping forward, and then performing a large sweeping attack at the two Genins, attempting to destroy them both with the power of her Elecsword.

Myun made her way toward her mistress' area in due time, sending a left straight into another Genin, if it wasn't already dead, then attacking the virus with her ears, hoping to end the job.

Red quickly cartwheeled to the side while ordering a gust of wind to push Myun out of the way of any incoming attacks.

"Did we get them?" the red-cloaked warrior inquired worriedly.

"Who knows?" Shin replied grimly, sipping on some lemonade.

Turn summary:
1. Sword to GeninA [80 Slashing DMG] (Feint)
2. RiskyHoney1 [Counters for 5x10 +10(Elemental Bonus) +10 (To a Single Enemy) Wood DMG]
3. Areagrab to behind GeninB,C [Teleport, Dodge, Movement, +1 Accuracy]
4. Caramel Stickiness to GeninB,C, Zemon [Stun]
5. Elecsword to GeninB,C [80 Elec Slashing DMG]
6. Dodge
*Gust: Have Myun Dodge

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement toward GeninA
1. Attack GeninA [40 DMG]
2. Movement toward GeninC
3. Attack GeninC [40 DMG]
*Rhythm Boxing to GeninC [2x10 DMG]
As Red tried to console Mach and Aera and promised to prevent the viruses from ruining their "wedding," Machman contacted Mazer with the combat data.

[[i]Incoming viruses. Permission to engage?[/i]]
[Take out the BagWorms first, then shift focus to the Zemon virus. We'll leave the rest to Red.]
[[i]Roger that. Enaging![/i]]

Aera slipped back down into the cockpit as the air-tight hatch slid shut. She sat back into her seat, and her restraints stretched and fastened over her waist and chest like dark ribbons. Machman ejected several small blue fragments from the underside of his fuselage, and they zipped off in several directions to position themselves throughout the battle space. Each "bit" carried an array of visual and audio sensors, plus a transmitter capable of streaming live images back to Machman and Aera. With his "Overwatch" network online, swung his engines back and picked up speed as a pair of missiles materialized underneath his wings. He rocketed towards the pair of BagWorm viruses and targeted the closest one.

After taking aim and transmitting the target's location to the missile under his right wing, he launched his high explosive-equipped right missile. The missile dropped from the wing before a bright orange plume erupted from the end and shot it forward. Machman opened his air brakes and swung his engines forward to slow him down and nearly stop himself in the air. As the first missile streaked towards its target, he started to move again, but backwards this time, and strafed left as he locked on to the remaining BagWorm virus. After easing a set of crosshairs over the ceiling-anchored virus, he launched his second fire-imbued missile.

He adjusted his pitch downwards and continued to strafe as his two weapon blisters started to open up and revealed a pair of rocket launchers, each armed with a trio of launch tubes. As his nose points directly downward towards the Zemon virus, a salvo of rockets roll down the loading belts and click into position in the total of 6 launch tubes. From inside the cockpit, Aera saw what Mach was doing as she saw a small green "wire frame" if MachFighter, and the rocket launcher icons flashed yellow then green to signify being loaded and ready to fire.

Aera felt the seemingly calm and collected virus had something up its sleeve, and she quickly shifted her focus to the entire battle space as she started to build up electrical power. She could see a multitude of streaking lights as Machman launched his salvo of rockets and left two sets of thin, white smoke trails. Mach detected Aera zooming her view of the battlefield outwards and not focusing on the Zemon, so he followed her lead and tapped into his Overwatch sensor network. If the virus managed to move out of the way, his multitude of sensors spread throughout the area should have been able to locate it. Machman quickly loaded another set of solid-fuel rockets into his launch tubes. After hopefully locating the Zemon virus, Machman used his attitude thrusters to quickly put the virus under the cross hairs of his rockets. He fired a second salvo; 6 missiles darted out of the launchers and streaked like immolated arrows while they left thin smoke trails that were distorted by the disturbed air. As the rockets flew towards their targets, Aera channeled her electrical charge through the specialized arms on her ejection seat and it surged to Mach's core and was then sent directly to one of the bits floating near the Zemon virus. After crackling with electricity for a second or so, a white bolt of electrical power shot from the sensor and zipped towards the Zemon virus.

With his targets hopefully destroyed, Machman shifted his focus to Red and Myun below, and rolled away to move closer to his comrades. He pitched backwards and lost altitude as he seemingly glided down in front of Red and her SP. As he did so, a large yellow guard shield formed in front of his fuselage and spread over his full wingspan. Hopefully the shield would be able to prevent an attack from getting through.

