Temporary business rivals.

Saluki came down into the beach net via a fairly standard looking orange beam of light with her Incognito.GMO applied during transit. She looked like a fairly normal human female navigator; wearing all black work boots, long gloves, open faced helmet and cowl. The pink cat suit filed in the spaces between her arms/front/back/legs and torso; leaving everything covered but parts of her pale face and rosy eyes exposed.

It was quite sudden because Saluki had just recovered and had her upgrades installed. But Sullen had to explain the reason they had returned to the beach a second time; alone. "From what I'm told this mission is peaceful but there are still a lot of details missing. Everything should be explained when you go to the attached coordinates. You should blend in with the crowd so be sure to speak clearly and introduce yourself and state your intentions."

"Understood" with that the navigator started her trek to the mission coordinates; being mindful to try and not to bump into anyone. Still Saluki seemed to be quite alert and anxious while she pondered about the previous trips knights and paper dolls.
Despite Saluki's anxiety, it was hard to feel a lot of nervousness once she got a good look at the environment. The portion of the beach was very busy indeed, populated by tons of navis and nary a virus in sight. A couple of modest stores were set up here and there, selling mostly snacks but also souvenirs and swim gear. The coordinates seemed to be pointing Saluki towards one of the most modest looking of them all, manned only by a lanky girl in a sporty white dress. Her long, curling green hair was a little eye-catching, but more-so was the big lemon printed on the front of her dress. She really seemed to be surrounded mostly by lemons and less so by customers.

She huffed and puffed, moving around the stand to tidy it up, but it seemed all for naught; nobody was coming. "Mmm..." the girl sighed, resting her face against the cool surface of her counter top next to the register. Her eyes were closed shut in a way that made her look happy and beaming, but it was obvious she wasn't. "Looks like it's another dry day..." she muttered.

Just then, her eyes opened up and she spotted Saluki. They quickly shut back and a big smile spread across her face. "Are you the help I ordered? Come in, come in! Can I get you something to drink? Lemonade?... Pink Lemonade?" she asked, seeming to stumble as she tried to think of anything to serve besides lemonade. Saluki had to doubt whether anything other than lemonade was being made, what with all the lemons lying around.
The area looked and felt safe enough albeit quite crowded; Sal may not have had to worry about viruses but she did feel out of her element. The navigator give a quiet sigh of relief when the contact spotted her and started a conversation. "Ah, yes I am Miss. My name is Saluki" a meek response spoken through her cowl towards the enthusiastic green haired girl. But the offering of pink lemonade made Saluki look over her outfit for a few thoughtful moments and it made Sullen check the P.E.T for their current finances."Pink Lemonade does sound good; how much? Perhaps the drink will help me relax...So what sort of assistance do you need?"
"You're going to be working for me, right, Saluki? The least I can do is give you a free drink," the navi laughed, getting out a paper cup and clumsily emptying pink lemonade from a pitcher into it until it almost ran over. She was extra careful not to spill it as she set it down on a coaster in front of Saluki from across the counter. "My name's Citri, I run this lemonade stand: Citri's Chateau. I make all sorts of citrus juices, but lemons are really my specialty... I just love that flavor," she mused, picking up a lemon nearby and looking at it in admiration.

Dropping it hastily, she stiffened up and turned to her employee, all business. "My little shop's in a lot of trouble! Ever since this new girl started over at the gelato shop down the way, nobody comes for lemonade any more... It's a problem for business, but more so... I just can't stand everyone picking gelato over lemonade! You can understand that, right? They're being drawn over there because the gelato shop is cheating, not because they prefer my sister's gelato!" she raved. It sounded like Saluki might be getting into the middle of a family feud.

"A-At any rate, the new girl they have out there isn't hard to spot. She's er.... big up here," she muttered, pressing her hands over her small breasts, "and she wears embarrassing clothes. She also has gradient hair... like, it goes from white up top to black at the ends. She's always advertising just down the beach with shows and things." Crossing her arms across the lemon image at her chest, the employer tried to decide how to continue.

"I just need you to do something... anything that'll help me get more customers! I was thinking you could advertise like she does, or maybe... maybe go figure out what they're doing that brings in so many? O-Or like..." she leaned across the counter and hissed into Saluki's ear at this point, "Do a little sabotage or something... However you work best... My sister's a jerk, she deserves it!"

