Gungnir in Yumland

As the three thunderbolts struch the ground, Gungnir materialized, stepping out of the scarred land and looking around.

'Hmm, so this is Yumland, I can sense a much greater level of enemies here,' he said as he looked around.

"Thats good! We could use a little training in somewhere strong before we go to this thing! Find a battle there!" Sieg shouted, still in the rain.

Gungnir nodded and took off.

Metool EX A: 70
Metool EX B: 70
Metool EX C: 70
Champu: 60
Whomper: 130
ENGball: 100

Gungnir: 140

Execute Battle Protocol.
Gungnir looks to the viruses what had just appeared before him, seeing a wide swath of unfamiliar ones before him. He looked at them all, almost glaring, but not quite an evil look in his stare, as he pulled his arm out, summoning his enormous vulge to his side as Sieg prepared chips for him. Gungnir first addressed Sieg, giving him a layout,

'There are one familiar virus and three that seem to be upgraded forms of the original. Their battle capacity is far higher, and they seem to have a defensive application as well. Applying our breaking ability to them would seem to be the best plan of action'

Sieg nodded affirmitively, pulling out two chips from his folder and calling down to him,

"Allright! In that case, we're gonna try some new things! First, use these, and try an take down some of the enemies here! Use a new miniprogram I set up for it in this, and finally, wrap this up with the newest battle capaility you have! Boomerang slot in, download!" he shouted to Gungnir as he slotted both chips in, thunderbolts crashing around him in the real world.

Gungnir nodded, feeling the data flow into him as he closed his eyes. The boomerang data, however, did not opt to form in his hand this time. Instead, he could feel the boomerang data embed itself in his vulge, and looked down at it. He watched as a large green overcoating encompassed the blades, covering them in a second. He then heeded the next command, gripping it tightly and imbueing it further with his power. As the green energy solidified, it rippled, a pulse of silver spreading out over it as he infused the boomerang with his breaking power. The blades seemed to lengthen and sharpen in his hands as he finished. He looked up at the Series of Mets, no expressions on his face and dire intent in his mind.

He pulled the sword backwards, starting to spin it behind him, and bringing it up above his head to spin it with both arms. His body began twisting some as he moved it around him, speding up the spinning and turning it into a dervish of power, green aural light flowing from it as the Vulge became more a disk than a sword. He raised it above his head once more, his eyes becoming fierce. His pupils focused and his eyelids shot open as he calmly said,

'Boomerang' and thrust the sword forwards, loosing it at the viruses. The veritable saw blade of energy spun wildly, like a mad frisbee, as it encircled the mets. Silver and green were left in the blades path as it arced, tearing up the ground for a moment before arcing high in the air to their side. The blades turned and stalled in the air for a moment, before speeding up and coming down on the Metools like a sawblade. In the fashion of a pendulum, it built up energy and speed on the downswing, tearing through the ground at it's point of greatest speed, and arcing once more to the other side. As the blade turned in the air, it began flying back to Gungnir.

He put his hand up to catch the blade, but suddenly realized something was off, his arm was exuding energy, and as it did, the energy coalesced, focusing, and forming small loops. Each of the loops became larger and thicker, linking together with metallic clanks, despite being made of pure energy. What he found at the end of it all was a long chain, wrapping around his arm and hanging from his hand.

"Thats the Gleipnir! It allows you a little more freedom with your swords," Sieg shouted down at Gungnir, who was now looking at him, "Plus, you've got another boomerang still in that sword, so send it back!"

Gungnir nodded, grabbing the Gleipnir and spinning it above his head, before thrusting it forwards. The chain lengthened, shooting down a path with the blade, and locking onto it. The two energies seemed to interlock, and as he felt it his home, he grabbed it tight, pulling it and spinning it faster as the blades came towards him. They rushed past him as he ducked to the side, hanging from the chain and counterbalancing the great force of his Vulge, swinging it around him in a wide loop as the chain lengthened. He turned his face to the viruses, the Vulge swinging back and said,

'Catch' as he pulled with a mighty grunt, swinging the blade back around and sending it careening towards the remaining three enemies. As he did, the chain snapped, pulling itself back to him and re-wrapping around his arm. The sawblade spud ferciously, the very air around it being cleaved in half as it tore through the viruses locations, flying into a high arc and looping around, coming back down and striking the remaining areas with loud metallic slashes as it came flying back to him. He reached his hand this time, the chain unmoving, and snatched the blade from the air. The sudden stop sent all the data from the sword flying backwards, past him, and crashing against the ground, dispersing in a blast of light.

