(Sorry about this mods, but I've got some things in mind here. A brief synopsis. My backstory here is that Charles is clearing a device of viral presence. I'd like this to be somewhat scripted, but I don't think it's worth making a subplot over. I figure 5 battles to clear the viral presence. Not asking anything, I guess, just I know that battle 5 is usually a special encounter and I was making my intentions clear.)

That was the word he'd use to describe it, Nostalgia.

The environment had a calm blue background, with the ground featuring layered tiles split into perfect 4x4 squares. The ground was covered with patches of 'snow' and above there was a swirling mass of data screening from one area to another, carrying thousands of tiny processes and sub-routines. Stacked next to one another stood great black obelisks that blinked and whirred, storing, regulating, manufacturing. Like great obsidian behemoths, they watched over this small landscape, and they observed the new arrivals.

They watched a new one as a great behemoth stood amongst them. It stood there, massive, overbearing and oppressive, this great armor clad monstrosity. Wearing armored plate reminiscent of ages long past, but built by some twisted smith with dark designs. Sharp, cruel barbs lined the arms and knuckles, the shoulders and legs. The helmet was sharp and angular, almost like some man-made bird with none of natures beauty or elegance, simply predatory and manufactured. A thin, black slit existed were there should be eyes and there smoldered two burning orbs. Dark and intelligent things, the eyes of this beast widened in sudden realization of something, something it had not felt in some long time.

The beast of Weatherbey had awakened.

It stood tall, as if proudly presenting the familial crest in it's shoulders and engraved on his chest. A black bird, a raven no less, flying upwards towards the sky. It spoke of freedom and strength.

Charles marveled at this creature. "Hello CrushMan. It's been a while." The thing turned about, looking towards the sky as if it expected to see some great presence above it, but found nothing but the cold Sharo sky in all it's simulated glory. Charles was simply a voice in his head. "But we have no time for niceties. My weapon. My sword. 5 minutes. Seek and destroy all viral presence in the area."

That massive frame moved. It creaked. It squealed. The armor ground against itself as it moved with sudden speed, and that terrible form advanced. It moved along at a speed unfit for one so very large, scanning this way and that, down corridor of faux-buildings after another, down abandoned streets.

Like some animal drawn to the scent of blood, it moved towards a great building, shut and barred to use. But this juggernaut would not be deterred. It reached out with it's hands, grabbed hold of the bars, and wrenched them away. The doors were sent flying open as the Netopian Knight strode forwards and gave a baleful glare down into that darkened place.

"Do not fail me, my servant," Charles said, and watched as his sword moved to his bidding.

CrushMan - 190 HP
Level 7
Let the Hand of Destiny Guide Our Path!
Crushman trudges through the area, sniffing out the corruption in the vicinity. The ground was solid enough, but it would seem to be frostier as he got inward. But Crushman was undeterred by this fact, and kept moving forward.

With no warning, some viruses do drop by.

3 purple machines withe twin blades zip out of the darkness, appearing in front of them, a single, red, electronic eye on each of them focusing on their prey. Two other machines, but towering over the purple ones, move up from underground, apparently placed there as a defense mechanism of some sort, judging by the giant shields they carried. It looked like this was a good place to start.

DarkMechA: 120 HP
DarkMechB: 120 HP
DarkMechC: 120 HP

-Back (or Further Front)-
IronshieldA: 120 HP [Shield Up]
IronshieldB: 120 HP [Shield Up]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Crushman.exe: 190 HP

There would be no delay. It felt odd, doing this after such a time had passed, but what Charles had feared as delay from lack of practice was instead the timeliness founded by repeated trials. What Charles had forgotten, his muscles remembered.

There was no forgetting for CrushMan either. His Operator looked on with eager eyes as his creation surged forward, a great wall of metal bursting forward like a bullet from a gun, pumping it's arms as it hurtled itself towards them. Towards the enemy.

Giants with gleaming shields stood before him, but that towering knight would not be deterred. Charging forward, Charles supplemented his warrior with a shield of it's own, a traditional reverse teardrop tower shield. But that would not be enough. Those that dared stand before his creation would be punished.

"Burst through the enemy defenses, then rip them apart!"

