Optimism, Soul, and Peerless Resolve!

Following closely behind Seraphim, MeleeMan kept his jaw locked tightly in his usual frown. His arms maintained their position crossed across his chest. MeleeMan was beginning to feel a bit out of place among his allies, as he had just recently realized that he was about the height of the two standing on top of eachother, and his arms, furthermore, were about the twice the width if you measured at the upper arm. He spat onto the ground, looking around grimacingly at the area. "This place looks awfully green and lush. It will be invigorating to burn it all down in the heat of battle!"

"Hey, I don't want you burning up anything but the enemy, okay MeleeMan? You've got to drop the whole 'destruction to the environment and your allies' thing, okay?" Rania warned him.

"No, Rania! We are brothers in blood now!" MeleeMan responded, shaking his fist. "I wouldn't attack my allies! Not even in a heated street brawl! Unless... uh... I couldn't tell they were my allies. Like, if they were a different color, or a slightly different height or something... Then I might attack them!"

"Well that's... reassuring," Rania replied unamused, folding her arms across her own chest.

((Waiting for Seraphim and Rass.))
Following closely behind Seraphim, Rass fell into line, panting heavily as he struggled to keep up. Grimacing slightly at the sight of the two powerful brawlers, he began to feel a little bit out of place among his allies. After all, he thought, somewhat jealously, both of them have shown themselves capable of unleashing powerful special techniques while all I have is my dinky little Tem Scanner...

Hey, interrupted Tem, Don't call my scanner "dinky." Besides, we simply don't have the system resources to manage more than one technique of that calibur.

Rass shrugged then fell into place once again, slightly in back of Seraphim and alongside the imposing MeleeMan. The makeshift party stood strong, gazing outward toward the distant horizon as the Yumland network lay before them, with new adventures and viruses to come.

Rass sighed at the thought. This is going to be a long, long day...
"Ah! Why am I last! I should be leading the party!" Seraphim shouted out indignantly as he entered the area, somehow having gotten lost along the way, managing to just barely make the portal as some random thing happened one after another, a giant rock chasing after him at one point as if it were all part of a cutscene.

"Anyway! On to randomly selected enemies to battle!" The navi cried out, beginning to walk forward in a general direction, tripping, getting back up and spluttering, then going straight back to walking as if nothing had occurred.
Virus Attack!

MetoolEXA: 70
MetoolEXB: 70
MetoolEXC: 70
KilbyA: 90
KilbyB: 90
KilbyC: 90
MelodyEXA: 110
MelodyEXB: 110
MelodyEXC: 110

Meleeman: 160
Rass: 100
Seraphim: 140

Battle 1 Start!
"Ha... ha ha ha!" MeleeMan laughed, clutching his forehead as he looked at the viruses with haughty amusement. "A big clump of bamboo shoots wants to fight me?! What a joke! Gwah ha ha ha!" he reeled with laughter. "Oh, yeah, that's rich. Rania, send me the firehit, markcannon, and rageclaw; we're taking these guys out with speed and soul!"

"You got it. I'm glad you had the wit to figure that out, actually. Maybe there's still some hope for you," Rania commented, remaining serious as she slotted in the chips. It actually didn't seem as though she was being sarcastic.

"First of all, I'll instill awe into each of the lowly devils by overkilling this chump here," he smirked, ducking in towards one of the Kilbies. He growled lowly in a rumbling tone, sweeping his fist up to try to pound into the vegitation. With a loud roar, he shouted, "Soul Fist Uppercut! Yaaaah!"

"Was that really an uppercut, MeleeMan?" Rania pointed out. "I mean, what is there to catch under? Usually the opponent needs a chin or something for that to work..."

"Don't question my methods!" MeleeMan grumbled, heading for the next one. He skid to a stop by its side, reeling around for a flaming back fist. "Ha ha ha! Now, for the final assault stage of my assault! Where'd the bugger get off to?" he growled, letting his markcannon's cursor do the searching for him. "There you are! Begone, unworthy foe! Hrah!" he cried, firing a fast shell towards the enemy as soon as he'd achieved a lock on. "Now, for the finishing strike!" he roared, equipping a rageclaw and running for the enemy he'd just attempted to snipe. He reared back his arm and thrust it forth powerfully; if the attack hit, he resolved himself to throw the corpse into the stronger looking Melodies.