It sounded like Saluki had a lot of options as to how to proceed. She could either go scope out the competition and figure out what was wrong, try to drum up advertisement for the Citri Chateau herself, or try to actually sabotage the efforts of the gelato shop! "Just tell me how you operate best and we'll do it! I even have a temporary .GMO you can wear if you need it to advertise the shop."
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Saluki leaned real close while they discussed their plans; nodding between sips of that generously filled drink to show that she was listening. "Gelato is a kind of fancy ice cream?" but it when they started talking about endowments the navi started to flush. Leaning back and crossing her arms around her stomach and crest. "I never really thought about it, I am always wearing modest robes, I have never thought about showing anything off. But I do have a friend that suffers from a similar ah...size problem as you Citri."

"You where referring to Lucia and not me right Sally?" Sullen broken in the conversation and chastised her navi.

"Of course... getting back to business. I will accept your temporary.GMO and I will see what I can find out." For someone of her build and height Saluki had an ample bosom, so competing with the buxom helper was an option.

This time Sullen made sure that it was a direct line to her navigator."This really is a job that I wish we had Lucia's enthusiasm huh? Just like try and think what the little firebug would do"

[So the temp GMO would be for advertising for Citri's Store, would I get to pick it?]
((The .GMO can be made into anything and will expire at the end of the mission, yes; don't worry about putting it through registration))

"Alright! You're going to help me compete straight up, huh? Sure, let's give it all we've got!," the shop owner cheered, clapping her hands together. "I don't know what you're packing under that robe, but I'll put my faith in you," the navi assured Saluki, giving a quick thumbs up.

"Now, from what I know, the other girl performs shows nearby the stand and namedrops the stand as she does. I'm not sure exactly what she does, but it seems very effective. Basically, we'll measure your success in terms of how my customer base compares to Gelata's," Citri explained. "If my activity ends up equal or greater than hers, I'll consider it a success! Just try to draw as many people over here as you can, and come back to me if you need my help for anything or decide to throw in the towel. You can take as long as you want, but be aware that our enemies aren't going to let up for anything!"

The area out front of the chateau seemed like a good place to start advertising. There were lots of people around, although strangely, they kept on going by the place like they didn't even know what it was, stopping to look at it with some curiosity and then seeming instantly turned off. Their disinterest might be hard to overcome.

"These fliers might help!" Citri said with a wink, passing a big bag of fliers across the desk to Saluki. "Let's give it our best! Remember, you'll have to announce your presence to garner some basic interest!"

Citri's Chateau: 0% Customer Base
Gelata's Gelato: 100% Customer Base

Saluki has 100 fliers.

Saluki started to grin wickedly behind that cowl now that Citri became excited; the enthusiasm starting to filter into the woman as well. Taking the bag with one hand and returning the thumbs up with her left. "You have my word, I will not stop till you are satisfied. If not my operator Sullen will compensate you 300z for a wasted endeavor." there was no interruption from Sullen this time but She was probably going to get in trouble for betting almost all of their current funds to help Citri's business troubles.

A yellow beam of light from the sky washed over Saluki's form; Citri's Chateau.GMO was activated. Sally took on the persona of some much needed hired help; a similar white dress, suntan lotion and a sandwich board. The working clothes and cat suit was completely replaced by a sporty white dress decaled by a huge pink lemon on the front. She had to adjust the shoulder straps and smoothed her fingers down midriff and hem till she felt comfortable and supported. It was quite clear that she had at least two-three cup sizes on the poor working girl; Sally was a natural D! Her shoulder length hair was no longer smoky and free instead it was done up in wavy perm; and dyed green so there would be no mistaking who she worked for.

The sun tan lotion was for her exposed face, arms and legs, she after all was fair skinned and it was only her second trip to the beach; and did not want any burns. The sandwich board was a piece of wood shaped and painted like a lemon. Either end of the lemon board made an arrow so she could point it in the direction of Citri's shop, both sides were painted so it didn't matter which way she spun or tossed it. Along the top arch of the lemon had 'Citri's Chateau' scribed in thick black letters to stand out against the yellow background; the bottom arch had it written upside down for when it was turned over.