Data materialized around CrushMan, an awful cannon that stretched along the length of his arm. Monstrous is size and form, the intimidating weapon was a hunk of metal and tubes, pipes and displays. Crush sent Charles an attack routine, and the young Master agreed. A white wave surged over the implement and it grew new adaptations, and the upgraded Hi-Cannon belched out a devastating payload roaring towards the enemy.

CrushMan continued forward, and Charles uploaded one last packet of chip data into his creation. The metal behemoth lunged forward suddenly and slammed his fist into the metal floor of the warehouse. It crunched and cracked under his awful weight, sank and burst as it was rewritten and turned into potential energy. A bolt of screaming energy flew through the ground with a high pitched whine, briefly drowning out even the noise of the factory as it blasted it's way towards the target.

The enemies reaction would determine the rest. Complete unknowns, but he'd not let such trifling matters stop him now. Charles was tired of failures.

"This is a direct link to an underground facility leading to the temperature gauging program. Don't stop till we've broken them all!"


1. Dodge
2. Guard2 - Guard and Reflect 120
Free. Add
Break to next attack.
3. HiCannon to IronShieldA - 80
Break Damage, Knockback
4. Shockwave to IronShield - 40 Damage, Ground/Line Attack

A returns to battle.
Crushman jumps around a bit before putting a shield in front of him and turning around to face the Ironshields. Forming a large, intimidating gun, he fires a shot which blasts through the first dino-esque enemies, shield and sends shrapnel into its face, taking down the large hulk of metally death. He then sends a shockwave along the ground towards the other one. It hits the base of its shield, causing it to begin to tilt upwards and continues along the ground, striking the virus as well. Counterattacks then come from both sides, a cannonball flying from the Ironshield which misses, while one of the bladed foes fires a ball of electricity, which reflects upon it.

DarkMechA: 120 HP
DarkMechB: 120 HP
DarkMechC: 110 HP

-Back (or Further Front)-
IronshieldA: DELETED!
IronshieldB: 80 HP [Shield Tilted Up]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Crushman.exe: 190 HP
"Analysis of enemy capabilities satisfactory," Charles said, a grin on his face as his magnificent opus devastated the enemy and survived the enemy counter attack unscathed. "And they have been found wanting!"

With a flourish, Charles had the next strike in mind. With this knowledge of the enemy's strength, or lack of it, and their weaknesses, he'd destroy them in one fell swoop. "No use, no use, it's no use! Weaklings like this are nothing!" Feeling confident, he charged forward, and Crush was keen to follow his lead. But of course.

That menacing figure slogged forward as his signature blade appeared in his grasp. Terrible and huge, that great sword long as it's wielder was tall, more a crude slab of metal than anything so elegant as a blade. Charles had always thought it an appropriate monster, to fit his own. Monster. What an inelegant term. And yet, so fitting for this masterpiece.

"Routine Number 5, understand?" CrushMan nodded in affirmation and drove forwards the last of the shield bearers. Their defensive options were acceptable, but they were no match for CrushMan's indomitable strength. What's more, their mobility appeared incredibly limited. And that powerful reaction to the cannon, that was all he needed to know. Low accuracy as well. Maybe break types? Regardless, their strengths and weaknesses in mind, the path was all to obvious. Destroy with superior strength and power, never allow them a chance to break his defenses.

As for the others, their strengths were probably speed, but were they any match for CrushMan's killing prowess? Their power was laughable, judging from their own strikes. And with all the data he'd received, well, was there any question as to how this battle would end? He laughed. As if there was ever any doubt.

With a subtle move, something funneled in to his soldier. "C'mon, your target is right in front of you, hit us with your best!" Charles taunted. Ah, but some creatures miss such subtleties. Crush neared the target, but with a sudden move feinted to the right. The sword had taken on new properties, glowing with a faint blue light. And Crush delivered that Coup De Grace with a sudden reversal, turning back to the trio of foes. With two twin slashes of his great blade, he spun about and sent two waves rending through the air itself.

Then, using the momentum of that spin, he hurled himself towards his original target in another reversal and came down with that awful sword in a great sweeping arc.