He looked up, unsure what remained, but positive that he had failed in killing many of the enemies on the field. He remembered his next objective, though. He reached inside, and felt his mind wrap around the power in him, and began chanting,

'I summon the power of the God-Mount, the World Tree, The mighty mountain Yggdrassil; I call the forth to lend me thy power, protect me and shield me from the vicious assaults of my foes, YGGDRASSIL!' as he shot silver energy into the ground, the power suddenly dissappearing as the ground began to quake. Suddenly, an intricate system ofroots exploded from the ground, ne, they were made FROM the ground! The earthen tendrils wrapped around Gungnir, seemign to constrict him as the ensared his body. But as he moved, he found that they moved with him, bending, flexing to his every movement. The God-mount had not held him back, but protected him now as he faced the enemies before him...



Boomerang, MetEXA/B/C 60dmg <Breaking>

Boomerang, Whomper/Champu/Engball <2x>60dmg <Engball weak>

Yggdrassil, half damage for two turns
The charged-up Boomerang clove effortlessly through the three upgraded Metools, bringing each of them to within an inch of their lives. Gungnir's next Boomerang made perfect contact with the Whomper, but by the time it reached the Champu, it was wobbling dangerously. It fell just short of the ENGball, leaving it untouched. The injured Whomper fired a dose of its icy breath at Gungnir, which he was unable to avoid, but the roots of the Great Tree protected him from a good part of the attack.

Metool EX A: 10
Metool EX B: 10
Metool EX C: 10
Champu: DELETED!
Whomper: 70
ENGball: 100

Gungnir: 120
Gungnir stood up the roots of earth still ensnaring his body, and crumbling slightly as he endured the blast. He looked around, many of the virii we're rather torn up, but it was not enough yet. There we're still five viruses remaining, and luckily only one had attacked. Sieg saw the same, and he pulled but a single chip from his folder. He looked at it, and looked at the, smiling widely like a madman. His brow was furried as he slotted it in, calling down,

"Allright, lets see if that old coots Lady Luck followed us outta there! Use this and apply Fenir to the stronger ones! DblBeam slot in, download!" as he slotted the one chip into the PET. He knew this was a BIG tossup, but he felt that Gungnir could deal with it well either way.

Gungnir felt the data inside of him, flowing around as he raised his root-encased arms, and watched the materials rise from the ground around him. In between his hands, the data began amalgamating, floating and focusing into the cube. As the brown material solidified into a block, he let it float down, the object still building mass. As it settled, floating above the ground, it shimmered, focusing and forming the multicolored surfaces of the DblCube. The red and blue sides shone brightly as the cube began spinning slowly, and Gungnir took the moment to push off. He ran from the cube, each footfall crushing the earth around him as the tendrils of earth followed him in his charge.

His monstrous steps shook and cracked the ground they inhabited, sending tremors through the arena as he neared the viruses. His vulge was drawn behind him, and a cold chill began flowing over it as he moved up to the remaining viruses. He was placing himself closer to the metool viruses that the other two, albeit, they were his targets. As the chilling winds encased one of the blades, a large ice spire formed over the sword in a biting breaking noise. His scarf and hair flowed behind his trememndous footfalls as he spun the sword bahind him, bringing the spire forwards like a spear, ready to throw. As he came before the Metools, he dove in the air.

The DblCube he had left behind him shone brilliantly, now spinning like a mad top as he flew through the air. The colored sides shone brightly as they almost fused into a psychadelic whirlwind. The cube whirred loudly as he came down, reeling forwards and throwing the spear into the ground before him, slamming it into the earth and freezing the ground around it. As he came down behind it, the cube erupted in brilliant beams of red and blue, shining and peircing through the entire field in rays of red and blue, the brilliant strobe shining right as Gungnir came down on his vulge, pushing the frozen blade into the earth deeper, and upon landing, tearing the ground around him asunder and raising spires of rock around him. The mighty crash was dwarfed by the rays of light now overflowing the field.

The two enemies furthest from him had no clue what he had just done. His sword sent a pair of lines of frost shooting along the ground, streaking towards the two enemies erractically as the beams washed the field in red and blue light. The ground beneath them flash froze, forming two large patches of ice there. Suddenly, a pair of enormous towers of ice exploded from beneath them, rocketing upwards as though to pierce the very sky itself. The viruses were nowhere to be seen as the Fangs of ice slowed, stopping approximately three stories above the ground.