"Well I think looking like this it will be impossible to mistake who I work for. With any luck you will be serving some lemonade shortly Miss!" Saluki took the sign in one hand and the bag of fliers in the other; the lotion stuffed in there so it could be applied later. She gave a deep breath and closed her eyes for some final thoughts before she got started. "I cannot believe what I am about to do. Just think of how Lucia would do it."

With that she started out in front of the meek lemonade stand holding the sign up above her head with one hand and the other ready to give out fliers. It was a simple and slow start to test the waters before she ramped it up or moved on towards the rivals shop or the beach front.
A few people passing by were now looking at Saluki with interest. It seemed, however, like their attitude was just as much confusion as it was curiosity. "That's weird... this place is open? I was sure it was closed last time I looked!" one guy muttered, rubbing his chin as he looked over the establishment. The place was small and understaffed, sure, but how could he have thought it was closed?

A few people were showing enough interest to show up and take a peek now. The navi managed to give out ten fliers and about five people were now buzzing around the store.

"Good, good, Saluki! Now take it on down the beach! I'll be handling customers and cheering you on from here!" Citri assured the navi from her place behind the counter. "Down the beach" entailed moving towards the pier in the distance to the left. Saluki realized that the further she went, the harder it would be to pull people's interest towards the lemonade shop, since she'd be competing to pull competitors away from Gelata's place.

Citri's Chateau: 5% Customer Base
Gelata's Gelato: 100% Customer Base

Saluki has 90 fliers.
Saluki seemed to lose whatever nervousness she had now that she was getting some attention to herself and the little shop. "Understood!" The woman started making her way through the crowd being very mindful about bumping into other people and having enough space. Mostly because she had started spinning and twirling the sign while she walked; and hopefully draw some more patrons. After all she was a mistress of wood and wind and it would be embarrassing if she dropped the lemon sign or lost fliers to the breeze.

"Closed? No way that was honest mistake Sally I mean she was sitting there behind the counter when we got there. Anyways keep going and make sure you don't drop anything" Sullen transmitted privately through the P.E.T. With Saluki doing the legwork it left Sullen to ponder and put the pieces together.

"The Chateau is open for business! Fulfill your Base needs of refreshments with affordable Lemonade! Citri is the girl to do it!" She wasn't going to take any chances; they didn't know the family or business history. So maybe the shop was just reopening or it was a new location. The navigator was in no rush in her walk towards the pier; after all the important part was getting seen and giving out information and communicating with potential customers.
Citri waved goodbye to her partner as Saluki disappeared out of sight, carrying her sign. The shopkeeper then busily returned to serving lemonade... lots and lots of lemonade.

Saluki continued on down the beach, impressing passers-by and pointing them in the right direction. It was effective to start, but sure enough, once she got far enough down it seemed to have less effect. She even began to spot a few already holding gelato, gulping it down as they looked at the sign! She'd have to really step up her efforts to make any more ground. She only managed to hand out 10 more fliers on the way down the beach.

Gelata's Gelato came into sight, a shack really no bigger than Citri's but getting much more attention, just judging by the number of people around it.

As she continued to walk, Saluki happened to notice one girl relaxing on the beach who seemed to match the description of the gelato worker exactly, namely from her gradient hair color. She was being fanned by two men in yellow tunics while she picked apart a large-sized chocolate gelato in dainty spoonfuls. Her body was just as described and she was dressed in dark shades, a white t-shirt (with the shop logo on the front), and an embarrassingly immodest blue full-body sling swimsuit that left little to the imagination. The other two guys looked pretty out of place, but were otherwise boring to look at.

Interestingly, Saluki also noticed a long rod, like a magician's staff, lying in the sand next to the resting navi.

Citri's Chateau: 8% Customer Base
Gelata's Gelato: 99% Customer Base

Saluki has 80 fliers.
"Don't feel discouraged I mean ice cream and lemonade are two different things, it isn't like one cant like both or enjoy one or the other. Still it sorta is surreal that guy was seriously gorging himself while looking at your sign..." Sullen was very glad for private communication that there P.E.T. provided and that Sally was doing all the hard work so she could focus on everything else.

" Woah I think Citri was right about that one. I mean look at the logo and she is well endowed and confident to wear something like that. Still if I had to make a guess I would say bug type, and that thing in the sand? I think she is a caster of some sort. Let's not jump to any conclusions and say that they are being charmed or anything. But Look ok, like act natural. You look normal after all and it's not like you are (in)famous or anything. Look like I do have a good plan but like make sure that you have some room to do it." Sally had to try very hard to stay composed while Sullen talked her ear off.