1. Dodge
2. Wideshot to DarkMechA, DarkMechB, DarkMechC - 60
Aqua Damage
3. Wideshot to DarkMechA, DarkMechB, DarkMechC - 60
Aqua Damage
Free Action. Add
Break to next attack.
4. Sword to IronshieldB - 80
Break Damage
As Crushman runs about the field, he fires/slashes a pair of Wideshots. While the first strikes all three opponents, one Darkmech moves in time to avoid the second blow. Crushman then turns and smashes through the remaining Ironshield's partially drawn defense, taking the creature out. The final virus fires a ball of electricity that follows Crushman, but it loses him due to all his quick movements.

DarkMechC: 50 HP

IronshieldA: DELETED!
IronshieldB: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

Crushman.exe: 190 HP
With a horrendous crash the blade came down, severing shield and virus in twain. Crush turned about to observe the rest of the carnage, leaving the broken shield virus to its pending deletion. The twin waves left destruction in their wake, and yet...

"It survived?" Charles breathed. Irritation hinted in his voice, but he composed himself. "Don't waste my time." Insistent data requisitions arrived from his Navi. It would appear that he, too, had no patience for this sort of thing. "This sort of futility is pathetic," Charles said with disdain. Arranging a complex sequence of chip deliveries, Charles folded his arms over his chest. CrushMan advanced.

"Open fire."

A cacophonous noise filled the air as CrushMan's limbs altered and changed to appropriate forms. Tubes, pipes, wires and gleaming, shining metal took the place of the Navi's arms. Symmetrical barrels on each side, two sets. The first set was some long barrel, blocky with multi-colored wires connecting to Crush, piercing through his armor and stabbing into his interior. The second set consisted of two large, bulky canisters with cylindrical tubes 3 feet in length and lined with glowing runes. An oddity, not the normal method of delivery for this attack. It would suffice. With a thunderous kaboom the arsenal was set loose and Charles nodded briefly in appreciation of his Navi's destructive power.

1. Cannon to DarkMechC - 40 Damage -
2. Cannon to DarkMechC - 40 Damage -
3. Shotgun to DarkMechC - 50 Damage -
4. Shotgun to DarkMechC - 50 Damage -
The last DarkMech silently stood there as he watched CrushMan prepared his assault. The virus fired another set of thunderball directly at the navi, but it was shredded into pieces when the barrage of bullets ripped through the air and the virus' body like a cheap paper. What was left of the virus broke into the worthless fragment datas and small amount of Zenny was left behind.


IronshieldA: DELETED!
IronshieldB: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

Crushman.exe: 190 HP

"Absorb and then continue, that's enough time here!" Charles said as he watched with little interest that enemy's final moments. Enemy analysis momentarily modified to include interesting defensive qualities. But no matter.

With no command at all, Crush headed deeper into the warehouse. An ill-lit place, the lumbering super heavy elbowed it's way through a canyon of crates. "Stop, turn left here," Charles said. There was a large, gaping tunnel, leading down, down, down. Large enough to accommodate large data segments, it would allow CrushMan easy passage to the lower levels of the factory's inner workings.

"Down this passage is the temperature regulation facility. This area hasn't seen much use in some time, it's reflexive of the worst parts of the factory complex." Charles cursed under his breath. If he had enough funding to maintain a proper maintenance crew, this problem might have been avoided in it's entirety. "I'm sure that the enemy is manipulating the environment from there!"

His warrior ground his way through that darkened passage and Charles briefly worried about the lack of lighting. Thankfully, some working with the local subroutines got the lighting back on, albeit a flickering one. False-florescent bulbs flashed intermittently in the net world, illuminating decaying walls and rusted faux-metal. Was this the interior of the facility? This kind of thing was practically a breeding ground for viruses!

"1 minute down, Crush, let's make this quick! Onwards!" He wouldn't be deterred. He'd just have to be cautious in this environment. It was just with some small worry that he noticed the puddles of melted ice along the tunnel cat-walks. But he'd fear what that entailed later.

Battle 2 Begins!
The Dilapidated Tunnel, Pt. 1!
As soon as CrushMan took a single step forward, the light that was just lit suddenly popped like a bubble and left the navi within the darkness. The warehouse suddenly got much darker than it use to be and something slid out and circled around the navi! There wasn't too many of them, but their shape and form was nearly concealed with the darkness. Three viruses, whom their position could be made out with their purplish dark auras and their glaring yellow eyes circled around and around CrushMan while one virus was out and away, keeping a good distance. The lightbulb let out a last breath of spark, which was followed by a strange, liquid like, sound and the surrounding viruses began their assault!