"Let's hope your friends will be able to provide you some defense here, MeleeMan," Rania muttered, looking at the other viruses with a bit of worry. "If these guys hit you, it's going to hurt."

1) Soul Fist Uppercut to Kilby A [100 elemental bonus]
2) Firehit1 to Kilby B [140 elemental bonus]
3) Markcannon to Kilby C [70]
4) RageClaw to Kilby C [20] in to MelodyEX A [20]
"M-m-more of them?" balked Rass, "S-suien! Send me the Rockcube so we can h-hide behind it again!" He backed away slowly, noting MeleeMan's firey demeanor as he bravely charged into the fray. "Hey... h-how come he never wants to hide behind the r-rock with us?"

Argo scowled in response. That's because he's not a namby-pamby little piece of useless... he began.

"That's enough Argo, I think Rass get's the point," interrupted Suien suddenly, "As for you Rass, I think it's a good idea for you to vary your techniques a little. After all, we did manage to get a new chip in the last battle that I've read lots of practical applications for in my viral studies class. I've been meaning to try it out."

Rass frowned in response as Suien slotted in the chip, sending the data flowing through his circuitry and allowing him to read the technical specifications. "Y-you know," said Rass nervously, twiddling his fingers as he spoke, "I think I'd s-still feel safer standing behind a r-rockcube. This is nothing but a b-big fan, right?"

A wind battlechip? Oh thank you Suien!~ shouted an enthusiastic Tem as she streaked across Rass' back and materialized into his hand, Ishamel and I will take things from here, if that's okay with you!

Rass was still not comprehending his tactical system's sudden change in attitude, but attributed it to a feminine giddiness that came from being in love. Sighing as he blocked the mental picture of his two subsystems going at it in a swirl of color, he crouched down and planted his hand on the ground. "Go ahead T-Tem," he said finally, "Execute the b-battle routine."

Gladly! she said cheerfully, sending a burst of gray smoke into the air as the windbox was summoned to the field. Leaping on top of the windbox, long scarf flowing in the wind, Rass felt his hand thrust upward as the virus roared to life. See, Rass? The wind battlechip allows you to reposition things on the field if used correctly! This way, you can have an easier time striking with your most powerful chips! She laughed merrily as Rass looked down at the windbox uneasily, but shrugged. "Y-yeah Tem... that's uh... that's g-great." he said, smiling slightly as the blue subsystem retreated to her gemstone. As the sapphire glowed slightly, Rass heard Tem speak. Ishamel, you're up! she said cheerfully as a crimson bolt shot from the garnet on Rass' back and nestled itself within his otherwise-black hands. AFFIRMATIVE! cried Ishamel, ACTIVATING TARGETING SYSTEM!

Once he was certain that he could communicate with Ishamel privately, Rass nervously addressed his targeting subsystem. "Hey um... Ishamel?" he asked quietly, "D-do you know if Tem and Argo are... you know...?"


"...you know, are they together in a... romantic way?"

IS THIS WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT, CORE SYSTEM? shouted Ishamel in a voice so loud it caused Rass to buckle atop the wind virus, LIKENING US TO TEENAGE DRAMA IS INEFFICIENT! Rass' hands sparked with electricity as Ishamel charged it with the mighty elecreel battlechip. With a terrified peep from Rass, the fusion navi let loose a glimmering beam of electrical energy, arcing and slicing as it rushed toward the viruses. The faint smell of ozone tinted the air as Ishamel wasted no time, extending both arms and launching a barrage of powerful shotgun beams toward the remaining viruses. The lances of light streaked forward, glimmering and sending a brilliant glow playing across the fields of Yumland.

Suddenly, as his system resources ran out, the fusion navi felt a powerful surge of pain in his chest. Unable to seek cover, Rass collapsed, exhausted, on top of the Windbox. Looking from side to side to his heroic partner, he spoke. "H-hey Seraphim," he said weakly, "It's up t-to you I guess."

1: Wind: Blow Mets into Melodies
2: Elecreel (100) MetA, MetB, MetC
3: Shotgun (50) Surviving Met, splash to MelodyC
4: Shotgun (50) Surviving Met, splash to MelodyA
"Right, right right... Erin, do I have any new spells from my last levelup?" The navi asked his operator, the one he referred to as the mysterious deus ex machina plot device sort of person, who was usually found with a cloak and a beard, with shadows covering the upper part of the head, but the navi supposed she had gotten a job as one. The girl snatched that chip up from the thin sheets and stared at it for a couple seconds before slotting in, then a couple more of the 'usual' with a sly grin, beginning to explain this particular chip.