Sally was quite obviously admiring the Gelato worker while she circled to get towards the open sand when Sullen loaded in a chip. The large rock cube was beamed down onto an empty section of the beach and more importantly blocking the competitions sun. "Jump onto it Sally, perch up there and apply your suntan lotion."

What was worse was Saluki's air step kicked up a ton of sand in order to rocket her high in the altitude and bring her gracefully down onto the top face of the cube. With a hand holding the bag of fliers and the other holding onto the sign; her dress was left to billow about in what was without a doubt a dramatic thong shot. Upon landing she perched with precise posture and outstretched one leg, tugged back the hem and started to apply the sun tan. She repeated the process on the other leg with a huge sneer.

"Well that is fighting fire with fire... or lewd with lewd heh." there was a sense of pride to see a normally introverted navi could do when properly motivated. That is motivated for an SP, adapting a completely different GMO and persona and inspired by a bubbly little friend. If this didn't draw any attention they where going to have to get creative.

Pseudo Battle Summery
1: Rock cube on empty space that is blocking the girls sun (don't wanna squish no one)
2: Tactical movement: Air step to the top of the Cube.
3: Defensive Action: Apply sun tan lotion. (Don't wanna get sun burned)
The woman gave an angry, sputtering wail as she was covered in sand and the two at her sides stopped fanning her at just the wrong time. Standing up and shaking the sand off of herself, she growled and watched Saluki's unexpected performance. People standing all around were cheering excitedly, seeing that she was obviously putting on a show. Some seemed to be taking pictures, but everyone was excited!

"Did you know there was a lemonade place with a worker like this? I-I sure didn't!" one man hissed to the guy beside him.

"Dude, I had no idea! I thought the gelato place was the only place like that on this part of the beach!" the other responded. It looked like Saluki was garnering some positive PR.

Seeing that the other shop's advertiser was a magician, Saluki might have expected her to do something strategic at this point. However, apparently she was so infuriated by the brazen display that the only recourse for her was to counter in kind. "Well, aren't you a spunky girl? I don't know where you came from, but I'm taking this as a challenge! You've picked the wrong woman to mess with, ho ho ho!" the woman laughed, tipping her shades down to glare cockily into Saluki's eyes.

Stepping onto the shoulders of one of her henchman (which surprisingly solicited little more than a small grunt), she stood with her legs parted and began rubbing suntan lotion up and down one of her own long legs. "Anything you can do, I can do better, newbie!" she teased, sticking her tongue out at her foxy opponent. It wasn't possible for Saluki to tell which of them was winning, but one thing was for certain: it was getting a lot of publicity for both of them! She may even have siphoned some more of the gelato customer base.

Citri's Chateau: 20% Customer Base
Gelata's Gelato: 95% Customer Base

Saluki has 80 fliers.
Saluki's rose colored eyes gleamed and a wolfish smile crept across her face now that she had gotten an emotional response. "Oh you looked so content and complacent my dear!" speaking loud enough so that the crowd could hear them. For now the fliers and lotion rested upon the top face of the cube with Saluki.

"Just keep it friendly and honest; we don't want to get in trouble with the net police or bring a bad name to either of the sisters. Just think of it like a stage and you two are part of a spectacle. Now show off alittle bit."

Saluki picked up the sign and held it as high above her head she could manage with her palms flat to balance the lemon board; and it would be apparent why shortly. Saluki launched the board high in the sky via a microburst! Its gale force gust was strong enough to cause a flourish of air and sand around the woman and her cube. It made the board spin and twist around like a gyroscope! It of course gave Sally the time to put lotion to her upper half. Applying the sun tan to her left arm, down shoulders, cheek and the back of her neck. Repeating the process with her left hand to cover her right arm, collarbone cheeks and nose.

It after all was just a distraction; having to wait for the perfect moment before her fingers drew together and curl tightly to attempt to pull the sign back in her grasp with Gravity. If she manages to ketch the sign and it is still in one piece the display should pay off handsomely.