Gungnir stood up slowly, his hair limp and in front of his face as he gave his Vulge a jerk, pulling it from the ground before him. He left an ice sheath before him, amidst the rent ground as he watched the rays around him die down. The tendrils of earth still wrapped around him, providing him some defense as he turned from where the metools probably were. He slowly walked back towards where he had come from, keeping his wits about him as the twin spires of ice collapsed, and the cube dicintegrated. Had their gamble paid off? Or were they about to be the ones to pay...


<Yggdrassil, Half damage, Active 2/2>

DblBeam, Heal30allies/damage30enemies

Fenrir, ENGball/Whomper 70dmg/breaking


The gamble was a smart one. A massive red beam exploded out of one of the DBLCube's sides, tearing through each of the viruses but leaving Gungnir untouched. The three Metools fell to the blast, and soon after, the frozen pillars claimed the Whomper and the ENGBall as the final victims.

Champu: DELETED!
Whomper: DELETED!

Gungnir: 120


Get: Firehit x1, 620z!
Gungnir kept on walking silently as he realized the viruses were defeated, partially due to their presence dissappearing, and partly due to Siegs outburst,

"Aww, METAL! We WHUPPED those pansies! you did great Gungnir! And we got...another one of these..." Sieg said, looking at the chip, and seeing that it did little to his chipitoire,

"Hmm, ah well, yah still did great!" Gungnir nodded, the tendrils of Yggdrassil shedding from him as he cracked his neck a little. The Gleipnir chain also faded from his hand as he spoke to Sieg

'The Yggdrassil and Gleipnir worked excellently, they are welcome additions. We did very well this match,' Sieg nodded as Gungnir headed deeper into the Yumland networld.

KilbyA: 90 HP
KilbyB: 90 HP
KilbyC: 90 HP
MagtectA: 90 HP
MagtectB: 90 HP
MagtectC: 90 HP
MelodyEXA: 110 HP
MelodyEXB: 110 HP

Gungnir.EXE: 120 HP

Gungnir looks at the new viruses, analyzing them and finding their elements as he heard Sieg pull out some new chips for him. Sieg had a plan already, it was surprising.

'Sieg, the buzzing ones seem to be electric-element, and the hopping ones are null, but the sweeping ones are wood. I think we have the nessacary weapons to end this battle expediently and efficiently. The pathetic bugs will stand no chance' Sieg nodded, popping a couple of chips back into his pocket and pulling out two new ones. He slotted them into the PET, calling down to Gungnir,

"Allright then, try these, Use these two alongside Fenrir to clean up some of the viruses here! Boomerang, Shotgun, slot-in! Download!" as they each clacked into the PET, falling back out into his hands. He smiled down at Gungnir an almost maddening smile, providing a stark contrast to Gungnirs expressionless demeanor.

Gungnir once again felt the familiar data within him. He could sense the Boomerang trying to form in his hand, but once again transferred it, shifting it to his Vulge, and watching the green aura overcome the glistening blades. His grip tensed for a moment as his arm slowly glowed a green in response, the thin lines forming loops around his arm. With rust metal clinks, the links joined, forming a long chain that wrapped around his whole forearm.

He gripped the vulge in his hand and pulled it back, spinning it forwards and hurling the rotating blade into the air. As he did, he pulled back his fist, before pumping it upwards as well, launching the Gleipnir towards it and locking the energy links to the aura. The chain stopped extending as he gripped it with both hands, pulling it down and runnign forwards with thundering steps. The sawblade came down fast, whirring wildly. As he ran forwards, he whipped around, pulling on the chain just as the Vulge cut the ground, and starting to swing the chain, sending the vulge around him. As he spun with it at the chains length, the links slowly pulled it closer, diminishing and bringing it towards him. He used this to build up more and more speed as he spun faster. and finally let the blade free from the chain, sending it flying wildly at the viruses, still spinning like a saw. The boomerang Vulge played the ultimate game of chicken with the Magtects, spinning at mad velocity and tearing up the ground as it turned. The enormous blade arced high in the air and curved, coming down from the high position in a pendulum-like fashion. With a great cleaving noise, like a blade through bone, the vulge did swing through the viruses area, with any luck, taking out a couple.

