The winter time battles

Daisy appeared in the snowily landscape of the Sharo net. The sight of the blanket of snow that covered the area was just wonderful in her eyes. It seems like the network seemed almost like what her netop said of the real world Sharo. It had seemed that Daisy got here before Capuchin, so she sat down, and looked at awe at the winter like landscape.

((I think we will be ready for battle one after Lunar gets here.))
Capuchin showed up quickly after. She did a backflip and landed on her two feet in a strange pose. "AH!" Capuchin gasped as she looked at everything, "What is this white stuff? It's everywhere!"
It's snow.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
MetoolEXC: 70 HP
WeatherA: 80 HP
WeatherB: 80 HP
WeatherC: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Ice

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP
Daisy.exe: 160 HP

-Jingle Bells~ Jingle Bells~-
-Battle 1 all the way-
-Oh what fun it is to RIDE AND CRASH INTO VIRUSES!-
"I heard from my netop that white stuff is snow, doesn't it look beautiful?" Daisy responded to Capuchin, moments before she spotted the viruses coming across the icy fields of the network. Daisy got up from her sitting position, and looked at Capuchin's and hers opponents. "More of the cute little hard hat things, and something that looks like a doll" Daisy said to her ally, before taking note about the ground. Daisy never had a problem with moving on icy surfaces before, but she had no idea about how well Capuchin would fair in this terrain.

It was then, that an idea came into Daisy's mind. "Capuchin, if you have problems with walking on ice, I might suggest you get on my back or shoulders. I have no problem walking when the field is this way, and you seem acrobatic enough to fight from standing on my shoulders. I'll help make sure you won't fall." Daisy had said, moving next to Capuchin and bending down some for her to get on Daisy.

((1 Allow Capuchin to get on
Turn splice))
"nah nah!" Capuchin assured as she took a step back. "I'll be fine...I can easily ski-IIIIIIIIP!!!!" Capuchin's feet couldn't controll on slippery ice and she quickly fell on her back. "OFF!.....I'll take the offer." She stood back up and took a leap into the air. She gently landed on Daisy's shoulders and gave a triumphant smile. "OKAY! Lets do this now!"

(Gets on Daisy....)
Daisy felt the weight of Capuchin when she got on her shoulders, and managed to stand back up while holding Capuchin's feet so she would not fall of. "Alright, Virgil, I need some chips that don't really require me to use my hands. So I can't really use stuff like a cannon or anything with that much force as well." Daisy said to her netop.

"Wait, why?" Virgil asked before he saw what the two were doing. "Oh, never mind." He chuckled, as he slotted in two thunders and a guard chip "Daisy, you should be able to use the first two chips by sending the charge trough the ground and the guard should just appear in front of you." Virgil said to Daisy.

"Alright, Capuchin? Can you take care of the hard hat fellow? I'll take care of the other three. And try to keep you balance, I don't know how much I am going to have to move." Daisy asked and informed. Her hands bleed out slightly, and the blood ended up starting floating in the air, the blob becoming bigger and bigger until it shaped itself into a floating shield in front of Capuchin. Daisy felt the chips entering her systems, and it was time to begin.

Daisy looked at her targets, and felt an electrical force entering her feet. Daisy needed to try and discharge it in the right direction, and she thinks she has an idea of how. Daisy lifted her left foot off of the ground, trying her best to balance on her right foot with Capuchin still on her shoulders. Daisy tried her best to will the electrical power of the thunder chips to discharge out of her foot at two of the weathers, and she managed to at least discharge it. Two bright yellow streams of electricity came shooting out of the bottom of her foot, the force nearly toppling her backwards; however, she managed to put her foot back on the ground, and kept herself and Capuchin from falling to the ground.

Her next attack was focused at the third Weather, and jut comprised of parts of the shield turning into thin needles, with turned to face Daisy's target and flew right at it. It was then at the guard went trough her system, and a yellow shield appeared in front of her. "Here is to hoping that things end well." Daisy said, leaving Virgil to just chuckle at the antics of the two.