??A: 100 HP [?? Group: On the Offensive!]
??B: 100 HP
??C: 100 HP

???: 100 HP

Terrain: 70% Normal, 30% Cracked

Crushman.exe: 190 HP [Darkness: -1 Acc / -1 Dodge]

"Tch!" Charles let out an irritated hiss through his clenched teeth as his video screen was plunged into darkness. He looked around him with all the expectations of finding his own surroundings affected, but then realized that if the tunnels had a real world equivalent that they were some distance away. More importantly though, with an obstacle like this, how was he supposed to instruct CrushMan?

Sound was still active, as was the active battle scan program. The program stability recognition prog detected 4 viral presences, but what were they? Those signatures didn't match anything in his battle repertoire though, not for anything in Sharo at least. So it was all dark. A blind fight in every sense of the word.

But... Sound. Sound was still present. Charles heard his Navi shift uneasily as the glares of three viruses circled about him. But that other noise. Slowly, a plan formed in Charles' head. Risky, perhaps, but only under a very small condition. It had been so long since he'd used this, but...

Battle routine set! With a flurry of commands Charles began his work. "CrushMan!" Charles exuberantly cried. "Immortal Guard!" Charles practically expected fanfare in the background as his Navi's form fluctuated and solidified into a new, more imposing form. Heavy looking layers of metal plate adorned the already heavily armored Navi, with these new defenses bearing a curved and predatory look. It wouldn't last long, but it'd last long enough for Charles' intentions.

A double set of data influx simmered about CrushMan's form and with a quick command the Navi sent out two waves of energy out, fired almost at random at the quickly encircling enemy. Taking the secondary form for the customized WideShot attack chip delivery, a thin metal blade appeared at the end of each of CrushMan's arms taking the place of his hands. With great sweeps of his arms, these blades cut through space and left shimmering blue lines in their wake. These would not stand idle for long and sent themselves soaring out into the dark.

But in the end, it was all preparation for this next act. The use of this attack, never before seen, acquired in that dire battle in strange places, shortly before his one, sole, defeat. Anger rose up in his chest as he delivered a final command to his servant, and CrushMan moved to obey! Electricity began to arc off of CrushMan's form, dimly illuminating his immediate area. Too weak to gain any true means of real lighting, such a thing was not its purpose. The lightning traveled down to those two metal prongs, one at each limb, and with drive and purpose Crush jumped into the air and crashed down with all his might, driving those two blades into the dying tunnel. Blazing electricity crawled all along the massive Navi even as it dispersed into the surrounding area. The metal walls of the tunnel acted as a wondrous conduit as lightning seared outward and away, crawling along the floor and up the walls.

Hot, lightning hot energy, coursed all around the Navi, coursing up and down it's form as blue-white arcs leapt about him, surrounding the giant in a nova of energy. Charles smiled. A lovely execution, not bad for a first use.

1. Immortal Guard Signature Move - Stone Body for 1 Turn -
2. Erratic WideShot - 60
Aqua Damage
3. Erratic WideShot - 60
Aqua Damage
4. ElecReel to ALL - 80
Elec Damage
((oops...made a mistake. The Shadows can't attack in the first turn...))

The Shadowy figures attacked CrushMan with their sword like weapons, but non could penetrate through the stone-hard bodies of the navi and simply drew back into the darkness. The navi began firing his Wideshots, but, it looked as if they didn't make any sort of effect on the viruses at all! Thankfully, the next attack involving the Elecreel somehow deleted the virus on the far back before its identity could be revealed. The electrical surge coursed through out the warehouse and many other lightbulbs started to light up and revealed the mysteriouf figures to be Shadow viruses! Other than the identity of the virus, there was a strange whirlpool laid near the navi...

ShadowA: 100 HP
ShadowB: 100 HP
ShadowC: 100 HP


Terrain: 70% Normal, 10% Cracked, 20% Whirlpool

Crushman.exe: 187 HP
Three attacks darted in, stabbing through the darkness, but Charles smiled realizing that they had no hopes of breaking through that defense. Suddenly, the lights cut back on, some reaction to the energy flux caused by the ElecReel. And yet...