Pseudo Battle Summery
1: Signature attack; Shockwave: Attempting to use Microburst on the Lemon Sandwich board.
2: Tactical attack; Wait: Applying sun tan to self.
3: Signature attack; Overpressure: Attempting to use Gravity on the Lemon Sandwich board.

The woman in blue clenched her fists as Saluki made a show of oiling herself up and propelled her sign into the air using her wind powers. "You're not bad, upstart, but I'm going to show you why people are crazy about me!" she laughed cockily, pulling a wave-printed folding fan out from beneath her small t-shirt (it was sort of surprising that she could fit anything beyond her breasts into it) and waving it briefly in front of her face.

She slipped the fan neatly into the headband of the man who's shoulders she was standing upon, then reached her fingers below her shirt. To the whooping and hollering of the crowd, she pulled it off, spun it briefly above her head, then let it rest over one shoulder. She balanced with both hands upon the flat head of the man, shaking her breasts provocatively. "Show me what you've got, fox!" the navi taunted her opponent. She seemed to think that she'd believe the crowd would go for her over Saluki.

With the crowd cheering in synchronization now, it was clear Saluki would have to play along if she wanted to win even more people over. She just might have a chance, though: it was "Fox" they were cheering, after all!

Citri's Chateau: 30% Customer Base
Gelata's Gelato: 90% Customer Base

Saluki has 80 fliers.
"Go right ahead, I mean there is something under that dress right? Maybe we can keep it up and get her arrested for exposure." Sullen laughed through the P.E.T. "Anyways keep egging her on I have an idea if you start losing ground or feel too shy to continue."

Saluki gripped the hem of the dress with both hands and paused as she thought it over; needing a breath or two to add some suspense and to overcome her modesty. An order was an order right? The sporty dress was rolled up and slipped over her head before she just outright tossed it into the crowd from her perched position. Hopefully it would be a good kind of publicity.

The sting bikini was white and made of a sheer fabric so the outline wouldn't show up under the dress; and ironically it lost all sense of humility without said dress. The top was practically transparent save two choice locations for pink lemons over the front while the bottom exposed a great deal of her backside.

This was where she seemed to lose steam, after all spunk could only get you so far. The navigators cheeks where hot and flushed as she cautiously applied the oil to her midriff and back; being mindful of exactly where the line of decent and indecent stood. Hopefully her inexperience could be excused considering how far out of her comfort zone she was going and a clear sign of how willing she was to continue this competition.
((Btw, in Saluki's profile, it still says she's summon))


The crowd looked between each other for a moment, then burst out in camera flashes and cheers. It was publicity, all right.

The woman in blue bit her lip and dug her hands into the hair of the man she was unintentionally smothering with her curled body. After closing her eyes, she raised her eyebrows and conceded defeat, although her smirk didn't go away. "You're bolder than I thought! In another lifetime, perhaps we could be friends, Fox" she chuckled. "But I've figured this out now and I'm getting good cash to make sure that little place doesn't succeed!"

One hand flung out to the woman's side; in an automated response, the other man who had been fanning her handed her the staff that had been lying in the sand earlier. "Behold the powerful magic of Spellbinding Illusory Arch-Wizard, Aqua Sorceress Dee.EXE!" she cried out, holding her staff into the air. A thick mist spread out, then her body slowly disappeared, although her constant haughty laughter continued to broadcast her location to Saluki.

Saluki heard some interesting commotion in the distance... "Hey, that lemonade place... I was going to go check it out, but dude, it's all busted up and empty again! People are just kinda hanging around there confused..."

"Hohoho! I'm going to make sure that you don't interfere with our work here!" Dee's laugh came from the mist, although Saluki was having a hard time pinpointing her body. Would Saluki try to fight the sorcerer? Would she try to escape first to defuse the situation back at the stand? Would she have the time to put back on her dress?!

Saluki: 140 HP
Dee.EXE: 100 HP (invisible)

Rockcube: 100 HP

Terrain: 80% Sand, 20% Sea (1 movement over to the right)
Special: People are all over the place! Try to avoid using huge area of effect attacks!

Citri's Chateau: 50% Customer Base (Interference!)
Gelata's Gelato: 70% Customer Base

Saluki has 80 fliers.
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"Ah... this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Do not fight her Sally at least not till I can find some information about who she is. Look if she hits you and you don't fight back its assault. Understand? Don't fight back she is trying to pull you to attack first. Besides you hear what that guy said? We gotta get back and see of Citri is ok."

