More Clue hunting?

Red stepped into the cold, snowy atmosphere of Sharo Net. She was steps before the Netsquare portal, and the crimson crusader sighed, accessing the OSHI.dat.
"Here goes nothing," the wind navi grumbled as she opened the file.

[Open OSHI.dat in Sharo Net]
As the data packet opens, a burst of blue light streams from it, leaving Red behind as it streams though the icy air. As Red squints off into the distance, she can make out some sort of blue path spiderwebbing up a massive iceberg before it fades away...
"Alright Red, follow the path! I'll report this to the NetPolice, can't be too careful, might need backup or something," Shin commented as he started filing his discovery.
"Yeah, we don't want to end up like the last time we did this," Red stated, shivering at the thought of what happened with Stunt. The Badass Hottie then ran towards the iceberg, and hoped to climb it to see what was on the peak, where the blue light had gone to.

((Ready when you are Demon, Battle/Event 1 Go!))
As Red charges at the iceberg, her senses detect two things--

One, a red flash from a point halfway up the iceberg--

And two, a light crackle from the icy ground she's running on.

She is about five feet from the base of the iceberg. On the foot of the slope, she can pick out about 4 distinct forms...

Prebattle round!
((You have all your actions to do stuff before the battle starts. Chips loaded now will not be refreshed when the battle starts, obviously))
"Tread carefully Red, that red light looks like it's heading towards you," Shin suggested.
"Grah, you're probably right, let's get away from that," Red grumbled as she slid along the ice towards the figures. Her body tensed, ready to switch direction by implanting her foot on the ground and pivoting off to the side if need be.
Those four figures at the base of the iceberg didn't seem to friendly, nonetheless, she slided toward them, attempting to be aware of her surroundings.

Turn Summary
1-4. Dodge while sliding towards the iceberg
((2-day bump))
Also, BUMP))
As Red slides along the ice, the crackling only gets louder. When she's half way, she can make out the blurry forms are--clouds.

Oh wait.

Virus clouds.

With a sudden kersplash, part of the ice gives way under Red!

WeatherA: 80
WeatherB: 80
WeatherC: 80
WeatherD: 80

Red: 190
Field: 75% Ice/25% Sea, mainly under Red

Battle 1, Start!
Red slowed to a stop as she fell into the water. The badass hottie got up and spurted the salty taste of said liquid out of her mouth.
"Thin ice," she commented, snapping her fingers, at which, a bright red light came down and landed next to Red in the form of Myun.
"So, shall we get started?" Myun asked, bored.
"Right, send me some chips Shin," Red ordered as she eyed her opponents while Myun charged a ball of pink energy in her hands
"Chips sent," Shin stated as he downloaded the battlechips. "Go for it, girl."
"Roger that," Red said grinning as she quickly teleported into the center of the virus mass. She then boosted herself up into the air with a burst of wind. The crimson crusader burst up like a rocket, spiraling elegantly through the air as she charged a crackling ball of electricity in one of her hands.
Myun grinned, sending a blast of pink energy at her master, who caught it and fused it with the ElecReel power in her other hand. The red menace smirked as she sent a vortex of sparkling pink plasma zapping down at the Weathers, hoping to destroy them in one blow.
The red-caped wonder landed back on the ice and surveyed the enemy side, waiting for an attack, for if it came, she would simply attempt to slide out of the way.

Turn Summary
1. Summon Myun
2. Areagrab to center of Weathers
*Gust: Boost self up into the air above the Weathers
3*. Break Elecreel1 at Weathers [80 Elec DMG x2 due to panel boost = 160 Elec DMG]
4. Dodge

Myun's Actions
*Add Break to ElecReel1
1. Dodge
The Elecreel spears one of the floating clouds, but instead of taking to skies once more merely lashes across the ice and water, a ferocious untamed dragon. Given that Red is the only target on the ground, she finds herself having to leap out of its way, sliding on the ice as she went.

The remaining three Weathers unleash a storm of leaves and water upon Red, the downpour turning her wet, wild, and frozen, to boot. As the ice weakens due to heat transfer, Red hears another crack--right underneath her.