"What the-" Charles started, but cut himself off. So that was it. The enemy was still encased in darkness, despite the presence of light. And what's more, they'd survived the barrage of attacks unscathed. Impressive. Charles hadn't fought anything like this before. He was sure that at least one of the attacks had struck, and yet there was no effect. The last viral presence had disappeared, there was at least that. But these new entities were troubling. A change in the terrain was also briefly noted. Residue from the unknown enemy?

His options were limited, as was his knowledge of the enemy. But he was a Weatherbey. Success would simply have to be made from nothing. Analysis indicates that the enemy has protection from standard attack forms. But that was all he knew. Perhaps some experimentation was in order? And with the terrain as it was, there was room for some interesting plays.

"Reposition," Charles said, a comfortable and calm tone to his voice. He was feeling in control. If the battle was to progress as such, he had a plan. With a few taps, he designated a position on the battlefield and CrushMan moved to obey. He plodded back, then began crashing through terrain that Charles knew to be less than stable. As he crashed along, the ground beneath him began to crumble and give way, giving Charles some fear of what might lie below. At least the designated area seemed strong enough to support Crush, if only for a little while. Quick chip insertions gave Crush new tools at his disposal, and with the plan set in motion there was no delay. A RockCube came crashing down behind CrushMan and he set his back against it.

CrushMan's traditional greatsword, crude and immense, formed in his right hand, a reverse-tear drop shield in his left. It was, all in all, a formidable defense. With a RockCube at his back and the bad terrain in his favor, it would be difficult for the enemy to surround him. With luck, he'd isolate it down to one or two assailants, putting the odds far in his favor.

Greatsword ready, Crush was ready to intercept any enemy that closed. Even their shadowy defense wasn't a defense against this sort of attack. Charles knew at least this much. But this was a temporary plan at best. The aggressive options were limited, and like this, the battle could last some time. He'd need to find a way to expedite the process, or else he'd never get to the temperature gauge in time!

1. Maneuver to Cracked Terrain
2. RockCube behind Crush - 200 HP Object -
3. Guard2 - Guard and Reflect 120 Damage -
4. Sword - 80 Slashing Damage - Set to Counter Engaging Enemy

Immortal Guard CD - 2 CD
CrushMan got rid of the cracked panels and placed the Rockcube just behind him , protecting himself from any surprise attacks from the viruses. The Shadows began circling around and around, brandishing their Shadow swords. When one virus rushed in for an attack, CrushMan immediately raised shield up and deflected the attack. The reflected attack bounced straight at the virus, slightly harming it, and things got worse for it when CrushMan laid a devastating blow with his sword!

ShadowA: 100 HP
ShadowB: 5 HP
ShadowC: 100 HP


Terrain: 70% Normal, 10% Broken, 20% Whirlpool

Crushman.exe: 187 HP [Guard Destroyed!]
RockCube: 200 HP [Set: Behind CrushMan]
"And die!" Charles shouted triumphantly as the gargantuan blade came crashing down. "One victory! Now, on to-"

He stopped. The enemy was still registered as still operating under functional conditions. The enemy was still functioning even after that much. How terribly inconvenient! Too much delay, these enemies and their cowardly tactics and defenses were too much! Charles had had enough, he'd waste no more time with these pathetic wretches! "Very well then! It's obvious, when two forces go on the defensive then it's only natural to reach a stalemate! Allow me to return the favor of those three strikes before, returned in full and with interest! CrushMan, all-out offensive!"

The terrain was terrible for this. It was reckless and foolish, an unnecessary risk. But time was of the essence and this was at least a calculated risk. If the refracted damage was any indication of his foes power, then a strike by all three would be acceptable! And besides, it'd been a while since he'd been able to act so recklessly. A moment to relive younger more foolish days.

And so that second blade came down. His own programming hissed in protest as he ordered Crush to take that second blade in hand. Too great to be wielded in one hand, yet the effect was what he desired. With blazing speed the operator went into motion, overriding his work with something new. The monstrous blade, that sheer slab of steel, bound itself to CrushMan's outstretched hand as hastily arranged restraints and metallic clamps formed around the hilt. This process repeated for the other sword as well, and then on Charles' command CrushMan blew across the terrain, heedless of any consequences, a whirling storm of steel and blade.