"Boom Erang is the name of this chip, Seraph. It shoots a homing bullet on its target, and can hit up to two targets swiftly and easily, especially since your current 'type' is a targeting, and you'll be able to hit those viruses easily. Especially with your main-character skills, Seraph." She ended on a slightly sarcasting note, but smiling all the same as she set the rest of the unused chips down, the navi nodding slowly as he looked at his operator, then turned toward the enemy, looking at the fanfares.

"If I can get one of their spells... I could get some victory music, or a battle theme!" The navi cried out, raising his weapon and pointing at the tubical monsters that seemed to pop out a not-quite lovely tune, but the obsessed navi seemed persistent on having his own 'tune' for battles and such, raising the weapon and firing, yelling out a call of "Boom Erang!" The bullet that emerged from the recoiling gun was a strange one, as it shot out, then seemed to halt in midair, making a turn as Erin began to explain the various uses of this particular 'spell' in detail, Seraphim's eyes watching the bullet as any good ADD person would be paying attention to it.

"The Boom Erang spell is one that can curve bullets in midair, causing them to head straight for opponents and literally smash them, going straight through and possibly even hitting another target. It might be based on boomerangs in real life, as you can see, they sometimes come back to their owner, but this one fortunately does not, merely disappearing after it has taken its path. I find this chip to be an interesting one because it could be useful for strategical movement of monster- Seraph, what are you doing?" Erin ended as she watched her navi move.

"I'm going to try out a shot gun!" The navi cried out as he yelled the name of the attack, firing at the two melodies that the bullet had been last seen going for as he switched targets after firing out that, going for the final target with a grin, and calling out the attack of two decently powered chips, a pair known as twin vulcans.

1] Boomerang [MelodyA, B, 60 dmg]
2] Shot Gun[MelodyA, B, 60 dmg]
3] Vulcan [MelodyC 60]
4] Vulcan [MelodyC 60]
((Congratulations, Mrs. Heather! Here's your beautiful baby bump!))
In a dazzling assault, with MeleeMan plowing his way through the kilbies, Rass bombarding the mets, and Seraphim picking off the melodies, the brigade goes down...



Melee: 650z

Rass: Guardx1, 300z

Seraphim: 650z
MeleeMan dispersed more smoke from his gauntlets, then folded his arms confidently across his chest. "Hm hm hm..." he laughed quietly. "I knew we were good, Rania, but not even I expected to be done with them that fast!"

"Don't get cocky, MeleeMan," Rania warned him. "Things only get more difficult as you tread further into the net area."

"Pfft," MeleeMan spat, frowning with distaste. "Things could only get harder, with enemies like that." Turning to his two friends, he extended one of his thick armored thumbs upward, maintaining his usual frown. "That was some grade A work, guys. Let's keep cleaning house like that and there by prove what men we are!"

"Prove to who...?" Rania muttered under her breath, thinking it a logical question.
Seraphim sighed, a work of cleaning up some of the endless creatures that plagued this world gone, although another random batch would be showing up shortly, with his luck as the main character. Saying nothing, he merely nodded and continued on.
Rass looked timidly between the imposing brawler and the confident hero, sighing as he picked up the guard chip and sidled forward, the metallic shield slowly fading into wisplike strands. Sighing as the two continued onward, he reluctantly followed his two comrades deeper into the network.

((Battle 2 go!))
The commotion draws an even larger crowd!


Meleeman: 160
Rass: 100
Seraphim: 140

Battle 2, Start!
"Ha ha... Ha ha ha!" MeleeMan reeled with laughter, his thick jaw rising up and down with his guffaws. The look really didn't suit him at all, and made it altogether uncomfortable to be around him. "Just when I thought... pfft," he paused, knocking himself briefly over his own helmet with one of his heavy hands, "just when I thought enemies couldn't get any lamer, my allies and I are attacked by tissue paper and corn! Gwah ha ha ha!"

"MeleeMan, get a hold of yourselves. And don't laugh," she urged him, arching her eyebrows a bit uncomfortably. "It's kind of creepy."