Aera: Mobility Junction
Firehit1: BagWormA (60dmg Fire x2) [Ranged]
Firehit1: BagWormB (60dmg Fire x2) [Ranged]
Quake1: Zemon (100dmg + Impact)
Cannonball: Zemon (150dmg + Breaking) [+ Take Aim]
Aera: Attack: Zemon (35dmg Elec)
Gust: Move between Red/Myun and viruses
Guard1: Machman.EXE, Aera.SP, Red.EXE, Myun.SP (Deflect 1 attack up to 60dmg)


The two navis moved in perfect unison, deploying nonstop attacks against the viruses. In a blink of an eye, there wasn't a single trace of the viruses left, it was a complete overkill! When everything settled down, the loot of the battle was waiting to be picked up.


Terrain: 70% Grass, 30% Normal

Red: 210
Aera: 50

Machman: 100
Myun: 90

Red: 700z + 22 BugFrags + 3 FXP
Mach: 600z + 22 BugFrags + 3 FXP

Mach's protective shield dropped as he started to glow. His entire frame was bathed in light before it started to shrink and fold down into a smaller form. The light faded and revealed Machman carrying Aera in his arms as he floated to the grassy floor below. They touched down without a sound and they both spread out to gather up residual data. After finding a good amount of bugfrags and zenny, they came back together.
[Good work. Lets keep going.]
Understood. Shall we continue, Red Riding Hood?

((Ready for battle 2))
"Woohoo! We sure showed them!" Red cheered, pumping her fist in the air as they cleared the area of viruses, completely forgetting the reason they were doing it in the first place.

"Weak," Myun grumbled, chomping down on some bugfrags.

"Hey! That might curse our luck later on you know! Be a bit more positive," Red pouted, scolding Myun.

"Whatever," the rabbit-like support program muttered, brushing off her arms.

"Mou~ Be that way," the red-caped wonder pouted before straightening up and turning to face Machman and Aera.

"Sure! I bet there's some wonderful scenery over that way!" the fairy-tale fighter commented, pointing in a random direction. "Let's go!"

[Battle 2]
Red and Mach continued further into Yumland, finding little to no problem at all. They came across a large field of grass, typical terrain in the Yumland area, but something didn't look right. When they proceeded a little further, they heard a loud *CLICK*.

Before their eyes, poison seeped out from the ground and surrounded the two in a circle. Viruses popped out from the ground, making the situation much much worse!

Kilby EXA: 130
Kilby EXB: 130
Kilby EXC: 130
Viney EXA: 120
Viney EXB: 120
Viney EXC: 120

DragrinA: 120 [Dragrin Group: Triangle formation around the circle]
DragrinB: 120
DragrinC: 120

Terrain: 60% Grass, 20% Poison [Surrounding Grass], 10% Normal [Surrounding Normal]

Red: 210 HP [Trapped inside]
Myun: 90 HP

Machman: 100 HP ["Trapped" inside]
Aera: 50 HP

((Also, In before Subtype Rule Change.))

"What a pinch! There's even toxic terrain!" Red exclaimed as they were surrounded by poison and grass. "This spot won't do at all for a wedding!"

"Are you still on about that? Besides, there are probably better spots inside, why don't you burn this place up since that's probably inevitable?" Shin suggested, slotting three chips into the PET.

"That's a great idea! Flambe'd viruses coming up right away!" Red proclaimed cheerfully as, with a twirl of her cape, she was gone.

Reappearing to the left of the Viney group, the fairy-tale fighter made a small smirk as she slammed her hand on the ground, the Chinese character for fire forming under her hand. In another instant, a line of flames streamed across the ground toward the Vineys, hoping to make quick-work of them so that Mach could focus on something else.

Using a gust to charge forward through the flames, the crimson crusader grinned as she took out a metal canister from her picnic basket and slammed it into the ground, causing large hands of caramel to spew forth from the ground underneath the Kilby viruses, trying to grab and restrict the shadowy figures so the red-caped wonder could hit them with her next attack quite accurately.

Finished with that, the wind navi took a deep breath and punched the ground in front of her, hard. Towering pillars of magma burst out of the ground and started marching toward the Kilby viruses. Doom emanated from the heat waves the attack gave off, and the flames crackled menacingly, wishing to incinerate the dark, shadowy viruses with little pain.

With Myun, the fairy-tale fighter decided to do some gymnastic cartwheels and somersaults in case there were any other incoming attacks.

