Are ya feeling lucky, punk?

A whirlwind of data coalesced in the air and convered to form the slim figure of Oberon in a flash of light. Blades clenched tightly in his fists, he scanned the area and prepared to fight.
If it's a fight he wants, then it's a fight he gets! Oberon's search proves fruitful as a small, sharo squadron encircles the solitary soldier. Time to put up or shut up, because the town ain't big enough for the nine of them.


...but enough with the cliches! Let's get things started! Battle routine set! Execute!

PengiA: 80
PengiB: 80
PengiC: 80
PengiD: 80
DharmaA: 90
DharmaB: 90
DharmaC: 90
MelodyEX: 110

Oberon: 190
A small circle of light quickly fazed into the net, a few yards away from the virii and Oberon. A small navi stepped out, Kitt in her usual form. She yawned and looked at Oberon. "Jean sent me to find you. Now I did." Kitt gave Oberon a smile and then noticed the virii. "Wow, there are a lot of them, aren't there?" Kitt shortened the distance between herself and Oberon, not letting her eyes leave the virii.

"Are you ready for these things," she asked Oberon. "Because if you aren't, you've got the whole net fooled."
Yeah, the punk kid ignored me and ran off, said Kazu's disembodied voice as Oberon's weapons were lit with an eerie blue light. Keep that Navi of yours safe, Jean. This looks dangerous. Oberon seemed to disagree with Kazu's take, however.

"Watch my back, Kitt. I look forward to seeing what you're capable of." A smile crossed Oberon's ghostly features as he took off at a full sprint, leaving a trail of glowing data in the air. The most problematic virii would have to go down first. A bit of Titania found its way into Oberon's warrior soul as he scanned for his target and then locked it in his sights. Virii were such pitiful creatures: The scourge of the Net, weaklings that existed only to cause harm and then be destroyed. It was his duty as a fighting Navi to accelerate this proccess.

Oberon's ghostly body sailed into the air, light as a feather, as he leapt over the ranks of enemies and threw his weight and momentum into a devastating thrust aimed for the Melody. Analytical thinking evaporated, and pure combat instinct took over, as he pulled away from where he stood and danced backwards, whipping his arms around in a whirling dance of death. Each strike carved a blue path through the air at a different angle as he beat a path through the enemies.

He thrust, cut, and kicked indiscriminately. Not one of these virii would survive.

Strike Sword [140] MelodyEX
Unlock Sword [90] DharmaA
Sword [80]DharmaB
"I am not familiar with these virii," Kitt said to Jean, "What am I going to do?"

Do what you do and don't be afraid of help from Oberon. Kitt nodded. Soon she felt the gloves around her hands mutate into large and hardened claws. She could feel the power that her muscles could offer. She was stronger than her looks made her. She was in the net, after all.

Kitt, knowing that Oberon was much stronger than her, charged towards the weaker virii-- the pengi. Oberon could handle the other virii, she convinced herself. She swung at a pengi with her claws, happy to be in battle again. She needs to train, after all.

She was aware of Jean's wish to keep her safe, but, true to her Mitsue-like ways, she craved some kind of physical challenge. There was no real sport in the net except battling, and so that's what she'd do. She relished in the fact that there was something there, something in the net that she could use to exercise herself, though she was only a program.

Kitt thought about this while she swiped another pengi. She wasn't quite sure if she had hit it, as she flew past it faster than she expected to. Her legs moved quickly-- faster than she had anticipated. Her baggy pants did nothing to slow her down, and Kitt was just beginning to wonder if that was a good thing or not. It was, she reminded herself, because I need to dodge quickly.

Kitt soon became fearful of her speed. She was starting to be a bit farther from the battle than she wanted to be, and she didn't know how to stop.

Rage Claw PengiA [40]
Rage Claw PengiB [40]
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Oberon stirkes down the Melody before it can begin its bouncing maneuvers. He also cuts down one of the Dharmas before putting another in critical condition. Kitt then dashes forward, striking at two Pengi before taking evasive action. The one Pengi flinches from the attack, but another attempts to fire on the fleeing navi, only to miss. Oberon is attacked by a Dharma and gets hit by its puck-like projectile.

PengiA: 40
PengiB: 40
PengiC: 80
PengiD: 80
DharmaB: 10
DharmaC: 90

Oberon: 175
Kitt: 100
Kitt started moving so fast that she could no longer keep up with her feet, and started stumbling. Despite this, her speed did not reduce.

"Jean!" Kitt started to panic. "I can't stop! What's going on?!" Kitt, like always, ran to Jean for help. This time, though, Jean was of little use. It seemed as though she did not care when Kitt heard no immediate answer from her operator.

Finally, Jean replied softly and confidently. The wind.

"The wind?" Kitt muttered quietly before the lightbulb went off. The wind! The wind was carrying her away from the battle! She could control the wind. Kitt continued for a moment before she gained control over the force that carried her.

She turned herself around, begging Zeus' help while doing it. Kitt then raced back towards the ongoing battle.