As the Chain stopped moving, it fell limp on the ground with a tremendous metallic crash. He tugged it back, pulling up his arm above him and whipping it up to it. The chain re-wrapped around his arm as he caught the Vulge, spinning back at him, above his head. He whirled the sword downwards as his right hand began to glow a brilliant yellow. He looked up at the enemies he had left on the field, seeing the two obscenities bouncing around and shaking maracas. He was rather annoyed by them, they were an embarrasment to the great net. He turned on his heel, pulling his swords behind him and his now shining fist before him as he ran with thundering step. Each footfall tore up the earth beneath and around it as he ran towards them. He would need a good shot with this one to be effective at all. He watched them jump as he neared them, actually slowing his gait as he neared them, and finally, he saw his oppurtunity, they were descending before one another! He reeled back his hand, his sword now slowly coalescing in biting winds and frost. As he slid to a stop, earth tearing beneath his feet, he thrust his hand forwards, the explosions from the shotgun blast blowing back his hair and scarf in mad dances as his sword exploded in a spike of Ice. The shell tore through the air, and right as the virii descended, the blast exploded, catching both of them in the smoke for a moment and blocking thm from his sight. Gungnir wasted no time, he pulled the sword above his head, Icicle down and said loudly,

"I call upon the power of the Wolfson, Fenrir, come forth and vanquish these enemies with your chilling fangs," as he slammed it into the ground, tearing up the earth and exploding it in permafrost. Two tiny lines of frost shot across the ground, forming small icicles as the two Melodies flew from the smoke. The spot of their landing froze widely, and as they ftouched down, a pair of enormous spires of ice exploded from the ground. Each Virus was almost instantaneously replaced by an arcitc fang, the plight of the two could only be assumed, however. The two icicles grasped at the sky, but slowed their ascent as Gungnir wrapped his hand around the vulge, pulling it from it's frozen throne, and causing both the icicles to shatter, enormous glaciers falling back to earth as he turned to face the only three enemies he knew for sure would still be there,

'Well, have at you...'


Boomerang, MagtectA/B/C 2x60dmg <Weakness>

Line up

Shotgun, MelodyEXA/B 50dmg

Fenrir, MelodyEXA/B 70dmg breaking
The boomerrang, its arc oh-so-precise, takes out the entire group of Magtects before returning, flying right by Gungir's side, off into the distance. The navi, waiting for the Melodies to aline, fires his shotgun to nail both. Both are then peirced by ice chunks that then sprout below them. However, all these actions leave Gungnir open and he is struck by a spear like piece of bamboo.

KilbyA: 90 HP
KilbyB: 90 HP
KilbyC: 90 HP
MagtectA: DELETED!
MagtectB: DELETED!
MagtectC: DELETED!

Gungnir.EXE: 90 HP
Gungnir looked at the viruses that remained, seeing that only the wooded viruses had remained after his assault. He clenched his fist around the vulge and ran from them, trying to dodge whatever attacks they would have. But he was caught off guard as a veritable forest of spearllike bamboo shot up from his feet like a certain womans tension level. As he tried to duck, one shoots up before him, driving the blade straight up his chest and sensding him staggering back some. He grunted lightly, and put his hand to his chest, feeling the blood from his torn suit.

'Sieg, these viruses,' he said calmly, the blood and damage not shaking him, 'They are wood types, and we have plenty of fire chips,' He placed his hand down, crimson stains on his glove where he touched his chest as Sieg pulled a few chips from his deep, soggy pocket and prepared to slot them in,

"Allright, then we will do it this way! Use these to hit a bunch, but The Rageclaw should set up this one better. Firehit1, Rageclaw, Heatshot slot-in, download!" he hollered, sliding each one in sequentially as he named them.

Gungnir felt each of the pockets of data enter him, swirling about inside of his body as he turned to face the malefactors that had damaged him. He harbored no ill will towards them, all he knew was that they had traded blows, and his would be the last given, and the final ones they'd recieve. He could feel heated data inside of him, each one focusing into his right hand. He raised his hand to the sky as a bright red light swirled on it, patterns of red forming the illustrious glow of the chip. But that glow did not stop growing, the glove popped and sputered, flames and embers slowly forming around it as he held it up. He clenched his fist, a miniature explosion of flames exuding from his hand as he pulled it back down. Red laser and flame followed it down as he placed it back at his side, his sword now becoming infused with the Rageclaw data. The crystals in his blade glowed bright red, washing over the sword in an aural light muh like his opposing hand. He spun the sword for a moment as it finished, leavig a spiaraling aftertrail before him as he pushed off with a mighty force.