1. SwordA to ShadowA - 80 Damage -
2. SwordB to ShadowA - 80 Damage -
3. SwordA to ShadowC - 80 Damage -
4. SwordB to ShadowC - 80 Damage -

SwordA - 3 of 6 Uses Remain (Or Till Broken)
SwordB - 4 of 6 Uses Remain (Or Till Broken)
Both Arms in Use, No Further Chips May be Activated
Immortal Guard - 1 Turn CD
(Terribly sorry chaps, but might we get this show on the road? CrushMan's retirement center awaits but there's no harm in a bit of fun before then, eh?)
CrushMan's spinning blade attack finished off one of the shadows, slashing it until it became a fine mist of data and then vanished from the net. The other one managed to escape the torrent after incurring some extensive blade damage, but no fatal blow seemed to have landed. The one that had survived executed a quick spin, then transformed into the shape of CrushMan! The silhouette emulated his attack, whirling around and striking Crush twice with its blades.

ShadowB: 5 HP
ShadowC: 20 HP


Terrain: 70% Normal, 10% Broken, 20% Whirlpool

Crushman.exe: 157 HP
RockCube: 200 HP [Set: Behind CrushMan]
Damage received, calculated and accepted. This was the risk, no, this was the plan all along, and this was merely a consequence of this plan. These foes were truly tiresome, with impressive resistances to normal forms of attacks yet bearing little strength of their own. Crush took on two slashes from the enemy and yet Charles was hardly impressed. But there was little room for fun. No matter. It was time to move on. Charles gave his Navi another command, to finish off that foe that had braved his swords. A small plan to finish things, if only swords would damage these monsters then swords it would be.

Crush's arm suddenly flew out wide as the straps binding the sword to his right arm released themselves. His monstrous strength sent the weapon flying off towards the enemy, whirling through the near dark and letting out a whooping sound as it went. Charles released the restraints on the sword on his other arm and Crush shifted it to his primary hand as the reverse teardrop-style shield of the Weatherbey family formed on his newly freed left arm.

So many dreams, Charles thought briefly. Nostalgia. CrushMan was to be his knight, eliminating those that stood in his way. Ever loyal. Ever brave. Ever strong. And yet, CrushMan had never met those expectations.


But they'd had their days. And watching CrushMan dart forward, like some great forsaken knight from a forgotten fairy tale, it brought an almost warm feeling forward.


"Go CrushMan, and finish this. There's yet work to be done."

1. Throw SwordA at ShadowC - 80 Damage -
2. Shield1 - Guard and Reflect 60 Damage -
3. Dodge
4. SwordB to ShadowB - 80 Damage -
((Tired...and I need sleep...but I guess you wanna end this battle, right?))








Terrain: 70% Normal, 10% Broken, 20% Whirlpool

Crushman.exe: 142 HP
RockCube: 200 HP [Set: Behind CrushMan]

[Shadow1] BattlechipShadow1 -
Effect: Shadow
Accuracy: S
Description: Grants the user Shadow.
Duration: One turn
Element: None
CrushMan recovered quickly, though Charles was irritated to note another blow upon his Navi. But the enemy was done. Good enough. It was rather disgusting that they'd managed to do this much ill, but this was simply a sacrifice that Charles was willing to make. They were nearing the temperature gauge program, it would all be over soon.

The giant navi continued down the scheduled path before coming to a door marked as 7-A. "This is the place," Charles said. "Unfortunate that the door isn't quite large enough to accommodate you. You'll simply have to make your own entrance." CrushMan picked up the implied action. With a heave he smashed through the wall, sending a cloud of debris outward.

It would take a while to settle, but CrushMan got the gist of the place. It looked like some large boiler room, with large, black metal containers lined about the room, looking like expanded pots with lids desperately bolted down over them. "Over there, by the main device," Charles commanded. Crush took the large machine in the center of the room to be his destination. A red flashing light over the machine cast the room in a disturbing light that spilled into the tunnel behind him and giving the ashy debris a red tint. "What a pain. Some idiot made the equipment direct input only. Safety reasons I suppose. All nice and good till someone's got to maintenance the damn thing. CrushMan! This could take me some time! Allow no enemy to interfere with my work here! Destroy anything that comes close!"

The navi moved to obey, feeling slightly distracted as Charles worked on both his operation and the repairs of the facility. He took up a position before the gaping hole he'd made in the wall, prepared to engage any foes who attempted to interfere.