((Passive, shield on Capuchin
2 Thunder WeatherA, 40 elec+homing
3 Thunder WeatherB, 40 elec+ homing
4 Blood pummel WeatherC, 100 aqua + break
5 Guard1 self
Capuchin kept her balance on top of Daisy and let her tail swerve around helping distribute the weight nicely. "Now that this is settled, lets get a chip out here!" She examined the mets and gave a grin, "We should probably get them all out with one swoop." She suggested to Aida who she could hear rummaging through chips.

"A-Alright!" Aida said as she found a perfect chip for the beginning, "B-Boomerang's in...Goo-od luck!"

"No need for luck when your around!" Capuchin cheeped as she swung the weapon with both hands. He kept a firm stance though so she wouldn't move Daisy while getting it ready. Letting it go, it swerved straight at the three. Her tail began to curve keeping her from falling off. This was different that many other times she balanced since it was a Navi and also Daisy had to move a bit to fight. Still, Cpauchin knew Daisy knew what she was doing, The way she moved and defended them both. She knew she won't eb left in the dust though. "Hey Aida, lets finish them!" Capuchin hollered.

"R-Right!" Aida announced as she pulled out a vulcan 1 chip and slotted it in to the PET. A click was crisply heard as it began to download.

Capuchin's right hand quickly reformed into a nice gun like weapon and she held it with her left. Her golden eye gleamed as she aimed at each met and fired one round at each. "Good choice Aida!"

1.boomerang MetsABC (60)
2.keep banance
3.vulcan 1 shot met abc (10)
4. keep balance
((I suck at terrain stuff))

The Mets... they just die.
The Weathers just get zapped and one gets pwned by Daisy's sig attack.

WeatherA: ZAPPED
WeatherB: ZAPPED

Terrain: 100% Ice

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP (On Daisy) (1-hit barrier)
Daisy.exe: 160 HP (Guard1)

Both Get: 300z
FXP: 3 Static
1 for sharing defenses
2 for excellent teamwork.
6 in total
Capuchin gives a triumphant smile and leaps off of Daisy. She does a back flip but as her hands reach for the ground, they slip and she goes sliding. "GAAAAH!" The monkey cheeped as she flips about for a while until finally going to a stop a few feet away. Capuchin was still a good sport and gave a thumbs up. "YES! Victory is ours!" Her feet wobbily begin to stand back up.

"C-Capuchin..." Aida heistantly began, "Ice is v-verry slippery, it d-doesnt have grip l-like regular ground."

Capuchin slowly lets her left foot slide against teh surface. "AH!" She gasped as she began to push of her right. "Ooh ooh! I have an idea!" Moving her legs slowly, she began to move them into a nicer and more fluent motion. She began to glide on the ground like she was ice skating. "Heh! This is fun!"
Daisy let go of Capuchin's feet, and felt Capuchin leap off of her shoulders. Daisy turned around, and saw her on the ground giving thumbs up. "Careful! The ground was still ice." Daisy said, before Capuchin got up, and after a while sort of started to ice skate.

"And so it seems that the monkey like navi has found out how to skate on the icy fields of the Sharo net... course, your one plan was a good one." Virgil said, with a slight chuckle in his voice. "Also, you might want to stay with your fellow Requiem member. You might gain something from her."

"Alright Virgil." Daisy responded, before walking up to Capuchin with a smile on her face. "I forgot to tell you, Junior says hi; and you know? That does look fun."

((I think we are ready for battle 2))
"Junior?" Capuchin stopped skidding on the ice. "Oh wow! You really do know him? That's fantastic! How is he today?" She skidded over to Daisy and grabbed her hand, "And if you think it's fun, try it yourself!" She gave a cheery smile at this coaxing Daisy to join her.

