This GMO removes Chaos' bone armor, replacing it with black slacks and a crimson shirt in a Renaissance style. Over this he wears a long, black cloak with high, stiff collar. He wears black leather boots with the tops turned down to reveal crimson velvet. He also wears black leather gloves. At his neck is a loose, white ascot tie that hangs to about the center of his chest. Chaos' eyes are normal, though he retain crimson irises. His face is still pale, but not as noticeably so. His black hair is cut short and slicked back and he has a neatly trimmed beard. Under this outfit, he retains his impressive figure, standing at the Net Equivalent of 6'2. If possible, I would like for his custom weapon to be a longsword with a bone handle. If not, then the crimson energy beams will be fine.
Sounds good, Lord Chaos.