MeleeMan's pride seemed slightly injured for a moment. "Creepy? Huh..."

"Now, just because those enemies are wood type doesn't mean you need to go for them first," Rania pointed out. "They're also very low on HP, and there are enemies who promise to be much more dangerous. You see those hanging, ghost-like viruses? They're pretty tough customers. Those virii near the back are also toting enormous bombs that can do tons of damage to your entire party if given time to detonate!"

"What? Those cowards!" MeleeMan growled, dispersing smoke from his gauntlets. "They'd bring a weapon like that to a street fight, then have the nerve to hide behind it like that? Of all the... Only some kind of chicken-livered punk would continuously summon a giant cube-shaped object just to hide behind it until he was ready to use it as a weapon!"

"Hold on there, what about your friend Rass?" Rania asked with a critical tone. "He's been using his rock cube as a pretty effective defensive and aggressive mechanism."

MeleeMan bit his tongue; he'd forgotten about his friend's RockCube battle chip. "Well... uh... you see, it's all about how you use it! Rass uses it the proper way! The bombers lack the... uh... lack the-"

"Lack the what, MeleeMan? Just admit that you were being insensitive," Rania scolded him, crossing her arms tightly. "Not everyone is a lunkhead like you, rushing out into battle without any cover for themselves."

"What did you say? Are you trying to imply that you'd do better?" MeleeMan grumbled. As she turned her head to the side, biting her lip, he smirked a bit, seeing that she wasn't willing to lie about the point. "Good. Now that we've got that established, go ahead and send me a boomerang and a rageclaw. I'm going to set to work on the bomb squad!"

"Fine. You're such a brutish fighter though... It pays to use your wits some times! I thought you were starting to learn that," Rania muttered disappointedly, slotting in the chips.

MeleeMan gulped momentarily and frowned. He realized he was wrong in making the insult towards fighters who fought defensively, but his pride was too great to concede the point. "I don't have time for regrets!" he told himself, making a mountain out of a molehill and using the little guilt he felt as a jump-pad for his rage. "Boomerang! Hrah!" he shouted out, launching a blade-like green weapon towards the row of bombers. "Ha! Now, for the smack down!" he roared, closing in and equipping his rage claw. He raged like a madman inside the small gathering, attempting to skewer his round opponents, then slam their bodies into each other.

"MeleeMan! It's not likely your friends will be able to take out all of the other viruses. Be prepared to dodge!" Rania instructed him.

Her navi was surprisingly obediant, raising up his dukes and crouching to prepare to duck and weave around the enemy attacks. His guilt was still bugging him, because he knew he'd lost the point to Rania, but he still couldn't admit it to her or his teammates. Obediance was the least he could do, or so it seemed to him.

1) Boomer to BombBoy group [60]
2) RageClaw to BombBoyA [20] into BombBoyB [20]
3) RageClaw to BombBoyC [20] into BombBoyD [20]
4) Dodge
Rass' face fell as his puglistic partner painfully pointed out a potential problem with his previous practices. He nervously took a step backward as he looked toward the ground, processing the large navi's harsh words. "Only some kind of chicken-livered punk would continuously summon a giant cube-shaped object just to hide behind it until he was ready to use it as a weapon!" growled MeleeMan, pumping a steam-filled fist into the air as he disparaged those who sought defensive measures in combat. Rass sadly thought about the rockcube and the windbox that had proven to be a cornerstone of his battle strategy thus far as his netOp, oblivious to the fusion navi's internal struggle, went ahead and began cycling through his battlechips.

"Well, as the proverb goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it," said Suien, smirking slightly at Erin as he twirled a battlechip in his fingers and placed it in the chiptray, "Rass, look sharp. I'm sending you the rockcube for defense while you."

"Um... S-Suien?" asked Rass uneasily, "D-do you suppose we can go w-without one of th-those chips th-this round? M-MeleeMan's making me uneasy w-with his c-comments..."

Suien frowned, "Rass, you're not as durable as MeleeMan or Seraphim, you know," he said, "Those two can afford to be frontline fighters, but the way your body is set up prevents you from participating in combat to the extent that they do. You have to fight smart instead of strong to make up for it though." Seeing his navi's unconvinced face, he sighed. "Look, Rass, at least take the Discord with you, okay? You're not the most agile thing on two legs, so if you can confuse some of the viruses into attacking each other, I'll feel a lot better."