His feet cracked the bamboo-riddled earth around him as he went up to the shifting viruses. The small plots of bamboo were in a cooldown, waiting their next oppurtunity, and he would see that it did not come. His arms and sword left red trails behind him, much like a car on the highway in the middle of the night. But he was nowhere near as silent as the car, his tremendous steps tearing the ground beneath him asunder as he ran, shaking the arena with each step and inclining the viruses to look at him as he came. He pulled his fists back, knowing that he would have the best shot with the one hit first. As he looked at the shifting forest, he pulled back his ruby fist, and with a mighty grunt, did thrust it forwards. The flames and energy from his arm exploded in a blast of power, sending an enormous fist of fire at the moving viruses. As they shifted around, the fist veered, seeking out one of the viruses and exploding in flames and smoke. The tremendous blast pushed the other two forwards some, and blocked the virus from his view. The smoldering land was blocking his view of the virus, but he could not care less. He clenched his still burning fist, and turned to his next targets.

The shaking earth indicated his pressing onwards, each footfall making a veritable earthquake as me moved. He spun his sword up and onto his shoulder, the aural red marks arcing through the air as he moved forwards like a locomotive. He came into the viruses forest, targeting one of them as he pulled his sword across him, and spun it mightily, swinging harshly at the wooded virus and slamming it into it's side. He planted his feet firmly, digging up more ground as he pushed the sword against the virus. It apparently had other plans, however, for it fought against him mightyly. He grunted and pushed, and with a final slam against it, he forced his sword through and sent the virus careening through the air. The thicket was sent flying and slammed into the other, almost at an angle. The two struggled around, trying their best to get free of one another, but Gungnir would give them no such freedom. He pulled back his hand, the flames dancing over his glove and forming into his palm as he opened his fingers. The enbers danced around, combining and swirling into a miniature star in his palm. He brought the flame up to his shoulderlevel, turning his body and pushing the blast forwards as the virii righted themselves. The fireball exploded from his hand, careening at the viruses and blasting back his scarf and hair in whipping movements. The blast's flightwas shortlived, for it expediently evolved into a smoldering bath of fire, covering the location of the two viruses and blocking them from his view. He stood up, his feet kicking around rubble as he looked at them. The field was a wall of flames before him as he stood there, but he was not ensured yet. He kept his wits about him, not about to be caught offgraurd again.


Firehit1, KilbyA 2x60dmg <Weakness>

Rageclaw, KilbyB->KilbyC 20dmg, lineup

Heatshot, KilbyB/C 2x40dmg <Weakness>

The Firehit set the first Kilby to flames. The next found itself hurled into perfect position for Gungnir to incinerate both of them with the same Heatshot blast.

MagtectA: DELETED!
MagtectB: DELETED!
MagtectC: DELETED!

Gungnir.EXE: 90 HP


Get: 1000z!
Gungnir stretched out widly, sighing and absorbing the data as he saw the last viruses get destroyed. Sieg did an almost backflip as he saw that he had made out well, and called down to him,

"Rawk! This was a good payoff! Lets get going some more, we'll be able to do really well in this mission we got if we keep this up!"

Gungnir nodded, his bleeding wound dripping as it slowly tried to seal up again. He slowly trodded into the net as he searched for more enemies.

Will O' The WispA: 10 HP
RoninA: 150 HP
RoninB: 150 HP
ENGBallA: 100 HP
PowieA: 60 HP
PowieB: 60 HP
PowieC: 60 HP

Gungnir.EXE: 90 HP

Gungnir looked upwards, finding a new troupe of viruses coming up at him speedily. There was only one here he recognized from the entire group, everything else was completely new. This was not concerning to him, but something to consider. Sieg saw the new viruses as well, but was only concerned with one of them. He pulled a couple of chips from his deep pocket as he eyed them tenatively,

"Gungnir, that one over there, it's HP is so low. I don't trust it at ALL, so lets send it to Hel," he said in a cautious tone, a foreign frame of voice for him, and slotted in the chips, "Try these, take out the ENGball first, and move on to the Ronin afterwards. Ringlog, Boomerang slot in, download!" he said, picking back up to his normal insanity by the end. The chips clattered out of the PET by the time another bolt of lightning struck.