D'awwwww... look at the cute little walruses and their foot long tusks and... uh... okay, maybe not cute walruses after all. Plus, they called their misty friends, looks like. Well, you know what that means...

WallaA: 100 HP
WallaB: 100 HP
WallaC: 100 HP
WallaD: 100 HP
WallaE: 100 HP
MistyA: 200 HP
MistyB: 200 HP

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP
Daisy.exe: 160 HP

Terrain: An icy field is the location for this battle, with a ring of cracked panels around the outside, and a deep pit of missing panels everywhere but behind the viruses past the cracked panels. (70% Ice, 10% Cracked, 20% Missing)
Capuchin was ready to attack the virii at that moment, but then looking at the ground beneath her made her think other wise. She halted in her spot and looked around. "CH...theres allot of ice and cracked panels...also some panels aren't even there..." She cautiously jumped on top of Daisy at that moment, making sure she didn't surprise her or make her fall off balance. "You don't mind if I get a higher view do you?" She asked, "perhaps this is the best way to go about things...unless someone brought an area chip..."

(Jump on Daisy)
"Well, Junior has something he might need to tell me... but otherwise I believe he is doing fine." Daisy responded, before seeing Capuchin looking around, and then getting on Daisy's shoulders. "Well, I don't have anything that could change the field. And getting on my shoulders is not really a problem, but some notification first would be nice."

"Suggestion. Your name was Capuchin right? Well, get on Daisy's back, and Daisy can at least get you up to them for you to hit them with close up attacks without much risk of falling into a hole or something." Virgil said so both navis could hear his idea for a plan. "What? Allows better movement then on shoulders." Virgil stated, before either of the navis could respond.

"Capuchin, should we do what Virgil suggested?" Daisy asked, giving time for move onto her back if she decided to follow the netop's plan. Assuming Capuchin was still on Daisy, she grabs onto parts of Capuchin to at least help keep her from falling off. It was after those actions, and the creation of a floating shield that was roughly 4 feet in diameter which began to float in front of Daisy to protect her and Capuchin from a single attack, that Daisy began to move across the field towards the viruses, making sure to at least avoid any of the missing panels that may have been in the path. Daisy managed to get past the ring of cracked panels, and was closing in on the viruses.

((Passive shield on self
1Get... mounted? By Capuchin.
2 avoid missing panels to get up to foes
Turn splice))
"L-lets do th-this plan..." Aida said, "I....I think its a smart m-move. W-we'll be ab-able to attack m-more fl-fluently anyway like th-this..."

Capuchin gave a nod in reply and scooted to her back. She then held on tight but gave a grin. "Alright, lets show who these pests are dealing with! We'll beat them to a pulp. Just make sure not to fall into any holes and I'll make sure not to fall off!" She then gestured Daisy that she was prepped and ready to head on out. Capuchin already felt her hand reforming into the fire sword as they began to approach the viruses. She let her right hand loosen and stretched out to the side as it reformed. She then leaned onto the right side and gave a swipe at the three first wallas. She also leaned in a bit further and swung her hand out violently for another swing at any she missed then went for one final slash at the extra two. After finding that fitting, she remounted herself in the middle and kept herself well inside the shield.

1. Mounted... sword 80 wallaABC sword 80 wallaABC sword 80 wallaCDE
5. hide in shield
Daisy was close to the viruses when Capuchin started to shift her weight around and start readying for her attack. "Virgil, could you send me those thunders and guard again? I think those might be best here." Daisy asked her netop, figuring that they might have the same effect on the misties as they did on the weathers last battle.

"Very well then." Virgil responded, slotting in the three chips.

Daisy felt the data of the thunder chips enter her system, and she tried to divert it to her shield. The shield gained two spikes on the front, each crackling with an electric current. It was only moments, but blots of electricity shot out of them in the direction of the misties. It was moments after that the Gruard1 data enter her systems, and Daisy was running by the Wallas for Capuchin to attack. Daisy became somewhat worried about Capuchin being exposed on her back, so the yellow shield formed near Daisy's back, floating and protecting that position.