Rass sighed as the data was downloaded into his systems. I hate using that thing, he thought bitterly, not at all looking forward to the shrill tones of the discordant virus summon.

Oh no problem Suien! shouted an overly peppy Tem, We'll get right on that...

Tem! I've been patient up until now, but I have to ask you, what the hell is going on?! Rass cringed as Argo tore from his gemstone and appeared as a pair of angry eyes on his chest, You're so disgustingly uppity and agreeable that it makes me want to make Rass puke! Rass' eyes widened in panic at his subsystem's threat.

I don't know what you're talking about, Argo, said Tem cheekily, I'm just trying to help our core system fight in any way possible. Is that so wrong? In a flash of blue light, Tem swiftly scanned the entire battlefield, transferring green wireframe images of the viruses to Rass' memory banks.

Suien bit his lower lip, but didn't say anything. Losing control of the administrator status had doubtlessly been a blow to her ego that the manipulative subsystem wouldn't take lying down, and he knew Tem long enough to know that she was definitely up to something. At the moment, however, she didn't appear to be doing anything besides being helpful and kindly, so he couldn't exactly discipline her.

Argo, on the other hand, was livid. What do you MEAN 'is that so wrong?' I KNOW you, Tem! he shouted as his presence shifted to Rass' back, You don't support Rasshole any more than I do! What the HELL do you think you're doing? I'm not going anywhere until I get an explanation from you! With that, he swirled and disappeared into his gemstone, clearly annoyed and stubbornly protesting the tactical system's actions.

Relax, Rass, we don't need him~ remarked Tem as she thrust both arms into the air and began charging electricity into the palmbuster units. Thin coils of yellow energy snaked across Rass' fingertips as several brilliant sparklets began to rise into the sky. A split-second later, Rass' heavenly appeal was responded to by a swift bolt of lightning that crashed down into the network, showering the combatants with sparks and crystalizing the panels that it struck. Wasting no time, Rass whirled around and charged the shotgun energy into his palms, his hands first turning red as Ishamel arrived on the scene, then bright white as the glow completely enveloped them. PREPARE YOURSELF, CORE SYSTEM! shouted Ishamel gruffly as he released a blast from his right hand which tore forward, scorching blades of grass as the deadly bursts of energy streaked toward their target. Stepping back and pivoting on his left foot, he whirled in place and released the second shotgun blast, sending another powerful spray toward the damaged viruses.

His system resources nearly exhausted and his vision clouded with static, it was all Rass could do to snap his fingers, summon the tuby virus to the field, and cover his ears, protecting them from the audial assault that the discord battlechip promised to bring...

0: Tem Scanner (Accuracy Increased, +5 to all attacks, Enemies killed have RP reward increased by 1 rank and are more likely to drop chips)
1: ElecReel1 (105, Elec) WhomperA, WhomperB, BombCornA
2: Shotgun (55, Splash) WhomperA, MelodyEXA
3: Shotgun (55, Splash) WhomperB, MelodyEXA
4: Discord (100 HP, confuses viruses)
Three o' the boys are hit by the boomerrang. Meleeman then begins throwing them into each other and only one flabbergasted boy remains. Rass then fries two Whompers and then shoots both with a Shotgun. He blasts a Melody with the second, hitting an ear of corn in the background. The discord then messes with the enemies heads.... and their rage goes to the navi who appears to sleeping. Descending upon him, the corn pepper him with kernals of explode-y death. The horror!


Meleeman: 160
Rass: 100
Seraphim: EJO-ed
Seeing his allies taking out viruses like overloaded trash to a dumpster, while the Protagonistic navi was left with nothing but a bunch of corn to sway his time, mumbling something about being denied his righteous vengeance via greedy allies.

"The Main character should get something more.. Main charactery! Like a Doppleganger, or a boss! Or a- um.. um... " The navi ended lamely, having run out of ideas completely, the tap running dry as he sighed, then resigned to his fate of popping corn, leveling his sword-mesh-gun at the nuisances and called out the name of his newer attack, "Boom Erang!" echoed across the plain as a bullet flew from the sword-mesh-gun, seeking its targets and piercing through the crowd of corn, the navi sighing as he looked at his enemies once again, obsessing once more over just how stupid they were before moving on to his next line of attack, the usual Shot Gun.