She calculated, quickly, the attack that she would attempt to deal on an untouched pengi. When she got to the battle, however, she found that her speed was calculated incorrectly, and she sped past the penguin-like virus, hitting instead something behind it, something she did not see. Zeus had given her too much power, and the wind carried her too quickly toward the battle. Her left hand caught in whatever it was that she hit, and her right hand swung wildly around her. She saw the pengi that she had hit earlier, and took a swing at it with her right hand.

Kitt was not happy that her right hand was stuck, and so she pulled it out with all the force she could muster. It came out, but she started to feel the wind around her leak away quickly. She used it for one last push.

Hoping that she was accurate, she launched herself at the other Pengi she had hit. Floating in the air of cyberspace, she did not think about anything besides the pengi that was coming up from below her as the space between the ground and her body was lessened.

RageClaw PengiC [40]
RageClaw PengiA [40]
RageClaw PengiB [40]
Oberon's rage granted him a surge of power such that when the heavy projectile clubbed him to the floor, he leapt to his feet and used the weight of his weapons to turn a U-turn on a dime, grinding the net under his feet under ghostly white leather, edging their traction to the maximum. His pendant flickered, reflecting the blaze of his fighting spirit as he zeroed in on his target, his victim. The glow of his twin blades flashed and sliced the air, drawing a split spiral in the Net-space as he slid to a halt.

His teeth, which were the same blank shade as his face, clothing, and body, flashed with a ferocity to match the sheen of his weapons. Kitt was fighting beautifully. Through Oberon's battle-fury, one of Titania's thoughts bubbled to the surface, triggered by the sight of that girl, slinging bolts of thunder like Jupiter himself. Titania was glad that the three of them would make a good fighting team.

Brushing extraneous thought and sentiment aside, Oberon charged his assailant, the Dharma, and twisted his body at the last moment. The blades sang through the air as they were heaved into a deadly 360 degree slash. Dust from Oberon's light, rapid footsteps created the letter V as he repeated his whirling quick-turn maneuver, between two remaining virii. Double crescents left fragments of data blasted into the air like droplets of water.

The job wasn't finished yet, though. Without even glancing at the carnage behind him, Oberon dropped to one knee and thrust his fist into the air. The blade on his hand flashed bright blue, then sprang from his knuckles and coalesced into a sphere of energy to slam full-force into the remaining Dharma.

Untapped Sword [90] DharmaC
Blade Sword [100] PengiD, PengiC
Cannon [40] DharmaB
The viruses are taken down by THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!


Oberon: 175 HP
Kitt: 100 HP

Oberon: Icewave1, 300z
Kitt: 400z
Kitt fell on the pengi, rolled off of it, and lay on the ground. She let herself lie on the cybernet ground for a short while. Her hands were still covered in the hard metal that her gloves had become in reaction to the RageClaw chip.

She soon stood up, realizing that the "tired" feeling she felt was not real. She was a program, she could not be tired. Lagging, maybe, but not tired. And the technology that she was made of was better than that. She could not lag. The tired feeling that she felt was because of her programming; she was made to work like Mitsue. The real Kitt. Who got tired after such action.

She looked around to Oberon. Her voice was cheery when she said, "Ready for more?" If Kitt ignored the flaw of the human, she would have no problem going for another round.
"I am," said Oberon, "But Kazu seems to have left us. Something about dry cleaning." He seemed to consider the thought for a moment, just as he considered the petite female Navi before him. There was something "attractive" about her, but not in a human way. No, it was something embedded deep in her programming, some strange power. Oberon's features flickered and warped as his concentration lapsed.

"This means, I suppose, that Titania and I are unoperated for the time being." The Navi's voice was warped, rather like his face. "It will be a good opportunity for us to see what you are capable of, Kitt."
Kitt relaxed herself when she saw no virii in sight. She raised her gloved right hand to her head and scartched the back of her head with s smile on her face. "Well, I guess we're done here then."

Kitt, Go to the coloseum, you're going into another battle. Oberon and Titania too. Don't worry about them though, you just get over there. Jean's voice was a little off. She sounded... sad. Tired. Definately not what she usually sounded like.

Kitt nodded in response to her operator. She held her hands infront of her, shooting a small bolt of lightning into the fabric of the net infront of her. She broke the fabric with the bolt and then stretched it out with her hands, until she could fit through it. "Bye now," She winked at no one in particular before walking through the net and jacking out.
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Four Melodys approached Oberon in a pissed off manner...Was the Melody from the last battle their friend? Their coming closer!!

MelodyEX A: 110
MelodyEX B: 110
MelodyEX C: 110
MelodyEX D: 110

Oberon: 175 HP

Oberon was standing perfectly still, having an invisible conversation. When the group of virii approached, he whirled around and glared at them.

"I do not have time for mere annoyances such as you," he said savagely. "I have a destiny, and it does not include you and your ilk. But then, I know that you lack the intelligence to heed my warning... or to learn to value your valuless lives."

With a sneer, he was carried away into the sky by twin sets of pale wings, beckoned by a pulsating shaft of light.

[Escape subchip used]
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