Saluki honestly was alittle shocked and unsure what to do. Sullen wasn't going to load in any chips for her and she was in a temporary GMO and she could worry about the skanky swimsuit later. Without her skull and bell she had to use vocalizations instead of rings of her bell. "Are you mad Strumpet! There are people here!" really sometimes she wished it would have been a simple busting job; things were getting complex.

Well the first thing she did was grab the bag of fliers and hold it above her head; there was no reason to hold onto these anymore now that things were getting serious. It would take a few seconds for wind to gather around her finger tips and palm till it was strong enough "Gust!" with a massive burst of wind she tried to scatter the remaining 80 fliers throughout the whole beach and pier! Hey it was easier than giving them out one by one and if she was lucky someone will pick one up after this conflict gets resolved.

She was feeling exposed; being nearly naked, atop a rock cube and listening to a mysterious misty mage cackle and taunt at her. So it was time to try out one of her new upgrades. "Ephemeral Armor!" She held her left palm open and she pounded right fist into it. The casing wasn't exactly what she had expected; it may have been half plate and a mail skirt... but it was kind of transparent. The armors plates, curves, grooves, links and joints where clearly outlined and defined; it was just everything filling the gaps between things where looking clear and empty. It was sorta like looking through snowflake. Of course it had been Saluki's request to have a stronger form of physical protection; one stipulation was it had to be light and semi-permanent. After all the spell caster lacked the physical strength to carry around a full suit of armor all the time. It was still a physical casing and all it just didn't help her lack of clothing situation very much.

Even if she could have figured out where the woman had disappeared to; Sally's attacks where somewhat indirect. She wasn't going to risk using a drop, earth or a mulit-hit attack and drain would have been far too creepy. It just wasn't worth the risk of hitting someone in the crowd or scaring them; even if they were given space to fight.

So she was planning for the worst and started layering her protection. "Williwaw!" Her hands came together just like before, save this time her own smoke started to drift, swirl and build around her to form protective spherical barrier. It didn't cover her swimsuit either... it just looked smoky. Sullen didn't think about changing their GMO and was too busy searching the web to figure out who this 'Spellbinding Illusory Arch-Wizard, Aqua Sorceress Dee.EXE!'Is. And Saluki was honestly panicking alittle bit. What if something happened to her contact? Could she still get the reward?

Lastly she had to get out of here, and being far too exhausted out to use a microburst the next best option was air step. A final flourish of wind built up around her bare feet till she propelled herself in the air at a 45 degree angle and hopefully out of grasp of that voluptuous woman and return on her way towards Citri's shop.

*Subtype Ability; Gust the bag of fliers.
1: Signature Ability; Ephemeral Armor: 20 hp Casing on self.
2: Signature Ability; Williwaw: 20 hp barrier on self.
3: Subtype Ability: Air step from atop the rock cube towards the lemonade stand.

Saluki.EXE: 140 HP [+20 hp Barrier][+20 Hp casing]
Signature Ability; Overpressure: coming off cool down. (Forced on cool down this turn thanks to the mission role play)
Signature Ability; Shockwave: coming off cool down. (Forced on cool down this turn thanks to the mission role play)
Signature Ability; Ephemeral Armor: 1 TCD.
Signature Ability; Williwaw: 1TCD.
It was hard to tell the results of the flier scattering, but at the very least, some seemed to stick onto Dee's body temporarily as they flew away. That helped Saluki determine her position a little more closely.

"Running away, are you? It's futile! There's no escaping me, silly fox!" the woman's voice called out from behind Saluki. Three rather inaccurate needles of ice shot out of the mist towards Saluki, busting up her see-through armor.

The situation worsened as Saluki heard a shift in the sand nearby following a beaming sound; it sounded like an areagrab. The loud sound of a staff swinging swooshed through the air twice. Saluki felt the club rake against her skin once, but the other time it seemed to miss... or...

In reality, however, Dee had been targeting the critical lacy points of Saluki's clothes! Would the tiny bikini hold up? Would the fox or her operator remember that they could .GMO out of it?

"You can't go too far like that, I wager!" Dee continued annoyingly from behind Saluki. Worse yet, the voice had doubled... either there were two of them, or the spellcaster had made a copy of herself!