WeatherA: 80
WeatherB: 80
WeatherD: 80

Red: 150 (Frozen! -1 Action!)
Myun: 60
Field: 75% Ice/25% Sea
((Oh damn, must've forgotten to edit my signature. Yeah, so Support Units have 60 HP.))
Red didn't move, well, it was more like she was frozen solid in place and basically freezing to death. She stayed that way for a bit, before thawing out and gasping for air, her teeth chattering while she hugged her body and rubbed her arms in a feeble attempt to warm herself.
"Damn, are you all right Red?" Shin swore as his navi glared back at him.
"What. do. you. think?" the badass hottie grumbled, teeth chattering between each word.
"Well, we'll have to serve them some of their own medicine won't we? Blow them closer together, and use these," Shin ordered as he sent two chips into the PET.
Steadying herself on the ice, Red mumbled incoherently as she commanded the wind in the netscape next to one of the viruses. With a swish of her hand, a powerful gust formed near the virus, attempting to blow it closer to its allies.
"Wide. Shot," the crimson crusader stammered, flinging an arc of water from her hand at the viruses, hoping to freeze them in place as they did to her just moments before.
On cue, Myun ran up, charging energy in her right fist, and tried to slam her fist into one of the Weathers to make it pay for what it did to her master.
Red, in the meanwhile, got warmer, much warmer, to the point where her body was bristling hot. The red-caped wonder sighed as she directed all of that heat to her fist, which burst aflame in a few seconds during the energy concentration. Eyeing her opponents, the wind navi pulled her fist back, and punched forward, releasing a blaze of fire that burst out quickly towards the viruses, hoping to consume one in flames and rid it off the netscape.
Red panted, going down on her knees. Groaning, the female navi pushed herself along the ice in order to avoid any oncoming attacks.

Turn Summary
*Gust: Blow WeatherD toward WeatherA,B
2. Wideshot1 to WeatherA,B,C [60 Aqua DMG, may freeze if on ice panels]
3. Firehit1 to WeatherA [60 Fire DMG]
4. Dodge

Myun's Actions
1*. Break attack to WeatherD [10 Break DMGx2 if frozen=20 DMG]
((Assuming Wideshot is at A, B, and D.))

With a burst of water, Red manages to glaze over the bottoms of the clouds, dropping two of them onto the ice with a heavy thud. They promptly freeze in contact with the ice.

Myun punches one of them. It shatters.

As Red built up heat, the weakened ice gave way under her, plopping her into another hole and dousing the flames immediately.

It's also freezing cold underwater.

In vengence, the remaining mobile weather bombards Myun.

WeatherA: 80
WeatherB: 20 FROZEN

Red: 150 FROZEN (-1 action)
Myun: 40
Field: 75% Ice/25% Sea
"THAT'S IT!" Red screamed after a while of being frozen solid in ice, AGAIN. At least she was on steady terrain, really freezing wet terrain, but her anger overcame her cold, and made her body feel a lot warmer than usual.
"SHIN! ONE CHIP! NOW!" Red barked as she glared at the ground. She couldn't do anything to it, but she could take use some anger management by directed all her wrath on the virii in front of her.
It was a signal, her plan. The badass hottie grinned evilly at the viruses, transforming part of her right arm into a five-barreled minigun, and aiming it at one Weather, the frozen one.
"DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!" the wind navi screamed, her rage shooting forth in a spiraling round of 5 bullets at one of the viruses, hopefully shattering it to pieces and decimating it for all eternity.
"NOT DONE YET! YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" the crimson crusader roared at the remaining Weather. Her insides churned with rage, she had never known she could feel so... angry... and... warm, at the same time. The boiling substance worked its way up to her throat, and she took a deep breath and barfed.
If one watched it from slow-motion from the side, a blast... no, a WAVE, of what seemed like scalding hot chocolate burst out of Red's mouth.
Returning to normal speed, the red-caped wonder kept pouring out her deadly intestinal churned brown substance at the Weather at a great velocity. It would get pretty fudgy if it hit.
A warm green light shimmered down on Red, soothing the earlier damages she had taken. The navi then prepared a gust of wind around her figure, ready to use it to help slide out of the way of any oncoming attack.

Turn Summary
2. Vulcan2 to WeatherB [5x10 DMG]
3. Megavortex ChocoCannon to WeatherA: [100 DMG and poison for 2 turns]
4. Recov80 on Red [Heal 80 HP]
*Gust: Dodge

Myun's Actions
1. Dodge

Red: 190
Myun: 40
Field: 75% Ice/25% Sea


Reward: 800 zenny

As Red picks up the data from the fudgy remains, she hears a rumbling from the iceberg mountain ahead! As she looks up, she sees a white mass bowling down towards her!

Halfway up the mountain, there's another red flash...
"If they want to bowl me over with ice," the badass hottie spoke, poofing back to her original self.
"I'll meet them with a fist of burning red! Let's go Myun!" Red beckoned as Shin sent in the Firehit chip. Myun dashed upwards with her master, her fist also pulled back.
"THESE HANDS OF OURS ARE BURNING RED!" The duo shouted, sliding faster towards the snowball, "THEIR LOUD ROAR TELLS US TO GRASP VICTORY!"
And they punched, with all their effort, friendship, and might, towards the future.

Red's Actions
*Disengage Badass_Hottie.GMO
1-4. Slide towards the Snowball thing and Firehit1 it. [60 Fire DMG]

Myun's Actions
1.* Break Attack Snowball [10 Break DMG]
((Bump 2))