"Shot.. Gun..." He cried out more than slightly lethargically, these things that pretended to be a legitimate enemy was not cute, it was food. When did the protagonist have to fight food? He asked himself as he sighed, firing once more before looking at his net-op helplessly, he had lost all dramatical reference for this battle, reduced to shooting a gun at food.

"Maybe if you chew on them, they'll recover some Hit Points." Erin commented sarcastically as she noticed her navi, sliding in the shotgun chip, which promptly fired, more than slightly overdue. The navi pursed his lips for a couple seconds, seriously considering the idea until he realized that the girl was truly being sarcastic, at which point he floundered for words, at the fact that a non-player-character could throw sarcasm at a player-character.

"I- I- I'll Arc Shot them!" The navi cried out nervously, bringing his weapon to bear at the virus-foes, before his net operator sighed, speaking out a bit of sense.

"There are the Melodial viruses." The female NPC mentioned, bringing a bit of useful information to the navi, who brought his weapon to bear, saying "I knew that!" Indignantly as if he had indeed, truly known that all along. The navi pondered on which attack to use, finally settling on one that would destroy at least one, or so he hoped. His operator flicked through her chips, picking out one and sliding it in, informing it as she went along, the weapon whirring with energy and waiting for the key word.

"Um. What's this, Miss Informing NPC lady?" The deludedly confused navi asked, with good reason. For once.

"It's a Ka non that does the locking on for you." The girl said briefly, going back to looking through the chips and selecting one more, sliding it in as if it were precious and that was the last chip on earth, then announced "The spell name is Mar Ka Non."

"Mar Ka Non?" The navi asked cautiously, accidentally activating the spell, which jerked the weapon up and down for a second, then spun him around in a circle, the poor navi flopping around like a ragdoll, then finally focusing on a melody and blasting out a bright yellow burst, propelling the navi backward, and Erin whispered a "spell" to her navi, being both devious, sly, sarcastic, and cruel in one action. Mostly spiteful, though.

"Mag bolt." Was the two words, which Seraphim, dizzied, repeated mindlessly, until he was dragged by his weapon at an incredible rate, his woozy feet unable to keep up, stumbling, holding onto the handle of the gun by sheer tenacity and absolutely nothing else, the main character wanted to throw up.

1] [Boomerang] [50] [Corn Group]
2] [Shotgun] [60] [Corn Group]
3] [Mark Cannon] [80] [MelodyEXB]
4] [Magbolt] [70] [MelodyEXB]
((It was kind of my fault we jumped the gun there, saying Eon had left, so if you need to repay damage from last turn, just have a bunch of viruses hit MeleeMan this turn.))

"Huh... you think you're special just because you made it through that assault, kid?" MeleeMan grunted, panting from the exertion of his last attack as he glared towards the last remaining BombBoy. "You-!"

"MeleeMan, shut up for a second. You're being a disgrace to your team mates," Rania scolded. Her eyebrows were arched fiercly and her eyes were almost red instead of their usual golden-brown color. "Not only do you need to apologize to Rass for earlier, but you left Seraphim completely at the mercy of those corn viruses! I'm surprised they even want to bust viruses with you."

MeleeMan gritted his teeth in anger; he was not exactly fond of criticism. "Hey, my enemy is right in front of me!" he scowled, looking back to the BombBoy virus as it tilted back and forth on its feet. "Don't nag me about teamwork right now, okay?" With another roar, he rose off of the ground, coming into almost a tackle and attempting a flaming clothesline across the face on the enemy virus with his FireHit battle chip. Flexing his arm for a moment, he ran for the melody viruses.

"You can't be so self-centered, MeleeMan. Use your own logic; in a real brawl, you could be fighting tons of hostiles at once. What would you do if nobody had your back?" Rania asked him, holding her menacing expression.

"I would... I would repel them with my fists! That's the way it works! If a man loses his pride, he has nothing!" MeleeMan replied irritably.

"Don't take pride in a fantasy, MeleeMan. You know that a navi needs all the help he can get on the net," she informed him, not mentioning that this peace of wisdom came from the "join your friends" section of the operater's manual she'd read.