((3 Thunder MistyA, 40 elec+homing
4 Thunder MistyB, 40 elec+homing
5 guard1 protecting the rear
Currently piggy backing Capuchin))
As the pair piggyback through the viruses, Capuchins sword and being a monkey manage to allow her to hit most of her targets, but they are not completely synched and she misses a couple Wallas. One of the Mistys manages to avoid the blast of electricity as the other eats it, becoming frozen in place. The remaining Walla's attack, but one gets the attack reflected on them, and the other misses entirely.

WallaD: 80 HP
WallaE: 20 HP
MistyA: 120 HP <(STUNNED)>
MistyB: 200 HP

<(One homing Thunder)>

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP
Daisy.exe: 160 HP

Terrain: An icy field is the location for this battle, with a ring of cracked panels around the outside, and a deep pit of missing panels everywhere but behind the viruses past the cracked panels. (70% Ice, 10% Cracked, 20% Missing)
Capuchin turns to her head to count how many are left standing. "Almost have them. We just gotta charge a bit more towards those wallas!" She began to extend her body once more, "Heh. I think we have a chance in the navi Olympics! We'd so kill in the skating competition!" She joked a bit then let her arm outstretch to the remaining wallas and a misty, and swiped at them two times to make sure that her target would not be missed. And as she began to swing past them, she swiped at the remaining misty with her final swing, transforming her arm back to its original form. "Hmm....I'll leave the rest up to you now." She told Daisy, "Me and Aida will keep you covered."

"Y-yes!" Aida said as she slotted in the guard chip. "Keep D-Daisy from getting h-hit C-Capuchin."

Capuchin gave a nod as she held the guard around her and Daisy, "Yeah. Just go all out on them!"


1. firesword (80) wallaDE and MistyA
2. firesword (80) wallaDE and MistyA
3. firesword (80) mistyAB
5.shield guard around Daisy
After the guard1 had been destroyed by the Walla's tusk attack, her blood moved to create a barrier like object around Capuchin, and Daisy felt some sort of rush as she ran. "But won't those misty like viruses be more of a problem?" Daisy asked as she turned around for another attack at their foes.

"You doing another pass?" Virgil asked somewhat, taking out three chips from some pocket on his person. "Well, these might work, just be careful of that electrical current left over from that thunder chip." Virgil said, noting that the electrical energy that missed the misty which was somehow making a U-turn in the air, and slotting in the three chosen chips. "Why do the physics of the net have to somehow follow that of a cartoon?" Virgil mouthed.

"Alright, Capuchin, hold on then." Daisy said, as the two wideshots went into her systems. Behind Daisy two small waves of water started to form more to her right, in a spot where if it grew in size it should hit some of the viruses. The small waves grew in size as they approached the foes, and Daisy felt another chip enter his system.

A small aura of flames appeared around to the right of Daisy as the data of the Firehit1 chip entered her system. The arua started to burn brighter and hotter as daisy approached the Misty viruses, and the path was set so the Misty was in its path. Even when Daisy entered striking range of the viruses, she kept up her run.

"Wait, I think Junior might have wanted me to protect you... but it would probably be better if we protect each other." Daisy said in response to Capuchin. "Also, I believe it would probably be better if I keep running and not stopping to attack." She added when the two got past the viruses as Daisy turned so she would avoid the ring of cracked panels and any missing panels that might have been out of that field.

((Passive, creates one-hit shield on Capuchin
1Bloody Embrace, three empowers this turn
2wideshot1 MistyA, B, Walla (60+10+24 aqua on MistyA, 60+10 to MistyB and Walla)
3Wideshot MistyA, B, and Walla (60+10+24 aqua on MistyB, 60+10 to MistyA and Walla)
4firehit1 MistyB, 60+24 fire
Thunder homes on MistyB
Capuchin is still on Daisy's back))