Gungnir absorbed the data, sending it through his body as he assimilated it. He focused the important data where it should be, summoning the green energies of the boomerang and Ringlog into his arms. The green aura flowed from his left arm to the blade, turning the gems in his Vulge first, and then the rest of the swords themselves. He gripped the blade tightly and clenched his fist, turning first to the ENGball and the Ronin. He pushed off and began running, his titan steps destroying the footing he had as he moved in. He pulled his arm to the side, the green energy lilting around his arm as he formed the Gleipnir, the metallig energylinks solidfying and locking onto the blades handle. As he neared the viruses, he swung out his arm, letting the Gleipnir grow in length and swing widely from him.

He ran closer to the enemies, the ground tearing wildly as he moved. The ENGball hovered in the air a small distance from him. As he moved in to it, he hoped he had covered enough distance. His Green hand left a dancing aftertrail with his whipping scarf as he raised his arm above his head. The lasertrail was elevated and he ran next to the virus. He moved past the virus, almost lining himself up with the Ronin as he pushed his hand to his side, pointing at the virus. The Rolling log tore down from the sky and landed on the ground whirring in place for a moment before bouncing in the air and slamming down upon the viruses location with a great force. The resutling explosion blew back Gungnirs hair, but he pulled up his hand at the splinters and woodfragments that were kicked up.

As soon as the Debris settled, he turned to the Ronin viruses, gripping the Vulge powerfully and running over to them as fast as his feet would carry him. As he came up on the twin viruses, they turned to face him. That was good, he could respect a foe who would meet it's death so willingly. He dove into the air and pulled back the Vulge, the Gleipnir still haning from it. As he swung it back, he thrust it forwards, releasing it in a downswing and letting it spin like a saw. Gleipnir lengthened as the yoyo from hell descended on the Ronins, the blades almost seeming to extend to reach both. As the huge circular saw slammed into the earth at their location, it tore the ground to peices, an enormous explosion of debris and dust blocking the pair from his view. He gripped Gleipnir with both hands, pulling the still rotating blade back to his hands as he landed hard on the ground again, rending the ground asunder.

He watched the green aura fade from his sword, but in it's place, felt a biting wind swirl about it. He could see the winds and frosts of Hel encircling the blades and covering them as he ran forwards. His tremendous footfalls drew the two Ronin from the cloud of dust that he had generated as he ran past them. He pushed on, moving to the smaller ghostlike entity. The frost began building up on his swords, chinking on in bits and peices as he moved towards it. He closed in, chanting,

'The winds of Nifelheim guide my blades, the ices of Hel encase it,' as the sword exploded in icicles, 'They shall find their resting place in you, and you in they. Nifelheim' as he raised the sword spinning above his head, he brought it down, the spinning sword making two loud sounds of cleaving as he moved past the virus. There was a small pause, everythign seemed to go silent, but the cold swirling winds formed ice, which exploded upwards from the Will o' the Wisps position, forming an enormous glacier. He turned slowly, knowing that many viruses were still there, he turned on his heels and tried moving away from them all, hopefully he had done some damage.


Ringlog1, ENGball, PowieA <2x>50dmg <weakness>

Boomerang, RoninA/B 60dmg

Nifelheim, Will o' the Wisp 2x25dmg, freezing

The will o' the wisp takes the attacks, but gets broken out of the frozen spire by a stray ringlog. It dives into Gungir's chest, a Powie narrowly missing him as he drops to the ground, victim to an attack or two.

Will O' The WispA: 8 HP
RoninA: 90 HP
RoninB: 90 HP
PowieB: 60 HP
PowieC: 60 HP

Gungnir.EXE:40 HP [Possessed]
Gungnir grunts from the possession, reeling as he realizes his actions have been locked! He twisted his arms and pulled his legs, but it felt as thoguh he had been set on a rack! The Gleipnir-laden Vulge fell from his hands as he was pulled out. He looked as though he was being quartered, and could do nothing as the viruses assaulted him, knocking him back. He laid on the ground, grunting, but not flinching from the battering. Sieg was freaking out, shouting and calling to him,

"GUNGNIR, WHAT HAPPENED?! WHAT IS GOING ON?!" as he tried slotting in chips. Nothing worked though, he was becoming very worried.

'I...I cannot move, Sieg. Can you do anything?' He said, trying to flex his fingers.

"! I can't! Gungnir, you have to break out! You're stronger than this, I know it!" he shouted at him, tears starting to build up in his eyes as thunder crashed behind him, rain still coming down around the kiosk.

'I am not, I'm sorry Sieg. I can do nothing but get deleted.' Sieg was trying as hard as he could to force back his crying, his face horribly distorted as he listened to Gungnir, 'My parameters are not strong enough to break from this viruses control, I am sorry, master'

"DON'T SAY THAT! You're gonna let this pathetic BUG kill you!? Thats not the Gungnir I know, you would never let this insignifican whelp take you out or cause YOU to die!"