"I'm not saying you're right... but I'll try to look out for them, if it will shut you up," MeleeMan replied, frowning with disdain. "Just wait until the next battle; I'll show you what teamwork is all about. First, however," he murmered, arming himself with a magnet weapon, "it's time to mop up these guys!" After drawing in an enemy Melody, he reared back his arm for an awesome punch with his magnet weapon. He then released it, clenching his fingers tightly as he did so. "Now we'll finish this! Raaah!" he roared, reaching out for the Melody's chord to tear the virus apart. "I'll grab you by your stem and pluck you like a grape!"

Following his burst of rage, he withdrew to focus on his own defense. "I'll show that fool what fighting's all about!" he thought to himself, wiping sweat off of his jaw.

1) FireHit1 to BombBoyB [70]
2) Magbolt to MelodyEXA [90]
3) Soul Fist! Tear Asunder! to Melody EXA [30]
4) Dodge
((Yeah, that's also my bad, Majin. I was under the impression that Eon was taking a hiatus. You can consider my recovery technique my saving throw for him if you'd like... or punish Rass for it.))

Oh... my... god...

Rass covered his ears and gritted his teeth as the screeching discord virus continued its obnoxious song, whipping the viruses into a frenzy but doing a number on his own eardrums. He looked at the musical object he had summoned to the field with a mixture of hatred and disbelief. I swear, he thought, shaking his head as he stumbled to his feet, Suien may think that thing is useful, but HE'S not the one who has to deal with it. Rass' assumed an awkward-looking fighting position as Suien's face appeared on a nearby screen. "Rass, can you give me a status update? The discord is scrambling the sensors, so I can't get a clear bearing on the viral signatures," he asked, a concerned look on his face, "I don't really understand why that would happen, but it's probably due to the high-frequency tones that..."

"I-I'm fine," replied Rass, interrupting Suien's technobabble with a weak voice, "It l-looks like we d-deleted a few of th-them already, b-but w-we're running out of ch-chips."

"Don't worry about chips, Rass, we've got plenty," replied Suien quickly, slotting in three more chips with one hand while typing furiously with the other, "You've barely used a fourth of our total battlechips, and you still have Seraphim and MeleeMan to watch your back, right?"

Rass turned uneasily toward the silent pugilist and the sleeping protagonist before sighing and nodding his head reluctantly. "...just..." he began, wincing as Argo's green presence was forced into his hand, "...s-send the chip d-data."

What the hell, Rasshole?! demanded a very grumpy Argo as Rass lifted his right palm into the air, a giant, metallic-green curved blade forming in his fist, I thought I told you that I wasn't helping until Tem went and explained herself! Hey, are you listening?! I told you I'm not going to help you! Argo pouted stubbornly as Rass whirled around awkwardly, stumbling as he hurled the boomerang at an odd angle without the support of his melee subsystem. The bladed projectile whirled around on its axis, spinning out of control as it veered away from the Melody viruses and into the Bombcorns. The fusion navi winced at the flawed trajectory as Argo scoffed, clearly unimpressed by the throw. "I... I meant to do that," stammered Rass sheepishly.

IMPRESSIVE, CORE SYSTEM! shouted Ishamel in his usual loud, mechanical voice, IT APPEARS THAT YOU ARE USELESS AFTER ALL! Rass mumbled something under his breath as his left and right hands became red and blue respectively in preparation for the coming assault. Rass dearie, don't mind Ishamel, cooed Tem, We can take care of this no problem! Rass gulped, but nodded in response as he took off toward the nearest Melody virus, brandishing a cannon in one hand and a long azure blade in the other. His feet flowed along the ground with an uncommon smoothness until he reached his target, the initial blast of the cannon knocking his left hand into the air. Turning with the rotation of the recoil, Rass brought the sword around in a luminescent arc aimed to cleave the remaining virus neatly in two. Exhaling as he stepped back, Rass was about to dive for cover behind his tuby...

...when he noticed several explosive ears of corn raining down on his comrade.

"H-hey!" he yelled, taking off toward Seraphim and holding out his arm, disengaging the sword in a burst of pink light, "W-watch out!"

What the heck is he doing? asked Tem, forgetting her sugary charade, I didn't know he had that capability...

1: Boomerang (60) remaining BombCorns
2: Cannon (40) MelodyEXC
3: Sword (80) MelodyEXC
4: Recovery Technique: Healing Sword (40 HP recovery to Seraphim)