Turn Summary:
1. Areagrab to the left of the VineyEXs [Teleport, Dodge, Movement, Accuracy Up]
2. Flameline1 to VineyEXA,B,C [70 Fire DMGx2(Elemental Weakness)+100%(Terrain) =210 DMG]
*Gust: Movement to get closer to KilbyEX viruses.
3. Caramel stickiness to KilbyEXA,B,C [Stun]
4. Firetower1 to KilbyEXA,B,C [100 Fire DMGx2(Elemental Weakness)+100%(Grass)=300 DMG + Piercing + Group Attack + Ground Attack]
5-6. Dodge
*If on Grass Terrain: [Heal 30]

Myun's Actions:
1-3. Dodge
Machman and Aera both widen their stances as the viruses surround them.
Mazer, we've been surrounded. Requesting chips!
[Roger that, chips in. Engage!]
Machman noticed Red's attention shifting towards the viruses in the immediate vicinity, and decides to engage other targets.
Aera, protect Red and Myun. I'll take care of the viruses!
Aera nodded as Machman's wings started to warm up with a high pitched whine. In a loud percussive sound, Machman blurred out of view. Machman's wings went on overdrive and propelled him high into the air in the span of a few milliseconds, much faster than the human eye can see. Machman reappeared nearly 50 feet above the floor below, his body faced downwards as he remained perched in the air. He extended his right arm towards the floor below as large metal plates began to form just above his arm. They collided in place and fused together into a large, triple-barreled magnum. As the chambers of the three barrels slide back and a trio of large, fire-imbued magnum slugs are loaded, a support handle swings out from the side and is taken into Mach's left hand. A trio of cross hairs appear in his view, and he carefully eases all three over to a Dragrin each. Once locked on, he braced himself and opened fire.

The area was rocked by pressure waves as he fired the massive weapon a total of three times towards the immobile targets below. Each discharge spewed flames and smoke from the end of each barrel as the slides moved back to take some of the recoil and keep him on target. The rounds impacted in a trio of loud and fiery explosions and hopefully reduced the trio of dragrins to mere data fragments.

Still perched in the air, Machman scanned the ground below as Red pulled of a flurry of attacks in the hope of sweeping up the viruses below. Aera tried to keep up with Red and Myun as they weaved through the viruses. She occasionally glanced skyward to keep tabs on Machman. In the meantime, the Magnum over his arm started to fold down, but instead of disappearing, it swung down and reattached itself to the underside of his arm. The three collapsed down and lengthened to secure themselves to a rotating base and ammo drum. Now in the form of his powerful 30mm vulcan gun, the barrels started to spin up to speed. Machman kept an eye out for his three allies on the ground, and did not target anything in their immediate location for fear of accidental blue on blue confrontation. He picked out his targets and let his vulcan roar to life. The vulcan created a nearly unmoving burst of flame as it laid down an unbroken stream of glowing hot lead that streaked down to the ground below. Adjusting his aim gently, the bullets hit the ground and created a weaving path of destruction that sliced through the viruses below.

The vulcan quickly ran out of ammunition and spun down as white smoke oozed from its nearly glowing barrels. The weapon started to fold down and disappear as Machman's wings snapped into position and charged up. His wing thrusters kicked on and propelled him down to the ground below to back up his ground-based comrades.

SCRAM Boost: Teleport above viruses
Charge Magnum
Charge Magnum
Magnum1: DragrinA,B,C (120dmg Fire + Break + Panel Breaking)
Rising Barrage: VineyEXA, KillbyEXC (50dmg + Break + Strategic Action [Move closer to ground])
In an instant, the helpless wood viruses was burn to crisp by the array of fire chips from Red. Not only did they burn twice as fast because of their bodily features, it was heightened by the grass below them, making things even harsher!

Yea, sure, this is the forest loving Red.

On the other hand, MachMan had the perfect range away from the target viruses as well as the time to charge the Magnum to its fullest capacity. The fire-imbued bullets flew straight towards the Dragrins and caused a giagantic explosion that boiled the poisons that was next the virus. He moved closer to the ground to check the damage...but suddenly! Flames spewed from within the explosion and burned everything in its path.

MachMan's arm was charred, but nothing serious. Red was able to leap away from the attack and land to the pre-burned grasses to make sure things won't get worse even more. When everything settled down, it revealed the Dragrins completely unscratched from the magnum! Their body was emitting a fiery barrier that seemed to absorb any type of fires into their body!


DragrinA: 120 [Dragrin Group: Triangle formation around the circle]
DragrinB: 120
DragrinC: 120

10% Grass
60% Normal [Inside]
20% Poison [Surrounding Grass]
10% Normal [Surrounding Poison]

Red: 210 HP [Trapped inside]
Myun: 90 HP

Machman: 70 HP ["Trapped" inside]
Aera: 50 HP