'But, Master, I'm not'

"SCREW THAT! USE MY POWER, THATS AN ORDER!" Sieg shrieked, tears erupting from his eyes as he shouted at Gugnir, trickling down the PET as Lightning flashed in the air again. Gungnir eyes widened for a moment, before going back down and nodding.

He tensed his body, closing his eyes, and scrunching his face, actually struggling visably as his torso spat blood into the air from his wounds. He grunted and fought, his fingers moving lightly as he did. The Will's body slowly became visable in his chest, tensing and shaking as he did. His fingers finally closed up into two fists, and he bent his arms forwards. His legs jerked as he pulled them up, and his arms came closer to his chest as he struggled mightily. His arms push up and the orb is pushed form his chest slowly, but then, it begins forcing it's way back in. His arms are pressed down again, and he struggled badly. Sieg shouted out,

"GUUUNNNGNNNIIIIRRR!" and Gungnir eyes snapped open, he shouted loudly and pulled his arms up, grabbing the ball of energy and tearing it from his body with a horrendous rip. All his wounds spurted blood as he threw away the virus from him and stood up slowly, drawing up to his knees and back to his standing position.

'Yes, Sieg?' he asked calmly as he looked up at him. Sieg just smiled through his tears and said,

"Heh, you big dumbass"


Free from Will o the Wisp
While Gungnir flailed around madly, trying to tear the Will O' The Wisp from his body, one of the Ronins took an infuriated swing at him. However, it was just a bit too slow, and the virus's blade missed by less than an inch. The Navi was successful in tearing the Will O' the Wisp free, and the virus retreated to form a cool blue aura that floated dangerously behind the other viruses.

Will O' The WispA: 8 HP
RoninA: 90 HP
RoninB: 90 HP
PowieB: 60 HP
PowieC: 60 HP

Gungnir.EXE: 40 HP
Gungnir looked as he forced the virus from his body, pulling himself back up just in time to twist his head, his eyes went wide as he saw the samurai virus coming up next to him. He pushed out his legs, diving to the side as he felt the cold slice of air next to his face, three strands of his hair being sliced of as he rolled. He looked up, his face no longer devoid of expression, btu a mixture of relief and rage as he saw the Wisp retreat from the fore to behind the other viruses. He gripped Gleipnir, giving it a forceful pull and snapping his Vulge back to his hand as he stood up, hearing Sieg call to him,

"Gungnir! You're allright! Gods I was so worried!" as he wiped his cheeks and eyes, sniffling and staring at his navi. But his eyes went a little wide as he saw Gungnir's face contorted into an angry look, staring down the Ronins. "Whats Wrong, Gungnir?" he asked, almost worried in the change of demeanor in his navi. Gungnir looked back up at him,

'These dispicable viruses, one permeated my body, Violating my being and trying to hold me to die at the hands of these other pathetic bugs, you were right, I cannot stand for this,' his hand flexed around the vulge again, 'I will exact retribution on the worms!' he shouted, spinning the vulge as cold winds swirled around the blade. Arctic frosts built on the blade as he turned it, raising it above his head and holding it up. The biting winds solidified the frost, making the sword stab upwards in a spire of ice. He shouted out,

'You despicable beings would have my life, but your numbers are naught for my power and the powers inside of me! I summon the Wolfson to assist my vengance, hsi frozen fangs shall be the bringers of your death!' and with that, he slammed the swords icicle spike into the ground, frosting it instantly and sending twin shockwaves of ice speeding along the ground, 'FENRIR!' he let roar as the plots beneath the two viruses froze instantly, spreading wide for a breif moment. It suddenly shifted, each frozen plot stabbing up towards the sky in an enormous tooth of ice. The viruses were for a moment missing, but he slowly saw them stagger out as the twin fangs slowed their heaven-bound ascent and stood as monuments to his attack.