Saluki saw the lemonade stand come into view... Many confused people were standing around, scratching their heads and looking around. Indeed, the shack looked broken up and unstaffed! It didn't even indicate it was a lemonade stand any more. Feeling the magic in the air, Saluki realized that the magician must be using some kind of spell to create this illusion.

Customers would start to walk off if Saluki didn't do something... On the other hand, the magician was the cause of it all and her mischievous attacks were annoying to begin with. The only option may be to force her to stop somehow. All of this was bearing on Saluki while she already had to put up with her wardrobe problems...

Saluki: 120 HP
Dee.EXE: 100 HP (decoy)

Terrain: 80% Sand, 20% Sea (1 movement over to the right)
Special: People are all over the place! Try to avoid using huge area of effect attacks!

Citri's Chateau: 45% Customer Base (Interference!)
Gelata's Gelato: 70% Customer Base

Saluki has 0 fliers.
During Saluki's flight from the beach and towards the lemonade shop; Sullen would have some information for the troubled Vixen. " Ah Sally? I think that she is someone important; whatever it means to be a 'Neo-Shogun Dynasty Senior General' but I think its best we don't make mortal enemies of them. I wasn't able to find much more information other then she is aqua and recovery. Or as of that piece of writing... this might be a different Version of Dee.exe."

Saluki had already figured that Dee was strong when she Lost her barrier and casing; along with taking some minor damage in the process. Those strikes hadn't been life threatening but they where precise and sundering. Still she had to figure out a way to make those illusions stop! And between that invisibility mist and the fact she couldn't tell the doppelganger apart from the original; she was running out of options "Do you want your original GMO? Or your pink one--?" Sullen asked but was rudely interrupted when Saluki stopped running and stood her ground in front of Citri's shop.

"ENOUGH!! Fighting like this will just hurt the names of the sisters we are working for!" Sally boomed. "Do you expect me to giggle and squeak like some school girl and make a futile attempt to cover myself? Or should I switch GMO's so you can continue stripping and playing with me like some dolly?" Saluki's hands would peel away what was left of the damaged top and toss it onto the ground in front of the Arch-Wizard and her double.

Sally clenched her fists together and held her arms behind her head while bearing her naked chest; it made her red faced and rather angry and she tried hard to keep from trembling. Well Dee did manage to provoke a strong emotional response from the navigator that was for sure.

Sullen would just cup her head with both hands and sigh deeply as she tried to figure out exactly how she was going to explain everything. "This isn't how my first mission is supposed to go!" Sullen lamented about how it had spiraled out of control.
Everyone around either cheered, clapped, took photos, or shook their heads and covered their boyfriend's eyes. There was a wide array of reactions.

Dee watched with interest, raising one eyebrow and looking confused. "You know, you're just like a friend of mine... She's a strong, cute girl that doesn't like to be teased either," she chuckled. "She's more modest than you, though... but I like your boldness too. After all, a woman's body is nothing that ever ought to be covered up! I guess you're right... This isn't exactly 'honest work' I'm doing and Yasu will bite my head off if she finds I'm not supporting our new squeaky clean agenda," she sighed.

Coughing, she waved her staff in the air and summoned up another cloud of mist to cover up Saluki's exposed body. "Ahem, speaking of disreputable things, we'd better be sure that neither of us is arrested for public indecency by the NetPolice," she chuckled, then brought her fan back out from the nearby NeoShogun soldier's headband and began fanning herself. "All that running's got me sweaty! I'm going to go for a little swim! Maybe you can finish your little job in the mean time?"

With that, the general disappeared into the nearby sea while the two men stood watchful from the shoreline. Slowly, the mirage began to disappear from around the lemonade stand, to the amazement of everyone around. Citri's form also came into view. "Saluki...? Is that you?" she asked, trying to stare through the disipating clouds.

The mist that Dee'd surrounded Saluki with was also beginning to vanish. Probably a good idea to cover up and try to strike the finishing blow to 50/50 the sister's enterprise.... Or perhaps Citri might be interested to know why her stand was failing? She might not even care any more now that the sorcery wasn't going to drive people away from her stand any more. It might even be a good idea to confront Gelata and ask her why she was doing all of this in the first place.

Citri's Chateau: 55% Customer Base
Gelata's Gelato: 70% Customer Base

Saluki has 0 fliers.