"Gungnir, they're still there!" Sieg shouted, reaching into his pocket and pulling out another chip, 'I know, and I believe you know what I will need to finish this fight with them,' he said as he stood back up, his face still furrowed as he jerked his sword clean from the ice. "Haha, then this must be what you're talking about! Rageclaw slot in, download! Show them who you are, Gungnir!" Sieg shouted intot he PET as he slammed in the chip, sending the data to Gungnir. He pushed forwards, moving faster as his feet destroyed the ground around him. He ran to the first virus before him, one of the Ronins and gripped his vulge as he felt the data from the chip wash over his sword and Gleipnir, the whole mess becoming bright red as he ran with tremorous footfalls. He pulled forwards the vulge, but instead of trying to slam the sword into the virus, he threw forwards the Gleipnir, sending the red chain out and wrapping it around his foe. The Ronin seemed to be taken by surprise, but if it wasn't the next part surely would do so. Gungnir ran clean past it, diving into the air and flying towards the Spire of ice from Fenrir. Gleipnir was pulled taut, and the virus was jerked after him, flying through the air by his chain as he soared at Fenrirs spike. As he landed on it, he dove again, his powerful push destroying the spire as he flew through the air over the other Ronin. The one in tow was still coming as he jerked it again, slowing his own flight as the ronin sped up. He spun his vulge about his body in midair, swinging it and contorting his body to face the projectile virus. As it came almost face to face with him, he swung downwards, slamming the vulge into it and sending it flying downwards at a tremendous speed. he twisted the Gleipnir withhis arm, freeing it before he was pulled along, and watched as it slammed into the ground, both viruses blocked from his view by the ensuing dustcloud.

As he fell back to the ground, building up speed, he heard Sieg grabbing at chips in his pocket again and pulling one free. "Gungir, good moves, lets see if you can take the same kinda revenge on the pathetic virus that was inside of you! Icewave, slot in, download!" he called to him, slotting it in forceably as he shouted, "We'll see that this never happens again, take that damned thing out now!" Gungir nodded as he saw the ground rush up to meet him. He slammed his feet into it, destroying the earth in a great explosion. Dust and debris were scattered all around the feild as Gungnir stood up in the middle, his sword once more becoming encased in a familiar blue glow. The dust almost settled before Gungnir lunged from the cloud, body curled with his sword over his front. The arua spread to the Gleipnir as he pulled it back, his body unfurling and letting his vulge fly above the enemies, not spinning much, but Gleipnir following in its stead. He landed on the ground once more, crackign and breakign it, and tugged the chain down, the ripple swinging towards the aqua Vulge. Upon reaching it, the weapon snapped downwards, slamming bladefirst into the ground and stabbing it in a frozen cut. The Ice shot forwards in an enormous shockwave, row after row of Icicles shooting up from the ground as Gleipnir fell to the ground before it. The enormous chain lay in between the two Powies as the Icewave exploded before the Wisp that had done him such wrong. As the Icicles slowed to a stop, they left an enormous iceberg behind the powies.

"Wanna get this done with Gungnir?" Sieg asked as he pulled one more from his folder. Gungnir coied Gleipnir around his arm some more and nodded slowly as he felt the data inside of him. The chain slowly shot forwards in a ray of green, encompassing the entire Gleipnir and Vulge as he gave the whole thing a jerk, popping the sword from the ground violently. As he saw it come up, he swirled the chain, slowly swinging the vulge in the distance and building up speed and rotation. As the blades began spinning faster and faster, they formed his bladed disc from Hel and he gave the chain a horrible jerk backwards, pulling his whole arm with the chain as the disc of green energy blades shot back towards him, spinning and swooping. The blades neared the powies with amazing speed, and as they turned to see it, the sounds of the sawblade became especially prominient. He could see data fly as the blade spun through their locales, and as it came to him, he reached up, snatching it from the air with his other arm and letting it fall back down loosely, still gripping the vulge. He hung there, hunched over as Sieg called to him,

"Gungnir! Are you allright?! That was great, did it work!?!" frantically and excitedly, but Gungir was exhausted, his open wounds still drizzling blood as he responded, 'I am fine, and I won't know right away, we can only wait and see...'


Fenrir, RoninA/B 70dmg

Rageclaw, RoninA->B 20dmg

Icewave1, Will o' the Wisp 80dmg

Boomerang, PowieA/B 60dmg
The icy spires shredded the two Ronins. If they had been expecting a break after the frozen attack, they didn't get it, because Gungnir then grabbed hold of one and hurled it into the other, destroying them both. More ice exorcised the Will O' the Wisp. One of the Powies teleported into place right above Gungnir's head and solidified into a huge steel weight that dropped onto his head, although the Navi leapt back up once the virus had disappeared. Its attack was returned in the form of a Boomerang that sliced through both Powies.

Will O' The WispA: DELETED

Gungnir.EXE: 30 HP [!WARNING!]


Get: Quake1, 700z!